Let’s go, green light, hit drive or send? Whichever, because it’s  a forward moving month with a surplus of air and no retro planets . As it was in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, February is still the shortest month. Now, for 2023 we  have some interesting times packed into these 28 days. The beginning weekend’s full moon in Leo will call for some explanation with the Uranus square.  It won’t be Punxsutawney Phil’s, but the third  week’s new moon may very likely shed some light on a shadow unseen until now.  Later month Pluto and Saturn’s shift into their new residences raises the curtain on just what these players’ new directions might write in the script for us earthlings. We’ll take a brief look now, with much more to follow in the months ahead.

I think I should also mention that astrology best serves as a guide for timing, as to understanding the nature of certain aspects and their historical imprint. It is not fortunetelling but you can arrange or avoid future events according to the sky’s calendar. As for myself, I plan any doctor or serious appointments by checking the ephemeris, that book of planetary movements.   So far it’s worked for me.  Now, certain external events do happen that are out of our control although we may foresee an emotional reaction to something up ahead not knowing what or why it might be. That’s just life on planet earth.


Early February’s first couple of days were celebrated in the ancient  Celtic world as the sacred Imbolic,  the exact midway between the beginning of Winter,  21st of December, and the March 21st birth of Spring.  Seeds of inspiration and new growth were hereby planted which we can envision for ourselves today.

February 4-11th  The first weekend’s  full moon ( 1:29 pm EST Saturday) might seem like a wild dog whose exuberant Leo moon obeys Mars on Saturday . But later Sunday its loud barking at Uranus might spark a raucous moment or two at the dog park.  Best advice, no treats, and keep the leash on.  Even Venus so uplifted in Pisces, is not taking jibes lightly from Mars either.  Monday’s comedown will need that extra coffee.  Calmer days arrive with Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday’s spectacular Mercurial aspects support and encourage positive communication and sharp mental acuity. Love the Mercury conjunction with Pluto, and as I always say, use it.

February 12 -18th Sunday’s beautiful moon in mid to late Scorpio harmonizing with the deep mystical Piscean action of Neptune and Venus is a day to revel in the most beautiful way you can imagine.  Monday might find you needing some aspirin or french fries for that hangover, even though you thought it was a great day, and night? The actual Valentine Tuesday improves as the day lengthens into evening. Then Wednesday’s Moon plus Mars high Sagittarian energy lines up with Saturn to the Sun for some super Aquarian organizational skills.

The weekend’s calm Capricorn moon with Pluto and Neptune, sets the table for an interesting aspect that’s about to arrive with late Sunday to Monday’s (2:06 am EST) new moon in 1 degree of Pisces.

February 19 – 21st  Turning the page to the Vedic description of this new moon under the 100 Stars or Shatabishak, whose Piscean watery nature lends depth and even a healing quality of medicinal waters, giving it the label of 100 Physicians. All under cover, hidden secrets add to the depth of this new moon set right next to Saturn for emphasis!  Yes that sounds hopeful, masks off at last?  But wait, the danger under Neptunian water when harshly aspected in personal charts,  can be the overuse of medicines,  alcohol and substance.  What this may  also portend is an ability to seek and discover certain truths which have been carefully wrapped and locked away.  Expect some confusion to be present in spite of the auditor’s police badge and cap.  We’re in for some very interesting news  right here.  

February  22-  28th As the Roman Februalia was a month given over to atonement and purification, today’s Ash Wednesday for Catholics is landing in the appropriate place.  Thursday and Friday are days to savor and enjoy.  One other slight bump I’m seeing is the in the chart of our President, Joe Biden.  Late month, with Saturn and Mercury tight together and obstructing the Sun in his chart, concerns over health, work issues, or both. This wouldn’t surprise me, but on an up side there is some support from Pluto.

But the big story is the move of Pluto and Saturn, both at the very last degree of their Capricorn and Aquarian locations. This 29th and anaretic ( not anorexic) degree holds the critical symbol of an ending and the beginning.  Birthdays on the 19th of the month carry this symbol and inspire me to get out my telescope and delve deeply into that chart.

With Pluto heading over to Aquarius we can expect a new era of technology, of science and astronomy.  The recent James Webb telescope was just the beginning and pretty exciting. What will they discover next ?  AI arrived in 1994 with the invention of the first world wide web,  email and other novel technologies  just as Pluto crossed the anaretic 29th degree of Scorpio.  Simultaneously, Saturn’s 1994 induction into Pisces coincided with the discovery of the first Alzheimer’s gene . Saturn will stand back a little in Pisces, and take on a different persona, a weaker one in certain respects but with more compassion and depth.

All in all a very different astro map will be coming into play .  We might say “the times they are a’changin” because they are.  The final two days of Februa ( Roman meaning cleanse ) hold an even better star light with the copasetic arrangement between Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and the moon.  And that’s why I went ahead and scheduled my eye surgery for the 28th !  Happy Februalia to all of you !

DAYS OF BEST USE: 4, 10!!, 15!, 20, 27, 28 

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com and

FEBRUARY 3-5th  Some intense energy fills these dates, so  be careful with words or any impulsive actions. Your better times arrive  the following week.

FEBRUARY 19-21st These particular new moon days carry quite a new and! positive chapter for your life ahead.  We might call it chapter one of your next chapter .

MARCH 5-9th The sky opens for you specifically from the 7 – 13th of this month.  Lay low after the 14th. Better days are waiting late March into April on the sky calendar .

