Welcome to the most unpredictable month of the year. Fitted out with useful tools like telescope, ephemeris, and history notes, I‘ve been watching April ’s sky begin to arrange itself into a rarely seen geometry of lights and and shadows.  I’m sure, with all the redundance of reporting, you’ve heard about the oncoming solar eclipse of April 8th.  From ancient times to present day eclipses are seen as harbingers of change, and this one, 4 minutes and 27 seconds will no doubt exert its own “coincidence” of geocosmic events.  But what we do know, or I for one can say, the sky gods do mirror back at us our own frustrations, confusions, and even warlike anger.  Early in the year, the National Weather Service alerted us that we could expect peak solar activity from January to October 2024. What’s our Sun up to aside from some flares and a solar eclipse? Anything else Solar Guy?

The second piece of April’s astral headlines will include  the once in 80 plus years conjoining of Jupiter to Uranus in Taurus, specifically between the 17 to 23d of this month.  Among the news breaking historical parallels, March April 1941, illustrates just what the intensity of a Jupiter Uranus’ exact conjoining have wrought.  Call it more electricity to this month of political, personal and global change.  Certain past events and those charts directly impacted will be mentioned further down . The full moon of the 23d in Scorpio and later month’s aspects may sound a different chord and we’re on our way.


April 1st Fooled us again with a Mercury retrograde on day #1, handing us the usual Mercury retro hindrances regarding travel, communication, or just no forward motion in certain matters?  But I have a different take, instead why not see where it might be in your own chart, and could it even be with a helpful emphasis.  Mercury might not always drop that negative note when in retro although the advice to slow down into a re-thinking state can be useful.

An added thought, as the month progresses,  April 15 -19th, when retro Mercury joins with Chiron, the north node, and Venus, I’m expecting an announcement that will be the opposite of miscommunicated. A fist hitting the table or maybe a gavel?

Text book on Aries speaks of inner strength, courage belief in self will be seen in many forms this month.  How that will play out remains to be seen?  I’m curious .  Now, for those April July, October, January 7 -11th birthdays, I’m saying please be very careful, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns right now, depending on our specific aspects to the Sun in your charts. Safety is my number one concern and yes,  a chart can show that one!

APRIL 8th ECLIPSE Yes, we’re here now, and it’s happening, 11:22 PDT.   With a posse of 7 planets in Aries, Sun, Moon, Eris, Venus, Mercury, north node ( rahu)  and for more dramatic impact Chiron!  Who and what is Aries?

The best of Aries,  inner strength, courage, belief in self will be seen in many forms this month, how that will play out remains to be seen, I’m curious!   Where does Aries land in you chart?   Because it will be a big moment in that  particular house description of your own chart.

But the real mantra of Aries, “I AM who I am.”  cannot be overstated.   Therefore today’s team or gang of 7!  in the bunker labeled ” Aries” will be playing a big part in the weeks and months ahead. Why is that?  Well an eclipse of this magnitude can maintain its aura for up to 6 months to even a year.  Then to have it shadowing itself directly over the United States says a lot.  As we will see.

Starting in the Southwest, the eclipse will move up from Mexico, Arizona to Texas, then over several mid country states up through Maine out through Canada.  Eclipses form in pairs and the October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse skylighted from the Pacific northwest in Oregon, further down across Texas exiting out Northern Mexico.  These two eclipse paths criss crossing as they do over the Lone Star state, will have formed an X, such as seen on the flag of the Confederacy.  What could this mean?  Well, the obvious thought, rule makers and breakers with the immigration crisis

Eclipses, are said not to cause, but, could the coincidence of their appearance over certain areas hit soon after by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes may be more than just a coincidence?   After the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse, from the 25th of August to the 20th of September, hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria caused incredible devastation over Florida and the Caribbean in rapid succession.  A while later wildfires ignited in California.

I’m keeping an extra water supply on hand.

One different part to this Astro and Solar activity is seen in the Vedic view and understanding of this lunar nodal position.  Rahu, the north node, occurs in Revati a very late Pisces early Aries placement that describes the passage of the soul from earthly body to spirit, but that’s not all. Revati while deeply involved with nature and agriculture, cares for   undernourished bodies and animals still on earth. Our pets and those in need fall into this same column.

April 18 – 22nd  I‘d say we’re already feeling the  tremendous wave of the second major astro event,  the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction at 21 degrees Taurus.  It’s a type of energy that expands beyond our own comfort zones . Jupiter the expander himself, of the high mind, then Uranus’  expanded awareness, birth new even radical thoughts further outside the mind?  Is the outsider, that black sheep having a brilliant idea?  Similar aspects in different times.

Speaking of unique sheep, I know some of you are out there,

keep in mind that on this creative brilliant Uranian aspect has already perked some exciting news, for instance: As of late February 2024, news came regarding the discovery of more than 100 new species of alien – looking marine life from the recently discovered underwater mountains off the coast of Chile.!

It’s  time for you Unique ones to step out!

