In contemplating the writing of this letter I sat here with various charts spread out on the floor in front of me: Volodymr Zelensky, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, the United States of America, oh and Donald Trump.

Why I wondered, is it that all of these charts show lineups in exact degrees to the conflicted aspects of October 2022? And I don’t mean the calmer aspects, even though there are a few. I think I know the answer. We’re here and the time is now.

Let’s start with the current trouble makers, Uranus and Saturn. When Uranus is being his kinder self, he initiates creativity, brilliance, and with his tendency to breakaway from older set patterns, opens up to newer modes and styles of existence. Now that is in direct contrast to Saturn’s old play- by -the -rule –book method of doing business. It’s obvious that we as a society do need to evolve and change over centuries from our innermost selves out to the greater world.

However, October 2022 will be playing this out in a more extreme way with the moon’s nodes adding that piece of fate to the story. Then we have a solar eclipse right in the finance, business and politically minded part of Scorpio, known as Swati. Oktoberfest? Well I’m not so sure, Oktober surprise is more like it, but go ahead, lift that pint. Here’s to You.


October 1-8th Early week from last Thursday to Monday, finds itself under a T square of complicated mixed up Mercury to Mars, Neptune, and Moon. Take notes, say nothing, sign nothing. Later Monday into

Tuesday will bring some respite thanks to a solid Capricorn moon. a Mercury having just gone direct is somewhat hopeful but best of all is that nice earthy teamwork provided by Mercury to Pluto and Uranus. But will that help Vladimir Putin, whose 70th birthday arrives on the 7th? Not really, since his chart, listing sideways, sits in dire straits with that ongoing battle between Saturn, Uranus and nodes all hitting critical angles of his birth map. Decisive action time is close.

October 9 -10th Here comes the full moon at 16 Aries which lands directly on the USA’s Saturn square to the Sun, call it our uprising against Dad, King George, and various political sides fighting with each other. Is this sounding familiar? Our USA’s final Pluto return at 27 Capricorn will be triggering the harsh angle to our natal Mercury, highlighting politics, justice, communication, until December. Is our democracy up for renewal or rebirth? If this was the chart of a person I’d call it a psychological deep soul/self transformation.

Then let’s look at another chart on the floor. Vlod Zelensky’s Pluto power point squaring natal communicator Mercury , will be targeted directly by this identical geometry of the full moon to his chart. I’m also taking in the serious matter of the oncoming Solar eclipse to his Sun at 5 Aquarius. He will need extra protection now, and all the way onto later March. I’m not mincing my words.

Of course I’m thinking what could the weekend ‘s Aries full force fire and action moon with Eris and Chiron, on the 9th (1:55 pm pdt) possibly initiate?

This specific segment of Aries has a deeper meaning when seen through the Vedic sky, where it’s placed in Revati. This late Pisces into Aries designation describes an impulse to help, even self sacrifice , to use strength and intellect all of which underlies a kindness and willingness to be useful.

I don’t mean to Polly Analyze but could this full moon at 16 Libra/Aries “crack open everything and let the light come in” (thank you Leonard Cohen)? Might there even be an attempt to compromise? Is Putin going to choose negotiate or die? His time is nigh and he must know it, but the rest of the world may witness simultaneously a flood of humanitarian goodness under this moon all of which may surprise and uplift the global soul and spirit in the face of so many recent disasters.

October 11-15th Right in here there could be a short but hopeful break seen under the harmonious air trine between the Sun, Mars and Saturn. I look for bright lights anywhere I can and this would be a welcome buffer to what comes next.

October 16th And here we are, maybe call it the October surprise where another globally restrictive moment breaks the news. This is a fair warning to all of those with April, October, January or Cancer birthdays around the 16-17th. In all seriousness the current aspecting Sun and Venus at 23 Libra, squaring the Moon in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn says just hold on there. Added to this chaos we have the Sun aligned with the fixed star Arcturus, or “observer of the Great Bear” (the bear is a commonly used symbol for Russia ) and also that warrior who demands justice over power. If there’s no hope with conflicting elements, matters for the Bear can turn into something like a big wipe out. Be safe these few days, aside from recession fears, other matters, family issues, may take the spotlight .

Now for Mr. Trump, whose natal Saturn and Venus tucked in the “secret “ 12th house, of the chart will be greatly disordered by this cosmic lineup: is his legal team prepared? President Biden’s chart will be affected by this oncoming solar eclipse, but the aspects in later February are of greater concern, health wise.

