Astrology June 2019

Astrology June 2019

Early June’s new moon in Rohini, the lunar god’s favourite, launched a happy week with afternoon tea in early Gemini. We saw Venus and the Moon waving nearby in Taurus, all royally supported by Pluto. Then as the days moved on, we find that we are heading into a rather different set of aspects. To … Continued

Astrology May 2019

Heading into the Celtic past we might recall the Beltane festivities. May for me at least, always speaks of nature, of gardens and music! Consider for a moment this month of May as entering with a symphonic statement, a French horn announcing the jubilant procession of Venus, Mercury, Moon in Aries, like Mouret’s Rondeau, the … Continued

Astrology April 2019

How to best describe April? Or is it going to be a fools’ errand? The mix and match early month with so much in Pisces can be confusing on one level, yet inspiring on another!  Maybe even more telling would be the tendency for that which has been hidden to be revealed.  Secrets will come … Continued

Astrology February 2019

February is rather aggressively launched by Mars slamming into the power god himself, Pluto that is, and oh are we seeing the fallout! Or the freeze out. The serious shifts in weather patterns has not been seen for decades. The more we see planets moving over into negative earth, Capricorn, the goat king. Well you … Continued


Hello 2019, even though everyone seems to be talking about 2020, we are still interested in you! Yes we’re definitely on track for some New Horizons, although not 4 billion miles out, but right here, on planet earth! I’ll fill you in. The main story is that we are heading into a major earthbound phase, … Continued

Astrology December 2018

Hello fellow travelers of the sky, I wish I could say I’m a little late because my ship just landed on Mars, but…it was just a 737. Now we’re in December, and all indications are showing me that some of you will be getting oranges, chocolates, and even little blue Tiffany boxes in your stocking while, … Continued

Astrology November 2018

The season of Scorpio is one of my favorite times of the year probably because of the driving intensity to get it done, which all seems to coalesce right about now. There can’t be any coincidence as to how or why our Celtic ancestors celebrated Samhain right in these days with heavy rituals and feasting. … Continued

Astrology September 2018

Hello fellow Sky travelers, I hope you’ll indulge me for just a minute while I wax on about the science of the stars. I mean it’s been a really long time since Astronomy and Astrology were viewed as the same science. Pondering this fact always takes me back to the early Egyptians whose vast understanding … Continued

Astrology August 2018

Welcome to August dear friends, as we traipse along in the wake of this recent lunar eclipse. This recent lunar event radiated its aura out along with Mars on the tail of the dragon ( south node or Ketu), all fire and conflict for our blue planet which spun on its axis directly between the … Continued

Astrology July 2018

Welcome to July 2018! It’s a month where, with five retrograde planets overhead you might have felt as though you were walking backwards and ducking for cover. Blame it on the sturm and drang fired by this Mars Ketu drone, spraying us with its shrapnel of tears and fears. We could add in the Saturn … Continued