The signage of the August 30 -31st most powerful super moon must be something like: have a great weekend, but we’re lighting up the sky in this tight Sun Moon syzgy (alignment of opposites) as close to earth as any full super moon has beamed. The last such lunation occurred in January 2018 and this one will light up the sky for about 220, 200 miles. Only this wunderkind of a super blue full moon, boasts the additional conjunction to Saturn, whose rings may even be visible as he/it/they(?) will be almost 42 million miles closer to earth than usual.

I think I might take this more as a warning sign for what to expect in the month ahead.  Oh, so does it mean the headlines may be going into expanded dark face on specific days?  Yes, you may be correct. In fact you are.

In short we are and almost have, arrived at a crucial moment for the chart and identity of our own United States.  Let me add before I launch, that we as a nation have a every helpful supportive angle all these weeks into next month, from Jupiter, whose early stationery to retro position, will hold up our sky.

I’ve been watching this segment of 2023 for almost a year and here’s what Ive found.

After many hours of research going back 250 years   there ’s never been a moment in time whereby three harsh aspects have landed simultaneously within such a short window for America’s chart, and self.  Three very harsh aspects to a person’s chart in a 3 week period, uh, not ok.   Yes, we’re heading into unchartered territory, aside from thrashing hurricanes and extreme heat smashing thermometers.  So let’s go.


August 30 – September 2nd  Late August’s blue super moon in Pisces tight with Saturn and facing off with the Virgo Sun, intensifies emotions, whether helpful or hurtful depending on specific charts. Now, as I write these words, a vicious wind is coiling itself into a funnel of rage in close approach to our southeastern shores.

Then with Uranus and Mercury turning retrograde, things are not likely to go as expected.  Mercury known as the “trickster” and Uranus as his “higher octave” indicate miscommunications and calls for flexibility. Along with the week’s 7 retrograde planets’, rigid demands may just go out the window.  The need to “be clear” should be the mantra for the week. While under the Virgoan health influence, questions and concerns regarding health will probably be “breaking” some news. Why not, with the all powerful Blue full moon and Saturn, in early Pisces known as Shatabishak, the 100 Physicians.  Then combined with Sun’s early Virgo’s placement of service, known as Magha, nothing would surprise me regarding health matters.

September 3 -10th  Venus goes direct on the 4th while Jupiter looks in the review mirror.  For some that’s a bump but overall Labor Day’s Taurus moon lining up with the Virgo Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, all nicely choreographed, should bring on a pretty copacetic Labor Day. Thank you, I’ll take it.

September 8 -10th Finally some common sense may arrive with the strong earthy Sun, Mercury in Virgo aligned with the Jupiter and Uranus in their Taurus hotel. The moon in Cancer makes it all much nicer than some of those earlier days.  Another unusual piece to this month’s sky is that all 5 of the outer gods are holding still in their same or very close, degrees staying still and watching. As we should be doing.

September 11- 15th We’re now on approach to Thursday’s new moon, or anchor of destiny as I might call this one.  Steady Virgo’s earthy feet on the ground partnering with Mercury’s stationery position, plants a pod of reassurance.  Adding the Mars Venus on a fire and air sign date night, we might have a welcome moment of sensibility and stability. These are the days to use logic, common sense and ignore any screaming Lyons.Take advantage, no lazy postponements allowed. May I say it looks like the best time of the month!

September 18 – 25th Do you hear a siren? I do and the US body is very upset with an exact hit to its early life Father complex ( Old king George), power struggles. One side against the other.  Why do they always refer to the D’s and R’s as parties? Talk about arraign on the parade? (thank you Randy Rainbow). Oh but this isn’t all. Heading towards the weekend, Saturn’s very close conjunction to our USA moon known as Sadi Sati, speaks of sadness and disappointment to US.

Therapy probably can’t help right here, although late  month, Mars and Venus will try to make a happy time with perfect match to a cheerful piece of the US natal chart.  

Nonetheless I think we’re in catastasis, or the third act of a Greek drama wherein the action is heightened as it moves into a sudden catastrophe.

