Hello all you Turkeys. Now here we are,  the season of Scorpio, with several sky players all there in what I call the least understood of the 12 signs.  Maybe it could be best described as the shadow side of life, unseen power, unspoken words, the mystery, not the death star, although the month ahead may have some thoughts on that.

Now the first few days hold some benign aspects. Savor those.  Because soon Mars, in saber tooth mode with the Sun, will be igniting his rage  over at Jupiter then Uranus.  While musing over these 30 days and especially the new moon of the 13th, it felt like some decisive gavel – hitting -the – pedestal moments, even primal at times .  You know what I”m thinking. I really can’t polly – analyze this month. It’s a no holds barred time for the world.  Despite the harshness, one slightly favorable aspect does appear appear at the new moon time which I’ve explained below.

Later month’s full moon in Gemini has its own story line but do remember one important fact abut astrology. We all have free will and as it has often been stated, “Astrology impels but does not compel”.


October 31- November 5th Howloween did have some green lights beaming us into early November so hold onto that treat bag.  Then onto Saturday my sky scope sees a red light gearing up and flashing stop! stand back! for Sunday’s fusion contusion day.   Daylight savings time goes away , but we do get a 25 hour day.  More sleep?  News? TV? No, unless you have some Tums or Rolaids on hand for that acid reflux. Scorpio is about depth, as deep as you can go.

Then Saturn goes direct right here, holding its intensity even more so for several days and weeks and in the same degree of zero Pisces.

November 6 – 11th  I’m liking later day Monday,  through Wednesday with its sensible matchups in the sky.  But, heading into the weekend with Mercury moving up to square Saturn for a week or more, won’t help with resolving issues. Further along into the month, Mars will be interacting fractiously with the ring wearer, Saturn. It would appear that harder times are waiting just around the corner. Buckle up.

November 12 – 19th  Monday’s new moon (1:16 am pt) so powerful with Mars to Sun and Ceres oppose Uranus, lands in that specific pada of Scorpio called Vishaka, from whence derives the word vicious”.  Now it’s all in relation to other parts of a chart, maybe not always such an odious Sun position in your chart.  November 13th is the date I’ve had my eye on for several weeks. With Mars’ tiger teeth bared in all its ferocity in opposition to Uranus, anything can happen, consistent as these aspects are with threats of war.

Now hold on, because right here comes a calming soul spirit vibe to the Sun, Moon and Mars gang  over from Neptune and Ceres in Pisces.  Could the uplifting quality of this geometry indicate even a slight fraction of kindness from someone, somewhere?  Might that those attempts at negotiation, for a pause in bombardments, release of hostages or just anything become hopeful ?

There’s one more. Tuesday the 14th arrives with a tiny happy piece under the Sagittarius Moon beaming happily over at Venus in Libra. It’s short but helpful and offers a brief moment, maybe to resolve issues with certain frenemies. Then Thursday the15th brings on harsher times of anger and reactivity no doubt.  Pass over the next two days, but take advantage of Friday’s solid Capricorn moon’s steadiness and drive, so needed!

I don’t mean to sound negative but I must  be honest.  In terms of world events it must be noted that Saturn’s position is very close to the USA ’s moon which is a sadness and loss aspect known as sadi sati indicating some really difficult times for US.

November 20th It’s President Biden’s birthday, Monday.  I’d like to say otherwise but in point of fact, his chart’s birthday return shows that certain issues will have profoundly affected him. His Sun right next to warrior Mars in square to Saturn is not ok. Slightly better is the soul strength and determination delivered by Neptune and Pluto. Anything will be helpful right now.

21st- 25th Thanksgiving time is here and later Tuesday up to midnight, in spite of all this reactivity and confusion, happens to be one of the most auspicious times of the year.  This could be be a perfect day to send out resumes, pursue your ambitions or whatever else hits that chord.   Thursday is Turkey Day whose moon in Aries bonding with Chiron then Mercury offers some upside to that Saturn creature mistaking the wine for apple juice. But the sparks to conversations and light heartedness are all in with that gregarious moon. Pass the pumpkin pie plate over this way, thank you.

