Hello all, and welcome? to the month of Leo, or the Lion who thought he was king, because it’s just that kind of month.  If Amazon or Tesla sells a bulletproof or emotion proof vest for hearts and minds, I’d say buy one now.  It might come in handy.  Yep we’re in for some rather striking changes with no turning around. The die is being cast under the sky lioning up its gallery of war fellows, named Saturn, North node (Rahu), Mars and Uranus, all of whose harsh actions will set, or maybe say trigger, the directional path for the rest of this year

Further down we’ll step back into history to see just what cosmic parallels may be found to our present moment.  The aspects of certain newsworthy persons’ charts will be mentioned, and then of course some watch worthy times. Because, as I always say, “use astrology, and don’t let it use you”.   There are always a couple of times a year wherein extreme caution is advised, like when a Mars transit might be hitting your natal Pluto.  August will deliver a few of those aspects for the world, so  “walk softly and carry a big stick”, thank you Teddy R, might be the best game plan for the month.

Mid month’s month’s Perseid meteors and a Sturgeon super moon, so named by early colonials and Native Americans, will light up the night sky for some serious scoping into the galaxies as recently revealed by the new Webb telescope.

Now onto a month with some history making moments and with five retrograde planets all suggesting “retreat, rethink” “rewind”.


The First Week of August?  Well it’s going to be something.  Many astrologers have had an eye on these particular dates, as have I for over a year, because the big story of 2022 is now about to reveal itself.

Monday’s brief supportive aspect of a Virgo moon, soon gives way to the sharp geometry of planets exact at 18 degrees of Taurus.  The  vehement protests of  that rebel and freedom fighter Uranus, linked tightly with fire brand Mars both  battling with that rule observant, boundary sergeant, captain Saturn, will no doubt “break” the news headlines.   These raucous aspects are well equipped to inflict their intensity onto us earthlings especially in matters of law, civility, governance –grievance, including Mother Nature’s own egregious retributions.  Talking about this extreme heat, forest fires and earth shaking of tectonic plates now,  July 31 to August 1st, in the Philippines, Chile, Bolivia, Taiwan, Alaska, and Ecuador.  Who will be next?

Late Thursday through Friday look to be the most contentious days of the week.  A slight respite maybe felt later Saturday to Sunday with that creative Venus to Neptune aspect and the Moon in Sagittarius to Jupiter! It’s a short pause and maybe a good night to watch Netflix, but not the news.  Or maybe it’s fiddling while Rome burns?

Scrolling back into history, it wasn’t Rome that came up, but the April 1938 Parliamentary elections in Germany that gave 99% of the vote to the Nazi party. Thus was the hammer struck and the March 11-13th 1938 invasion of Austria to become incorporated into the German Reich, known as the Anschluss, was set.  Identical to right now, Mars and Uranus were directly conjoined to the north node in Taurus.  Can I say anything more?

One other historical note would be the 1852 presidential election, whose once every 84 year meet up with Mars and Uranus in Taurus coincided with the effective end of the Whig party whose disorganization completely terminated it a few years later when the declining members failed to nominate a decent presidential candidate.

Soon the Democratic party faced its opposition,  the newly formed Republican party.  Subsequently the northern and southern Whigs to were left to divide themselves among those two parties.  Again Mars and Uranus had rumbled fitfully in early Taurus with Pluto and even Saturn. Similar aspects, similar times.

Of course I had to find out whose charts were being directly impacted by all of this and first off there looks to be a direct hit from some kind of cosmic missile directly on Putin’s chart, although we may not know intimate details right away. Then over to Zelensky, his chart shows a rupture from a few days prior. It was terrible yes, but not like the karmic hit to the would be Czar from Mars to his Pluto, sound familiar?  In fact Vlod, not Vlad, has been receiving some help from Jupiter, however slight at the moment, but things are looking better for him down the road, if he can stay safe.

August 7th –13th The dire aspects of August 1-3d lift slightly as Mars now travels further along into Taurus, and by mid month there appears a short, but slightly better time frame. Tuesday and Wednesday’s very helpful Capricorn moon, along with Mercury in practical Virgo, and even gains from a beneficial Venus in Leo over to Jupiter in Aries.  If this Capricorn moon of the  9 -10th were running for office right now, I’d vote for him.  But the really big news is the Full Super Sturgeon moon in Aquarius. August 11th (6:36 pm pdt) This full will be what I would call a time marker, because its sign and degrees are repeating what that earlier square of earth planets has been shoving at us. It is also rings a bell of caution for all who have birthdays approximately on the 6th to the 13th in the fixed signs, of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

A slightly brighter moment is coming when those Perseid meteor showers will fill the night sky on Saturday along with a full moon as close to earth as she can be.  Barbecue time anyone ?