September 26 – October 2nd There’s no hiding it, the change is here.  Our natal Pluto, at 27 Capricorn,  after 247 years, has returned to its birth degree at 27 Capricorn.  Natal Mercury opposing it at 24 Cancer best describes our national debates and loudly voiced power abutting opinions. And here we are right now, back to stage one wherein our Declaration of Independence was signed, July 4th at 6:30 pm, Philadelphia.

Saturday’s full moon in Aries (5:20 am PDT) unwittingly  lights the fire and sparks the sounds of grinding teeth.  Then Sunday- Monday’s’Mars trigger finger on 21 Libra will hit the boom button close to the oncoming solar eclipse of the 14th. The  important nodes of destiny and karma, now in late Aries and Libra forming the exact grand square to that Pluto Mercury geometry, will  most likely emphasize the seriousness of these times. This being the 3d of the 3 aforementioned hits to our USA chart.

Coincidentally or maybe karmically, could this be related to the October first 2023 Congressional financial meeting over the budget,12 appropriation bills, and discretionary spending?  The obvious concern would be that of a government shutdown and further lessening of our nation’s credit rating which slid down in early August from AAA to AA+.

The sky will be mirroring the simmering discontent down below.  Will political and financial boxing gloves be distributed along with those water bottles?  We shall find out soon enough. But we can have our own quiet moments that retrogrades sometimes offer, like going over prior decisions, preparing for and making use of  the better days mentioned above and beyond.

Now for dessert I will hand you my take on the “better days” . Forward into mid 2025, the ingress into Gemini and Aquarius by Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, will bring about a new era of communication, in science, technology, outer sky and galaxy discoveries out there!

Ok I’ve said what I had to say, unpleasant as some of this has been. Down below one of the 31 birthday Sun pods might  be yours!

DAYS OF BEST USE:  6, 7, 8, 12, 13,14,18! 27, 28, 31

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE:?The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-30 dates for which I could never be specific.

Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the link provided.?

SEPTEMBER 3-5th A Taurus moon lining up with the Virgo Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, all in nice formation  should bring on a pretty copacetic Labor Day, and a happy solar return birthday for you!

SEPTEMBER 14 -15th This tight new moon in Virgo, coincides with a standing still strong Mercury, then moving direct right here, all with a helpful aspect to Uranus to charge your batteries! YAAY!

SEPTEMBER 25  – 26th  Looks like a couple of days with some strong mental acuity aspects, thanks to that Moon in Aquarius trining Mars in Libra!  Finally! Then, much later day the energy shifts into a deeper softer place under the Piscean Moon with Saturn. Calm down it says.

OCTOBER 2 -7th Nice to have Venus, love goddess, standing right next to you in Leo as in hi!  Wanna go out?  And! that Gemini moon on the Friday and Saturday brings some flowers and wine to the party

OCTOBER 16 – 21st These late September aspects aren’t very pretty for the Sun in your charts. Now, everyone being different, you may have some great help in other parts of the sky!  The Sun rules health and Self, who you are and what you do.

OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 1st Back to that Blue moon again, well it won’t  be that blue for you! Huge uplift to your body and Self. Yes, you can do it! Saturn being in there makes sure of that.

NOVEMBER  4 – 7th The very early week turn around of Jupiter and Saturn to your Suns indicate possible confusion and change of plans. No stress, just stand back.

NOVEMBER  13 – 18th Be very careful at the very last couple of days of September..The sky won’t be very kind to the Sun in your chart. Now, one helpful note for you mid Novembrists will be that Neptune’s retrograde,  a good thing , mystical spiritual creative soul to  soul.

DECEMBER 1- 5th  How nice for you to have Venus the day star hangin out with you for a lot of the month.Then, after say the 10th, Mars will join in for 10 more days to amp you up!! Yaay!

DECEMBER 15 -19th One really nice piece of this month will find you at the last few days.  Venus and Rahu will be bringing the pumpkin pies to you house. That will help with this annoying confusion that’s been handed to you by Neptune.

DECEMBER  28 – JANUARY 2nd. Earth loves earth, so the mid month stationery retro of Mercury, plus that shining Blue Moon will help you to make good decisions, retros or not!