Ok the other side of the Jupiter Uranus confab in the sign of the Bull not so cheerful.  It was on May 19, 1858, when pro slavery forces in Bleeding Kansas  perpetuated a massacre against the Free Men abolitionist  Missourians.  Soon after, In June 1858, Lincoln gave his “Nation Divided“ speech at the Republican convention,  like so many events simmering in the leading up to 1861 and the civl war.    Among other news breaking historical parallels, March April 1941, illustrates just what the intensity of a Jupiter Uranus’ exact conjoining have wrought .  On May 10, 11, 1941 Germany launched the most devastating  air raid attack air raid on London, then  moved shortly after to the Soviet union firing another horrific attack.

As for persons in the news, I have to say that Putin’s chart will really take a hit from both of these cosmic events. Although the denouement may not be seen immediately,  later May something looks like THE time.. And it’s not too positive for Trump either  All of these weeks into later year the moon, as in soul, of the US Constitution at 27 Aquarius, will be slammed repeatedly. The Aries eclipse point hits our USA birth chart’s bottom most point, call it the core of what “home’ and family” means..Yes I’m concerned.  This will all continue I believe in to later 2025, then the lights will change by 2026!  Enough with the dread.

Now, coming to later month Mars and Neptune blending together smiling at Pluto, and tailing after the full Scorpio moon, makes for deeper insightful times to go back with some self understanding.  Even look way back to your own kind of Aries   “Who am I and What do I believe?”  That would be a good way to “use” the astro of April.

Lastly, there are 33 birthday pods with very close dates that are directly aspected by this month’s planetary transits.  I can’t condone 30 days of a month be given over to one generic zodiac sign’s description. Nope not for Serena.

DAYS OF BEST USE :  3, 6, early 7, 10*, 14, 16, 20, 25


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

I only mention specific dates of the Sun that are affected in a current month. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and then the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

APRIL 8 – 9th I think you know what this day is all about. Intense signature is just for you! It’s what do  you want to do, and let others know that you are you! big year ahead, it’s Your time.

APRIL 18 – 23 The dynamic of a birthday return with those 2 in Taurus could mean a very interesting, different  year ahead.  What creative ideas have been lurking in that head? Where is Taurus located in your chart, then you’ll see where the real action will be.  Call your astrologer.

APRIL 23 – 25th These Full moon birthdays right now, have a solar return packed with info! First of all there could be a blockage of something, work, health, something,  just blame Pluto. But the uplift from Mars in later Pisces, with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune aligned together screams not just talks, to your creative instincts and talents!! It’s fantastic!  DO it!

APRIL 28 – MAY 2nd  The first ten days of the month should supply your inner tank with enough fuel to…do and go anywhere, anything!  Earth loves Water. Taurus loves Mars and Saturn in Pisces. The Cap moon on the 28th rocks my boat hope it will yours as well,

MAY 9 – 12th Wouldn’t you know, it’s your exact birthdates that all astrologers are rambling on about. Now how is your birth Sun at 18 -22 Taurus aspected in your natal chart? Is he/she happy there?  A very major life shift is occurring, present tense, and you of course have been feeling this for some time, probably since the beginning of 2024. Dynamic, creative, expansive, if happily placed at birth.. Slight disruption if not, but then a chart has many aspects !

MAY 18 – 22nd Oh you early Gems what this late April will do for you! Those last few days are a godsend to the Suns, meaning your Selves, your body, You! Uplift from Mars and Pluto! Not too bad!

May 30 – JUNE  5th Sky, I have to be blunt, don’t leave the house week of the eclipse,, ok?  That Mars and Saturn duo scheming against your safety zone is not nice at all. Be careful!

June 7 – 10th Lucky you ! The eclipse pattern throws a perfect 60 degree wand in your direction, not quite a magic one but close. it’s  a high energy and creative let’s do it! Kind of a vibe.   Ok now that Ive said that, just be careful mid month when Mars crosses your Suns in fishy Pisces. It’s only the 13 -16th to be exact.

JUNE  17 – 19th Very early month shines for you , then around the 16th that Leo Moon andAries Sun like you a lot! But, very careful last 3 days, a slight confusion aspect ,maybe something already happening that gets a nail thrown at it?  Hold on, wait till you see the very end of May! Yay!

JULY  7 – 10th Ok you Julians must be very careful around the eclipse date of the 8th.. The angles aren’t nice for you A little further along you have a great friend in Jupiter and as the month rolls intoMay,Saturn has your back! So it’s much better. Date to be most careful May 23-24th. Had to tell you.

JULY 14 – 17th How fortunate for you ! Mid to later month is you time! Jupiter and Uranus and Mars!! All nicely paired up and lined perfectly with your Suns! What will you do with these great moments? Expansion, self expression time!

JULY 23 – 24th The full moon of the 23d could pose some problems, don’t make any big decisions right here. Just hold on until the first half of May when Mars comes roaring in on his jet to amp you up! Come fly with me ! Take care of your health .

JULY 30 – AUGUST 1ST Those very late April days aren’t that much fun for your early August Suns, But ! As you move into May you’ll have the drive and energy you’ve been missing! Further on into the summer it’s You time big time!

AUGUST 7 – 10th How fortunate for you to have a birth date in a perfect angle for the April 8 eclipse to drop you an early birthday gift!  Energy, surprises! Live it up! Tremendous support to all your plans and wishes!