Globally and personally we could say that were in a soul, spirit, body shakeup, out of the old and into the new. It might be a good idea to keep a journal noting down what changes are presenting themselves to you.

August 14th– 21st Early week that powerful Mars to Pluto positive connection should provide a few cautiously optimistic days with which to take up and deal with serious legal, business or other important matters. Take advantage and use it if you can!

Now I have to include what the chart of our own USA shows since we’re living in a radical shift right now. A little later month a Mars in the exact Taurus degree of Algol, the demon fixed star, will strike our  humanitarian Aquarian moon.  More emotional forest fires will not be surprising.   As for our own national psyche, I’d have to say that the oft mentioned, 245 year Pluto return, has triggered a deep subconscious transformation in our own soul identity as a nation.  Communication and media are highlighted along with this given the contact to Mercury and our nodes of fate and destiny.  Big changes are ahead.

Slightly more upbeat is the nice alignment between Venus and Jupiter in this third week of the month, which will bring some joy to many hearts.  And why not just collect all those roses while we can.

President Biden’s Sun in late Scorpio, call it a self and health aspect,  will experience a slight bump of both a personal and public nature at this time.  It’s not looking too good although he does some cosmic assistance. September appears to be more of a concern for Joe as he will then be entering the time period or dasha, of his weakest planet, Saturn.  Oh dear.

August 22nd – 31st The 24th will find Uranus going retrograde, the fifth in a line up of backward facing planets, and September ‘s Mercury retrograde will bring that number to six which has to be a record. What does this mean for us you may ask?  A time to step back and re-evaluate our lives and decisions .   We will have seen a month that might have defied expectations, and been witness to shifts in long held beliefs about our democracy and ourselves. .

I know I’ve been coming across like Armagedda, but please do not fall into the dark side because a new day and new era will be coming, and it’s not that far off.   Late February on into March 2023 holds the promise, with many planetary changes.  Although not 100% perfect, I’m looking forward to the dawn of this new era, in spite of these unruly present time aspects, and I hope you will be too.

SLIGHTLY  BETTER DAYS:  7, 10,13, 14, 15, 24, 29,


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we?can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the links to either of the choice provided.? undergoing revisions presently.

AUGUST 1-3d The craziness of the above mentioned aspects are slightly mitigated by Monday’s Virgo moon. However, don’t relax just yet, by Friday that  grid of war characters is quiet intense and set . little bit ok and Wednesday’s afternoon Libra moon sure likes to be with Saturn for even some slight rational talks. However, don’t relax just yet, because  by Friday that grid of war characters will be quite intense and set on its path. Be safe.

AUGUST 10 -13th Right here the powerful super moon’s influence amplifies the aspects we’ve just discussed.  Each person’s chart has different aspects so this is not dire for just everyone. The Sun is what is being affected Caution advised.

AUGUST 20 – 23d Later month’s Mercury copacetic and strong line up to Pluto indicates a moment of logic and even the Venus in Leo with Jupiter in Aries tightly aligned spells promise and hope! Gather those roses where you may.

SEPTEMBER  9-12th crazy as it may seem, you might be the only few to benefit from the Mars Uranian lineup to the nodes and your Suns!  Strength is what it’s called.

SEPTEMBER 16- 21st Now the earthy links to Pluto and Mars near the 3d week are your days of use and advantage!

SEPTEMBER 27-30TH The last 4 days of the month are all in lights for you!  Mars into early Gemini is better than 3 strong coffees for your early Libra selves.

OCTOBER 1-3d. The arrival of Mars into Gemini late month is the beginning of a much better picture for you!  And, he’ll be there for 7 months, back and forth over your chart! In January he’s there all month! Plan ahead.

OCTOBER 10 –15th In spite of all the past upheavals and blockages just behind you, there is a brighter light mid month for you, named Saturn. Who would have thought? His presence will help alleviate any damage caused by the Pluto demon. Just be safe though, later September into October your team arrives.!

NOVEMBER 8-15th Ok Scorpio mid mothers that Uranus Mars and south nodes are right on your chart Suns, but! Thank heaven for Pluto and Neptune whose positions uplift and offset the troubles!  Some strong days are on your calendar, no doubt about it, but you’ll manage !!

NOVEMBER 26-30th For you it’s a different story because all this time Jupiter has been riding up and down your street, dropping gift boxes around for you, and then very late month Mars in Gemini siding up with Mercury in Libra activate and inspire your cheerful Suns !  Yay!

