The night of ghost, goblins, and witches seems to be the appropriate scene setting for the month head.  My cosmic calendar is showing what looks to be a month of wild surprises and revelations—not  exactly the biblical kind, but maybe. We’re still in eclipse season and the sky gods are lining up to imprint the month with a powerful message.

The global order has already experienced sweeping governmental upsets and revisions as we’ve just seen and this is only the beginning.

While we re on this path I’d like to correct some misgivings about astrology. It is not fortunetelling per se.  The history of planetary lineups  have for centuries allowed mankind to observe and prepare for certain awesome moments in time.  Astrology serves as a way shower of repeated patterns which have shown their undeniable affects and reactions to us earthbound humans. As mentioned previously, I always say that I take astrological guidance from the stars as a mapping device like using WAZE on my phone.

My early life discovery of noted Psychologist, Dr.Carl Jung, who eventually used astrology with clients in his later years, amped up my curiosity.  Ergo, I was soon on the path to discover the sky’s gifts. The following quote from Dr. Jung has stayed with me:

“Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”.  The archetypal value of the planets serves a psychological need and indeed the Hindu sidereal astrological descriptives bear this out even more so.

But I’ll stop there only to say, the planets are a’ changing and so is our own planet earth. It and we are midway into an pattern shift of historical proportions. But remember  “We’re all made out of star stuff”.  Thank you Carl, I mean the other Carl, Mr. Sagan.


October 31- November 6th 

The happy Halloween hangover may persist through Wednesday, as intensity builds with miscommunications and just plain havoc. There’s Mercury, spewing nasty tweets at the moon, and Saturn shoving his police badge over at Uranus, and all of it leaving Venus in tears.

Later Wednesday into Thursday a slightly better energy wave wafts in with positive watery alignments.  Yes, there are a few good moments with a mystical Pisces moon tight with Jupiter and Neptune to offer some sorely needed moments of peace.  Pick up that paint  brush, tune that guitar,  even create a soul ‘s day with nature and animals?  Whichever you choose, but do shore up the lightness because were headed into some seriously fractious days. Daylight savings time ends on Sunday and Armagedda hopes that’s not some kind of metaphoric message.

November 7 -8th

Now as for the big news of the month, some astro insights  as to what the world  may expect on Nov 8th ( 2:30 am PST). Already happening,    energy cut offs, no power in Kyiv, Ukraine? Britain?  Women marching for their rights in  Iran?  The USA midterms, inflation, womens’ rights climate ?  The cosmic headlines are pointing to an underlying anger which is likely to erupt into a peak crescendo.  I’m not holding back on this one.  The impact of Tuesdays’ early morning lunar eclipse may detonate in rebellious forms of frustration and anger . The lunar eclipse in this specific part of Scorpio, with south node or Ketu, in Vishaka, (our word vicious derived from same),  slammed by Uranus and Saturn, is not hopeful. The Moon in Taurus, known as Bharani, represents the female reproductive organs, and  therefore the giver of life and a new day which shines a more hopeful light on the future, in spite of these obvious obstacles.

Bluntly put, I do not think we’ll know for sure who the real winner  will be on Tuesday, election night, or for several days maybe longer.

My thought?  The ultimate victor of this election will probably be Confusion and I hope not with some contusions—or worse– as was the case on January 6th.  Expect the unexpected and you/us won’t be disappointed.

The Cancerian moon of the 12th coinciding calmly with the lunar eclipse points may offer a brief calming day in spite of  Mars conflicted with Neptune  mirroring identically, and in the same signs and degrees, the blurred communication aspect in the USA’s own natal chart.  I’ll include a side bar mention here.  This Mars Neptune confusion aspect is often shown in cases of substance abuse – of which the odious fentanyl crisis comes to mind.  The harshness remains in orb, although Sunday’s sky lords may offer a small package of pleasantness.


