Hello all you Julians and the other Elevens. What does July hold for us planet earthlings now that we’ve reached the exact mid year point? Curiosity has always been the trade mark of this Gemini, maybe you as well? Well, expect some surprises as usual, a few planets moving retrograde, an early month festive full moon, followed by a rare new moon, like a wand of hope in an uncertain time.

We’ll take a look at Pluto’s several month squaring to the lunar nodes hinting at governmental weaknesses, the curious case of Saturn swimming in Pisces, and several other planetary influences a?ecting our inner and outer lives.

Another interesting mention would be the July full moon’s sacred observance of the Hindu religious festival of Guru Purnima. According to tradition of past centuries, respectful o?erings to all of the spiritual, religious, and academic gurus will be observed by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists to honor and thank those highly revered teachers and leaders for their gifts.

Further down we’ll look at a couple of interesting charts, you can probably guess who and what . Then in closing, 29 Birthdays pods have been added for Sun sign curiosity. Included are only those birthdates directly aspected this month. That’s Real Astrology ya know.

The lunations will be of greater significance this month and not only because early month’s full moon will be a super close to earth. There’s more going on with this July Sun Moon connections as you’ll discover. Whether you’re going to hop onto Virgin Galactic, or just your own couch, get ready because this appears to be the beginning of a new chapter and the ending of another from now through August up to later September. Just breathe.


June 30 – July 2nd Quirky Friday’s Neptune retrograde has a mixup of aspects moving into July 1st Saturday, which is also Canada Day. Here we are now with an overload of Mars Venus in a festive, a bit fiery Leonine mode. Their precise hit to Uranus in Taurus 6 days ago launched some dire headlines, as we have seen. Russia, the Titan disaster, 2000 migrants lost, all of it. Hopefully, Saturday’s Sagittarius moon will push all the excitement over into Sunday. With all this flurry do be careful not to burn your fingers, both physical and emotional, on that grill.

July 3 – 9th Monday’s full super moon in Capricorn directly facing the Sun in early Cancer, vedically known as Ardra, holds a dynamic arrangement of planets in amazingly close and helpful degrees. Water, wetness of all kinds, tears, even sorrow, can be a part of this subset but right here, which is today we may indeed see wind and water storm days.

The other side of this picture understands  that the Moon’s description in a lovely part of Capricorn called Purvashada, “The unconquered”, changes the entire story. This Nakshatra or part of Vedic Capricorn, is home to the secret goddess, Apah, who oversees water, which is itself an invincible element. So briefly, what we have is a huge uplift to the water world, to a healing of nature, and nature back to ourselves. The optimism is all supported with some super stellar geometry by Jupiter and company and that includes Saturn.

While Saturn’s placement in Pisces is often looked upon with a dour face, this combo with other signs in water is different. Nicely connected in water from the usual image of a stern governmental ruler, Saturn here becomes the emotionally supportive therapist kind of guy going along with the rest of them.

Now Armagedda has returned just to advise you all about that strange Sunday, the 9th, with that intense Yod, from Mars over to Pluto and jumpy Mercury squaring the power mad planet. Just play it safe, I’m sure the news will break over some sudden event, that is if anyone is still watching the news.

July 10 -16th Monday may show up with a hangover from Sunday’s hard day. Be wary of and don’t contribute to any nasty exchanges. It won’t turn out ok although Tuesday is calmer with the Moon working up to a pretty helpful position by Wednesday morning. Dynamic might be the right word here. Do close down later night because Thursday looks a little scrappy with that Saturn square Gemini Moon disappointment. I’ll take later Saturday through all of Sunday Funday for my happy place and you should as well . And now comes a nice surprise!

July 17th ( 11:32 am pdt) Ok this new moon in Cancerian subset of Punarvasu shines a light on our planet .The precise translation of this Sanskrit word is “wealthy again”, or “Visible infinity”. It’s a generous and kindly placement which is why this particular segment of our month of Cancer is highly exalted in Hindu astrology. To have this new Moon’s opposition to Pluto (not Putin) mitigated by the beautiful link to magical mystical Neptune over in watery, and even spiritual Pisces, elevates the deep gifts of this sign subset, which is called Nakshatra. Added to this beneficence we’re given some perfect earth to earth harmony between Jupiter and Mars and in a place that might even be called abundant? Might this be a sign of hope and, ok say it, justice?

