Hello Star friends, May we joyfully celebrate these special days mid way between the Spring equinox and Summer solstice.  Yes, the ancient Celtic festival of the Goddess and mother earth well revered and observed is our path onto a month that could roll out a little more calmly as compared to our previous ride on the Aries express.

The planetary signature moving into earth loving Taurus, would be about maintaining stability, keeping a steady pace, trying to hold the center.  This is interesting present time as we’re seeing the one rebel, Uranus, in Taurus of course,  doing its best to shake that earthen core, demanding change, bringing on campus riots, tear gas, police.  Hello 1968.

We’ll get into what the the super new moon of the 7-8th  suggests, also the meaning of the month’s Rahu (north node) Mars conjoining to the US chart. What captured me even more were two historical parallels of Mars to Chiron in Aries.  History repeating itself?  We’’ll see.

Later month’s Pluto at 1degree Aquarius will conjunct the fixed star Altair, the “Eagle”, for over a year.  The courage and determination attributed to this stellar fixture, with late month’s contribution of Jupiter and Venus, could say that the American Eagle might hold something positive with the thumb’s up aspect it has to our nation’s chart.!

Time to prepare,  but we have to get through this month and then we May be ready for this new chapter.  Now, With that glass of wine, or coffee?  You might want to see if your birthday Sun’s close degree was mentioned in the 32 pods included below.



Kind of  raucous for certain people these first few days. Blame it on the Aquarius moon griping with the bigger guys over in Taurus.  Rebel meets steady rebel.  Then there’s Pluto, standing still, his back towards Venus making her pay for dinner, before going retro.  So it’s best to wait for the more peaceful Pisces moon later Thursday to extend its gentle vibes over to Friday and Saturday. But the month will have its say.

The fun part will be the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, fragmented off of Haley’s comet for the weekend   With no blockage from the new moon, the broad path of this occultation will be best seen very early morning of the 4th to 6th.

MAY 7 – 14th Now here comes what might be my favorite part of the month, the New Moon of the 7th! ( 8:22 pm PDT)  To have that coterie all in Taurus: Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, all perfectly supported by Saturn in Pisces, makes my head spin just a little.  Any aspects in the house overseen by Taurus  in your charts?  This will be a rather emphatic couple of days, kind of like having 100 exclamation points in that specific location.

The solid and pragmatic vibe laid out under these Taurus planets, the sign ruled by Venus, suggests a possible moment for some peaceful negotiations, but I’m not putting my money down..not yet.

The impulse to break out and do it another way, a new way, that’s Uranus, somewhat repressed here with all the others in a grounded place.  The time for change is close but not quite here yet. Uranus will have it’s say, it’s just not yet …Well have to wait for mid 2025 for the really big Change story.

MAY 15 – 22nd Coming up here we have an intense aspect with Mars in his Aries uniform right in step with the moons’ north node, ( karma folks) on the USA chart’s rebel aspect  of  the July 4 1776  Sun square to Saturn.  It’s a classic battle with the powers that be, or a father conflict.  US versus Old King George 3d (he had mental problems I’m told).   And we’re in it again, just call it politics, our 2024 version.

MAY 23 – 27th  The Flower moon of the 23d will of course blossom and exude beautiful fragrances, although some thorns will still be poking out of those rose bushes.  Now, I’ve been watching this Thursday and Friday specifically, to see when the reminder, trigger? of the April eclipse might occur.  The  full moon in Sagittarius adds a benign quality to the 24-25th’s time marker of the April eclipse.  For most of the world this will be helpful, but not for all. Some eclipse triggers can be pretty harsh.  It’s Memorial Day weekend, and for our own chart the electricity to our unique and creative natal Uranus.. is exciting!

MAY 28 – 29th  As for the historical parallels teased above,   Armagedda had to check out the 50 year repeat in the current month’s meetup between Mars and Chiron.

Scrolling back to July 23, 1973, we find that the Watergate committee and special prosecutor Archibald Cox had demanded that President Nixon surrender certain tapes and documents. Then later October, 1973, came the Saturday Night Massacre when Nixon’s demand that Attorney general, Elliot Richardson, fire Cox, was rejected.  And Cox resigned.. Nixon’s next two attempts at naming a new attorney general were also rejected. Mars and Chiron were exact at 21 Aries, that July in 1973, and so they are in our sky right now,.

