The fires of the Beltane festival are lighting up the sky as I write this, whose early May days so dedicated to Mother Nature begins. I only wish it would remain in this ebullient flower petalled place! Except that I do feel that the cosmic shifts this month will eject some demons out and down upon us on some of these May days.  We’re still in the eclipse season as will be seen under May 5th’s exceptionally long, four hour lunar event which will cover most of the our planet.

The lunar nodes, square to Pluto at the exact eclipse degree of April 20th on our USA Pluto will be examined. Pluto as the signifier of deep soul transformations, or call it life and death, birth and rebirth, will take up some headlines most definitely later month. The world is changing, a mid life crisis? No, sounds cute, but it’s more than that. The good part is the that the path is being cleared for the new world order which will oversee great discoveries in science and medicines. We already have Saturn in Shatabishak the Pisces healer, starting his research. Then Pluto in Aquarius will begin its takeover  of AI. Oh did I just read that a new tech item has just been invented to read thoughts and translate them?  When Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus all shift into air and fire signs, hello 2025 -2026, it’s no turning back! But we’re not there yet.

The lunar nodes, square to Pluto and Mars, and at the exact eclipse degree of April 20th, will be examined regarding those red flag days around the 25th. Read on if you dare, and believe it or not, there will are a  few cheerful days tucked in there.


May 1- 7th The first three days have the blossoming effect  of Venus in tandem to Jupiter and I’ll add the conjoining of Sun to retro Mercury at 10 Taurus for my own use. I have my own thoughts about Mercury retrograde which I‘ve shared before. When he or it, the busy transgender communication god, stands close to a planet as it is right now and in a good match up to Saturn, I’ll take it!  Moving over to Friday’s full blood moon’s long Lunar eclipse (10:34 am pdt) in Scorpio which will oppose Uranus and the Sun may hit some breaking headlines, if you’re still watching the news.  A blood moon can happen in a lunar eclipse when its usual whitish turns reddish and ruddy. This lunar occurrence at 14.15 Taurus coincides with the fixed star Menkar, a bit of impediment, an endurance tester and nobody’s friend. If had to chose one adjective for this  lunar event I’d use “intense”, as in whichever way it will affects your own chart.

The late degrees of Venus Gemini confused with Neptune,  while Mars bumps up against Jupiter for a couple of days could  intensify the eclipse effects with one exception.

Would it be possible that King Charles hired an astrologer to map out the correct dates and times for his coronation? Because, on the early afternoon of May 6th, British Summer time, that wonderful heartfelt grand water trine from the late Scorpio Moon to Mars and Neptune, is beyond princely, even heavenly. Of course we know about the new king’s soul deep intentions for the preservation of Mother earth. Crown and scepter, off you go Charlie! !

May 8 -15th The best part of Monday afternoon will be the wand from happy moon in Sagittarius to Jupiter to reduce any friction or suspicions from the previous week.  Tuesday’s rather nice Capricorn moon can be kind and nurture all the earth gods and planets in your chart.  Wednesday has some good vibes so onto the weekend it is! Saturday to Sunday’s Pisces moon lights a happy Mother’s day to all the nurturers and caretakers out there.  Mercury will station strong and direct with Saturn for further emphasis on the goodness of the day.  Live it well because we’re heading into new territory .

May 15th -22nd The second half of May has arrived in high energy where clashes between old and new may now expose themselves.The new moon of the 19th (8:51 pdt) lands in the segment of Taurus called Krittika , which as you may have guessed is the Sanskrit root of our word ‘critical’.  In spite of that obvious connotation, there is some slight hope with the sextile or call it inspiration, from Neptune with a trine from Pluto all of which encourages fun times at the ball games followed by a great dinner night! Party!  Hold that thought as the next piece is coming.