October 25th Solar Eclipse in 2 Scorpio ( 3:49 am pdt) If you’re still with me, and not deleting just yet, I will say that this major eclipse point, as with all eclipses, are time markers. This solar event in Vedic Swati, is often portrayed as a waving wand of wheat, or maybe more like wind and words flying around. I‘ve seen this early Scorpio placement to be very operative in the charts of certain major financial and political events. Stock markets, the Fed, real estate, the mid terms, all of that. And while something specific may not occur right here right now, astrologers look ahead to see what the set off moments might look like. Upon close introspection, my sky scope came up with some resilient information. I’m marking my calendar for March 25-30, 2023 when Mars and Saturn will nicely aspect this Solar event by laying the carpet for a new beginning, a new and even positive chapter at that. Plan ahead, the sky will be changing along with many planets heading into new locations by later Spring. It’s going to be a new day.

OCTOBER 29 –NOVEMBER 1st Now I’d expect a slight tilt here when Mars stands still and looks over his shoulder slowly backing up thereby emphasizing the confusion mix up with Neptune for a few more weeks. This retro period for the warrior god wearing a news anchor costume continues on until January. Call it the markets’ swings or just what the world is trying to endure at this time.

We’ve just arrived at the final denouement of October. And hey! we have a lineup in deep soul Scorpio of Mercury and Venus along with asteroid goddesses, Juno and Ceres, linked sympatically in water and earth signs . I’ll take it! These spiritual vibes should work nicely at this threshold time known as the Samhain festival, where the thinning of worlds allows for the ‘spirits’ and “fairies” to intermix with earth beings. Hence the ghostly costumes. All Hallows Eve? Well we’ve already had more tricks than treats this month so I’ll just carve my pumpkin, maybe light a candle in it, and let the strong vibe of Pluto and the Moon in earthy Capricorn to watery Jupiter in Pisces , lead us into the next month, practically speaking that is.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 3, 4, 14, 15, 30, 31

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE: The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided. www.astrodienst.com and astrolabe@alabe.com

OCTOBER 1-3d Early month birthdays here may likely have some confusing moments right here in these same dates. The Aquarian moon of the 5-6th, along with Venus next to your Suns and the waning confusion square should help to brighten your sky by .

OCTOBER 9 -10th Ok we’re here, at the full moon and this is your birthday as well! What the year ahead portends: surprises yes, but with an openness as well. The close Saturn aspect is an added benefit. And this is your solar return chart!

OCTOBER 16 – 17th As much as Id like to be cheerful I can’t help but mention the necessity for these birthdays to watch carefully in front and behind yourselves because these same exact dates set up a tricky moment in time for you. Later month, Mars comes to the rescue. So hold on.

OCTOBER 25TH Eclipse Day with Venus on your Sun..ok an eclipse birthday may happen once , hardly twice, in a lifetime.. what it portends is a life changing year ahead ..Confusion with Neptune to Mars, and a Quincx to Pluto from Mars.

OCTOBER 30 –NOVEMBER 1st The Sun with Venus, and the Capricorn moon held up by Ceres and Juno Sunday is definitely a promising note for a birthday chart and year ahead. Then with Jupiter’s congruous lineup to Pluto, the earth

NOVEMBER 11-13th Sat and Uranus hit the sky in these birthdays Suns but you must already be aware of the upset. As I always say, a chart has many aspects and ten planets so there must be a doorway to the fire escape somewhere in there. With your strong nature I know you’ll find it’

NOVEMBER 17-21st These specific birthdays will be blessed, seriously, by this joint Neptune Jupiter aspect in late Pisces, a gift of great creative and spiritual depth. And!! on top of that you have Pluto as your wingman, nothing better!

DECEMBER 8-9th You’re so fortunate in these crazy times to have that full moon in Aries on the 9th bring a surprise gift to you! Maybe it’s a short stop but take it! Saturn h is being pretty helpful too. a degree or 3 off but helping.

DECEMBER 17-19th It’s a bit crazy I know, with that Mars square to Neptune thing later month and Mercury same deal very early month is no one’s friend. Don’t buy into anything, it won’t measure out.

DECEMBER 29- 31st These very last days of October have your name on them, go for it, the stars are your friend!

JANUARY 8-11th Let me just say that the October full moon is not friendly for you , don’t get over emotional, everything changes. But!! That wild Uranus aspect is sliding right up and playing the guitar for you for a long time. Many weeks in fact.

JANUARY 17-19th Fortunately that Pluto on your Sun, sextiled to Neptune and Jupiter, is like wow, a gift of gifts for deep soul creativity and all your personal artistic wonders.

