Hello my fellow star gazers, here we are, in the clasp or is it the eclipse, of April 2023?  Do you hear a trumpet sounding?  What? Oh! Here comes that parade of warriors in Aries, take 5: Jupiter, Chiron, Eris, Sun and Mercury.  It’s a cheerful first weekend but don’t be fooled; the word for the month should be Courage. With so much in Mars’ home base the initial focus early month would be on the self, yourself. It’s a good idea to concentrate on the present moment as in “ Be Here Now” (thank you Ram Das).

Wherever the Aries placement falls in your chart pay close attention, it’s electric, for a while anyway. (click the link below to see your chart if need be.)

The main focus of this month has to be on the top lunar events, the first week’s Pink full moon and the new moon solar eclipse in the third week.   Mercury retrograde will of course call for some attention. The real news story remains the beginning of the beginning of the new era or as i like to call it, Aeira, AI, where we are headed?


April First Weekend A radiance of upbeat energy with a Leo moon along with  the upswing of the aforementioned Aries team, ushers in the weekend and the month with an “ all go”   signal.  New beginnings, dynamism, and determination are  words in Aries Speak.

April 3 – 9th Wednesday Spring’s Pink full moon, The Farmer’s Almanac’s descriptive for the season of new growth, is also called the Paschal moon, the herald for the religious celebrations of Holy Week.

How interesting that a case which had been announced by the New York District Court against a certain person coincided with the early March full moon.  And now, this week’s full moon will shed its light on the expected court drama for the same individual. The exact 16 degree Aries Sun with Chiron, opposite a16 degree Libra moon, could bring up some emotionality as it also directly impacts our own USA’s natal Saturn Sun conflict ; or better said, our rebellious protests against the tax wielding British monarchy. That the scales of Justice, law and truth are the symbols of Libra, is more than appropriate for the week’s lunar event

April 10- 16th Better news of the month lands right here with Monday and Tuesday’s Sagittarius moon loving its fire mate in Aries.   Also saddled up for a longer ride into later month, we have the partnership of Jupiter to the Sun with Eris! ( sister of Mars, same personality type).  Moving on a few days ahead, when Venus, the goddess of love slides up into Gemini, and attracts the attention of Mr.Power Pluto, we’ll have a great set up for networking, reaching out, sharing ideas and creative thoughts. Some love notes anyone?

Moving onto the weekend after a lazy Friday, Saturn’s moon in Aquarius colliding with Uranus could bring up some unpleasantness at the barbecue.  Then we have a very different sort of vibe come Sunday the16th. The Piscean moon lining up to Mercury and Mars could make for a rather creative, and even a spiritual evening, carried on through early.morning Monday. I’m making note of this one.

April 17- 24th Use those positive times, and maybe your chart will bypass that short Venus Saturn finance discord hitting our sky  right at tax time no less.( tax day is the 18th this year).  But hold on, we’re coming up to one of the major news events of this astro year.  The solar eclipse of April 19 -20th, 12:13 am EDT). New moons provide the opportune times to set intentions, even set up a small home altar, add a card or picture, to  “be with” the best thoughts of the moment.

Getting down to it, this solar eclipse shoulders the burden of a square to Pluto, who oversees birth and death situations. Other than this piece of coal, the counteractive part would be the grit of Saturn to the lunar nodes bringing on some positivity.  What’s been so Interesting about these April 20th birthdays is how many world leaders have shared this day. Aside from Hitler, there’s Queen Elizabeth II, Napoleon III a few others. Need I even say it, each of these charts is quite different from one to another.

These eclipse dates arrive art the significant 29th degree of Aries, and is on one of my favorite nakshatras known as Ashwini. Yes were going vedic here. A Nakshatra is a specific sign location. Western or Tropical has 12 sign divisions.  Indian or Sidereal astrology, has 27 into which the 12 zodiac signs are subdivided thereby adding more specificity, Symbolized by the human female head on a horse, Ashwini, is the leader of the tribe, or as I like to think,  Queen Sigrun of the Valkyrie warriors. She, they, are idealistic, luminous bright, swift and  independent.   The import of and marker set by this eclipse will be seen in later May, and a couple of more times before October.

