Astrology July 2020

Astrology July 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA, or is it going to be a happy birthday?! Upon closer inspection into this year’s Day of Independence, some obstreperous bits and pieces of astrology signal that it’s not likely to be that peaceful on this usually celebratory day. I do want to mention that I use the fabulous and renowned astrologer, … Continued

Astrology June 2020

Hello all, and welcome to June 2020??! There are so many events on our sky calendar for this month—a couple of interesting birthdays, a legendary series of retrogrades, and on top of that, we are heading into an eclipse season! Buckle your seatbelts for June 2020… For starters, three eclipses within one month is the astrological … Continued

Astrology May 2020

May I just say that we’re standing at an opposite pole right now, far apart from previous jubilant May Day celebrations . Maypoles festooned with ribbons and flowers? Not now.   I know what everyone is thinking. When Will This Be Over? In spite of the grim news this last day of April I truly … Continued

Astrology April 2020

Welcome to April perhaps, and to all of my friends on lockdown. We’re here now, the planets are not letting up, so get ready for a fairly concise description of the month ahead and my take on the astral influences involved in this COVD killanova. Then we’ll take a look at a couple of positive … Continued

Astrology February 2020

Oh February is here and what a relief it is to shed the Januaries, that month where the Sun is closest to earth, adding itself to that ongoing Capricorn planetary roundup. 2020 certainly arrived with so much global drama and trauma. Australia is still burning. The senate hearings and political street fights had many of … Continued

Astrology January 2020

Hello and welcome to the 2020’s! We’ve finally arrived at the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius, even though you may have thought it already happened back in the 60’s. First off this decade begins with a stunning lineup of 6, yes six planets in Capricorn and it’s all yours starting next week! The … Continued

Astrology November 2019

Hello and welcome to the domain of Scorpio, defined as either the eagle or spider and often mysterious. It covers a wide swath that we’ll explore. An idea worth remembering comes with these cosmically sage words: “the stars compel, they do not impel”. Yes, we have our free will, and know that it’s not always … Continued

Astrology October 2019

Hello all and welcome to this a month of ghouls and surprises and even religious celebrations, yes it’s October 2019. Because time is precious and you are flooded with emails, I’ll try to be a little more succinct in explaining the astro terminology. Then in addition to the usual 25 birthdays highlighted down below, we’ll … Continued

Astrology September 2019

We are in for some fascinating times, and September will not disappoint. Beginning month finds our planet in the throes of Virgoan energy; we can hope for the best, even to re-organize, de clutter our homes and heads. The intentions were good but then near the full moon of the 13th, the criss cross pattern … Continued

Astrology August 2019

Hello August, I was so looking forward to all your fiery, planetary zoom earlier Month. Instead you sent the arrows into our collective hearts, with mass shootings. So I’m devoting a part of this letter to an analysis of a specific chart. Yes America, we’re looking at you! Stepping back for a minute into the … Continued