FEBRUARY 8-11th You are pretty fortunate with this Aries full moon watering the flowers on your doorstep. And excitement with all that Libra and Mars uplift! That should help overcome the Saturn strike itself ok but then Uranus is pushing you to extremes. Time to go deep wth your creative self and begin to individuate at the deepest core level.

FEBRUARY 14- 19th Mars, that wild communicator in Gemini, will throw wands over at you a few times before later March! And! That’s a gift for getting things done! This month it works, on into first part of November.

FEBRUARY 21 – MARCH 2nd I know it’s a short one, but the late late October sky is your friend! And you may think I’m crazy but the Solar eclipse pay off in Late March 2023 is a big gift for you!!

MARCH 16-18th Early month’s messed up square is a pain for you but it slides off, then very late month the Mars sq to Neptune is another pest. It goes away so relax. The Jupiter aspect is a gift up through January.

MARCH 21-25th in case you don’t realize it, having Jupiter over your sky is quite something , it’s expanding and opening windows and doors for you! And it’s closer to the earth, and you, more than it has been since 1963 if you were even live then. By January you’ll see what I mean. And Pluto is going to be an even better friend by 2023-2025.

APRIL 10-14th The gift here is Mars in 21 Gemini coinciding nicely with Saturn same degrees in Aquarius to your Suns. Early month to almost the end, when Saturn stations direct for you!

APRIL 16 –17th As much as I;d like to be cheerful I can’t help but mention the necessity for these birthdays to watch carefully in front and behind yourselves because these same exact dates set up a tricky moment in time for you. Later month, Mars comes to the rescue. So hold on.

APRIL 28 – MAY 2nd Well the very end of this month has some surprises for you and it’s the positive kind thanks to the asteroids Ceres and Pallas. Strength and support! Last few days!!

MAY 9-12th That very early October aspect to your Suns is not nice, but it’s going away shortly. Earth and Water are in sync, always, son crazy as it sounds, the Uranian aspect conjoined your Suns will be helpful since Saturn is moving off of the exact angle by later year. Uranus will set off all your creative instinctive vibes and wont that be something!

MAY 18-21st Right here the angles lined up to Jupiter ( soon) and Neptune, and Pluto as the weeks hanker on, will be all to your advantage.. December is your big time!

JUNE 1-3d Early Junios have an early week to benefit from. The Moon, Venus and Sun from 4-6th are all pretty good for you!

JUNE 14-18th Third week of October has your name on it, and you can thank Mars, Venus and the Suns, imagine! Even the wild full moon of the 16th bows to you. The very end of the month throws a curve ball, mix up kinda message, but the strong aspects predominate.

JUNE 28- JULY 1st Later June birthday Sun s have an added benefit very late October. It’s an uplift and an inspiring one at that. It’s only the last few days but take it! It’s yours!

JULY 6-10th In spite of the crazies all around you, that one strong aspect is very strong and supportive, it’s the nodes, I know, what are they? Well it’s a big deal when the moon’s nodes lien up in exact angles to one’s Sun and moon…Not only that but you have electrifying Uranus to jumpstart any ideas lurking in your head. Do it!

JULY 16-18th The aspects of this month’s Oct 16th are difficult for you but the good part is that ongoing Jupiter Neptune duo in later Pisces to inspire you all the way through January!

JULY 21-25th in case you don’t realize it, having Jupiter over your sky is quiet something, it’s expanding and opening windows and doors for you! And it’s closer to the earth, and you, more than it has been since 1963 if you were even live then. By January you’ll see what I mean. Fire likes fire!

AUGUST 8-10TH Right now the aspects between war mongers Saturn and Uranus are not your friends, but they do move on! And later by say mid week of November, Mars comes to your aid!

AUGUST 16-17th That crazy full moon we covered up above is in exact angles and degrees to you! And that’s a really helpful thing! Plus you have the added “up” of a Mars aspect starting later month to first 2 weeks of November! Let’s not forget Venus who is quietly walking along with you mid month for sure! Emphasizing your charm.

AUGUST 23-31th These wild and uncertain days have no place in your chart! Late late October the ht, I mean if you can stand it Pallas Athena is your special goddess friend right now.

SEPTEMBER 5- 8th You early Septembrists have friends called Rahu and Ketu, ok lunar nodes in English. Now that means you are being highlighted for karma and destiny!! Lucky you! Now soon that wild character Uranus, will slide in there and fire up your creative brilliant side. GO for it! Coming your way soon!

SEPTEMBER 14-17th These specific birth days will glide along with that Plutonian edge, but! Watch out because later month that Mars guy in dead stop to retro motion will cause some trouble. Be careful . This aspect involving him and Neptune want to mix you up. Thankfully you have other aspects!