MARCH 11-13th Mid month is your happy time  and its called Venus all cozy with Neptune, like dreams are made real. Key times are the 11 – 15th

MARCH 22- 31st With Venus and Jupiter reigning over your sky last month especially ,what could be the problem?  And! Chiron and Juno lined with them as well!  Gather those rosebuds while you may.

APRIL 1-2nd Yes, you too have the  same aspect over head more specifically very late late February. Plus! A powerful cosmic moment happening ! Call it a changing of the guard, a nice moment for you too!

APRIL 3-8th Mid February to end of the month may feel like you had a triple espresso, the caffeine adrenaline push will serve you well! Thank you to Mars.

APRIL 22- 30th  These may very well turn out to be very significant days in your life. Why? Because the lunar nodes are making a pass over head and in a positive way! This once only very 18 and half year aspect has a wingman here called Saturn.

MAY 3-5th Early month’s full moon could be a particularly wild time for you.  Caution with words and driving is advised. Better days are up ahead early into March on the cosmic calendar.

MAY 16 – 21st Ok, you’ve been having a big support from the most powerful of the sky gods, yeah, old Pluto. Now he’s moving a degree forward, but you still have his arm. Saturn on either side has been difficult but he’s racing ahead and will have left you by mid March! See, you’ll be fine !

May 27-31st These later February aspects are so perfectly set to bring you something terrific! I’m not a fortuneteller  but this is nice!

JUNE 1-5th Early month has some slight confusion, but no worries, later month has your name in lights.  Just “Carry on” as they say . ( in Britain)

JUNE 7-10th Earlier days, say around the 13th, a bit of confusion takes over, but Later month, Mars will be riding on your saddle with you under it, so get ready for some high action in those weeks ahead !

JUNE  14-18th Now you Gems have the added gift of Saturn for your wingman and that for the entire month. Late month sees Mercury closely linked to the strong man so your wishes shield be their command.

JUNE 30TH -JULY 1st While you have great support from the nodes , the late late month ’s line up in Aries is a block of some sort, but it goes away in a few days and Saturn into Pisces will help a lot!

JULY  2- 7th early month s lineup is a gift to you so be sure to use it well!  Venus in Pisces, Uranus in mid Taurus yep all yours.

JULY 17 -20th Wow this Plutonian move exactly opposing you may not be your idea of fun.  Upsetting for some of you no doubt. The good part is the Neptune and Venus action first part of the month.

July 24 – 31st Okay, your best times come late in the month and for this you have Jupiter, Venus, Chiron and the moon on the 27-28th to thank.

AUGUST 1 – 8th All month you will have Mars to thank for the energy drive you must be feeling. Then later month, say 18- 22nd, the team work of the sky gods gets even better!

AUGUST 16- 19th Ok as we’ve said, this slide of Saturn who has been obstruction you in certain areas, will slide his butt away from you thank fully.. Then just ahed, April for sure! A happy uplift from the gift giver, Jupiter, to you!

AUGUST  23- 25th The good part of this month is the strong hand and arm given to you by the lunar nodes, it’s protection!  Yes!

SEPTEMBER 4 -6th Lucky you to have exciting Uranus as your friend and ally!  It brings inspiration, creativity and newness to the scene .

SEPTEMBER 17 -20th Oh Ok, that Pluto guy, yes him, well he’ll be cruising back and forth in late Cap degrees for another year.  Lucky you, it’s nice to  have a security guard by your side.

SEPTEMBER 23 -26th Later month, last few days, doing less is better as there may be some opposition to your plans. But it’s a very short time. Aspects on the 10th, then the week of the 15th are very helpful

OCTOBER 2- 8th How fortunate for you is this transit of airy Mars in compatible Gemini for you all month! Air likes air!  Communicate, travel either in mind or body. And late month is even better!

OCTOBER 17 -20th  Well Pluto is making his mark and taking his time, in the hard angle to the Sun , call it the self, you, even health can be of a concern.  But that Saturn guy will be the good news !

NOVEMBER 8 -13th Early month say first half, delivers some positive days for you. Venus in Pisces is special, and Mercury in Capricorn is watching over things carefully.

NOVEMBER 18 – 20th Old Pluto’s path is, fortunately, right in sync with your goals and plans.  You should be safe and secure to go ahead with those, aside from that Saturn irritation.  But he leaves in a few weeks . Later month is the only problem.

NOVEMBER 24 -30TH Lucky you as the sky circles around to the last week of this month.That team work in Aries, Jupiter, Chiron!! Venus and the Moon  all exact to lifting up your heart is like a lottery win.

DECEMBER 2 – 6th Action action mid way through Feb, the 15th is underlined. Whatever your doing don’t stop you have great energy here!

DECEMBER 16 -20th You will have Saturn to thank for the strength and support he’s providing your health, self, and life this month. You can’t get this just any time.

DECEMBER 25 -31st. Well those lunar nodes know what they’re doing and its called karmic support . Yay! Even better will be the transit of Saturn when he slides over into Pisces and holds you up all this year !

JANUARY  1 – 8th It may feel like a give one and take one away for some of the month, early to middle say. It’s confusion from one Mars and a sweet helper on the other side called Venus.  But that Uranian angle to your Suns is a terrific up swing in certain creative ways!

JANUARY  19 -21st  As we’ve said this anaretic 29th degree of Pluot now crossing over your Suns has been felt for a while. Are you thinking of making a  significant life change? New Job, or retire from the old one! The gift of course is that Neptune with Venus aspect especially on the 15 -20th of February. Live it up! JANUARY 25 – FEBRUARY 2nd. Fortunately for you, the lunar nodes have moved away, an every late late Feb you will have a quartet singing  for you, called Jupiter, Venus, Chiron and the moon!