March of 2023’s arrival, which we might call it the beginning of the beginning is ringing the door bell.  These long awaited weeks and months so meticulously analyzed by star sleuths everywhere, is now.  This year’s March Madness, embellished with both new and full moons, may also spark the birthing of new ideas and attitudes merging into the present zeitgeist. The healing nature of Saturn dipping into Pisces, (the Latin word for water) March 7th for nearly three years brings up some interesting historical parallels. Take the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous in March 1935. With Saturn in early Pisces, Bill Wilson’s struggle with alcohol requiring several hospitalizations, led him to investigate the nature of this newly labelled disease now called alcoholism, with his friend and drinking pal, Dr. Bob,  Similar to that month and year, our month’s current sky shows an array other planets in similar locations.

Of course there’s a lot more to see in this month’s calendar. We will also be checking out the traumatic Ukraine war noting the unholy triumvirate of Zelensky, Putin pals, and the West.  So helmets on, buckle up, 5-4-3-2-1-i   and It’s lift off!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday, March 1st, arrives under the very welcomed heart centered lineup of Venus, Jupiter and Chiron exact in Aries. All good right here for group efforts, team work, accomplishing previously set goals and plans.  Later Thursday’s lunar aspects set up an almost perfect day to night. So much in harmonious water sign angles right here encourages creativity at the deepest soul level, like music, art and heart!  It’s a fairly smooth weekend to be enjoyed before next weeks tidal shift.

March 6th – 12th  Tuesday’s full moon shines (4:40 am PST) under the Vedic sign Purva Phulgani, that cheerful and creative section of Virgo. It  should be an optimistic time except for that slap from Mr. Mars over in Gemini causing trouble and breaking rules.  The Farmer’s Almanac’s usual March full Moon label of  “Worm Moon” sounds about right for this one.  A new phase has arrived.  Several planets will change signs this month led by Saturn who is  just entering the sign of the fish right here . Returning after 29 years to this former designation, the highest hope for Saturn in deep water could suggest that he may use his rings and disciplinary self to aid in healing the ocean, impose discretionary regs on substance abuse, and even encourage deep research into new medical breakthroughs.  The weekend ’s Scorpio moon with water swimmers Neptune, Mercury and Sun, brings some calming and even romantic strings to hold onto as the week ahead may play a different chord.  It might be helpful to also know that this positive water alignment right now with several swamis oops, I mean planets, in Pisces can make for a special spiritual sanctuary moment.

March 13 – 19th Coffee now please.  The first few days of the week show a collision of aspects indicating that the more intense part of the month has now arrived. News of serious national and global matters, facts hidden now to be revealed, under this Mercury Mars mashup in mutable communication signs just sets off our own USA ’s Mars square Neptune deceit and confusion problem including media.  The opposite teams are perhaps gearing up?. 

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Friday’s solid Capricorn moon but not too much Guinness later evening when the moon joins up with Pluto to square Venus. Saturday continuing with this thread, may say I told you so, but Sunday holds a few happy moments with Sun and Moon cohabiting in later Pisces as we move forward to the Spring Equinox .

March 21st’s beginning of Spring lands with Sun and Moon exact  at 1 degree of Aries. Now that can be good news for some and also  Wednesday’s Ramadan festival meet up under Moon with Jupiter, good day . But hold on, I’m not going to Pollyanalyize the usual raindrops and roses of the first day of Spring. Call me Armagedda, it’s been said before.

Pluto decides to make his legendary move into Aquarius right here along with the Spring equinox and new moon.  Oh the planets are a  ‘changin and the sky lords’ possible revenge on Mr. Putin will show itself right about here. A classic aspect of disappointment, loss and sadness, Saturn will be hitting Vlad’s moon, and moving on into April, more harshness awaits that October 7,1952 birth chart.  Of course I had to check Zelensky’s chart and although not a joyous celebration, there is certain support throughout the month. Right here, March 23d, with Mars connecting to his perfect Jupiter Saturn trine, highlights some good news whatever  form they may take.

Over in China, Xi Jingping’s alliance with Russia has come up in the news. Right here his allegiance looks a bit iffy.  He’ s still involved but the real story will, I believe, show up at the end of May. Possibly the  denouement for certain actors in this current drama, will bring down the curtain in several situations not only for these specific charts.

