September has now arrived with some intense heat, floods, brown lawns and of course, pumpkin spice latte.  It’s going to be a month of review and redo, because how else would six planets in retrograde define a month?  There are most likely 3 main points or call them event markers, for this month of the Harvest Moon.  With Planet Venus soon moving into Virgo with the Sun by week #2, the usual Virgoan determination to accomplish, will make a feeble attempt into its usual  ‘let’s be clear and organized ‘ thinking. “Why is that Armagedda ?”  Well, because Mars has just flown into Gemini and the mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini ,Pisces and Sagittarius) when conflicting like this, add up to mishaps like: numbers not adding up, messages gone astray, plane flights cancelled, or credit cards scammed?  But hold on, there are some brighter days to take advantage of, and you’ll find those further down. Because, as I always say, “use astrology and don’t let it use you”.


If I had to say one thing about this month it would be that these four weeks are merely laying out the carpet for those determined and critical events lining up in October and November.

This month’s first weekend in earthy Virgo may see some frustrated and hurt feelings with Friday’s messed up T square, but all of that dissolves by Saturday when the moon in Sagittarius with Chiron..… and YES  it’s  a 5-4-3-2-1 Liftoff!  Artemis will be launched again from the Kennedy Space Center (2pm edt) on Merritt Island, Florida.   It’s a much better time than the previous attempt on the 29th.  Hmm, Did they check with the stars?  What a weekend.

The same fiery optimistic moon moves over into Sunday all hyped up with Jupiter and Mercury and Chiron.  It’s more inflation, yes, but the kind experienced with say puffed up abs and matching emotional swagger swinging that golf club.  Easy does will probably not do it but have fun!

September 5 –11th Monday’s sober Capricorn moon arrives to clean up the dishes and even reminds us of why Labor day lands in the month of Virgo, talk about steady, reliable workers, and  labor unions.  We’ll have good reasons for even slight optimism on a well grounded Tuesday day when schools, shops, banks and stock markets will open under a secure and decisive power god Pluto tight with the earthy Moon. Nice!  Later Wednesday into Thursday would not be my choice of days for romance or celebrations. But! Wait till the weekend!

One of the month’s 3 major moments makes its entrance with this the  Full Harvest Moon, shining on cornfields and your gardens (2:5p am pdt) early Saturday morning.  Now we’re in for some good times.   The Virgo Sun fully illuminating the Pisces Moon expanded by Neptune, all makes for a dreamy visionary moment if used well.  It’s a kindly, as well as artistic and romantic aspect !  Shine on Harvest Moon!  If you’d like to see the original from 1931, here’s Ruth Etting singing  Harvest Moon in the Ziegfeld follies !   Excuse any ads .

Then we have the second main event of the month, as Mercury retrogrades here into Libra nicely synced with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries.  The more interesting piece is that we now have a very rare occurrence of 6 simultaneous planets in retrograde motion.  How can you use this one?  Aside from Marie Kondoing your closets and clutter, maybe delve into some deep introspection and reflection.  What might happen on a deeper level is an exposure of private, even classified information. Call it secrets coming to light, truths revealed. None of this nor an incendiary reaction would surprise me.

Later month Mercury returning to Virgo and in perfect trine with Pluto, speaks to a strong armed justified attempt to straighten out some matters.  Another opportune time to deal with this and more private concerns under these retros, would be Thursday. Early day the Sun’s bond with Venus both linked favorably to Pluto, add Uranus Moon in Taurus, should offer some hope up to say 6 pm (pdt, that’ll be  before the moon goes void ( as in not helpful).  This 15thof September , also happens to be the 1984 birthday of Prince Harry, and may it portend a helpful year ahead for him.  The Daily Mail can chew more on that one.  Not me.