May 23 – 28th Well here it is, the sword and dagger of the month and I’m serious about the the squaring to the nodes. Tuesday hit of Mars to Jupiter and Pluto is not an ok set up which I’ve had my eye on for over a year. The intensity especially going onto the 25th hits the trigger to the April solar eclipse and it’s not favorable. Earthquakes, tidal waves, war and more.  Renegades, shutdowns, conflagrations. Yes, I just said all that. Zelensky’s natal chart rings an alarm, as does the chart of Biden.  President Joe’s moon is severely conflicted here which tells me there’s likely to be some emotional trauma, is it personal, global or both ? I realize how this sounds but I have to say it because I care about health and safety most of all.  Just lay low, stay quiet and keep off the grid.

May 29 -June 1st  Memorial Day Monday’s Libra moon is smiling because of Pluto over in Aquarius, and then from the Sun and Mars. The starry starry night creates a great time for friendly chats and laughs on a barbecue perfect night, while honoring those who have served. This three day weekend adds a bit of relief from the prior week. As Mars moves further into Leo, we’ll have Jupiter and Saturn aligned perfectly with the nodes to provide some assurance or is it insurance? I’ll take it, grateful for any perks ! Before you delete, check and see if your birthday cluster may be in one of the 36 listed below. .Ok, I’m  signing off. Happy June soon.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 10, 14, 18, 29 after 8:30 am pdt

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

MAY 5 -6th  Yours will be a lunar eclipse birthday, and the can have a few meanings all of which depend  upon the natal chart. With Uranus on the Sun and the moon in Scorpio exactly opposite is pretty intense, but it all depends . Any of your earth and water signs will like it.   Air and fire signs, depending on how close not very much.

MAY10th  In searching through the sky calendar, I did manage to find one very opportune moment. Today if you’re lucky enough to be born here, it’s your day! Celebrate! That Cap moon loves you !

MAY 14th Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, and besides that, the Pisces moon lights up an otherwise intense month, whew use this day well.

MAY 23 – 26th No use mincing words with this one. The lineup is intense for any birthday Sun right here.  However, the Sun is only one of your ten planets, and It might be an up time for you, who can say?  Check the link to below if you’d like to know more.

JUNE 7-10th Both Chiron and Eris, asteroids with great impact, are your wingman over in Aries for the entire month!! YAAY!

JUNE 15- 19th Venus has your back as your agent, first week. Then Jupiter is lined up to your Suns adding some welcome expansion to your life until week #4. That’s pretty nice and lessens the possible confusion dealt by Neptune.      

JUNE 25-30th later month birthdays have the trine from Saturn to support and strengthen your days, and then Jupiter is moving up in early Taurus to help out too! Nice days ahead.

JULY 5 – 6th The lunar eclipse event early May lights up your Suns as well and then add that Mercury guy to it. Lots of action is in the message here!

JULY 15 -18th Later in the first week, around the 4 – 8th with Mars over your Suns and not helpful with Jupiter  ’s square, could bring some obstacles and issues. Wait it out all will change and the New Moon of the 18th has a better message.

JULY 22 -26th These same dates in late May are to be short, not easy. Hopefully you have other aspects and better notes in your natal chart to offset any trouble.

AUGUST 5-8th The early week full moon lunar eclipse is not very friendly for these same dates. Luckily, Jupiter has been hanging out but ,even better, the asteroids Eris and Chiron are perfectly aligned to your Suns same degrees in Aries! Such a powerful offset to any trouble. And they are in the same location the entire month.

AUGUST 16-19th The good news here is called Jupiter and he’s got your back up until the new moon of the 18th. That’s nice!

SEPTEMBER 5- 7th Hello lunar eclipse, do you have these birthday names in your computer? Good, because they have yours and will be making plans for a happy weekend !

SEPTEMBER 17- 19th The New moon provides a lift for you,  softens that confusion from Neptune, and  even better is the trine from Pluto at zero Aquarius! Great aspects!