AUGUST 12 – 18th Not all wonderful just yet.  Right now , as April moves along, the bump from Uranus and Jupiter will seem like the cop has pulled you over. But all charts have several aspects not just the Sun.  Hang on till late late May, thats your Day

AUGUST 23 – 24TH The full moon of the 23 likes you a lot, so helpful!  The Scorpio moon is an uplift for your Suns, that  means for you!  The at the very last day a ofApril into very early May, you have Venus for your friend too! New makeup or ?? Fun times!

SEPTEMBER 1 – 6th Be very careful around the eclipse week to mid month.  Mars is being a creep with a crowbar even, and has talked Saturn into his game . Just wait a little then they’ll bug someone else.  Venus comes over to play the harp with  you all of May!

SEPTEMBER  10 – 16th Now this might be a really exciting time for you! To have that duo of Jupiter and Uranus holding your door open and lighting your fires is rare and even a gift! I don’t know what it is, maybe tickets to a Taylor Swift night ?

SEPTEMBER 18 – 22nd, The most powerful aspect of all is right in your court, called Pluto! It’s like having the and of a prince or better lifting you up and holding you high above the commoners to support your dreams and plans.

OCTOBER 5 – 10th Hey guys you are right in the crossbow of  the solar eclipse, exactly opposite your Suns, but maybe that’s ok given your specific chart. Also you’ve had the once in 18 and a half year karmic aspect of  “ Am I doing what I really want to do? Can I be myself now or do I have to go on pretending?.”   Change is in the air.

OCTOBER 14 – 17th The irritation from Uranus has been around for a few months, Now Jupiter is racing along with Mr Earthquake ..It all moves fast  as you ll see. You have other planets, signs, and aspects in your birth chart should be some nice parts there.

OCTOBER 23 – 25TH Just be careful around sth elater months full moon in Scorpio,  since it’s resting, if that’s the right word , on your Suns, creating an emotional  kind of atmosphere for those couple of days.

OCTOBER  27 – NOVEMBER 2nd. Moving along the timeline we follow the eclipse path, not exact to you, but late month’s full moon has your email . It’s like an “open your heart and mind” moment, instigated by Mars firs week of the month , and that’ s been fun.

NOVEMBER  8 – 13th Be careful as the month rolls on, the opposition to your Suns  from Uranus and Jupiter can provoke some unsettling behaviors, not just from you!  Take care of health matters before hand.  Early to mid month you have a great friend in Mars so that lightens the load.  Could turn it into something highly productive but still a challenge!

NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 6TH.. Now Armagedda has to be honest and direct. She, I mean me, does not like that Mars and Saturn annoying barrier to your world, exact dates are from are week of the solar Eclipse  so be ver careful a few days before if you are earlier Sag birth dates,  and then all that week.   Once second week of May arrives you’ll be in the saddle again!

DECEMBER 15 – 18th Now later month has a Do not Disturb sign attached to your birthdates. Avoid any serious meetings or appointments very end of month. Confusion rules those dates. But, hang on, you LOVE very late May and very early June !

DECEMBER 23 – 25th Hey there, late late  April ’s full moon on these identical dates, likes your Sun and so does that moon in Scorpio!   Its’ a high mind and heart opening sort of time use those couple of days well!

JANUARY  8 – 11th A contrary time for you with the Eclipse rays  provoking and obstructing your life in some ways.  Then the opposite with that incredible Jupiter and Uranus sending gift cards  to your Suns,  $$ stuff and plans !  I mean the month is all about you ! You have many other aspects in just our chart, to see how that 19 Aries will be any problem or not, call your astrologer.

JANUARY 18 – 20th How wonderful is very late month for you! The sky gods are lining up to promote and support and shine on you! only slight setback moment is that full moon day of the 23d. Ignore it since the rest of the team has your back! Stay healthy!

FEBRUARY  7 – 9th Wow that Solar Eclipse really likes you and to prove it, he/she’s going to send you a charger for your body and soul, ok phone too.  A great time to use and play. Creative has your name!

FEBRUARY 11 – 14th Later month the sky gods turn a little obstructive. Hang on, that Jupiter character moves quickly, leaving only Uranus holding things up, as  you’ve been experiencing for some time. Then as the days move on into May you’ll find your way up again, with nice support from the sky Mars and even Chiron, but that’s next month.

FEBRUARY 21 – 25th  The later month’s  full moon in Scorpio has your name in lights. It’s a heart opening and uplifting sort of moment.  Early May Venus arrives to ride side saddle with you, nice times indeed!

MARCH  6 – 12th  For much of this month, the interesting connection with Mars and Saturn in Pisces on you Suns tells a story and I’m ok with it! Its a do it now tool and play book, pushing you, early month Jupiter enters the party staying around for most of the month! I’m ok with this!

MARCH 18 – 21st Those very late days look a little confusing so not to make important decisions right then and also, watch your driving or horse trailings . Life improves thanks to Jupiter the further on into the next month  but that’ s in 4 weeks. Pluto has you you in his “must support “ list so that’s an on going gift all this year into next.