Surprisingly, Monday’s Moon, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter’s promising alignments allow for a rather cheerful, even heartfelt, day as it slides into Tuesday morning. (This is why the 14th has a star * on it down below.)   But don’t be fooled by underlying schemes in these dicey times as the weeks remaining aspects line up to give one, then take one away.  Friday’s map could mitigate this point with a promising lunar aspect to Sun, Pluto and Uranus, but still prevailing is that hiccup with Mars and Neptune .  Maybe just call it a case of Serendipity, but curious how often I’ve been hearing 2 complaints. One is how often people have said that they don’t want to watch the news.  Secondly, a few have mentioned their bank accounts being scammed. We are in a time where voices may finally speak up and what has been hidden reveals itself.   Then along comes Saturday’s Virgo moon to end a rocky week with some practical earth sense onto a Sunday that may pick up that same thread as we edge closer to some slightly better days.

NOVEMBER 21- 27th 

The Sun now edging in Sagittarius by midnight PST Monday, moves into a lighter atmosphere with close in pals Venus and Mercury all creating a happy dance in an uplifting segment of the Scorpio Sagittarius connection.   Wednesday’s new moon 2:55 pm PST) in peace seeking early Sagittarius, also known as Anuradha, gets even better with Jupiter moving direct to set Thursday’s welcoming table for family, friends, gratitude, even some turkeys?   These two days earned the stars as you may see down below. Black Friday holds some mixed aspects, the afternoon a little darker in some places where confusion returns or maybe you just can’t return things purchased on sale.


Get your coffee early to take advantage of an electric Monday!  I’ll spare you the aspects, but I am seeing a “go for it “kind of day “and later evening holds up that vibe into early Tuesday morning.  I’m going with a slightly more positive note right here in spite of early Wednesday’s Sun exact to the fixed star Antares, the god of war no less, arguing with an underwater Pisces moon.  A Shark tooth fitted into that Piscean mouth could rattle on into Thursday, whose late night moon in Aries will begin to wipe up the mess.   The weekend brings a different note by adding a rare spark of optimism to these uncertain times. Onto Saturday’s stage comes the trio of Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius jumping with that fiery moon’s rock band to hopefully uplift these next couple of days!

Will this be a November to remember? Yes, I think it will be.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 2, 3,14*, 20*, 23*, 24*, 28, 29 Dec 3d 

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.? and?

NOVEMBER 7-9th Your birthday arrives with the eclipse, meaning that this is not going to be an ordinary year for you. Lots of changes including new forms of thought, ideas, all of which to inspire a new path forward while leaving what is no longer useful, behind. The day itself calls for inward quiet..not too much activity. To celebrate later on is a good idea.

NOVEMBER 13-14th The 2 better days of the month are right here  and it s your day!  Calm and peacefulness are filling your tank.  Good aspects ! Any slight obstruction you can turn around into a positive in the year ahead.

NOVEMBER 23-24th Lucky you to have birthday on a new moon with such great aspects! Thursday’s babies you’ll love the day of thanks which is a straight up birthday gift for you.

November 30 – DECEMBER 4th Your best times will come later in the month and you should feel the shift, no doubt about it!

DECEMBER 16-19th The first half of this month shows a confusion and turmoil that has landed on your roof.   Life will be different even better a few weeks down the road. You have other signs and aspects so it can’t all be terrible.

JANUARY 6-10th The lunar eclipse will hold some surprises and in a good way, for you, believe it or not! Saturn is moving away but Uranus will be adding excitement to your days for some time ahead !

JANUARY17- 20th Amazingly enough that Pluto guy crossing you’re your head for many months ahead and other positive vibes indicate an welcome inner spirit life changing pattern has been set in motion!

JANUARY 24-30th Oh happy days are all yours later in the month, after the 23d.  Whatever has been forming in the back of your head, bring it out now! And wait till you see January 2023!  Energy!

FEBRUARY 7-9TH My best advice to you would be to do as little as possible mid month, that eclipse won’t like you very much. Now the other side of the story is better when later month arrives and Saturn and Mars bolster you up!

FEBRUARY 14-16th That dynamic Mars is reversing his stride to line up to your Suns most of the month and that spells energy! Mental and electric. Old Saturn is now on his way to adding his strong arm to your life as well. Take all of it!

FEBRUARY late month birthdays, well I want to say something cheerful so grab the first week, not the last week. Coming around into  December life picks up. Everyone has a chart with several aspects and some of yours must also be positive. See .

