Hello everyone, what a month named for Juno, wife of Zeus.
Oh and for us, June 2022 may not be busting out all over in the way we might like to think it should. Rather, the focus will be on certain cosmic influences that have mirrored recent conflicting events. We’ll check out a few of the players in what looks to be the next chapter in this drama. Then a look at our own USA chart whose birthday is on the horizon. Further along you may find how your own dates, down in the 34 very specific birthday Sun segments of the month, are being affected. It’s also a month where Saturn and Neptune go into reverse motion, which makes for 3 retrograde planets by the month’s end.

With that we’ll now be lifted off by the Mars and Jupiter captains of the rocket powered Aries starship. Buckle up.

June’s very early days are marked significantly by the impact of Mercury in its stop still position while going into direct motion on the 3d, and Saturn makes his own retro station at the same time. Important to mention is right here the intensified degree placement, call it an echo to the May 16th previous lunar eclipse point at 26 Taurus, is also the placement of the most disliked fixed star. Known as Algol the decapitator, or remover of heads of state, it presides at the same 26 degree point which with that square from Saturn in Aquarius it can create certain heartbreaking events. Name them: Buffalo, Uvalde, Tulsa Ukraine. It’s also a month where Saturn and Neptune go into reverse which will bring 3 planets into slowdown retrograde by the month’s end.

Saturday’s Leonine moon in tandem with that Aries duo mentioned above, springs into high energy. Let’s play ball, dance or just rumble! Later Sunday the mood changes along with a lunar construct to the various sky patterns. Maybe the neighbors complained about your loud music? Saturn moving retrograde right here for 6 months didn’t help?

June 6 – 12th Monday continues last evening’s “no” vibe. Thanks to the Virgo moon’s earthy calmness with Pluto and friends, Tuesday and Wednesday especially, should calm things down with a more copacetic vibe. The 9th is one of the better days in the month. Take note. Then that Neptune piece may add a bit of delusion or even grandiosity. Saturday’s moon in Scorpio will probably flip its stinger over at Venus and Uranus, sparking some emotional conflicts, all of which cools off by later Sunday.

June 13 – 17th The Sagittarius moon of the 13-14th (4:52 am pdt) having teamed up with fire friends Mars and Jupiter Monday, making for some more festive party vibes, may slow down into somewhat of a foggy day Tuesday. Use astrology as I always say, when the aspects show some heart and heft, and don’t let it use you, meaning, avoid the less well aspected days. This mid month’s Mrigashira sect of Geminis is known to be curious, seeking answers and insights, wandering some say. I say it’s high intellect at work, seek and you shall find.

June 18 – 25th The Sun with Saturn trine still in place, adds the word “steady “to the conversation. I’ve underlined the 22 as a day to use carefully. I’m not suggesting a bulletproof vest, just that these aspects of Chiron and Ceres can be disturbing to the family and home comfort zone.

Later week’s sky intensifies what are already serious issues. Ukraine for example. Zelensky’s birth chart exhibits a direct antagonism with Putin’s natal chart. Right now their battle lines and the current aspects are drawn up directly in war mode with each other. Going forward these following days and weeks’ nodal conflicts with Saturn, Mars and the eclipse points, will culminate in a cosmic event or two by later July, say the 20th on into early August. This is not a slight matter, and I have to say it sets up a time frame which calls for extreme caution. In pulling up Putin’s chart, I wonder, if by August 2nd, whether or not he’ll even remain in office. Zelensky will probably have more wartime devastation to deal with, given his chart. Then even as soon as October, a few lights may brighten up his world. By spring 2023 there does appear to be some relief, and 2024 is even better for Vlodymyr.

June 26 – July 1st The lineup of earth signs, the Taurus moon of the 28- Call it a security check for this moment in time.

Now, as our own USA birthday coming soon, age 246 has brought us to a point in time where I’d venture to say that our “shadow” has now come out. Why is that? Our natal Pluto, meaning our deepest self which wrote the Declaration of Independence and our 1776 “values” has now returned to its exact degree, in a 245-247 year rotation. This month’s barrage of stones thrown at our self or “democracy” as in the never ending political squabbles, gun ownership or not, and the second amendment? The unbridled violence, city street crimes, homelessness. I’m not holding back, it’s a severe identity crisis that some are even calling a civil war. Topping it off is that heavy blow from Saturn to our moon, our heart and emotions saddened and he won’t leave this place until next March. That is why I’m looking ahead to Spring 2023 as THE turning of this wheel onto better destinations.

Now one slightly better piece of this pie, arrives with the new moon of the 28th (7:52 pm pdt), in early Cancerian Ardra, the ocean, the teardrop, which nurtures Mother Earth. With Luna’s later degrees by the 30th, softly and even mystically balanced to Neptune, could make for a special, dreamy time.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 6, 7, 8**, 10, 13*, 20, 27 till evening, 20, 30

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we?can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the links to either of the choice provided.?… undergoing revisions presently.

June 1-4th The strongest days for these Suns are the 6-15th of the month, thanks to Mars. The Libra moon of the 8-9th adds even more.

June 13-14th This powerful full moon is such a birthday gift and it has Saturn in friend territory too! Full moon birthdays are hallmarks of a very interesting and dynamic year ahead.

June 15-19th You need to understand, then act upon this great arm of support from Saturn. Solid is the world under your feet right now! And he’ll be sliding back and forth all through next January close to these points. You’re so fortunate!

June 22-30th Later month early moon children will have to put up with that short term annoyance from Mars. Then he leaves but the Jupiterian slide back and forth for a while means play it safe, don’t overdo . Other aspects are friendly to you, early July looks better.