March 25 – 28th These are the specific dates Ive had my eye on for over a year. Why is that ? Well the Mars placement in very early Cancer ramps up our own USA chart’s kindest aspect in relationship to partners. Could we see a different political moment ?  I’m thinking back to an earlier Saturn in Pisces moment, September 1994, when Bill Clinton passed the upgraded weapons ban with bi – party support from Carter, Ford and Reagan.

Late Wednesday I may be glued to the TV, with left overs from St Pat’s day in hand. March 31st’s Leo moon linked to the fiery Arian energy of the Sun, Chiron and Jupiter is the all go sign you may have been waiting for.  We’re in eclipse season right ahead, therefore with Mars and Saturn both in early water describes two frenemies shouldering a bridge of infrastructure for our own USA  chart and nation.  Two solar eclipses, the October 25th prior, and April 20th coming up, provide the way showers and trends which, when marked by transiting planets, provide close timing to certain major events and life changes. That  is why I mentioned late May ’s signal moment 2 paragraphs back.  More to be revealed, looking forward not backwards, we March on.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 2!!, 12, 20, 22, 27, 31 

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

FEBRUARY 27  – MARCH 1ST: Believe it or not these are very special days for which you may thank Jupiter who is hanging  with Venus and eve Chiron!  What a fab solar return will be yours ! I hope it flatters your stars .

MARCH 7-8th The Full moon right here is very interesting. Secrets come out, matters hidden are exposed. That might involve some drama, but hold on, there is support in this birthday solar return chart. Thanks to Saturn.

MARCH 12- 13th Sunday is brightened up by a lovely moon aspect to your birthday Suns! It/s not quite perfect with that Mars being kinda annoying . So wait that piece out. The biggest gift is the inspiration part of the sky wrapped with a bow for you. Monday has the same aspect with the Moon’s  strength intensified beautifully by Pluto.

MARCH 16 -18th The Mars aspect right here may be a bit disconcerting, Too much of a hassle. But, the good part arises thanks to Venus and  Saturn!

MARCH 26-27th. These are the dates I’ve  had my eye on for more than a year.  Positivity in certain areas, big news in other realms! All yours.

March 30 – APRIL 2nd. That very early month beautiful blend of Aries stars exact to your Suns i the best possible gift you could have! Wonderful! Big heart!

APRIL 9-10th Right here, these birthdays have a surprise gift from Jupiter and Chiron!  It’s very  happy to have this  one! Very early this month don’t be surprised by the  surge of energy, yep thats Mars in action.

APRIL 19-21st Ok that late March 26-27th aspect favors your Suns in a big beautiful way ! It’s life changing and that blockage you ‘ve been dealing with is temporarily mitigated by this team . Use this aspect well.

APRIL 25 -28th  Interesting times for you,   A very strong message re: how you live your days are highlighted for you add Venus in there, especially the last ten days of this month.  Go for it!

MAY 5 -8th If you’re wondering what that “pushing “ energy force is all about this month, just look up there, Uranus is over head, your head. You have some help from asteroid, Pallas Athena, the brilliant one. The full moon of the 7th will probably activate all of this. It’s fine

MAY 10-22nd. All of these days and months you have two close pals, Pluto and Neptune.  Simultaneously but just now, some obstruction from Saturn for May 19 -22nd birthdays, will be holding you at bay as you decide whether to take that chance or not. I’d say no. Hold on.

MAY 29 – JUNE 3d How nice is that early early month lineup in Aries all in a perfect alignment to your Suns! Not too bad, reallllly nice and then, last day of the month is almost a repeat!

JUNE 7 -8th The early moment ’s full moon is a bit of a confusion moment for you busy Gemini’s, and Mars is being a brat too.So hold on it goes  away soon. And you’ll have Jupiter lining up to you, a happy chapter, the further you move into April.

JUNE 15 -17th Just be a little careful around these same dates and that’s the blocking aspect Mars will send over your way. Confusion is the word of the day and it will pass soon. Plus you have other planets in your charts .

JUNE 22 – 27th Hi there early water children, you have a nice aspect say the later month.when Venus arrives in concert with you  Enjoy that because you deserve it ! Saturn’s move into Pisces will bring you even better days very soon in the days ahead.

JULY 4 -7th You have that rebellious character named Uranus to thank for all the excitement and Chiron, well he’s creating some interesting opportunities for deep soul moments of truth. The Full moon of the 7th will accentuate the emotional dynamic at play here. Might not be too bad.,

JULY 16-19th  These same dates in March will bring some high energy to you as well. And it can be ok . The Pluto Neptune arrangement to your Suns will be intense but in several ways ok!  Your supporting cast is called Neptune.