I’m liking Friday’s solid steadiness going back with Tuesday’s light, and if Saturday can get past its moody morning all will be well later day.

November 27 – December 2nd Monday’s Full moon in Gemini Monday (at 1:16 am pst) sits in a four square grand cross. Oh difficult and obstructive is that picture, just as matters would appear to be culminating on planet earth through the end of the year.  More personally it reflects differences of opinions.  The one helpful bit being the moon in the Gemini part of Rohini, whose cheerful, welcoming vibe later day through Tuesday blends with the harmonious link of Mercury to the lunar nodes, Eris and Venus.  It’s as if he’s saying “let’s talk!”. Grand Cross,  air to fire trine all together. Somethings are ok, some not.

To be honest, my truest and even slightly optimistic thoughts sit with early January 2024’s friendly planetary lineup of planets in earth signs.

Ok that’s all for now.  Armagedda wishes all of you a happy T day because there is a lot to be thankful for.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 6, 14, 15, 17, 21 ( after 2 m pst), 22, 30th (after 12 pm pst)

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

NOVEMBER 2-3d I have to mention these dates’ solar returns, because they are sublime early month especially!  lucky you birthday kids!

NOVEMBER 12 -14th Guard yourself, your wallet, everything, it’s a crazy new moon time not especially being very nice to your Suns. But Venus and Mercury offer promise for a nice birthday dinner at least.

NOVEMBER 19- 22nd difficult moon these dates  but other good aspects! Then 21-22 yes to the help offered by the moon in Pisces and to all of the water in these charts!

NOVEMBER 27 – 28th Full moon birthdays are usually memorable, this one is not easy. Let’s hope the positives in your charts will light those birthday candles of yours. Cute Moon to Venus to Mars!

DECEMBER 1- 5th Early December birthdays will be pretty lighthearted around mid month, say the 16 -18th. Moon in Sag with Mercury, Venus and Eris! We take what we can get!

DECEMBER16 – 18th Best days for you arrive towards later  month. Then you’ll have Rahu, Venus and Mercury the happy trio,  to make it even better! Positive karma kids!

DECEMBER 29 – January 2nd   Lucky for you, in spite of all the drama you may be experiencing, the slow transit of Jupiter in Taurus so perfectly aligned to your Suns is very helpful for at least these 2 months!

JANUARY 11 -13th, Now, even as the rest of the planet might not like the extremes of the new moon, you have a nice aspect, meaning it could even be really nice for you!

JANUARY 20 -22nd Wow how cool will that Pisces moon  be with Mars, Neptune,Pluto, Ceres, all be on these same dates this month be for you! Use it , do it!

FEBRUARY 7 -14th Now here we have some blockages to the Suns in your charts, named Mars and Uranus plus a hyper active e lunation on the 13th. Hang on, because  December has some better days for sure!

FEBRUARY 20 – 23d just take care of yourselves this month. Saturn  sitting on you canoe discipline and annoyance at various times. Mercury earlier month, Mars later, full moon time, stressful.

FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 3d Hang on if you re worried about anything, know that you have a good friend named Jupiter close by holding your hand, for the next 3 months!

MARCH 10-13th Thankfully this wild new moon same dates will make an auspicious angle to your Suns! Lucky you ! Plus a lot of the Scorpio team players will bring you some treats as well! Uranus sextile our Suns !

MARCH 19-22nd Having Mars and the Sun both in a favorable aspect to your chart cannot be overlooked. I’m liking these same dates in this November month.

MARCH 26 -29th These early Aries birthdays have a perk coming around the 10 -11th, then late 28-29th with a Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars party.