September 17 -25th The approaching Saturday brings a few of its own wild and wacky aspects .  Mars now in mid Gemini squaring Venus in Virgo, plus a Sun and Moon challenge to Neptune, will probably flunk the spelling bee when asked to spell c-o-n-f-u-s-i-o-n.  What a weak end.   My sense would be to wait until later Sunday under that Cancer moon. Then you can escape into a safe high level retreat space, head in the clouds or indulging in Netflix?  No I did not mention Silly Psybin.  But, whichever way you go, have a hippy night!

Monday positive perks continue on a more level thread from last night’s.  I’ll be marking that in my calendar.  The Autumnal Equinox of the 22nd appears to be another hopeful day lit up nicely as it appears to be with fire energy.  Then I’m looking over to the new moon of the 25th where we will have now entered the home territory of Venus ruled Libra!  The vedic designation of this new moon in Uttara Phalguni is rather upbeat in its descriptions.  With such fortunate, friendly behavior, humor and intelligence bestowed upon these degrees of the Sun or Moon, what we can hope for?   Some rational balance to the blitz of political attacks blasted on breaking news (good word for this).  That is, if you’re still watching the 6 o’clock news.

The conflict between Uranus and Saturn squaring each other and tied to the lunar nodes, will likely bring us back to unresolved issues of the year.  This occurs right at the month’s end heading in October. You may remember a story in Greek mythology depicting the antagonism between god of the sky, Uranus, and his son Saturn, god of sowing seeds and agriculture.  Uranus was harsh and even brutal to his sons.  “I am the king!” he shouted to the sky and heavens over which he ruled.  His histrionic personality disorder ruled until he was ambushed by his wife, earth mother Gaia, and son Cronus, known as Saturn.  I’ll spare you the manner in which Saturn’s scythe dealt retribution to Uranus, after which the god of revolution and evolution’s subsequent disappearance was to remain a mystery.

September 29 – October 2nd Now I’d like to sign off on a slightly lighter note. This new moon might do the trick and we’ll have Mercury’s solid direct contact on the second.  Hello October, your Libra new moon was nice, but are you still listening and holding those scales of Justice?  Yes ma’am.

SLIGHTLY BETTER DAYS:  6, 10,  18, 19, 21, 25,


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.

September 9-10th Should your birthday fall close to these full moon days, rejoice and be happy.  This should be  a magical weekend for many.

September 5 –8th   These birthdays have the added boost of fate and karma ( rahu and ketu)positively aligned to your Suns for your birthday chart, call it a solar return. Mid month be careful when Mars  looks to be difficult, throwing  a tantrum at you. Slide on by, it’s short term, you still have the nodes supporting you for another month

September later month 24-29th Your solar return, aka, birthday chart for the year ahead, has the added support of a exact Venus to Neptune to Pluto aspect. The opposition of Jupiter isn’t too much of a concern when see this power grid to your chart.

October 8-14th These Libra birthdays will have a triple caffeine boost from both Mars and Saturn, to your Suns<  and that’s a really good thing!   All  that physical and mental energy landing in your body and mind for you to use gainfully.

October 16-21st Take it easy this month, stand down because that hard Pluto aspect with confusing Neptune isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. I’m sure you’ve already seen what this can do to one’s peace of mind.  By Springitme Pluto will have moved away by four degrees. New Day.

November 8 –11th Fortunately for you the early month Full moon is aligned beautifully to your Suns !  That should help a little to offset that obstruction you’ve been feeling from Saturn, whether business, health or personal.

November 16-20th Well you can thank Neptune and Pluto for the blessings of inspiration and just plain support that oversees some of the minor transits or call it possible disturbances.

November later month 25-30th Early this month you should find some help with that strong Jupiterian uplift in spite of any unwelcome news.  Early month you also have some help in exact degrees from Mercury and Mars. Air loves fire and you’re all fire .

December 2-5TH A little concerning around the 11th to 16th of this month all thanks or no thanks, to Mars. Best advice is just to avoid any risky trips or behavior. Stay clear of belligerent people and maybe even avoid any MD visits. That’s how I use astrology.

December 15-18th We’re only looking at the Sun in the chart when I say there might be some confusing or myopic misinformation clouding your sky.  But there are 9 other planets to consider in a chart this is only one even though it’s a big one.