July 18 – 24th The moon in Leo arrives after midnight Tuesday, and the morning finds it bristling over at Saturn, and later day with Jupiter. A lunar relief will be found by Wednesday all cheerful with Mercury and asteroids Eris and Chiron ! I hope these aspects will brighten your day and wallet. Later into the evening, close the computer and find a nice escape. Thursday becomes interesting with a small posse gathering in Virgo up to mid morning Saturday. With some decisions likely just made, do I dare say, good news at the door? Hold onto that because Venus’ backwards move Saturday adds a 4th retro to the team already looking in the rearview mirror. Should we do the same, or just watch and see.

I’ve gotten some requests about Mr.Putin’s chart and life trajectory. I do have some ideas of what’s in store for Vlad the bad who’ll soon be had. Let me explain.

The astrology of June 23d severely slammed his part of public self, fate and destiny. Now, short term into August he may avoid the Gulag or gasbag?. However, whether mutinized or just Putinized, the late September into October planetary aspects may very likely take him out close to the October solar eclipse. “Out” can hold several meanings. Dostoevsky where are you ? Are you taking notes?

July 25 -31st By Monday with the Sun in Fire Leo and the Moon in copacetic Libra all should be well other than Tuesday’s moon square to Pluto a devilish moment, which also brings me to another chart of consuming interest. Our own USA Constitution, September 24,1789. The fractures are there, in exact hits to the points of fate, karma, destiny are not ok with Jupiter. Of course the US is having it’s own Pluto return some 246 years later, and all in nodal conflict for many months ahead to exacerbate the situation,.

Pluto speaks of government and law, to the very deepest core of same. Whereas this September 1789 chart brings up those late September 2023 aspects previously mentioned. What to expect ? We shall see. It’s going to be intense and decisive. That I do believe.

Back to our later month. By Friday, Mercury will have jumped into level headed Virgo along with Mars.

Mercury raced through Leo in 2 and a half weeks, anxious to get to the place where he/she/it feels at home, and will be in Virgo until the 6th of October

Late late days, the glamour of Venus and Mars in Leo close the north node, Rahu, in Aries, is over and now it’s back down to earth with Jupiter in nature loving Taurus in exact sync with Mars. New performers will soon be taking over the stage.

I’ll leave you with that famous line of Carl Sagan’s, “we’re all made out of earth stuff.” Yes, of course there’s just such an indelible connection between our human bodies’ 97% composition of star matter to outer planetary and stellar influences. With that said, I’ll brush those carbon and nitrogen flakes out of my hair and pass the day over to you! The sky’s the limit.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 1, 4, 7,11, 12, 16!!, 17 !, 21, 22, 29,31

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

JULY 3- 4th A full moon birthday this year might just be that gift that wasn’t wrapped. And why is that? Well, the support team from the earth and water gods are lighting up your cake and sky!

JULY 16-18th Such a terrific few days in several ways, and exalted this year in the vedic sky! Plus a new moon that can set the marker for a new beginning. It’s a time of inspiration, thank you Neptune! So be sure to set your intentions well before that cake arrives.

July 31 -AUGUST 2nd Very early July, and very late month you’ll have a lot of electric energy to drive that Tesla. Meanwhile be a bit careful first part of July a slight obstruction to that wheel.

AUGUST 16 -22nd What a wide swath of dates, not my usual, but you can blame or thank, the latter being more appropriate, Venus who’s all lined up with the moon’s nodes in perfect sync to your Suns! That’s great news.Lucky lions!

AUGUST 23-31st Well your luck arrives right on the 10th and stays with help from Jupiter and and lunar nodes mid month especially . Later month not as perfect, you can blame that guy with rings around his stomach.

SEPTEMBER 1- 6th Starting early in the month for you Septembrists, Jupiter’s orb will be supporting and guiding you along with Mars and it’s great! Take that chance, Go for it!

SEPTEMBER 16 -18th The new moon of the 17th is right in line with you, and it’s so helpful, really good news in spite of any difficult aspects you may have. What perfect geometry.

OCTOBER 16-17th The new moon dates aren’t especially favorable to you but early month’s Leo energy is very uplifting, and you can thank Venus who’ll spinning next to you all month!

OCTOBER 19-24th Such strong days have you been handed right now. Karma is talking to you and it could go in either direction, north south, east west. It could even be a welcomed life changing time. Be watchful, maybe take some notes. But you will have Saturn on your team for the rest of the year! It’s like halving your personal security guard.

