Oh the August sky, what a month this will be as the curtain rises with a stunning Super Moon, as close to the earthly  audience as allowed.  The rarites of the month will seek expression in many takes and scripts  Then the second full Blue moon of the month will take a bow later month.

The real story that I have gleaned from these oncoming aspects is simply that these days of August are in rehearsal for a rewrite of changes and surprises that will lead us into September October’s unexpected, history making outcomes.

Hollywood’s writer and actor’s strike will have its moments!  A few takes to follow on these high creative Neptunian Writers and SAGgers! But that’s not the only story.  As the month reels by, seven yes 7, retrograde planets will be sitting at the feet of early September.  All to be discussed further down by your stage manager.  Yes,  I know we’re a little late this month but collect your popcorn curtain is about to rise.


July 31 – August 6th  The  August 1st Super moon (11:32 am pdt) coincided with another celestial event of cosmic interest, which occurs every year from the 26th of July to August 12th, called The Lion’s Gate (I’m sure MGM copied its  leonine logo). This esoteric portal  opens to a high frequency of deep thought, wisdom and  energy. It’s an almost sacred  brief moment in time allowing for bursts of great stage growth and manifestation of creative ideas.  All of which peaks on August 8th, or 8/8 because that’s right when the Leo Sun, Earth, Orion’s Belt and great star Sirius’s rising time coincide.

Meanwhile, in reference to the full moon’s Aquarian subset of Shravana, meaning the ear, those of us in the green room would benefit most with quiet listening.   Oftentimes it’s the inner non -spoken stillness, while  other voices bellow, that produces the best answers.

August 7- 13th The only exception to early week’s continued jujitsu would be Tuesday’s earthy trine from Jupiter to Mars, offering a brief moment of logical thinking. Then Sunday’s lovely conjoining of the Sun to Venus in Leo on Sunday brings out a romantic vibe.  Another surprise will be the Perseid meteor showers best observed late night and early morning at this month’s intermission, August 12 – 13th.

August 14 – 20th  One of the major moments of the month I’d say would have to be the new moon of the16th. This lunar event shows a Sun, Moon and Venus united in a tight square to a grumpy Uranus, who is hurling nuclear threats over at that Leo trio ,  demanding more respect for their talents? Because,   Leo, you may know, is the sign of the Actor. Oh won’t the headlines go onto dark face on these specific dates. I’ve had my telescope set for this day and then one other, the 23d.

August  21 – 27th  we have Mercury stalling, moving retro, must be re-editing his script. He’s saying “only 3 weeks!” Sure. Of all this month’s aspects, I’ve been watching Wednesday, the 23d, most of all.  Aside from Uranus waving a placard of defiance and shifting his rotation into reverse, we’re here, maybe not at the negotiating table just yet. What looks to be problematic like that angry Mars throwing Ketchup at Neptune, could activate another indictment excitement. Is there some ongoing debate involving a former reality TV star?  Oh look! The sky has presciently just moved into a Yod, known as “finger of God”. But  it’s not exactly what that suggests. Rather, take it as wooden hammer slammed down on the gavel.What ’s the glitch? The director is yelling Cut!

August 28- September 3d  A few notable recent sky events of course the Uranus going retro until January 27th, and lined up with his new pal, Mercury in retro, discussing some creative and practical actions.  Simultaneously, Mars’ entrance into Libra should see more of a compromising as well as practical result due to its new Vedic placement in Hasta, the  “ hand”.  This very early Libran  placement speaks of an intention to go forward and “do it’. Nothing lazy Libra about that. `

Wednesday’s Full Harvest moon in syzygy with Saturn in Pisces (6:36 pm PDT) opposite the Sun in Virgo, could  shine some light on this and several debacles. How ? Well ok, the early Pisces moon’s 100 Physicians in the nakshatra ( or location) in Shatabishak speaks to  medicinal and health issues One of my favorites, on this early Virgo placement right here in Magha, best describes a person, or the boss, who knows his mission is to serve and care for his peoplenot to flounce around in a jeweled crown. There could well be  an upside with this super moon, it looks hopeful, but I’m not calling my agent just yet.

Finally, the softer mood of Thursday’s late Piscean moon’s positive connections to the earth planets, will set up a very special evening with reduced cacophony and better yet a chance to dwell in those higher spaces.  Connect with nature, writing your personal story under a stellar night sky’s with music from the spheres (or in your earbuds.)  Relax into your own unique self connected to the cosmos from whence you came . And me? I’m going to sit down at my piano and play Blue Moon.

There you have it. Earth’s humdrum splatter matters can wait until morning.  Your deep soul creativity rules and, as we know,  the Show must go on!

DAYS OF BEST USE:  6, 7, 8, 12, 13,14,18! 27, 28, 31

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

AUGUST 1-3d  Early Augustinians born either on Tuesday’s full moon or in its orb, some happy aspects are yours for this year’s birthday Solar return!  That Jupiter with Mars, so exact in earth signs, is a gift to uphold any plans for home, work, and health.  

AUGUST 15- 17th This powerful new moon energy hands you a double take.The great combo of Mars and Mercury in down to earth Virgo will be so helpful all year and this helps to modify the otherwise harsh part of the  emotionality thrown at you by Uranus. But! as I always say, you have other aspects. More next month!

AUGUST 19 – 21st The big news is that there may very likely will be or is, a growing inner thought or plan under creation, call it a major life change, mundane, spiritual  or both!  That’s due to Rahu and Venus in exact  to your Sun.