JULY 27- AUGUST 1st  Later month of March the lineup is a bit conflicted to your own Suns. You probably have other planets and aspects so not to worry.  Very early 3 days of March is a straight up gift or say blessing, however you read it.  It’s love!

AUGUST 6 – 8th As this month rolls on, you have a friend in Jupiter who will come to stand with you and uplift your spirits and the party begins!  That character Chiron will be right with you very soon so get ready for a breakthrough!

AUGUST 20 – 23d. Later month’s incredible aspect of March 26 -27 is going  to be  a big Positive  for you and you’ll love it ! Earth and Water love each other and that’s you! All is on the eclipse  path in a giving way!

SEPTEMBER 6 -8th Ok I’m being honest here, That full moon of the 7th is not your friend, Too much craziness in the sky right there .But out it goes and then the happy part, Uranus, comes in!  Then it’s excitement times 10!

SEPTEMBER 18-20th  Pluto;’s huge move into Aquarius is not a problem, for you, he is still holding you car keys and wears a security badge on his shoulder for you. The hit from Mars  around the 21st is problematical. Further into March  stay safe, avoid confrontation.

OCTOBER  7-18th With Mars lining up to you all month, early birthdays earlier month it energy an inspiration and hopefulness!

OCTOBER19 -22nd Well hi there, brace yourselves for that Pluto obstruction  blockage thing..Now that being said, you have other planets in your sky. And, early early March till the 6th, You have great support from Saturn! As in strength.  Saturn will go back and forth so the months ahead are not lost.

NOVEMBER 6 -10th November runs similar to March, and water likes water.  So earlier month, around that full moon, the tides are pretty helpful, although that Mars problem is somewhat annoying but not the whole picture. You have help!

NOVEMBER 19 -21st Well happy times are scheduled for you, almost perfectly, not just yet in full. But the Plutonian aspect of wingman style help and then the team work in late Pisces to your Suns is well, really nice! Saturn will stop bugging you soon so don’t worry. Health or wealth, he’s leaving and gone by later year. Early Aries sky set up very early month, then  later Month are so nice for you !

NOVEMBER 23 -30th Lucky you, the very very early months 3 days and 2  of the the very last days of March  are just for you! Fire loves fire. And that’s you.   The new moon in Aries ion the 21st s your signal, answer back. I’m here.

DECEMBER 1- 4th Those Aries lineups are just for you, pushing and helping you very early and  then again later month. Early days you have Jupiter the gift giving god,= helping out.  Not too bad!

DECEMBER 6 -8th just ignore the Full moon of the 7th. It is a pain in the ——s. Now moving on ward into later month then April you have a present called Jupiter. Support and good intentions are yours! That Mars energy around these same dates will leave very soon.

DECEMBER 16 -19TH Craziness is that lunar aspect of the 17- 19th ..Blockages and stop grills are planted in front of you . Just carefully step over them right around the 13 – 17th of this month. Be careful then due to Mars frantic action.

JANUARY 3 – 6th You lucky goats have that energy spiker named Uranus lighting your fires. But it’s not a call for a fire.extinguisher . I like it!

JANUARY 7 – 9th Full moon energy of the 7th is annoying but not too harsh for you. Just be watchful.  The good news is that Uranus guy moving ahead quickly to send excitement t and energy an inspiration pouring your wine.  Just hold on, it’s coming  full on by later month,

JANUARY 18 -22nd Well all of you late Capricorn  and very first  days of Aquarius.  This has been, and will continue to be for a few weeks, a golden time for you, thanks to the aspects from Neptune, Mercury and Pluto this month in particular. Inspiring and life changing but probably in a healthy strong way.

JANUARY 23  – FEBRUARY 1st. Oh exciting days very early March and very late Month, such upbeat aspects from the Aries line up to your Suns .

FEBRUARY 13 – 15th The Martian helper to your Suns mid March is nice, but  those little clouds of ethanol, uh no thanks to those Piscean druggies adding to confusion.

FEBRUARY 18 -21st Ok, When Saturn lifts off from your Suns, very soon, you will start to feel vindicated, like ok Saturn ,I got the lesson. By the 24-26th days of this month, Mars will hand you an energy drink mixed with optimism and energy. Go for it!