Ushered in by the 4th super moon on the 29th of September, here’s hoping this harvest moon will bring more bounty and riches to the table than what the sky’s menu looks to be cooking up. Will we be celebrating Oktoberfest? or is to be an October surprise? Or just October I wish you were over?

First off I’m glad the writers will soon be heading back to their desks. With so much material to digest given all the drama to be provided this month, the characters and story lines thus diffused could be screening with complex deeds, motives and psych analyses penned by our 21st century Shakespeares.   

We’re going to need a more serious take now. Lights, camera, action.  Rumbling undercurrents inciting turbulent tides prepare to soon wash over our shores.  Heaving barrels of rage torn accusations and ominous threats onto our sandy beaches of presumed sanity, may shell out our days ahead. The stars lining up a map for us like waze for my phone, show the onset of clashing planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer at very close and exact degree points. For this reason astro sleuths world wide have been watching certain dates of October 2023 with trepidation. I’ll be adding certain “persons of interest” and, having had my scope on this month for quite a while, I won’t be holding back. All details are mentioned below.   There, she said it.


September 28- October 2nd.  The enigmatic Aries super moon Thursday night will further heighten the impact of the following week’s events.  The first 3 days do show a helpful note delivered by the logical thinking aspect of Mercury to Pluto.  Might there be even the slightest piece of compromise to certain impending conflicts?  Then Sunday’s playful Mars, Venus, Moon vibe should raise the weekend to a happier place.  Oktoberfest is full on until Tuesday and you know what that means: Ain Prost! A Toast!

Monday is where financial matters take the stage with a tight Taurus square shutting the door in Venus’ face.  No, you can’t buy that, so what if it’s on sale. You can go broke on these bargains.  Save your cash. You’ll need it.

October 3 – 8th – Matters are intensifying. A government shutdown is likely to have happened. The warriors on opposite teams, nationally as well as globally, are heading into very heated waters. The UAW strike, a Kaiser health workers strike. The list of complaints goes on.

Meanwhile shootin’ Putin over in Moscow will not be having a very nice 71st birthday Saturday. I”m not ruling anything out with his chart hanging on the edge of desperate as it is.  Moving on, we can check out a few other charts. I know you are wondering about Donald. What  to say, where to begin?  Well the elevator does appear to be going further down the shaft of Trump Tower.  A lot of stops yes, at certain legal floors, but not at the basement just yet. Again, this second week has its pins and arrows called Mars, Rahu and Pluto aimed at the deepest part of his insecurity (Saturn hidden in the house of the subconscious). Call it the shadow.  The April 8th total solar eclipse is where I will lay down my pen on this subject.

Next on the list shall we look at Joe Biden? Well, it seems las though Joe will have a problem when the October 29th lunar eclipse zaps his natal moon square Pluto. That’s very sad and harsh emotionally, going way deeper than politics I think.  That same lunar event isn’t very nice for Volodymyr Zelensky’s chart either, a setback of some sort?

Now what has had me watching October 2023 assiduously for months has been the dead on exact combustion aspects to our own USA July 4th, 1776 chart, and that of the US Constitution, September 24, 1789. My deepest  concern would be “patriots” causing riots in the streets and even attempts to  contradict what the founding fathers wrote. Autocracy replacing  democracy for and by the people?  Epluribus unum?

October 9 -13th Now we’ve come to the crucial dates with Pluto moving direct on Tuesday, while Mars enters Scorpio. We still have 6 planets retrograde which doesn’t help in resolving very many issues.

The energy is intensifying and is something to be unleashed upon our planet?  The stars mirroring our actions back at us? We could be hearing about, and dealing with some climate temper tantrums. Call them fires, floods or earthquakes.  Insurance still your friend I hope.  If you haven’t unsubscribed from this letter yet,  hold on, some slightly better news awaits just ahead.

October 14 –  Solar eclipse (10:55 am PT) at 21 degrees Libra.  Libra, traditionally symbolized by the scales of justice, lands in a very specific pada (quarter of a sign)  known here  Vedically as Chitra. The specific emphasis of this subsection relates to order, management, discipline and maternity. The slightly charming part of Libra might be help, but not if someone knocks the scales over.  

Could the parallel timing of Mars in Scorpio’s  firm handshake with Saturn in Pisces suggest a deep soul sort of compromise?  Then can we speculate about the winning Venus Jupiter bridge hand over at the club dropping some cash on the card table, or at least a nice tip. Recession, inflation not yet?

October 21 – 23d, The weekend’s difficult Sun up against Pluto aspect may reflect certain power conflicts around the world crowding our October get sober month.  Will the UAW strike be over or extended ? The SAG strike ? Any other strikes, why not ?  Worth mentioning here in these divisive times is the Catholic Church’s month’s long controversial Synod on Synodality (not sin) meeting in Rome. Ideological schisms have been erupting between traditional conservatives and  “inclusionists  like the Pope himself, of LGBT acceptance and higher roles for women’s in the  church.  What a month!

October 24 – 31st The big news here would be the lunar eclipse of the 29th in Taurus and Scorpio. What houses of your charts do Scorpio and Taurus occupy? How is it aspected?  Generally speaking the matchup of several planets in both Taurus and Scorpio shed some light on this the traditional financial axis.  Could it be that common $ense voices and minds are coming in or is it more about confusion?   Closer into November, that posse of planets in Scorpio flavored with a little Virgo and Pisces, may just add a little more whipped cream to your pumpkin pie.

Now, I’ll just add one more thought. November is looking  little better and November 13th is underlined as a very important date. To be seen.

