With no retrogrades to slow down February’s trajectory, it’s all ready set go as we arrive at the doorway to the ancient Roman days of Februa.  In present time, the month whose meaning of ritual cleansing,  will attempt to provide some of the Clorox and ammonia needed for the wipe downs to the various calamities festering around the corner.

This Chinese New year of the Wood Dragon supposedly adds a nurturing element to encourage growth, and abundance with new chapters and fresh starts .  The previous Year of the Wood Dragon, 1964,  brought us the Beatles, the Civil Rights Act,  Ford Mustang ….. and the Vietnam War. So we’ll see just what the new moon of the February 9th will bring .  I’m betting on this month’s steady arm of Jupiter and Saturn’s tight earth and water connection to help us through what looks to be a fractious chapter in the weeks ahead.

Don’t delete just yet, there are a few upbeat moments which will be mentioned below, and as you may have heard me say, “use Astrology and don’t let it use you”.


FEBRUARY 1st’s  Gaelic Imbolic festival celebrates the midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox,  embodying the increasing daylight and the gradual return of warmth. It all sounds good to me.

As for Friday the 2nd,  I’m not sure about this groundhog’s day, except it might be that certain individuals are just not seeing their own shadow and who can say when Spring will come for them?  Later Friday onto Saturday’s Scorpio Moon’s upbeat blend with Mars and Venus in Capricorn, sets the table for some very scrumptious times.  Sunday to Monday brings us back to the realities of the day, as Mars triggers the October 14th eclipse degree, meaning it’s red lights on the intense issues of the day.  Drastic Legal problems for someone who’s name I won’t mention,  then the US immigration and border problem,  Iran?

FEBRUARY 9th  With this rebellious Aquarian new moon in close perigee to earth, facing off with Uranus, hurling antisocial media attacks and  threats at each other, I have to ask:  Are we earthlings mirroring certain planetary revolutionary aspects that are colonizing themselves up there?  Yes, I think it’s becoming obvious.  Further study revealed the unmistakeable hit of this new moon’s venom to the identical harsh aspect seen in the USA  Constitution’s chart, September 24, 1789.  Wait there’s more .

This lunar event will also meet up with the fixed star Deneb Algedi,  whose signature is that of a legal advisor, someone holding a position of trust, integrity, justice.  Luckily, Saturn in concert with Jupiter is holding up the sky,  but I think you can see where this is going.  The courts maybe?

FEBRUARY 13th   Mars is now stomping on Pluto in very early degrees of the oft discussed USA return of that destructive and transformative power god.   Meanwhile, in classic Aquarian tradition the social turmoil of the farmers’ rebellion in the Netherlands, France and Germany is  textbook for the rights of the people against those tightfisted overlords. Furious German farmers had dumped cow manure on the streets of Berlin in December.  Then more recently, 100,000 tractors hit the streets in further protest against tax increases and cuts in subsidies for diesel fuel in farm vehicles.  The fight with Europe’s major food suppliers has only damaged Europe’s biggest economy.  What’s next?

February 14 – 16th  This Ash Wednesday is meeting up with our favorite heart day. Could this day of ashes on the forehead be a throwback to the Roman cleansing rituals which were usually observed on February 15th?   Our February 14th’s origin goes back to the story of a holy priest, Saint Valentine, who was sent to prison for discreetly marrying young Christian couples and thereby disobeying Claudius II ’s law forbidding marriage for soldiers. His execution date was on February 14, 270 A.D.  But now it’s 2024, and his get out of jail free card will be good on Friday the 16th !

FEBRUARY 17 – 20th Whereas the main part of this month is history making, this weekend’s Gemini moon will accentuate the intellectual process to help sort a few things out.  The Sun’s ingress into watery Pisces later Sunday, then an intuitive line up followed by Monday’s Cancerian water moon  will bring some rather interesting  even  better news which even I am looking forward to .

FEBRUARY 24 – 29th  Saturday’s Full Snow moon (7:30 am EST) in Virgo’s perfect trine to expansive Jupiter and steady Saturn brings hope.  Adding up this Piscean Sun in early Shatabishak, attributed to medical knowledge, in this new Aira of ingenuity and scientific discovery,  highlights what I call The Big Picture.  Yes, of course there are still some barking dogs out there, like Mars biting Jupiter,  but now the water element offers a  bit of calm.

Tuesday’s Libra moon  collaborating with Mars and Venus could be a create a good settlement day.  Even better would be Leap Day,  the 29th, whose Scorpio moon adds some deep thoughts  and even conclusions to certain matters.

Lastly, you’ll have to wait for my usual persons of interest notes until next month. With so many charts to analyze,  plus so many unexpected events around the corner, it will be a lot to take in.  The big news of course will be about the solar eclipse on April 8th which will be  the last solar eclipse to cross over the US until 2040.   I do have some thoughts to share about where it’s going, what it’s doing and what that all means for US. Stay tuned.  Hello Texas.

DAYS OF BEST USE: 3, 4,16, 19, 25, 27, 29

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

I only mention specific dates of the Sun that are affected in a current month. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and then the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?www.astrodienst.com

FEBRUARY 1- 5th Early days this month have some positive notes. Take the high mental acuity offered by the Mercury Pluto match in 1degree Aquarius, and then the Mars to Venus bond with Uranus over inTaurus . Take advantage while you can.

FEBRUARY 9 -10th. Ok, not my favorite dates at all. Just be very careful, no risks, no impulsivity. If this is your chart juts know, as I always say, that you have other planets and aspects in your chart even though the Sun is an important piece of the pie.