July 4-8th Best advice right here is for these birthdays to take a breather mid month. That hit from Mars is not nice, sudden events could mess things up. But hold, on, July likes you waaay more.

July 13-18th Such a wide swath of dates, and so nice for this group of moon babies, thank you Neptune then the nodes, oh and Pluto, too, all supportive, deeply inspiring and creative. Use it well.

July 25-August 1st With Jupiter’s long and slow trine as in wing man, and side helper, for the next 2 and a half months is such a boost to anyone and now that’s you!

August 4-6th Early days first week, rather quixotic, not your best days. Ride with Mars and Jupiter as the month proceeds. When Mars enters Gemini you’ll benefit nicely. Starting in September.

August 2-20th The good news for you Augustinians will be this strong ride from Mars in a fellow fire sign , Aries, his home base. Then we break it down. Ok here goes : The specific dates, 13-16 are In line with this super full moon energy, that’s great . Now contrarily there’s that Saturn police sergeant squaring your activities blocking your plans. You’ll get through, you always have.

August 23- 31st You’l have Venus to thank when your days start to flow a little more smoothly than before. Affecting your self-ness what a charmer may one see radiating from you!

September 11-14th This month, and on your same birth dates, brings out such a nice energy aura. It’s beautiful! Maybe plan your wedding then? Ok no wedding but do something to live this one up to its full feathered wing span. The Full moon will have its drama moments, but only for a day or so.

September 24-28th These late month and early Libra Suns have a set of opposites all of course, depending on the natal chart.. It’s that Mars Jupiter teaming up in energetic Aries facing over to you. Now, that’s not always a negative.. It’s an energy driver that’s for sure.

October 1-3d That early month new moon provided your early October Suns with a boon, a short, 2 week , uplift really nice. We’ll take anything. Hang on for later year when Mars enters Gemini for 7 months ! Exciting for you!

October 13-14th The Full moon of the 14th sends you a surge of Openings. What has been hidden, secrets? Be very likely emerge into the Daylight. Saturn is being a friend as well and will be for several months.

October 15-18th Now here we have a contrast in energies, of which I’m sure you’re already aware of. We’ve gone over this blockage from Pluto numerous times, but! Now that trine, as in big support, thanks to Saturn has arrived, and in spite of some retro action, he’ll be standing with you through February! Relief.

November 16-17th The very early month aspects, 2-5th of the month, are your best moments to lie down an avoid crowds and any known negative people and environments.

November 22-30th A different time, with such positive and buoyant energy handed to you! This entire month. YES! Mars and Jupiter we thank you !

December 1-7th The good news is that inspiring Mars ride through Aries gives you that added push especially from the 6th through the 20th of June. Not too bad!

December 14-17th Wow this full moon on the 14th will be a high energizer for you. The moon in Sagittarius on your Suns is located at the heart and center of the Milky Way Galaxy also known as the “Gentle Giant.” Won’t this be interesting. Add in the support from Saturn and you’re all set.

January 5-11th Aside from the positive wand from Venus in Taurus most of the month, there’s even more to be excited about including the nodal set up exact with Uranus. Good stuff!

January 16-20th January birthdays have the added support of Neptune, talk about inspiring and even magical. We ‘ve covered that life changing aspect of Pluto overhead for a while now, ok with this new addition.

January 22nd-February 1st Early month of June is in tune with you! action, drive. Don’t just think of it, you can do it! Jupiter is with you all month, lucky you!

February 13-16th That full moon of the 14th spreads the positive vibe directly over to you! Action, door opening time! And Saturn over you right now is ok!

February 21-27th There aren’t too many direct aspects to your Suns, a chart has 10 planets and asteroids too, so calm down. Late month there is a perk. After the solstice, a kindly wave of Sun and asteroid Vest, wraps around your heart. The moon in Cancer joins in on the 28, 29th! Your best days.

March 4-8th Ok here’s a short little piece of June that I like for you! Mid way, on the13-16th of the month Venus has a really nice surprise for you. Be bold be free, these are your days!

March 13-15th Well the mid month full moon is placed exactly in your court, although it’s on the opposite team from your Suns. Might be some days right in here. Short term, this lunar aspect will pass and recharge itself for July .. See.

March 21-31st Wow that charge from Mars in Aries, with is hitting the gas (or is it electric now?) and going 90 mph right over your Suns. It’s a Super charged time and Jupiter is very slowly catching up these first 12 days of June!

April 1-7th This fun loving energetic boost from Mars to the Sun in your chart has to produce some interesting and dynamic events. The lunar activation in Leo on the weekend of the 4th adds even more to the party!

April 14-17th All I can say right here is be very watchful late late month and don’t take any risks whatsoever. You ve had enough roadblocks this year no thanks to Pluto. The full moon of the 14th could be a fun time!

April 26-30th The very early days of June, the 1st to 5th holds some happy lighter moments for you with Venus over head. Then very late month at the new moon is your second special time.

May 10-14th I’m really excited about that Venus , nodes and Uranus combo on your Suns! Especially exact the 11th to 17th. It’s your best time! Use it, I know you will.

May 15-17th Wow, these birthday Suns have been gifted by Pluto and Neptune for a while and it’s not ending soon. It’s your time to stand tall. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, ideas inspiration will flow.

May 22- 30th Very early June has some presents for you, called Mars and Jupiter in sextile to your Suns and they are in the high Action sign of Aries! Very late June, from the 24th on into early July, you’ll have a really sweet combo of Venus in Gemini with your Sun!