October 31st  Howloween will arrive under a naughty Gemini moon so you can just imagine what that might inspire. Oh and now at last we have the rituals and feasts to honor and celebrate the dear departed souls under Samhain!  Please stay sane this year! That’s all for now, Ain Prost, you’ll probably need a drink. As for me I’m taking off on my EV broom now.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 2,  15 *, 20, 24**, 25, 29, 30

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

SEPTEMBER  29 – OCTOBER 1st Some intense birth days have we here, but to be fair,  iI’l single out the positives, And there are some in Aries and Libra added to a rational Mercury for making solid decisions.  Make a wish.

OCTOBER 6 – 9th Be vary careful on these dates of your birth. Your natal chart may hold some positive aspects to ward off the unpleasant side of things.

OCTOBER 14 -15th Aside from an eclipse birthday, usually the marker to a very significant year ahead, there are some positives moving along into Sunday so not too bad.

OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 1ST. Such an intense but positive load of Scorpio to Virgo planets for some solid, sensible days to fix the broken axle of your dreams, but! its at the very end of this month so hold on.

NOVEMBER 13 – 17th  The month continues with that rebel planet Uranus daring your Sun and self.  Your best moment will come at the last few days end of this month.  Write the 29th, good day, into your calendar.

NOVEMBER 23-24th With Saturn returning to his earlier place of blockage to your selves, meaning heath, work or life plans as you’ve already experienced,  just hold on because the  Full moon  September 29 – October  6th will lend a hand.

DECEMBER 24- 31st Late Decembrists early Capricorns should find relief at the end of this month, not perfect of course, but some good aspects to use!

DECEMBER 17 -20th Your best days arrive early month, first week especially.  These same dates,17-20 this month should hold some up moments for you too, in spite of Neptune confusing a few things.

JANUARY 1 – 10th For much of this month your wingman called Jupiter is standing next to you keeping your wallet safe, and later month its even better, lucky you!

JANUARY 11 -13 th You as well have a strong creative vibe thanks to Uranus not perfect but pretty good and better late month.

JANUARY 19 – 23d Hmm, I’d play it safe this month especially early on the sky looks troubled. Later on you have inspiration and great soul help from Neptune who loves music!

FEBRUARY 1 – 8th What a month, not your favorite, not yet. Jupiter and Mars go back and forth making promises then breaking them. Hold on better days soon.

FEBRUARY 14 -15th. Early days favor your cheerful side. But the Uranian blockage has been there for a while as you ‘ve been aware. But ! The eclipse holds a better promise for future times ahead!!

FEBRUARY 21-28th Those strong Scorpio messages latter part of February offer some positive energy for your life and plans.  That’s lucky in a such a weird month!

MARCH 3 – 8th These dates have the late month boost from the sky and the Jupiter part goes all month! Things might be turning around finally !

MARCH 15  – 21st Not too bad all this month to have great help from Neptune and Pluto way out there. Soon you ll be adding Uranus, and Mars come November!

APRIL 14 -15th The Solar Eclipse has your name on it in exact degree formation. It will have some better moment  very early month and later in November, But we all have different planets and aspects so just be safe.

APRIL 17 – 22nd Best to lay low first part of the month especially although the first several of days hold some up moments.  Be cautious.

APRIL LATER MONTH The lunar eclipse of the 28th won’t be much fun unless you hold back lay low and wait for next month when Jupiter slides over your Suns to fix things.

MAY 4- 10th Yet again Jupiter early month and Uranus all month add to excitement and creativity.  Mid month kinda blah but  later  month Venus  shines a light on your efforts.

MAY 14 – 21st A little different here, bumps from planets at odd angles, a wait and see time. But  you can thank the stars for Neptune and even Pluto because your foundation looks pretty secure.

JUNE 2- 7th Some bothersome times later on even though your mental acuity blooms 2nd to third week thanks to Mercury your ruling planner anyway.

JUNE 14 -15th Hey this eclipse has a perfect angle to your Suns!! As the weeks move ahead, various Mars aspects when in fire and air, all through to March will be gift times!

JUNE 24 -30th Later month, same dates, are your better times, so much in your favor to use wisely and well!

JULY  4 – 9th All month that Jupiter guy is your friend and later month’s last week, the Mars and Venus lineup bestows some favors on you as well.

July 17 -19th The hard aspects around the  4-11th aren’t much fun for you, so just be careful. The good part is that you have Neptune to bring soul inspiration as it’s been for a while. November gets way better.  

JULY Later month the obstacles ring clear, you can blame it on the lunar eclipse, On the contrary the first weekend of the month holds out some happy times.

AUGUST 1 – 8th Ok I’m really liking these first few days for you, the first, 4th and 5th especially! The weekend around the 23d are not too much fun so be patient you have other aspects and planets maybe being helpful, as I always say.

AUGUST 14 – 17th One positive note is the Solar Eclipse’s positive vibe for you an that’s big stuff! Another is how happy the first few days look for you!  Yay! Then the turd in punchbowl is that Uranus guy but you’ve been aware of his No answers to a few things.

AUGUST 22 – 31st  Aside from a certain pushback for those 22-23 birthdays, the rest is looking pretty good moving towards later month when the earth and water gods decide they really like you! All of you, 22-31.

SEPTEMBER 3 – 9th How do you spell lucky ?Let’s see:  J.U.P. I.T.E.R.  Ok, great, now later month add Venus and Mars to your happy pile.

SEPTEMBER 13- 16th Here that Uranus guy stuck at 21 -22 of Taurus is just staying still to continue adding some deep insights to your working minds. Venus joins the party later month. Wait till you see November 13th. Had to say it.

SEPTEMBER 21-24th Pluto has been doing you favor, strengthening your foundation and it will continue into next year.  That’s big and the full moon of the 28th Sept, early month, spells a nice early weekend for you.