Wouldn’t you know, Mercury had to get his name in here so he, it, is going retro within a few hours after the eclipse.  Now  I have to  add my little bit about retros. To move backwards a planet will stop and stay in a spot for a bit, thereby emphasizing its influence, and effects, then after a while the retreat goes into play. But what must say, in case this is not obvious, a planet cannot go backwards, that would be against astro physics. It’s only in relation to the orbit of our own planet earth that we say this.

Back to the sky with Mercury’s station at 15 Taurus conjunct the moon and Uranus in Taurus, and in perfect lineup with Mars in Cancer, sounds pretty nice if well placed in your chart.  One side note however, is that the pile on at these degrees of Taurus land exactly on the fixed star Menkar whose descriptor is rather Saturnian in matters of health, like oxygen deprivation, harm from smoke ashes. What might be the trigger for something like this, as close to the eclipse as it is? We can only wait and see.

April 25 – May 1st The Sun has entered Taurus by now and the one note of caution would be Thursday’s Leo moon opposite Pluto in Aquarius. We can all get through a  day or 2, Wait!  My eye has been on those solid happy earth trines of Sunday the 30th! May day Monday will share these peaceful vibes well. Make best use all of these good dates!

DAYS OF BEST USE: 9, 10, 11, 17, 25, 26

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

APRIL 5- 7th These full moon birthdays will provide solar return charts for the year ahead that, I would say, look to be full of grit and drive.  A slight note of caution shows itself in communication and even deal making, but the Aries strength can out weight this one.

APRIL10- 13th birthdays have the trio of Jupiter,Vesta and Chiron, and then include the Venus to Pluto angle. Wow what a team for expansion, communication, energy!

APRIL 19- 20th Ok, here’s the big item, a solar eclipse will  cover the Sun, indicating a year ahead with all sorts of changes. The 60 degree aspect from Saturn will lift any possible roadblocks, to your year ahead. There is an historical parallel designation, to this April 20th.QEII, Hitler, Napoleon III, and George Takei. the exact hit from Pluto to this degree and date may very likely symbolize the demise downfall of someone of high office..position. Take care of your health.

MAY 4 -7th Well, with Mercury going retro over your Suns, would usually not be so great, but! the link to Uranus and Mars, would spark some deep intellectual activity.Yes!

MAY 8-11th The early days of April light your way with a gift from Venus and Uranus, adding excitement but safety thanks to Mars. He has your back all month. Imagine that.

MAY 19-21st What a surprise for these birthday Suns! The beam from Pluto to Venus to you! And add to that a watery assist from Neptune and Pallas Athena in Water. Saturn is moving any problems away for a while.

JUNE 7-15th Birthdays will have the support all month from Jupiter and Chiron over in Aries and that’s pretty nice!  

JUNE  18- 21st. Now, the have birthday within a positive aspect from the solar eclipse, is pretty ok this time.  The lunar nodes are moving into a favorable angle for you, but just wait till later Summer, even better.That Neptune confusion aspect gets mitigated late April in to early May.

JULY 5- 7th The full moon energy of early April could trigger the electrical line in your personal home, otherwise there’s Uranus who is pushing for action!

JULY 20-21st Some strong vibes here which are saying be calm, stay quiet , don’t do “it”. Have the check up. But you have 8 other planets in the chart with other aspects.

AUGUST 7 – 9th Ok, there’s been some obstruction to your life’s plans for a while, but that irritant named Uranus will be passing through late year. Meanwhile, say hello to Jupiter and Chiron , later month Venus, they like you!

AUGUST 16-18th From mid month onto very early May, you’ll have friend named Jupiter, to uphold and expand your world and its horizons.

AUGUST 20- 23d Now you early Virgoans have the uplift of the lunar nodes trine to your Suns.  Good news comes in mid May, then  back and forth. Problem short term could be that Venus square Saturn square to you is a pest. Short though.

