Hello fellow sky watchers,  it looks as though we’ll be marching along into a month where the adjective ”super” will be used a few times starting with March 5th’s political Tuesday and then in reference to a new moon extremely close to earth.

So much is happening cosmically including the Sun’s  peak in solar activity when it emitted two strong solar flares in February.  Other news mentioned that the highest temperatures ever recorded were felt in certain countries. Then according to another climate scale, the Northern Lights will apparently be visible as far south as Colorado. What’s next?

A little later than usual this letter is, probably due to the  myriad of thoughts have been running through my mind about these next 3 months for quite a while   And now, we’re here.

The next three weeks up till the 25th may appear to be on the surface, a bit calmer and will have some surprisingly nice moments. I can’t omit certain dates where shifting into neutral, sliding under the table, or simply avoiding the world would be a good plan. As you know,  either Armagedda or Serenity, she always  tries to stay close on exact dates and times.

Below you’ll find 36 directly aspected Sun birthdates.

But all of this is in a prepare and pack mode for the days following.  Put simply it’s  get ready time for some global changes and even certain unexpected “surprises”that will rewrite history.  Are you with me?

Here we go.

DAYS OF BEST USE : 4, 5, 6, 13, 19, 28


March 2 – March 5th Bathed in water, Leap day’s weekend Pisces cocktail party must have dripped into  someone’s ego, no names. Aquarius pals Mars and Venus snapping at the Scorpio moon andJupiter means not a very good day for discussions or making important decisions.  Saturn’s name day arrived under a Sagittarius moon that isn’t friendly with the guy wearing rings around his head.  Don’t get up too soon, maybe just wait for Sunday’s copacetic brunch time. Rest up for some  better the days ahead.

Monday the 4th, Mercury does a zoom call with that genius Uranus most intensely by midday, or afternoon EST.  Why not jump on their call because it’s a superb time to think, write and share some brilliant ideas. Maybe different and  better will be the Capricorn moon’s security guard gearing up to ensure that Super Tuesday will proceed according to the rules, no obstreperous interlopers allowed!  Stern and steady it goes, with only a slight little bump in the sky. Otherwise it looks to be a very good day to make use of in your personal private sphere. Of course I know what you’re thinking. Who? What?  You’ll have to wait, a little further down.

March 6 – 10th  Tuesday’s strength morphs into mid day Wednesday when the moon goes void, meaning not now, don’t sign that document.  Hold off until evening time when the moon meets with Pluto In Aquarius and forward motion returns. Then along comes a very friendly Mars Venus duo in Aquarius for a fun even romantic evening on the 7th!

But do hold on, Saturday’s fractious slam from Mars to Uranus tells us to monitor our words and actions carefully. As a side note, this aspect will hammer Vlad’s Putin, although the world may not hear about it right away.  As for Zelensky, I do believe that better days will appear on his horizon, early June if not sooner. I hope I’m right.

The big news of the week is Sunday’s (1:00 am pst) Super new moon in Pisces, in perigee or very close, to earth. This lunar night will bring our daylight savings time back earlier than in previous years, although some animals and humans may still be hibernating in their caves.  Personally I’m excited about the magical mystical lineup of the moon to Neptune in and Mercury in Pisces . That special day and night would create the perfect ambience for a ritual of special soul intentions.

This New Moon will also celebrate  Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, reflection and prayer. It’s a close a parallel to the Christian observance of Lent’s 40 days and at similar times.

MARCH 11th – 14TH Mercury enters Aries right here. He  will soon join up with the wounded healer, Chiron, doing its best to cause the wounds he’s supposed to heal and is coinciding with the moon’s destiny point Rahu for several weeks. All of which serves to amplify those mid month Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer birthdays.  Call it a life changing time, even a reset which in some charts would see a new day, new life! Other charts not as lucky. The 14th holds some conflicted energy so best to wait it out, go into neutral, stay quiet.

Weekend March 19 – 20th Earlier now because of Leap year, the Spring Equinox shines its light under a Sun at 1 degree in determined Aries, an early Leo moon and Pluto (not Putin) completing the trio’s enthusiasm with a call to  “let’s do it”.  Check mark another fairly positive day on your calendar.

