The Year Of The Wood Dragon

Midnight New Year’ s Eve in Ireland, a tradition has been to open the back door and let the old year out, while opening your front door to let the new year in.  This year at midnight we might say, “Bye 2023, pick up your trash left on the steps, and shut the door behind you”.   Now it’s onto a new chapter, a new Era or should I say Aira, given Pluto’s landing into air sign Aquarius for the next 20 years?  Certain events can break rules and regs, and I’m not going to be surprised by almost anything that happens in this year of history writing itself.  Now we can put this on AI, and after a few years, whether its plagiarism or just cyberism, my review of past centuries does allow me to make book on a few things.  But for right now let’s just take a look at January 2024!   Yes of course there will be blockages, like very early week’s blah three  days. But we still may be surprised.  The plentiful lineup of those sky buddies in water and earth signs will be shoveling and fertilizing political, financial and legal crops as best they can.

Later month something serious as in a hammer coming down on the judge’s desk, or call it a trigger of the October  eclipse will  likely “break” the news. So much more remains to be explained regarding  the “Year The World Changed”.  So we’d better get started. The Wood Dragon of vitality and energy will have its say,  unless his ego and ambition get in the way. Does the last Wood Dragon year 1964, hold a clue?  With so much more to be explained regarding  the “Year The World Changed”,  we’d better get started.


Early week mess ups, like Venus mad at Saturn for  hurting her feelings or is it her bank account? Then Mercury is going direct on the 2nd, moving very slowly, and tangled up with the Moon, Mars in classic Neptunian confusion. Blame it on Monday night’s  double vodka martini with a lime twist?  Inching along Friday the 5th’s the moon in Scorpio comes to the rescue for certain problematic issues. Later Saturday the intensity might hit a high note. Excitement and romantic satisfaction nestling under a beautiful moon Neptune moment?  Yes.

Sunday’s Scorpio moon adds some lights and action, but skating over to the new moon of 10th – 12th in high minded, modest Purvashada, Capricorn, brings some hope.  This lunar event, on the 11th (3:57 am pst) comes around with Uranus in Taurus adding higher voltage for even important decisions being made and signed right here. Add the trifecta of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter to this and hey, I think I’m going to plant me some flowers, and relax into some hygge moments.  (Scandinavian for comfort ).

Saturday and Sunday’s Aquarian moon will provide a glimpse into the big story of the month. Ok, ready, here it is.

January 20th is where history begins as Pluto will meet up with the Sun at 0-1 degrees of Aquarius. We might call this a double whammy, the start off date for the new Era or is it Aira?  Intellectual, creative aeronautical, and cyber spaced air sign Aquarius will be Pluto’s new home until 2044. The  previous chapter of Pluto’s once very 248 year cycle, 1777 – 1798, oversaw the American and French revolutions, democracy taking off, even guillotining royal crowns, when the voice of the people demanded to be heard.

The Age of Revolution as that has been called, was preceded in 1532 -1553 by the Protestant revolution, then with Henry VIII’s divorce being rejected, his separation from the Church of Rome to establish the Church of England of which he was the head. As for the intellectual and scientific part, Copernicus published his Heliocentric theory in the early days of Pluto’s Aquarian abode, 1543. Of course we remember the blowback, since earth and “we” were no longer the center of the universe. There can be certain authoritarian elements to these breaks but mostly it’s the rise up against oppression that drives Pluto’s cart, or excuse me, chart.

Another “vigesimal” or 20th date affinity, would be the birthday of Nikki Haley, January 20th, 1972. Stepping  into the political reel, I must say that her chart displays some very strong, and positive aspects for 2024.  Of course there’ll  be some harsh attacks, but running for the hardest job of all is never easy.

I cannot say who I think will be our next head of state because I don’t know.  With the so many unprecedented stories capturing the news right now It’s more likely that a few never before seen surprises will mob the headlines. Is the 21st century American Revolution going to rewrite itself in these years 2024 – 2026?

January 23 – 26th Things are ramping up right about now with so many political and legal dates on this January 2024 calendar. The full Wolf moon of the 25th in Leo squaring Jupiter spells trouble for some.  As we know, wolves seek out their prey, in spite of this copacetic lineup of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.  On a deeper note being watchful with this lineup is wise.  I’m even ok with that whiny Venus and Neptune pity party unless my Moon or Sun is at 24 degrees Virgo Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces. It moves quickly.

We’re moving close to the month’s end, when a globally specific time will play out.   A couple of newsworthy charts taking some hits right now will experience even higher temperature  levels  There’s Mars throwing a brick at our own USA chart’s Saturn square Sun ”father complex” as in rebelling against tyrants. Then comes the warrior god, Mr. Mars, in legal robes noting the 21 Libra degrees of the October eclipse and the oncoming total solar eclipse degree of April 8th.  The trigger dates closing in will have their say January 30 – February 4th. This is how astrology works.

Over in Russka, Vlad could  be very sad, restricted, discouraged, hiding in his bunker. Drawing rings around Saturn is he?  As for Donald Trump, these dates are not going to be any fun for him either. It sure looks like the outcome of these various arguments and accusations will be very decisive and let’s just say it, harsh.

For you astrologers, his true birth time was earlier, since Marla Maples, wanting to see his astro chart, asked his mother in the early 90’s and that’s what she told her, not 10:48 am.