Wait there’s another further back to 1925, when not only did Mussolini claim power, but Hitler was released from prison. In 1923, Hitler and his cronies had staged what became known as the “ Beer Hall Putsch” in a radical attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic.  His 5 year sentence reduced to two years allowed him the freedom to resume his National Socialism agenda.  July 1925’s history chapter might  be called  “The Rise of the Totalitarian Autocrats “.

MAY 31 – JUNE 2nd 1925 was not a total disaster,  no, it was the beginning of the Jazz age, and the wonderful novel, The “ Great Gatsby” was written .  The Chiron in Aries shaman can work some better magic for us now because soon those lights in our global sky will ignite the next Aira of our creative mind and soul.  A new artistry and a more spiritual wave are both coming in.

Wait…… expecting some  interesting news… . I’m  tuning into early June.  the Eagle and Venus are bonding with Jupiter!   What’s that Jazz razzamatazz?  Lights! Camera ! Action! Is it Show time, or, wait, Swift time?  Ill take it.

DAYS OF BEST USE : 3, 6,7,8,17,18, 23, 27! 31!


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

I only mention specific dates of the Sun that are affected in a current month. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and then the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

MAY 7 – 8th The new moon on your birthday should offer a pretty nice gift, and Saturn helps with that !  The focus is clearly on you, what you yourself would like to do… and be!

MAY 18 – 20th A little bumpy is the ride here, and it would be best two take some time off for yourself, no serious meetings or appointments close to these dates. After that well, it’s fine and the support from Pluto and Neptune will amplify this.

MAY 21 – 26th The aspect from Pluto, Venus and Jupiter is unreal as in fabulous to support and help with any of your new ideas and plans.!  You lucky Gems!

JUNE 4 – 7th The crazy fun part is this electric drive given over to you by Mars mid month, exciting enough to ignore that  bit of annoyance from Saturn. Parking ticket was it? Full moon fun night.

JUNE 18 – 20th The slight confusion from Neptune has been an ongoing annoyance for some time.  Just remember that charts have different planets, aspects.. But later month, Mars comes around to invite you to join him in his Tesla flying saucer autopilot into early June.

JULY 4 – 9th birthdays be careful later month, say 24 -28th, not very nice.  But the new moon of the 7 -8th loves your Suns!  Then the nice part is that Saturn will be assisting you, carrying your bags back and forth all year into 2025. You lucky crabs.

JULY 16 – 20th You later Cancerians have a non stop gift from Neptune for at least another year! In plain English it spells inspiration, deep soul awakening, gifts from the higher realms, all  accentuated by Jupiter this month. Nice! Just be careful the very last two days into very early June, it’s all Mars’ fault.

JULY 26 – AUGUST 2nd Early month, for many days, a lot of energy from Mars, as he’s now free from those wet Pisces chains at last! Now he wants a pal to race with him, and that’s you !

AUGUST 6 – 9th Please be very careful and watch out at the time of the new moon..The sky is not very friendly towards you right there but do remember you have other aspects.  One great thing is MARS getting you to ride tandem with him on his motorbike, whoosh, energy drive as the days move on to later month! The better part is the dynamism from Mercury and Chiron.There’s a lot for you that’s positive here this month.

AUGUST 13 – 17th Later month, from the full moon of the 23d into very earlyJune, you have an ACTION LETS GO sticker pasted on your Tesla  bumper.  You be the boss. Further along into May, some disputes or wrangling over something but you’ll be ok.

SEPTEMBER 6 – 8th This is so nice for you! The New moon has your phone number , oh and your back!  It’s a gift! Take it!The opposition from Saturn gets bent into a positive with this powerful lunation.  It’s your time!

SEPTEMBER 16 – 18th Later May’s dual action of Venus and Jupiter to your Suns, to you!  It’s so nice and uplifting! Reasons to be happy about one thing or another !  Add Uranus to the trio snd excitement is coming your way within a few months, you may get a tase of that here.

SEPTEMBER 20 – 24 Pluto’s light shines on you as well, more so the birthdays of 18, 18, 20,21  and 22. Fab aspect for a year plus! Lucky for you will be the late May star shine from Venus, Pluto then Jupiter in to earlyJune! Make a plan, now, act on it then.

