Eclipse season has just returned with April 30th’s partial solar eclipse in early Taurus, to be followed two weeks later by the lunar eclipse of May 16th. What does that really mean, or shall I say portend?  Of course it matters where precisely one of these may land in your own specific chart and shall I say, life.  Eclipses are the Sun/Moon’s way of making a Statement.  They provide distinct meanings and time markers both personally and globally which is why we astrologers watch them so carefully. Further down we can see what May 16th may bring to us as well as its delivery for Ukraine and a certain person over in Moscow.

More on this unusual month, we’ll have Mercury retro and I’ll repeat my usual thoughts on that thrice a year occurrence.  Later month we’ll see the athletic team of Jupiter and Mars pumped up together in Aries. It’s a go forward and swing that bat sort of vibe (baseball please).  Players make your mark!  This could be the homerun that sends May into June! It looks like we’ll be rising up from an early month’s spiritual calm and inspiration, to week #3’s football field full of enthusiastic warriors This must be why I’ve mused that May 2022 could be one of the slightly better months in a year that has “Big Changes” printed all over the sky.


April 30 –May 2nd Surprisingly enough the planetary foursome swimming over in mystical Pisces, including Mars, really does lay out what may be a brief, but nonetheless, uplifting weekend onto a very promising Monday!   This year’s May Day celebrations might well be renamed Mother Earth’s Day, because this abundance of earth and water signs so beautifully describe our nurturing life giving planet, of which the sign of Taurus is the ruler. Even as I write this I’m thinking about why or how could it be that our brilliant astronomers and physicists haven’t as of yet located or detected any other rotating orb like our “blue planet” in another galaxy far far away ?

May 3- 8th Early week’s inspiration wave should bring some positive and concrete results especially on Wednesday and Thursday! It’s a perfect couple of days for creativity and inspiration to meet!  Friday and Saturday’s watery Cancerian moon along with a copacetic Venus to Mercury connection should set table for a well deserved and special Mother’s Day weekend.

May 9- 11th Trusting that you’ve had a cheerful respite over the weekend, because Mondays’ Leo moon opposed to Saturn sets up roadblocks so just stop and wait.  Tuesday will find Mercury stopping and stationing before the 21 day retrograde. Now the stationing of a planet, forward or back, emphasizes its impact what ever that may be. Mercury loves twirling in air signs and he’s just looking back to check over his notes, news guy that he is.  The exact location in 2-4 degrees Gemini, whose specific vedic subsection designation, Krittika, reminds us of a similar word in English. Reporting the news can certainly provoke some heavy Kritticism. For several days the quick spirited communicator will partner up cozily with Jupiter who just jumped into Aries. It looks like the beginning of some new chapter. Not all bad.

A brief note about Mercury retrogrades.  Changing faces so often, what is he/she/it doing?  Hanging with whom, blending? arguing?  Does it impact anything in my own chart? As was mentioned a few years ago, when I was about to sign into escrow on a new home, I realized that the planet up there with the antennae on its head, was in retro. Ok, I said, just to be sure, I’ll wait until Mercury turns direct. Two weeks later I signed  the documents and it worked out very well.

May 12-14th Heading into the weekend we may be feeling the oncoming eclipse energy as things may seem to go upside down, sideways.  Backwards we’ve already seen.  Try to stay calm, while the energies above are mirroring “stubborn” back down to us earthlings.  It’s that Saturn guy in Aquarius pushing the Taurus Sun, now even closer to the full moon in Scorpio.  Planets facing off in fixed signs like these stamp a heavy mark. Best thought is to put off specific plots and plans until the skies clear up, into early June that is.

May 15-17th And It’s here, the Blood and Flower Moon’s lunar eclipse (12:14 EDT, 9:14 PDT) A typical May full moon appears in bright orange coloration hence the Farmers Almanac label, the flower part needs no explanation.

Without mincing words this time marker of an eclipse is flashing a signal, one that relates less to floral bouquets and more to the blood orange part.  Ukraine yes, shortages yes, inflation and more don’t we know.  Slightly hopeful is the Sun, Pluto and Neptune’s alignment possibly bringing hope to certain situations, but not for everyone.  Casting an eye on the geometry of October 7, 1952, St Petersburg, 9:30 am UZ2, I’d say Putin and the world are being warned by this lunar eclipse.  The trigger, or response, to this eclipse will likely show up very early this August.  It looks to be a very intense time with little respite for all involved.   The Independence chart for Ukraine, August 24, 1991, provides a few leads, August not favorable as we said, but 2023 holds some  promising aspects.

Over in Moscow, Vlad the impaler may need his inhaler, or will he just disappear into a time machine?  The hard knocks of mid June send him another warning, but August looks like it seals the deal. How exactly we can’t be sure.  Definitely something  serious and dramatic .

Ok you can have a glass of water now.  We have to check on Volodymyr Zelensky’s chart as well. Later this month of May’s “let’s do it” lineup with Jupiter and Mars in Aries should serve a dash of strength and hope to him.  It’s a brief pause into a lighter moment, but no perfect ending is yet in sight. It’s all going to take some time.  With all that being said, looking ahead to March 2023, some positivity could be seeded in the soil of our global and emotional landscape. I’m going to fly that flag of hope.