OCTOBER 4 – 8th Early month, that Mars devil is hampering your plans, and Chiron is squaring too!  Chiron stays and Mars will leave soon. As Mars moves on into Leo, by mid June you’ll see brighter skies.

OCTOBER 15 -18th Has some early month disturbance. Blame it on the square from Mars to Jupiter to your Suns yourself and health.. Be watchful careful follow rules and don’t overdo!

OCTOBER 22- 26th The skies get very cloudy for these specific birthday Suns in the last week of May. It’s really not that safe either so be very careful for several days.  The good news is Saturn’s strong arm of support in exact degrees to your Sun ! Whew.

NOVEMBER 4-6th The lunar eclipse is right on your chart too! Same dates.  Full moons and lunar eclipses in particular, shed light on thing. So go quietly within to listen and even write down, your deepest thoughts. The 10th and 14th are your good days.

NOVEMBER 8 – 11th The opposition from planet Uranus can make things kinda difficult for you, call it a blockage of some kind . Take good care of yourself right now to prevent any future trouble.

NOVEMBER 18 – 21st Here’s an interesting set up. Ok you hav the inspiration magic from Neptune in Pisces, then the perfect aspect from Pluto over in zero Aquarius, and the new moon of the 18th may bring it home to you with Mars!  Wow!

DECEMBER 15 -19th  Fortunately for you, Jupiter will be traveling in friendly territory until the18th of this month. Good news for you ! The slight confusion from Neptune comes and goes as you’ve already been experiencing it. Later June has some really happy aspects! Hold on!

DECEMBER 22 – 26th ahem take note you early Caps, the nodes and Jupiter will favor you in later month, although those outer world events may cause you to retreat a little. But! you will have a strong wingman named Saturn at the same time,

JANUARY 4-6th Again, because Earth loves fellow Earth, these birthday Suns will benefit from the lunar eclipse of the 5th.. Yes,I did say that.. Hopefully your other aspects will be ok too.

JANUARY 10-13th In spite of the wild events pressing in on May, you have a huge advantage called Uranus. He is sending strong creative vibes  to your Suns, and the energy to go with it. Later on Venus joins the party ! Happy !

JANUARY 19-20th Hold on and stay safe, the sky isn’t being very friendly to your Suns later month..But all of us and you, have other chart aspects, not just this one. Not too far off you’ll have the uplifting inspiration from Neptune for deep soul or is it music?

FEBRUARY 4-6th Um this early month’s eclipse is not that much fun for you Tigers. Hang on, June is going to bring the opposite, as in uplifting and positive!

FEBRUARY 9 – 13th A bit of a bumpy ride due to that Uranus trouble maker squaring your chart Suns. Now early Month you have a pal named Venus and just hold on till the June bugs make their entrance .

FEBRUARY 20 – 25th You early fishes will be kind of fortunate later May in spite of the rocky aspects hitting the sky and earth. Jupiter into early Taurus mid month is a nice gift too. Saturn crossing over your head can be a good thing some times and this month ok! Mars  barking in early Leo, not so much.  Throw him a bone.

MARCH 10 – 13th The powerful assist from Uranus to your Suns for many months to follow is pretty exciting, as in energy and creativity. All of this in spite of a pretty raucous month and very late the Mercury direct will make it even better.Stay safe around the 25th though.

MARCH 18 – 22nd Well the new moon of the 18th is a solid strong little happy piece of info for you. The 14th is your nicest day, Pisces moon later day with Neptune to your Suns is wonderful! And you can thank Mars as well.

APRIL16 -19 Early month up the the 15th may be somewhat difficult or confusing. Just stay calm, and know that this will evolve and change . What till later June if you want to see happy!

APRIL 21 – 25th Just a note of caution for you early Taureans be very watchful later May its a rocky picture for early early Taureans. Now prior to this dates, the Jupiter entree into your sign gives a boost . Saturn in early Pisces back and forth all year is your positive aspect .