Now 2024 has many more dates of mention but most of all it’s the months of April, May that will mirror the sky’s unravelling back at planet earth. I’m not holding back, certain charts will be mentioned in future letters, some  not ok good for others. Then it’s June’s turn with Jupiter into early Gemini bonding with Pluto – Are they meeting  in a research lab or test site?  Science, medicine, astro physics whatever, it’s a short but promising indication of what’s to come . Sky hawks are you ready?  Nothing is to be promised perfect as we still have the upside down aspects along with some better days. So maybe it’s not  just Hell-o 2024, with some of :  “Hi!  It won’t be easy, but we’re ready for this new chapter, bring it on 2024! “

DAYS OF BEST USE: 5,7,10,11,12,13,15,16,19,20,28,29

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

I only mention specific dates of the Sun that are affected in a current month. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

JANUARY 11-12th Really strong aspects for these dates. The new moon in Capricorn with Uranus Vesta and Pallas, speaks of determination and strength and get out of my way I’m doing it! What birthday gift !

JANUARY 20 – 21st Early day’s Taurus moon complements the Sun Pluto set up. Later day’s Gemini moon does the same.  A powerful solar return for these birthdays.

JANUARY 25th -27th Right here the sky gods are having something of a clash with Jupiter and the Moon and Sun. Every chart has several aspects and you may just have the right ones as well here. The strength is with Mars and Jupiter and Saturn, nice one!

FEBRUARY 10-11th The first part of this month shows a happy aspect from Venus and Rahu to your Suns. This is not some light thing, it shows promise and hope so use it well. A slight obstruction sits there but better days come soon.

FEBRUARY 20- 26th Wow 6 birthdates are blooming with that trifecta in water and earth sitting right with your Suns!

MARCH 7-12th many sky gifts for you this month, let’s see: Uranus, the new moon, Mars and Venus  later month . All of this means support is yours! Go do it, don’t hold back. Second half of January is your time!

MARCH 16 – 20th Mid month looks confusing with only a slight help. Then later month into February the sky changes and will like you.

MARCH 24 – 26th Mid month around the 12- 15th just lay low, Mars is being a jerk so watch your step and ignore the fiesta ones.  But the first week looks pretty nice thanks to Venus.

APRIL 6- 9th This is a major point of karma for you and with Venus’ help the dates from the 8th to the 16th look so nice! Later month into early February its another story, Ride that part out.

APRIL19 – 23d Ok I have to be honest and I’m not liking the dates around the 20th of this month! Now au contraire is the gift you getting from Jupiter and Saturn! Thank the heavens for this one. Lay low during the late month full moon.

MAY 9 – 12th This is a pretty good month for you! And the new moon of the 11th has your back, oh and your front. Late month is so confident and  that Mars and Venus duo standing with you oh and balancing Uranus,that you must be running for president.

MAY 19 -21st Not sure if you read the part about Pluto hooking up with the Sun on the 20th but all of that gold shines on you as well!!

MAY 24 – 27th The late month full moon likes you! Even though Saturn is letting the air out of your tires on certain days. 

JUNE 7 – 11th Something so karmically positive is going on right now and around the 12 to 16th you’ll have a friend named Venus to show you around. Rahu at  20 -17 Aries and Venus same degrees in Sagittarius.

JUNE  15 – 19th One tiny blocked time is around the 18 -21st all due to Venus hitting off with Neptune, making for a confusing few days. Venus moves her wings quickly .

JULY 10- 11th This could one an optimal time for many of you Julians, and Uranus is helping a lot! Late month I wouldn’t place a bet on anything  stay quiet and safe.

JULY 26 -27th Be very watchful around the full moon later month.  Early month is a different and even playful story, best day is the 4th!

AUGUST 8 – 13th You can blame Uranus for all the blockages that are taking away your New Year’s champagne.  But, Venus and Chiron like you at mid month time.

AUGUST 16-8th Your best days are very early moth an even better, thank you Venus ,17 -23. See?

AUGUST 21 – 28th You have such a group of pals off and on this entire month. Strong and steady thank you Jupiter, Saturn, and mid month from say the 11th to the 17th is your best time!

SEPTEMBER 8 – 12th The new moon of the 11th is a gift for you as well! Just ignore the 16th because even late month is pretty nice ! Thank you Mars. 

SEPTEMBER 20- 21st Wow you lucky Virgos that January 20th aspect I rambled on about is fabulous for you as well!  Pluto is now in your court, not the court jester but the wise one. 

SEPTEMBER 28 – 30th All being said, later months Full moon likes your Suns, whew some good news. Venus first week is shining her light on you as well! Lay low around the 9 -14th, some obstruction, watch your health.

OCTOBER 8 -11th Capricorn doesn’t really like Libra that much and this new moon will show you how that works. Ketu crossing over your Suns speak to some inner soul changes that could be a new chapter and a good one!  Venus early month likes you a lot!

OCTOBER 15 – 17th This a a challenging time but you already know it. Mid month looks fine, but the more concerning dates show up very late month into very early February.  Be careful.

OCTOBER 26 -28th The Late month full moon doesn’t like these Suns very much but the good news is that Jupiter, Saturn like you a lot those same dates!

NOVEMBER  9 -11th How fortunate that the beautiful new moon of these same dates, favors you exactly, Then as the month rolls on to the later days, Mars comes in and says yes you can do it!

NOVEMBER 19 – 22nd You’ve no doubt been experiencing a set back or 2, but keep in mind that you are very supported in a deep soul manner that will bring a certain peace. And you get the good parts  of Pluto having moved into his new home.

NOVEMBER 26 – 30th You will benefit from that Wolf Full moon late month, then very early month you have best friend called Venus! Some nice days to write down.

DECEMBER 3-5th Your best dates are the 7 – 9th so make note and also the 31st! We take what we can.

DECEMBER 16- 18th January 17 and 18th ring your bell, some good some annoying, since that Neptune confusion thing is still hanging around.

DECEMBER 24 – 31st Early month around the 8 -11th and then later month is party time for you. Bells,  whistles all of it. Earth loves earth and here it is!