JANUARY 14 – 15th You will be thanking the stars right around that powerful mid September new moon time, same dates. One of few lucky ones for sure. More strength ahead thank you Uranus!

JANUARY 18 – 23d Early month’s Tesla ride from Mars parallel to your house, along with Pluto working your Cap garden,  is a very good thing. Call them your wingmen.

FEBRUARY 4- 8th The sky is in hinder mode to your Sun, due to Venus and Jupiter.  But later on Mars comes to the rescue, late month into early October. You have friends.

FEBRUARY 12 – 16th Later Month’s obstruction vehicles driven by competing tractors will be weakened when Mars comes to your rescue along with Rahu and Ketu nodes of destiny ! See!

FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 1st  Hello Blue Moon what have you got in store for these early undersea fishermen? Lots of things going on with the sky opening, information cascading down to you!

MARCH  5 – 8th Let me just say, that inspite of all the craziness going on, you specifically have a great wingman called Jupiter forming a protect shield and steps to your life and plans ALL MONTH!

MARCH 11 – 14th As the month moves on from the mid month new moon, your friend Uranus close to those dates should bring some welcome news.  

MARCH 18 – 22nd Lucky you to have this incredible once in a 144 year gift of inspiration thanks to Neptune and your butler, Pluto, standing at attention to your whims and desires. And they’re in place for months!

APRIL 3 – 5th That Venusian transit all nice and even beautiful to the Suns in your charts suggest some playful times in month that’s not so much fun.

APRIL 12 – 16th All your patient waiting (not a typical Aries thing) will see the payoff very late month. Thank god you’ll Venus as your angel!

APRIL 28 – MAY 2nd You will have nice early month payback time for which you can thank this extraordinary Full Blue moon! You must have done something right. Emotions are on the right page.

MAY 10 – 14th Your birthday Suns will love the new moon so perfect to your earth brother Sun in Virgo!  And with Uranus there as well, pretty nice not a dull moment thats for sure.! Later month Venus might be pouting that she didn’t get what she wanted. But that’s only a slight hold back. Ignore her.

MAY 19 – 23d Lucky for you, and as may have been mentioned before, those strong unmoving gifts from Neptune and Pluto to hold up the deepest parts of you is just wonderful!  Early month that Mars race car driver is activating your life especially around  Labor Day weekend. September 21 -24th also will have your house well protected !

JUNE  2 – 18th Oh hello Venus, hi Mars, sure you can both come by since you’re in my club of air and fire and close to my Gemini Sun!  I’ll take you up on the happy piece in spite of that Virgo stuff that’s blocking my wifi. Early dates benefit early, later dates very late month.

JUNE 22 – July 2nd Ok, that huge Blue moon is going to make its mark in a perfect lineup to your Sun’s degrees . And its aura will last for almost 2 weeks!  That’s really nice especially regarding positive feelings and deep insights . The 22 -24th dates will have very strong arm from Saturn, nothing better

JULY  3 -6th Fortunately for you, that gift giver,Jupiter going stationery is perfectly situated to help you in which ever area he’s needed! Fun times with that expansion part . And! crazy but he’s hanging out al1l month doing his slow move! The USA chart will love this too.

JULY 13 – 15th You mid month Julian’s will love that New moon on these similar dates, Yes!  And please let’s not forget what that creative guy Uranus in Taurus might do for a water Sun with his earth location! Surprise, great ideas ?One slight bump  might come a the month’s end when Mars throws a fit at you. Careful when driving, no arguments . Silence is the best answer.

JULY 18 -22nd How nice for you late Cancerians to have the blessing, as I ‘ll call it, from Neptune to deepen your soul’s vision and insight and turning that opposition from Pluto into a positive!

JULY 30 – AUGUST 2nd. The full Blue moon may bring some discord onto your driveway. But at the same time you have Venus adding a sweet flavor to your dinner, oh and to you!

AUGUST 13 – 17th  Possibly a slight obstruction as the month creaks by on crutches, suggesting that you hold back and even go into retreat mode, for a while, then late late month into early October, Mars will pull you up! And that solar eclipse of October 14th is going to be such a gift!