APRIL 14 -17th You’re in a really interesting chapter of your life whether you know it or not… Rahu over your Suns, only once in 18 and a half years  is a big deal and later this month you’ll start  to understand what it’s telling you!  Pluto has been annoying and preventing but he’s on the way into  Aquarius, so bye  bye to him. Later December is your party moment!

APRIL 30 – May3d Just know and be happy that you ‘ll have the gift giver named Jupiter lining up right next to you for 3 months!!  Add in Juno and Vesta, you lucky bulls !

MAY 10 -14th Now that dramatic new moon of the 13th will affect your charts as well. Be sure your insurance is up to date, careful of  anything that might fall over, not you I hope. The good news is that Neptune retro in fishy Pisces really likes you.

MAY 19 – 22 I’m all over this one. Mars and the Sun facing off at you on these identical dates is not very nice, but there is still some really great help from Pluto and Neptune, as mentioned earlier, and  in spite of Saturn harassing you.

JUNE 1- 7th Early June bugs have their best moments right around the 15 to 24th for which you can thank Venus and Mercury .

JUNE 14-18th  Early days might  suck a little, BUT Very powerful and supportive for you is Rahu moving in perfect symmetry to your Suns with Pallas Athena, for this month and next! Now take advantage of the strong moments, right in the last week of this month! Any confusion should be erased .

JUNE 28 – JULY 1st For most of this month you have 4 wingmen called Saturn, yes Saturn, Vesta, Juno  and Jupiter! As in support and strength whatever the problem may be.

JULY 11- 14th  You mid Julios will feel the affect of that windstorm new moon but not in a negative way. The harmonious link to the Sun, Moon Mars and Uranus is not to be ignored!

JULY 19 – 22nd Later month on these same dates, the line up of the Sun and Mars to you is a gift of strength and energy. And you have Neptune coming around to add art and magic.

JULY 30 – AUGUST 2nd Early days see a bump from Mars and Jupiter, which you may have experienced at the recent lunar eclipse. Then by mid month two pals named Mercury and Venus land happily to fix your roof!

AUGUST 11 – 13th Ok I have to be blunt, Armagedda does not like the hints to your Suns  from the raucous new moon of the same dates. Please be very careful, no sky diving! Much later month into early December you get a present from Mercury and Venus!

AUGUST 15 – 17th.. The most interesting piece of Now, is that Karmic passage of Rahu and Ketu, lunar nodes in perfect symmetry to your Suns.  When you move into later December there should be a lot to celebrate! A few bumps form Mars near the 18th not fun, be careful

AUGUST 29 -31st  Throughout the month you have favors from Juno and Vesta. Now later month’s full moon is not very nice, but be sure to use the 17th for what you want.

SEPTEMBER 4 – 8TH Early days of the month have your name highlighted as in take advantage, use them. Jupiter and Vesta then Pallas Athena inspiration is that one, and even Mars for your energy drink all paradigm outside your window first week !

SEPTEMBER 11 – 14th Again, the new moon energy may come as a surprise and I mean in a helpful way. It’s strong as heck, and with Uranus trine your Suns, wow!! Energy drive!

SEPTEMBER 19 – 22nd My my what a line up of characters, especially noticeable on these same dates. Sun and Mars happy to help you on these same dates. Then Pluto is still  holding up your roof whether you realize it or not.

OCTOBER 1- 6th not too many aspects for these birthdays except for a happy few days mid month but you have many aspects in those charts. December will bring the needed powder for your smoothie.

OCTOBER 12- 16th i still waxing on about Ketu crossing over your Suns. It’s karma time as I mentioned last month. You felt it I’m sure first days of October.  And later this month, underline 29th, Mercury,Venus and the moon will all bring a piece of happy cake to your table.

OCTOBER 19 – 22nd. Believe it or not, your Suns, and selves,  are getting a boost from Saturn, which is not usually the case.  So just ignore old Pluto giving out speeding tickets. Late month is full of asteroid gifts, 3 of them! Pallas, Vesta and Juno! “yaay!”