December 24-29th Some of the sky is not your best friend right now.  That’s due to Jupiter being his opposite, a stingy tightwad and gloomer rather than a benevolent King.  He’s going backwards for a while anyway.

January 9-11th The Full moon of the 9th bestows upon you an uplifting weekend, best time of the month so use it well and have fun!

January 18-21st This is a once in five lifetimes amazing aspect all because of Pluto  transforming your deep soulself.!  We may have covered this before but now, with the added support and inspiration from both Venus and Neptune later month don’t hesitate to go even more deeply into your artistic Self.

January 25- February 3d  Earlier then much later this month the sky is sending its better lights and EV batteries to your Suns, lighting up your days, first and last few days to be exact.

February 10-13th Right here these birthday Suns should be very watchful, remember the last full moon of August 11th?  Well, there’s some similarities to it this month. The good news is that Mars is helping the picture with a positive beam to this story.

February 26 – March 7th Very early this month, first 6 days or so, be watchful of any excess or risky behavior of you or someone near you.

Now some good news, moving along into October, you will have the support of the lunar nodes, and that’s a big deal.  Planet Uranus is standing by to inform and energize along the way and he’s in rertro  getting closer.

March 9-11th The full moon of the 9th does impact you too because the moon is mirrored in your chart plus you have the nodal  connection to make it even stronger.  That Mars in Gemini creature stubbing your toes around the 13-15th moves along quickly.

March 24 –27th For most of this month you have a gift named Jupiter who is expanding and opening your heart and mind in many ways. Late month’s new moon in Libra hands you an opportunity to confront and settle some nagging issues.

April 1- 5th Early April Suns receive a nice, first week of this month, energy boost from Mars and Mercury ! Use it while the aspect is  still strong.

April 11- 14th These specific birthday Suns will shine with the gracious harmony from both Saturn and Mars from mid month on, a not common story. You’re just got a get out of jail free card escaping from dark Pluto!

May 9- 11th Ok tag, you’re it, the full moon of the 10th’s short trajectory shines on you!  What will you do?   The Lunar nodes are your friend as well! Turd in punch bowl comes later month he’s called Saturn but you already knew that.

May 13- 21st Yes you earlier dates here, you’ve been blocked by Saturn and he’s not letting go until late February. However, the dates of 14-15 Sept are really good for you ! Late month you have a great team: Pluto, Venus and Mercury ! Take that Saturn.

May 30 – June 3d Earlier Gemini’s have Mars overhead encouraging, pushing in the first part of this month. The 17th is not your most fun day, so just let it sail by.

June 10- 13th For most of this month that Mars and Saturn team supports you in so many areas and that’s in spite of the usual Virgo Sun moon blocks to Gemini.

June 15 -18th Some confusion mid  month around the 16, 17.. But Armagedda has to always speak the truth. Confusion in bug letters. Sail by into October when Mars sends your energy up with Artemis.

July 4-7th Cancer and Virgo are buddies so that full moon of the 10th is a gift for you too! The nodal line up supports you so nicely right now with Uranus in old Taurus. Go back to see about the 18-19th Cancerian moon days. You’ll like it.

July 16 – 19th All month sees you held in an inspiring place by Neptune and later month by Venus and Mercury.  Live it up on the 18th  and 19th with that Cancerian moon transit.

July 25-27th The new moon of the 22nd provides a slight up and Jupiter in early Aries is doing his best also.  The oncoming October eclipse will have its own story for you, but not yet.

August 5- 8th The nodes of fate are being a little nasty with you but you have a wingman called Mars! He is skating through Gemini and holding your hand all through this month  plus he s going back an forth in your friend sign for 7 months! You lucky Lion.

August 11 –14th Ok Leonines, here’s where you must be really cautious. That oft mentioned Saturn Uranus conflict is directly lined against your own Suns. You may have experienced some hard moments as in health, finance, home, family.  Mars in Gemini for 7 months  will come back and forth to light your fires.

Just wait till October !