SEPTEMBER 3-8th  Mid month is your ally  and that Mercury retrograde on the 19th serves you very nicely!  Then the electricity of Uranus blends a creative vibe into the picture.  Basically it’s a pretty good month for you!

SEPTEMBER 16 – 17th Neptune, still floating opposite over there, might have you getting used to certain unresolved confusing matters. Your best time is early month, thanks to Venus. 

SEPTEMBER 21 – 24th Your best dates arrive mid month, 11-15th, when Venus enters your pal Gemini, trining Pluto all in perfect alignment to your Suns. Short but powerful few moments.

OCTOBER 5- 8th Shall we talk about this early month’s  full moon?  Maybe better not, just know these aren’t your best dates, hang on and try to keep your mouth and windows closed. Too much friction and noise.

OCTOBER 18- 22nd Well the solar eclipse energy is affecting you in a high energy drive kind of way.  Best use of these days is to go internal and pay attention to your innermost thoughts. It could be positive if used correctly and Saturn will be your friend during these days.

OCTOBER 28 – NOVEMBER 1St Your best days are 9-15th because of that nice Mercury to Mars security guards on either side of you. See.  The last day , April 30th, holds some nice solar and lunar energy for you and let’s not leave out Saturn!

NOVEMBER 7 -10th If you’ve been feeling an ongoing kerfuffle of sorts, hope not too dire, that’s because of Uranus nudging and even shoving you to something not that great. Luckily your help arrives later month, and Mars could help turn this into a positive.

NOVEMBER 17 -20 The weekend of the 8th, oh wait, it’s Easter weekend, hold some big moments for you, chocolate eggs too. Best part has been and continue to be the inspiration wing of Pallas and Neptune, so many inspiration al ideas!  

NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 4Th Very early month you have a burst of fire energy, due to those cheerleaders in Aries to your copacetic Suns. No complaining,

DECEMBER 15- 17 Fortunately for you, Jupiter is driving his Aries fire engine up your street and making sure everything is ok for you !  The dates around 11 – 18 are good times.

DECEMBER 19-21st The solar eclipse vibe affects you as ell but it’s ok!  Moving ahead for a couple of months you’ll have Saturn and the nodes, Jupiter, sometimes, holding top your sky.

JANUARY 10 -13th The very same dates this month are not singing your praises. The better times are very early, thank you Venus, and later month into May!

JANUARY 18 -21st Again, that solar eclipse is affecting your Suns exactly, by which I mean somewhat of a blockage in your life that is supported on the opposite side by a surge of new ideas! Go with the new, say goodbye to the old.Best dates for you: 11, 12, 13. However, you still have that gift of inspiration, creativity and eep soul expression thanks to Neptune and Pallas Athena!

FEBRUARY 7-10th Uh there’s a reason why you may be dealing with some doom players, is it health, wealth or? Very early month this plays put and then very late month. Later month your friend Venus, arrives to lighten the load and Chiron is moving up to hold you safe in the weeks to follow.

FEBRUARY 14 – 18th  Luckily for you, that positive crew of Jupiter, Chiron, and Vesta are all lining up next to you for increased energy and positive vibes. The other dragons aren’t too serious, don’t stress.

FEBRUARY 21 – 28th The affects of the solar eclipse do send some helpful vibes over to you. Say the nodes, Saturn.  Plus the first ten or so days of the month have a plant parade (Merc andMars) marching along in Cancer and Taurus, just for you!

MARCH 4- 7th Very early week you have 2 good friends to warm your days and even heart, Venus and Uranus. Later month, after they eclipse, that you have more pals, communication looks great here. Then say the 25th, the moon, Mars and Uranus help out as well. Not too bad.

MARCH 9 – 12th Very early week, say the 4th, your best timeshare right here. Venus and Ceres with the moon love you right here! The rest of the month is so so not exact.

MARCH 19 – 22nd Your best days are on the way thank you Pluto! Now, the best time of all this month for you is when Venus slides into Gemini and flirts with Pluto!  12- 14 are yours!