OCTOBER 25  NOVEMBER 6TH . Those early sky gods, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, in water and earth so lined up to your Suns is a gift beyond! The later days mentioned will have their cake and eat it later in the month. The earlier dates can imbibe earlier and mid month. See?

NOVEMBER 16-18th The new moon of the 17th is an additional blessed moment for you as well. The Sun, moon, Neptune, Pluto are all cheering for you right here!

NOVEMBER 20 – 23d Right after the new moon of the 17th at approximately these same dates in July, you will have a very helpful team or just call it your staff . There is something quite beautiful in having both Neptune, soul awakening , and Pluto, a strong steel mat under your feet, at the same time, and for many months!

NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 4th Early days of Sag shine with early days of July, so play this well. Later days hopefully will benefit other aspects of your charts. But the full moon of the 3d is a big wow moment for you!

DECEMBER 16 -19th You mid Decembrist children were born right at the core of the galactic center, our Milky Way galaxy. And that’s quite something. It’s the store house of all sorts of changes and deeper discoveries encouraging the arts, love of nature, pretty cool. Then this month the new moon and Neptune might cause your “center” to jump a little, but you’ll have Venus and Rahu for besties! See?

DECEMBER 23 – January 4th Crazy as it may sound but this early slice of Capricorn will have an uplift  thanks to the partnership of Mars, Jupiter and even Saturn. Now, the earlier dates benefit more in the early to mid month dates of July, whereas later dates show the same in later month days.

JANUARY 11- 13th These birthday kids are having an intellectual upside and high moments of positively unexpected for quite sometime. Ill take it if you don’t want it. The only caution would be around the 23d, when Mercury and Venus might reject your dinner invitation.

JANUARY 16 -20 th Ok these dates will have such a big moment right at the new moon of the 17th! It’s a powerful time and inspiring as well! Thank you Neptune! Yes!

JANUARY 21 – 23d The move of Pluto over your Suns is, and will be quite something, life changing for sure. By mid 2024 exciting and uplifting! Just hold on this month.

FEBRUARY 14- 24th Such a time that we and you, are in. The Leo party of Venus and Mars early on might be a bit irritating and then the 21 to 24th birthdays have the helpful arm of Saturn ,yes I said that, with the lunar nodes to hold you up!

FEBRUARY 28 – March 7th You can thank Jupiter for his help as the month begins and the link to Mars and Saturn make it even better!

MARCH 10 -12th You still have that genius link up from Uranus, you lucky little sea creatures of Neptune! Now the early early month cacophony from Mars and Venus lifts soon, don’t overdo those firework days.

MARCH 16 -19th You wi? be so uplifted at the time of the new moon, it’s a gift for you, and these same dates!Balance, harmony, deep insights!

APRIL 7 – 11th The good news is that you have that electric charger called Eris, the truth seeker, and sister of the fire god, with you. He/she/it are driving your Tesla.And Chiron is right there with you in the passenger seat for emphasis! Ok!

APRIL 19 -21st The times they are a’changing and why do I know this? Well Rahu, the north lunar node, is directly over your Suns meaning, a life change is imminent . And it may be a really good thing right now, thanks to your wingman, Saturn oh and I can’t leave out Mars’ helpfulness right around the 11th of July especially. Later month Mercury comes in to fill out the story, happy ending?

MAY 2 -7th From mid July onto August 3d you will have the gift of two those guys, Jupiter and Mars! Holding up your flag or maybe it’s just your days ! Yay for May.

MAY 10- 13th Well that Uranian character is still on your roof pushing inspiring and sometimes causing sudden upsets. Early month the trouble maker called Venus moves shows me fits. But the Sun in watery Cancer is your friend and later into August a sky pal called Mars will ride with you safely !

MAY 16 -19th The new moon mid month will bring an added gift to you! It’s calming, inspiring and puts a nice deflection from the guys over in Leo who may hav been barking at you, Venus and Mars that is.

JUNE 13 – 20th You mid June bugs have a really nice partner named Venus, who’ll be right at your side all month, and she even goes retro on the 23d to be sure she’s done your hair and wardrobe correctly!

JUNE 29 – JULY 2nd Fortunately for you, the move of Saturn in watery Pisces provides a spark or call it a wave, of insight and creativity of such great depth, off and on for the rest of this year! Yay!