DECEMBER 10-13th Fire likes fire, so good Leo aspects favor Sagittarians. And these particular dates are right in line for your bit of personal happiness.  The full moon energy of the 12th, has the wand from Saturn supporting your body and life.  All of this is really helpful for clearing up any confusion old Neptune may have washed under your rug.

DECEMBER 17-18TH Your brighter days aren’t here quite yet. You can blame Neptune for all that confusion.  But!! Those last 3 days of August light up the sky for you with Venus in later Leo and the Libra moon !

JANUARY 9-13TH Very early month, those Mars, Venus and Uranus! aspects holding up your charts is a welcome surprise. You’re among the very few of luckier Suns of the early. Month. use this!

JANUARY 17- 21st In spite of this conflicted month, you have a gift from that Pluto guy, and Neptune, and specifically from the 10th  to the 22nd, you also will have Mars on your team !

JANUARY 26- August 2nd Fortunately for you, that transit of Jupiter in Aries is blessing you in certain ways  which only you will understand.

FEBRUARY 10-13th The full moon energy of the 12th has the added wand from Saturn supporting your body and life.  But hold back on over eager Enthusiasm, because that Mars character is not being a decent guy, and he’s with that demon star Algol. Later September the whole picture will shift with Mars in friendly Gemini

FEBRUARY 24-28th Late month’s new moon in Virgo rumpled by Mars in Gemini says hold off just right here, it’s a grumpy few days. But August 4-5th hold some brighter moments for you, Go get ‘em!

MARCH 7-13th The early month aspects gifted over to you are called Mars, Venus and Uranus, wow! The nodal angles up there are also supportive of your plans.  These are strong aspects to your Pisces Suns, other parts of a chart are not included, but this is pretty strong.

MARCH 15- 21st These specific Pisces Suns will have an added benefit from your Neptunian ruler and all held up by Pluto and Mars and those nodes of fate and destiny. The strongest times are especially mid month from the 9th to the 21st. Lucky you !

MARCH 28- APRIL 2nd. Lucky you, to have Jupiter, the gift giver, right over head for 2 months , mid July to mid September. And we’re not just talking about material goods, other surprises come in different ways and places.

APRIL 4-7th That transit of Chiron over your Sun has a message for you, an internal change is happening or maybe it already has? Very early August be a little careful, it’s a short but important time. Then way better will be the days after the 20th.  Venus will be on right your street, good times.

APRIL 9-13th That Sturgeon Full Moon of the 11-12th will open up the sky for you bringing new helpful ideas and friendly moments.

APRIL 29 – May 2nd Days around the full moon are a bit smudged, then the new moon late month is your moon time too, better,.

MAY 7-12th Ok you are right in the midst of this rectangle of colliding angles, the full moon, that Uranus Mars fighting a Saturnian dictator.

And it’s all in exact degrees to your chart. Now the good news is that you have other planets, 8 more that are in different places. The Sun is about self and health and it’s your motor. So be nice to yourself!

MAY 15-19th Later August will have a brief solid moment for you for which you can thank the Mars contact to Pluto, exactly on your address!  A very strong and decisive moment to use as best you would.

MAY 30 – JUNE 1st Thank Jupiter g for holding court in a happy way right at your house.  These little gifts are not to be taken casually.

JUNE 3 – 7th That Chiron character I’ve watched for 42 years and he is sidling up in nice angles to your Suns, so that helps with creativity and soul depth.

JUNE 12 -15th thankfully that Saturn over in Aquarius will be so helpful to you, bringing much needed grit and inner resolve.  Neptune has been doing his confusion thing, but your sharp minds should see past  and through him especially on the full moon days!

JULY 9- 12th Well you might even be one of the luckier with this Mars and Uranus rabble rousing team because of the really upbeat aspect

It’s handing over to you!  The Aquarian moon’s Saturnian piece isn’t the best time, but I really like the early days since Venus is playing her harp for you,

JULY 14 – 21st Mid month will hold some better days for you, maybe write down August 12-20th in your calendar. The lunar nodes, and Mars balancing that Pluto opposition with help from Neptune, these are important days.

HISTORY   April 10, 1938 (Sunday) then mid April  mars 25 Taurus sq North node Scorpio sq to Jupt in Aquarius 24  Parliamentary elections were held in Nazi Germany. The Nazi Party claimed 99% of the vote. The referendum on the Anschluss was held.

March 1938 HITLER ANNEXED AUSTRIA Mars exact conj to Uranus in Taurus

On March 11–13, 1938, German troops invade?Austria?and incorporate Austria into the German Reich in what is known as the Anschluss.