Astrology July 2018

Astrology July 2018

Welcome to July 2018! It’s a month where, with five retrograde planets overhead you might have felt as though you were walking backwards and ducking for cover. Blame it on the sturm and drang fired by this Mars Ketu drone, spraying us with its shrapnel of tears and fears. We could add in the Saturn … Continued

Astrology June 2018

The month of the Twins just danced in under the beneficial rays of the late May full moon known as “The Flower full moon.” It’s entertainment time! Now to begin, Mercurius the happy hermaphrodite, loves being in his home sign, and over in Aquarius there’s super charged Mars to anchor him/her. I t’s going to … Continued

Astrology May 2018

Hello dear readers and welcome to the month of May as it was swept in under the strong rays of the recent Beltane full moon in Scorpio. Being one of the year’s most powerful lunations, this moon in particular emitted an energy charge that will best describe the following 14 days. There was a reason … Continued

Astrology March 2018

MARCH 2018 ASTROLOGY NEWSLETTER Reader beware, if you have a few Cancerian planets, a weak stomach or suffer from hyper tension, please don’t bother reading this. Ok? Will someone please alert Cassius and Brutus! The Ides of March is coming early! Welcome to the forum, as we slosh through the beginning of this month that … Continued

Astrology February 2018

FEBRUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER Welcome to February 2018, whose early month presents a time of intense Aquarian sorts of features, well, like communication in heavy mental astro physics and IT kinds of ways. Let’s not forget the philanthropic tendencies given over by this sign of Man, bearing water or is it currency? The second major eclipse, … Continued

Astrology January 2018

The New Year of 2018 is joyfully launched with the Full Wolf moon of in Cancer,  so named by the American Indians and Colonists abruptly awakened in wintertime by howling hungry wolves outside of their villages . Early January’s moon, a supermoon, closest in proximity to earth. With perfect alignments to Mars and Jupiter the … Continued

Astrology December 2017

Welcome to the month ruled by the friendly outgoing archer. We’ll try to shoot straight.   Not too long ago I was ensconced comfortably at a nice restaurant with friends, when I couldn’t help but overhear from the next table a bassoonish grandpa voice, delivering a lecture on Mercury retrograde to the young’uns at the … Continued

Astrology October 2017

I have had some severe trepidation about this time and now I see why. Yes, I’m sorry I’m late.  My pen dragged not wanting to put it all down, except this being Free Speech month I finally decided to let it fly. So if you’re brave or just curious, the chart of the Satanic character … Continued

Astrology September 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017 ASTROLOGY NEWSLETTER   September has arrived with a clash of cymbals from Mars and Mercury joined early month on the exact late fiery degree in Leo of the recent solar eclipse . It’s legendary, loud and life changingly obnoxious.   Solar eclipses have historically been viewed as portents, however that may fall in one’s … Continued

Astrology August 2017

AUGUST ASTROLOGY NEWSLETTER 2017 Without question the main celestial event this month will be the grand “American Eclipse”‘ of the 21st of August. It will be the first time in 99 years that such a darkening sky has covered our geographical landmass in mid day. Here I introduce the Bard himself, where the Earl of … Continued