March 21st – 24th  The sky appears to be shifting as we enter eclipse season again.  So my Gemini curiosity had to focus the telescope onto a few charts of interest, but not Taylor Swift’s just yet.  Ohh dear, I’m seeing a load of stress from Mars and Saturn to Jill Biden’s Sun, showing that some rather hard days lie ahead for her into mid April, whatever that will actually mean. Then that nasty slap from Mars to Joe’s Venus and Sun (body, self and image ) doesn’t look very nice either.  Although Biden does have some star guards holding up his gritty Mars. We’ll see. Later April things should improve for him. Meanwhile Kamala’s sky looks pretty strong and bright, slight problems later on. As for Mr. Trump, well this transiting aspect mirrors the typical enmity of a Mars Saturn opposition screaming at each other. His Mars, the Saturn up above. But remember he has always been pretty lucky.

We’ll see.

The 25th Now we’ve arrived at the other key moment of March.  This full Worm Moon’s lunar eclipse in early Libra  (late September birthdays) will ramp up the engine for the days ahead.  Coincidentally,  it just so happens that this lunar event will coincide with Mr.Trump’s natal Mercury square to Neptune, a common confusion aspect. And it’s on the same day as his New York trial date.  Libra has a lot to do with courts and law, while early Aries likes to fight.  The Vedic meanings of the Sun in early Aries Uttara Bhadra, and moon in early Libra, Uttara Phulghani are fairly positive as in justice will be served?  (yes, the Sanskrit names are a mouthful).

March 31 – April 1st Mercury stations at standstill then goes into retro, increasing its impact at that moment, and will not be going direct until May 12th.  In contemplating this particular time, I’ve come to the realization that the best plan for this March would be to just clear out unnecessary mental and physical garbage as best you can. Call it streamlining and preparing to step onto the pathway of April’s big events and Super Solar Eclipse of the 8th.  Because it’s the new day, and whatever it will mean for each of us, the future has arrived.


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

I only mention specific dates of the Sun that are affected in a current month. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and then the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

MARCH 9 – 11th Sunday’s intense new moon combined with the creative spark from Uranus could spell out a decent  solar return. All depends on each chart but this is a good thing.

MARCH 17 – 19th That perfect vibe from inspirational N Neptune to your Suns is a great bday gift! Add to that  the watery moon in Cancer very late Sunday to afternoon Monday. NICE!

MARCH 24-26th  Sunday ’s 12:50 am into Monday’s lunar eclipse is interesting to say the least.It indicates a birthday year with strength and grit from Pluto and a few other perks. Lucky you!

APRIL 4 – 8th  As was mentioned previously, This little bit of early April birthdays may have already experienced a life change or as I call it, a “reset” in how one lives life. Chiron, Rahu and mid and later month, Mercury joins the party. Action!

APRIL 15 – 18th The only really strong aspect to your Suns this month are from Mars and Venus,Not too bad! And especially around your birthdays all of which means “go do and  it! “

APRIL 27 – 30th  Early to mid month you’ll  have a great team called Jupiter and Saturn to amplify and strengthen any plans or goals .Take advantage, us it.

MAY 1 – 3d Early Month days are rattling, so stay calm, don’t respond all is good after the 5th!

MAY 8 – 12th Ok here’s a warning sign for a very specific time of this month. And, its the exact same dates as your May dates.  Mars squaring off over at Uranus to your Suns is neither safe or nice!  Hold on a it till April when Jupiter and Uranus “march” to your Suns and self team mates!

MAY 19 – 22nd Forgive me if I’m repeating myself like 10 times over to say how lucky you are to have Pluto holding you up in triplicate meaning confidence should be in your pocket soon if not already!

JUNE 1 – 5th Best stay calm and don’t invite drama with a Saturn square to a Sun it could end up as trauma.  Health matters as well. It also means take care of your body and self, stay away from the negatives in your life.. For now.

JUNE 6 – 10th Well that Mars in his Tesla guy speeding right along side of you challenging you to race ahead of him. Venus us waving her flag at you as well. Just steady the ship. Later month a different story, sit back. Something strong is happening and it’s karmically positive, because  you have Rahu sliding by your side !

JUNE  23 – 28th It’s a very slight aspect that is exact, AND!  To have Mars trine to, and energizing your Suns on these same dates is something to cheer !

JULY 4 – 7th Interesting days are these with Rahu, Chiron and Mercury aligned at 16 -15 Aries to put a block on your tires and self. They’ll leave into early April,  then a  new day, thanks to Jupiter and even Saturn!

JULY 10 – 14th Very fortunate are you to have the creative sparkler Uranus riding shotgun but no weapons, with you and! late month happy is the parade thanks to Mars!

JULY 17 – 19th  A very wonderful aspect from Neptune and Pluto, has been and will continue to safeguard and even gift you with some magical thoughts.  No, I’m not suggesting psilocybin.