MARCH 7 – 9th Crazy as it may sound, that lunar event of the 8th isn’t too bad for you. Really.  More difficult is late month when Mars throws up a roadblock of some kind to your pathway. Never fear it all lifts and earlier you have much better support.

MARCH 12-13TH The first half of the month provides your better days.  Your pals, named Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and asteroid Pallas have your back! Late November Mars gets bratty and obstructing. Get a fly swatter maybe?

MARCH 17 – 22nd   It’s not my usual to add a wide swath of dates, but for most of this month you are held in what may be seen as a “higher “state, no Silly Pscybin needed. And Pluto is on the side adding practical support.

APRIL 11 -19th You are all so fortunate to have those wingmen, called Mars and Saturn, gliding along with you all month long.  Mental and physical strength are yours.

APRIL 17 -20th I know we’ve been down this road before because that guy Pluto being an ogre, is putting up some kind of block to your happy feet. He’ll be moving by next year and life picks way up for you by early Springtime.

MAY 7 – 10th Now that eclipse will affect you too but its not all terrible because in the first half of the month you have Neptune, Venus and Mercury and Uranus to bring up the good times. Calm  down later month, you have other signs and aspects.

MAY 18 -20th The strong aspects holding you up so beautifully are thanks to Pluto and Neptune and Jupiter!! Yes, you can do it paint it!  write it!  Plant it!

MAY 24 – JUNE 3d You early Rohinis (happy Gems that is) have a few things to be thankful for come later in this month, and you can thank Chiron for this. And just wait till you see January 2023..Wow! Electric!

JUNE 10 – 14th For all of the month Saturn will be standing by and holding you up which is great for health, and confidence in other matters. Mars riding up and down over your Suns, that means you, all month will add excitement  just don’t trip over that pumpkin if it wasn’t thrown out,

JUNE 15 -18TH Mars just stationed right near your Suns and that can have 2 meanings, increased activity and also, slow down! The blunt object tossed from Neptune can add some confusion to things. But you will have Saturn’s strong arm around the corner so just be patient.

JULY 5-9 The lunar eclipse has a message for you that’s almost a bright star of things to come, only one roadblock, named Saturn. It’s not quite perfect, is it ever? But water loves water, see, and there’s lots of it washing your trees and shrubs first half of the month

JULY 16-20th The Jupiter and Neptune matchup to your exact Sun ‘s degree is so uplifting in spite of whatever else is bothering you, power struggle vibe no thanks to Pluto maybe?

JULY 24-AUGUST 2nd Well I have to say that the last part of November comes around to light your fire, serve you dinner, clean your house.  It’s a happy time in spite of the earlier month’s flaws.

AUGUST 7-9th Ok I’m being honest here, the lunar eclipse days are not so nice for you. The good news is that Mars guy running along side  an boosting your spirits as the month moves on.

AUGUST 16-17TH I’d like to tell you everything’s perfect, but, it’s not quite.  The good part is the energy drive from Mars first half of the month.  Your chart has many aspects some of them will be helpful .

AUGUST 20 –31ST Earth and water bond nicely together which is why the first part of November fills your cup.  Later month’s aspects are saying  slow down, don’t go so fast.

SEPTEMBER 5 – 9th This wild lunar eclipse holds something good for you, yes, called the lunar nodes with Uranus. Just let these early days slide on by or they might be rumbling by. Your Suns have a unique support right now.

SEPTEMBER 16 -20th The angle of Life Transformer, Pluto, in a perfect aspect to your chart is pretty nice, wonder what inner changes you’ve been thinking of .. Something must be brewing in there.

SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 1st Well happy days are yours after the 23d new moon of the month. Have fun! It’s a joyful aspect.. Thanksgiving time!!

OCTOBER 10-12th The good news for you is that nice support from old Saturn, who’s not always nice. But this aspect is great and gets even better later month thanks to Mars. You are on fire! Yaay!

OCTOBER 16-20th We may have covered this previously but I do have to bring it up again, that Pluto bar I mean. Something is holding you back or maybe down, and it will move, slowly, by early year. The first part of this month shows some high activities. Good for you!

OCTOBER 29-NOVEMEBR 1st Very early month’s first days arte all yours wrapped in ribbons. The more exciting news is how the lunar nodes, a major part of astrology, are moving to support your life and plans right now and a few months hence.