Welcome to the peak season of Aries, where these first few days exude an upbeat perkiness not seen for some time.  Then mid month’s Aries new moon carries its own story to be unspooled down below. We also have welcome and unwelcome transformative Pluto standing dead still, before going retro which and with this crawling … Continued


  We are here and the time is now. Therefore, rather than making this the last word I’m going to let it out it at the beginning. After 800 years, with Jupiter and Saturn making their once every 20 year landing in humanitarian, air ruled techno Aquarius, we are on the cusp of a new … Continued


We’ll soon be saying farewell to the rocky month of Janus and moving onto the days of februum, the Roman festival of purification which morphed into our February. We can only hope! Yes the Januaries are nearly gone, but the hangover still remains. Even though the Leo full Wolf moon of the 28-29th will shine … Continued


Hello fellow Star gazers, I hope you ‘ve all been managing as best you can in these difficult times. Now we have another very unusual month awaiting us as we gaze up at a sky replete with symbols and meanings, all of which reflect right back down at us earthlings. Contrary to what the Mayans … Continued


Dear Astro-Enthusiasts, Haven’t we been ushered into quite the pre-election month! The past few days have really given new meaning to the political term, “October surprise!” Given the current news, I have been flooded with calls this week asking me, “What is going to happen?” and “WHO is going to win the election?!” 2020 has … Continued


Early September’s night sky will light up under the Full Corn Moon in Pisces, so named by Native Americans to mark the beginning of the fall harvest. The Piscean lunar nature does carry a sensitive even empathic quality, but it’s location right now in Vedic Shatabashik, or “100 Physicians”, also portends healing. Now we might … Continued


Hello and welcome to August, or maybe not. Due to some close examination of the current planetary patterns in relation to cosmic happenings in past history, I find that we have arrived at some rather surprising and yes, virulent times, as you’ve already seen. Call it a Clash of the Gods whose home atop Mt. … Continued

Astrology July 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA, or is it going to be a happy birthday?! Upon closer inspection into this year’s Day of Independence, some obstreperous bits and pieces of astrology signal that it’s not likely to be that peaceful on this usually celebratory day. I do want to mention that I use the fabulous and renowned astrologer, … Continued

Astrology June 2020

Hello all, and welcome to June 2020??! There are so many events on our sky calendar for this month—a couple of interesting birthdays, a legendary series of retrogrades, and on top of that, we are heading into an eclipse season! Buckle your seatbelts for June 2020… For starters, three eclipses within one month is the astrological … Continued

Astrology May 2020

May I just say that we’re standing at an opposite pole right now, far apart from previous jubilant May Day celebrations . Maypoles festooned with ribbons and flowers? Not now.   I know what everyone is thinking. When Will This Be Over? In spite of the grim news this last day of April I truly … Continued