SEPTEMBER 4 – 8th Early month’s perfect lineup to your Suns from Mars and Jupiter is quiet a gift to hold, support and protect you. You re allowed to go out on that limb to say the 16th.

SEPTEMBER 15 -18th Incredible how favorable much of August will be for you!  Whenever Uranus does a rare trine to the Sun in someone’s chart I say go forward, pick up that helmet and bat and DO It!  it will go on like this for many months but this month is even better!

SEPTEMBER 20- 24th These exact dates in August hold something very special for you or rather call it a A “moment”.  What are you dreaming about ? It might just  be that time.

OCTOBER 15 -17th The New Moon of the16th holds some powerful and good elements for you and later month it gets even better thank you Venus. Take any gift that’s offered, and use it as  I say.

OCTOBER 19 – 23 d The biggest news by far is the rather karmic meaning of transiting Ketu, or south lunar node, crossing over your Suns. It’s more like a call to review your life up till now and see what needs to be changed on a much larger but very internal scale.  Early Month Venus is right there with you so hold onto those bits of insight . You’ll need it going forward.

OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 1st I know, it’s hardly worth mentioning but had to say it, the late month’s last two wonderful days have a bouquet of happiness for you to  take advantage of!

NOVEMBER 15- 17th Be very cautious mid – month at the new moon time.The sky is not looking too friendly right there.  The better piece is  thank you to Mars, Mercury and Neptune for their warm thoughts  and plans, you know what they are, right?

NOVEMBER 26 -30TH The only slight bump is that frustrating hit from Saturn, pushing your boundaries and even exhausting you! Take care of you!!

DECEMBER 4-9th Later month say week #3 on that side bar from Venus brings some happy into your life. And that will make up for that annoying Mars bumping earlier in the month.

DECEMBER 17 – 20th one really remarkable aspect, call it Rahu and Venus carrying your luggage and checking you into a 4 star hotel, continues this month into part of next. The only bump in the road comes later month around the 20- 26th With a Mars T square ,that brat.

DECEMBER 26-31ST Fortunately that backwards turn of Saturn in nearly Pisces is a nice surprise for you !  You have a good teammate.

JANUARY 3 -6th You early Cap babies will love that long arm of Jupiter supporting all your plans, health and life all month into September!

JANUARY 10 -15th You are very fortunate goats to have the added lift to al your plans and ideas arrive in perfect lineup to your wagons, Wow! Uranus,Mars, Mercury!  Lucky you!

JANUARY 19-21st Happily for you the last part of the month should bring you some peaceful moments. The earth team in Virgo likes your story.

FEBRUARY 4-8th Jupiter’s lazy stroll across the street from you hits the STOP sign. He’s a drag in every way. Ignore him. Later month you have help from Venus.

FEBRUARY 12 -17th Sometimes the sky isn’t being very nice and with that rebel Uranus pushing you where you don’t want to go, just remind him, you also have Rahu in Aries helping you in a much deeper way. Later month you have help from Venus.

February 23- 26th All this month Saturn will be riding you and the discipline sure, you can take it, not anything more however . Of course, it all depends on your birth chart .

MARCH 10 – 17th Hooray you struck out again, and that’s because the instigator clever Uranus is promoting your book and your everyday events. Fun!

MARCH 18 -23d Wow that later month help from Pluto, and of course Neptune over head tells me you are in a very special almost majestic, space. Use it well! The 23-25th  of the month speak out to me! It’s not the lottery sorry.

APRIL 19 – 23d The incredible only once every 18 year cycle of the destiny and karma guy, or girl?, Rahu is gliding over your head now! Meaning  a mostly positive life change is brewing within, something big is going to evolve itself.What could dit be?

APRIL 3- 21st, Ok its a long run but Venus is going retro right over your head and that’s a fun thing expansive! Hopefully not expensive!  Later birth dates going first  since she’s running backwards,

MAY 4- 10th This is another fortunate time all due to Jupiter’s slow ride over your exact degrees and her upbeat influence!  Then added to the pie are whipped cream and raspberries named Mars and Mercury who want to help as well. Happy is the time!

MAY 18 -21st Such a strong beautiful help have you with Neptune ( inspiration) and Pluto ( no one will touch your bank account) for August. Then very last weekend, light up the barbecue party is on!

MAY 24 -27th Right here you early twins have to deal with some push back from ol’ Saturn in Pisces. Late Late month you can take charge, and of course, you have other aspects!

JUNE  3 – 8th The fist part of the month be careful as Mars is pushing to hard, even sparking some health matter. Let him trudge past down the Virgo lane which isn’t all that friendly to Gemini.

JUNE 13 -18th The Mercury and Mars  doing  the rhumba to your Suns is not a fun dance for you . Just lay low around the middle of this month. Obstruction to the Sun as in yourself is not welcome!

JUNE 19 – 21st Just be vary careful right around the 23 to 27th of the month. Too much confusion. Avoid serious appointments and avoid signing anything serious . Mars entrance into Libra all of September is much better for you, just hold on.

JULY 4 – 6th Well you just nailed it, and Mercury with Mars skating right along side of you is better than nice. Oh and I can’t leave out Jupiter ! More help, more support yes! Lucky you! Have a wonderful August!

JULY 3 – 19th All month you children of Julius will have Mars supplying all the energy and oxygen needed while Uranus bumps along sending  creative .texts

JULY  21 – 24th You can thank the beautiful part of this month happening for you, called Neptune! One of the best sky aspects to have the deep ocean sea god favoring and flavoring your Suns with added inspiration and creative moments! Yes, paint it, write it, do it!