JULY 30 – AUGUST 2nd For most of this month, you may feel  a little down or just tired or stressed about something not going the right way.  Blame Jupiter and also Saturn. But! By early June the J god is going to make it up to you! Big time!

AUGUST 8 – 10th Ok I have to be blunt, when am I not? The 8-11th of this month will not be very nice, so be careful! Don’t go  skydiving or do anything even slightly risky. Danger time.  Mars and Uranus in same degrees are negative to your Suns.

AUGUST 27 – SEPTEMBER 2nd  Wow! how fortunate to have almost the entire month held in prosperity and respect by Jupiter and even Saturn! My fave day might be the 5th, and mornings of the 18th and 23d.

SEPTEMBER  5 – 12th It must be so nice to have that electric charger and constant energetic caffeine refill . Then very late month into early April you have the Jupiter guy riding as your back pillow and ATM machine.

SEPTEMBER 17 – 25th interesting date would be around the 23, 24th when the Virgo Moon balances with Neptune and Pluto holds up the sky. A strong weekend! I like  it !

OCTOBER 2 – 7th interesting birthdays are these with Chiron, Ketu and Mercury all dancing in your head and suggesting a new path for you to take, business, life, even love, as if you haven’t already experienced some of these thoughts.  Call it a karmic reset.

OCTOBER 16 – 19th The second week and mid month look to be your hight action times and as we know air likes air , so maybe don’t fly, but just use that strong cerebrum.

OCTOBER 27 – NOVEMBER 2nd   You will have Saturn to thank as we move along to April, the arm on your back and subtle strength are not to be overlooked. Then as the month moves along you have Mars amping up his game to join the party!! How nice for you!

NOVEMBER  9 – 11th  All is right there but only on a very specific date it’s not,, the 9th!  Got it? In the days ahead into April you ll look up happily when Mars sand Venus both send you flowers.  Not just yet. The new moon however is pretty good!

NOVEMBER 18 – 21 The early Equinox with so much in Aries is fun for you! And the magical aura of Neptune endures, still in place as it has been for some time.   Write, paint , create, inspire !  Now one  serious warning,  be very safe around the 21st, or 19 -22 Mars is not being nice. Something sudden is over with fast but still, take care!

NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER – 4th Very rough days you’ve experience if the 28 -30th Saturn being  a pain.  Then later dates  Saturn being nasty to your Suns, body, self health, obstacles, even unpleasant news.  Be careful, wear your face mask, take care of yourself . Better days ahead. Last week of March be careful!!

DECEMBER 9 – 11th  The Powerful new moon of the 10th is not nice to your Suns, so just chill out because those planets in Aries like you!  And!  You have a few friends there this month! The 12th is your better day!

DECEMBER 17 – 19th  The Spring Equinox with Neptune isn’t great for you, but that’s just a two day thing. Your fun part is Mars in later Aquarius say like the 20 -24th and you have Venus helping out earlier month. Then later Month, Mercury rides along and sends you fun texts!

DECEMBER 28 – JANUARY 4th  Well fortunately for you Saturn is riding his pony right next to your wagon in case you need a drink or a break. Then Jupiter decides he likes you as well. Nice team work.

JANUARY 4 – 8th Uh the lineup in Aries with the nodes and Chiron around 14 – 17 Aries has not been to friendly for you . Luckily earth loves earth and Jupiter is coming very close to bringing you back home.

JANUARY 9 – 11th You lucky goats,  that Uranian long lingering trine to your Suns has been a gift of sudden break through brilliant ideas,. And the new moon of the 10th likes you very much.

JANUARY 19 – 21st Hey, you still have Pluto for a very long time!, ringing your bell in a good way!  That’s fabulous gift to elevate your life in many ways! The early Aries ingress, same dates as yours will be a nice uplift too!

JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY  4th. Well here we go, you early Aquarians have had to deal with something standing in your way, call it Jupiter. He’s supposed to be gift giver but recently he’s been a taker. Soon things will change and you’ll have a gift of Rahu as your guide and support. Wait still later May to June. FEBRUARY 8 – 11th Be as careful as you can note the exact same March dates. It’s a rather hard aspect to you physical Suns and selves. Stay centered and stay safe. Similar to last month’s warning, that Mars creature is moving away from you soon! Yaay!

FEBRUARY 18 – 21st Hmm, mid month Mars is raking your lawn and something else? He’s too high energy that’s for sure.

FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 2nd  Having Saturn over you Suns but with Jupiter in tandem is really good stuff! Then very mid month Venus arrives to pretty you up, and Mars comes in later on to bring you that energy drink!  See? Not too bad!