SEPTEMBER 25 – 29th Later Month after the 23d has a lot of UP for you! Air loves air and the fire moon helped quite a lot too!  The first ten days of the month will send you into overdrive, Mars is facing over at you.  Back off.

OCTOBER  2 – 9th Be vary careful mid month, 13th – 21st .  Some Mars action on a crucial chart point for you suggests matters of what may be called karmic .. Depending on your charts that could be minor, major, fabulous, or just forget it.  Moving ahead, Jupiter is going to be your friend for many months on into 2025!

OCTOBER  13 – 17th Careful here very late month, might be ok depending on what you have in air and fire signs. Not many direct aspects to your Suns except for this one.  Memorial day weekend, put the flag out, and  stay safe. Too rambunctious.

OCTOBER  29 – NOVEMBER 2nd.  The interesting piece for these birthday Suns is how several asteroids have partied up for you, but, we’ll take any gifts!  Juno and Vesta! Ok add a bit of Mars later.

NOVEMBER 7 – 11th well this new incredible moon is very active in your world and!  Ceres, and Saturn, of all things, are right there to insure it’ll be a good few days,  for you!

NOVEMBER 18 – 22nd Neptune is still holding steady at 28 Pisces a gift if inspiration, and deep soul creativity for you!  Pallas Athena is right in there too!  The added gift  of course, is Pluto’s helpful support to your goals and plans.  Not bad kids!

NOVEMBER 27 – DECEMBER 10th It looks like  a lot off activity for  you Sagittarius through most of the month. You can thank  Mars! Lots of drive and energy are yours from around the 6th of the month till the 20th.

DECEMBER  17 – 19th Again you late Sag kids are not home free until very late May into very early June! The confusion piece is still hanging around. But after that comes electricity, early next month.  

DECEMBER  23 – 31st An unusually wide pod for me but the sky is aspecting you in both a positive and less calm way from May 1st to the 14th.  Venus and Juno love you, and Mars wants to get in a fight, so it’s softened .

JANUARY 7 – 10th The new moon early month, same dates  is an absolute gift for you!  I always say use astrology, so here’s your chance. Go get it!  It’s an aspect that would make certain people very envious, so don’t let them know.    Elon Musk can’t pay $ for it either. One other piece, be careful around the the 23-25, a slight bump in the road.

JANUARY 18 – 21st You still have the beautiful Neptunian heart and soul wave gliding over you, and, even better is later month ’s Jupiterian contribution. Late Late May your time!

FEBRUARY  7 – 10th Wow, 2 very opposite aspects for you!  The new moon coterie in Taurus is not very helpful, but just hold on, later month, around the full moon  it is the exact opposite ! Something very sparky and nice coming your way! Yes!

FEBRUARY  19 – 22nd. Early May has some nice gifts for you called Venus and Juno.  Then very later May not so much fun it’s a kind of push you back aspect. Or as I sometimes say, “Who put the ass in aspect”.  By June 8th life picks up again. And it’s only the Sun in the chart.

MARCH  7 – 10th Lucky you for having this gift of a new moon  laid at your feet!  Wow so solid and strong emotionally ! Love it!  You haver another friend too, Saturn who right now is your best wingman, and he stays there all month, moon or no moon.

MARCH 12 – 14th You have Jupiter and Uranus, and 2 asteroids to thank for this wonderful band of solid earth and water helpers to lift you through anything!  Jealousy abounds, so  don’t let anyone know.   

MARCH 22 – 28TH Early May Days should be pretty exciting, I mean with Mars directly over head ! Careful don’t overdo!  Then very late month, more fun comes along with Venus and Jupiter.  The ending and the beginning!

APRIL 6 – 8th  I have my eye on the 17 -20th of May because of the Mars contact to Rahu right on your Aries Suns. It’s not awful,  just very dynamic,  a time to make notes .All depends on how your natal Suns are configured.

APRIL 11 – 13th Well that Chiron and Mars aspect mentioned in the letter is right with your Suns!  What a time it will be for you! Strong, even rebellious, don’t take s—t from anyone!

APRIL 19 – 21st Well that Pluto guy is still sending his message of No, back your way.  But he isn’t the only player in the sky ! The dates similar to yours have a nice up from Mars and asteroid Juno, the last one all month!