FEBRUARY 24 – 25th Have to mention this full moon time, and if this is your birthday then lucky for you, an exciting year ahead with some nice wing mates called Jupiter and Saturn!  That Libra moon could help solve some issues happy as it is with Mars and Venus. Heck, just be glad this is your birthday in a not so calm month!

MARCH 7- 8th Very early month has your back and especially the same dates as your own! It looks really helpful!

MARCH 15- 19th my favorite time of this month for you fish children, would be right around the 11- 12th of this month, and I can’t say that for many  others.

MARCH  26 -28th That Libra moon could win some issues happy as it is with Mars and Venus all in a nice geometry to your Suns . Heck, just be glad this is your birthday in a not so calm month!

APRIL 5 – 9th As some of you have probably been realizing there appears to be some life changing matters happening.  Depending on your specific charts there could be a big moment that only occurs once every 18 1/2 years. Be careful though very early February. I like the 16th and then March will have your back.

APRIL 14 – 17th Although not my favorite month for these fire children, your best dates are Feb 9 -23.

APRIL 25 – 30th Ok same dates as your own birthdays right here, late February looks very solid and supportive. Use it well.

MAY 8 -12th  Very early month you May babies may have it all, so live it up! Or, knowing you savvy $ people, save it for later! One problem is the new moon of  the 9th, stay home, off your laptop and no cable news.

MAY 15 – 21st  Wow the stars are loving these birthdays in spite of raucous world events. Your very best time is around the 16 – 18th!

JUNE  5 – 9th My favorite dates for you would be Feb 13 – 17th. Not too much lines up to your Suns this month, although a piece of positive karma is being handed to you! Rahu in 17 Aries indicates a positive shift in life plans however that fits into your world.

JUNE  15- 19th Some earlier month confusion for these Gemini birthdays should see some clearance by later month but of course, you have other planets and maybe they’re your friends right now !

JUNE  24 – 30th Late month Junios have such nice aspects for later February and that’s great! Saturn has your back and Jupiter slides in with some good news. Plus, the full moon is actually helpful for you!

JULY 7 -10th Ok the new moon of the 9th sucks for many, but for you there happen to be a few perks, very  first few days are not so great. But all month that high creative Uranus is sparking some interesting thoughts, for you!

JULY 14 – 18th Ok a hard early month for some of you Julians, blame the eclipse trigger?  Then moving along, the inspirational gift of Neptune arrives,  problems solved?

JULY 22 – AUGUST 1st  Early Leos  have some challenges more exact late month.  But of course you have other aspects not just the Sun in early Leo. The Gemini moon weekend of the 17th and Libra moon of the  27th will help.

AUGUST 8 – 10th These birthday Suns will have the full impact of this new moon to Uranus discombobulation. Of course all depends on your own specific charts.  You’ve already been experiencing this obstacle so nothing new here until Uranus gets  out of the way later in the Spring.

AUGUST 16 – 18th This same weekend’s Gemini moon shines happily over to your Suns, maybe the best time of your month.  Other aspects tell more.

AUGUST 24 -26th The late month’s Full Snow Moon likes you a lot, with only one turd in the punch bowl, And then Jupiter comes in to calm down the guest list.

SEPTEMBER 1 – 3d Very early days look helpful then as the month rolls along, you’ll have Jupiter added to your friends list through March!

SEPTEMBER 5 – 9th The first ten days are for you, and I especially like the 7 -8th! And even better is the creative genius vibe coming directly over to your brain from Uranus !

SEPTEMBER 16 – 20th Mid month, these same dates,  looks pretty nice for you. Maybe a charge of intuition, a new chapter?  It all looks pretty exciting,  interesting and good!

OCTOBER  5 – 9 th These early days especially around the Capricorn moon of the 7, 8th, look challenging in certain ways. It’s almost a life changing situation that’s presenting itself and maybe not all negative .

OCTOBER 13 – 17th Take it easy around the 14th  some difficult aspect can be avoided.  Then cheerfulness arrives by the third week, bringing Mercury with its  good connections.

OCTOBER 23 – 25th This brief same day full Snow Moon likes your Suns, in spite of that Mars creep shutting down your ski lift chair. Don’t stress, he’ll be gone soon.

OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 2nd Late late month isn’t very much fun for you so nestle up on your couch and pull out that book you’ve been wanting to get into.   Saturn will have your back very soon as you glide into March.

NOVEMBER 8 -10th  Earth loves water and early week is all yours! Now Armagedda must warn you to stay home during that fractious new moon of the 9th.  As the year progresses you’ll have a great wingman named Saturn, what could be better, but not just yet.

NOVEMBER 19 – 21st Right here the powerful arrangement of Pluto and Mars and Venus to your Suns is a gift, bringing a positive change into your life.  And you’ve had the additional inspirational wand of Neptune for a while.  Lucky you!

NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 2nd The very last few days after the 25th show a team in early airy Aquarius sparking some very exciting thoughts and events for you. What will they beSaturn slowly creeping up to place some bricks in your path can be avoided when looking at your other  better aspects. Call your star gazer.

DECEMBER 16- 18th Not too many exact positive kinds of dates and one to watch out for around these same dates as your own. In one word, it’s confusion.  My favorite time for you? the 22nd and 23d.  All is not lost!

DECEMBER  24- 26th Later month has something nice for you around the full moon, But even for most of the month, the Saturn Jupiter’s friendship likes your ship!  

JANUARY 14- 17th Careful here early month first especially first week. It can be pretty rocky for some maybe a piece of your early October  2023 history returning?

JANUARY 18- 21st Your life change is on the table right in front of you now, as you probably realize.   Jupiter has left you thank god, Saturn is still helpful.  The biggest best piece is heading your way later in April as I may have told you before .  You’ll see.