May 18 -23d   As the Sun moves into Gemini with Jupiter partnering in Aries Monday, there could be some shall I say, rational, moments ?  Slightly better news with the stellar arrangement between the Sun and Pluto and even Mercury backing up to join them, may show up in bold print on your news feed.  I’m hoping that right here the more sane leaders of the world, NATO etc, will strike a chord, call it a guided missile of rationality, to provide even more support to Ukraine

May 24-25th Breaking News! Mars just landed in his home sign of Aries, with Jupiter already there and it’s game time!  The shift has begun, that energetic fervor lighting up the field and the Moon is also in Aries. Get those yearning and wishful thoughts out of the glove compartment and shift them into drive!  Soul support, self support, confidence upgrade, all of it right now.

May 26 -31st By Thursday evening the optimistic pool party dips into  somewhat of a puddle sliding over into Friday and causing some possible disagreements and emotional setbacks.  Later day into Saturday and Sunday the winds shift.   A Taurus moon paired with Venus then linked to Pluto, sets up another day to use wisely and well.  The final bow of the month will be taken under Monday’s upbeat new moon in Gemini which, along with the excitement and forward fusion of the M and J team in Aries, should inspire some beautiful Memorial Day celebrations.  Let’s have some flowers, music and barbecues for the weekend with the Sun in Rohini, which is the most fun part of Gemini!

DAYS OF BEST USE: 1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 19, 20, 24, 28


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we?can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the links to either of the choice provided.? undergoing revisions presently.

MAY 5-6th These dates carry some beautiful aspects, Mars to the Sun to Uranus to the cancer Moon. I know, It all sounds like ancient Egyptian so I’ll just stop with, have a great birthday! 

MAY 15-16th Birthdays right here will have this lunar eclipse in their birthday chart, or solar return, for the year.  The better part comes with the support from Pluto and Neptune to the Sun, wingmen for sure to help lessen the impact of a scowling Saturn.  Saturn can bring some great surprises but just not on this day.

MAY 29 -31st Now, such energetic and promising energy do we have right here on your birthdays and solar return charts! Monday’s new moon in Gemini then a positive Mercury with Pluto in earthiness all suggest a great birthday year for you!

JUNE 2-5th These early June bugs’ Suns really have this very early month’s aspect to those Suns, which says to be careful, don’t ride that pony on the freeway!  And it’s a very short warning. June will like you a lot more!  Of course we all have different aspects so no panic!  

JUNE 15 -20th Will have a slight confusion aspect near the 20-23d , but right after along comes Saturn and Venus to patch up some differences.  Saturn will hold this exact placement of strength for you throughout the end of June, not too bad! 

JULY 1 -7th The solar eclipse of the 30th April , along with the perfect Mars and Uranus partnership, is such a boost, you have friends, help and stability with these stars.

JULY 15-18th How fortunate for you with so much positivity given over to your charts this month! Wow! I’d say take advantage and do what you’ve been holding back on. You may be some of the lucky ones  this month. 

 JULY 24- 26th Early month’s light energies bring some positive energy into  your life. Later month Jupiter returns to keep those lights shining. We all have several aspects but the Sun is a big part of a chart.

 AUGUST early month:  That early month T square from wild dog Uranus sends up a red flag, meaning just be careful, nothing impulsive and crazy please.  June will be a much better month for you and having Chiron lighting up your inspiration candle is pretty nice also!

AUGUST 16-17th As much as I’d like to spread cheer I’d suggest that you be very careful around the lunar eclipse mid month.  It’s a constricting aspects, as in hold back not rushing in on anything ! 

SEPTEMBER 1-6th Well for most of the year you will be one of the very few who will sky rocket with that boost from electric Uranus, as he  fires up your latent Mensa genes.

SEPTEMBER 14-16th These mid September birthdays will benefit from the Lunar eclipse event due to the positive winds cast by  Taurus, Scorpio, and the nodes of fate and destiny.  Almost perfect.

SEPTEMBER 29- OCTOBER 1-2nd I’m only basing this on very early Libra Suns; it’s a word of caution for the first few days.  We have several other planets and aspects in a chart so you specifically may have kinder set ups for the month. Late month’s new moon changes the whole scene. Better!

OCTOBER 13-18th Although most of this year has had its difficult moments for you, for which you can blame Pluto, or Hades, you do have one strong friend up there.  His name is Saturn, and what I say is that with Mr. Saturn providing that strong arm, a can go forward. Later year, when Mars enters Gemini, things should definitely improve.

NOVEMBER 1-6th  Very early May is so uplifted for you!  That recent solar eclipse did a good job for you too! As in happy.

NOVEMBER 14-17th These mid month birthdays are twins to the lunar eclipse birthdays.  Remember that you have Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter and Mars who all volunteered to stand with you against Saturn. He doesn’t have much of a chance right here.

NOVEMBER 20- 27th Ok the 24th is my choice for best day of the month, use it well my early Sag friends!  June gets even better!  With Jupiter riding in trine for you most of the year ahead, what s the bad news?

DECEMBER 11- 18th Talk about contradictions. And here we are. The earlier parts of this month appear to be obstructive even a bit confusing. But, after the lunar eclipse last third of May, Venus and Saturn pick up the pieces, put them together pretty well! Just wait, June is way better.

DECEMBER  21-25th Slight obstructions later month, it all moves away moving  into July. I’m telling it straight.  The eclipse on the 30th was a wide but positive event for you so cheer up!

DECEMBER 31-JANUARY 1st Saturday’s solar event benefits you wonderfully! These Life changes are superb. It’s a new beginning. Happy you!

JANUARY 20 –25th Now here comes your pal, Jupiter who else? The gift giver, now, not promising roses, just yet, but to have Jupiter most of the year in perfect geometry to your Suns is a gift! Early month’s aspects are pretty nice too giving a boost to your Suns and self . June is much better so hang on.

JANUARY 30- FEBRUARY 1st You  very early Februarians have  slight challenge ahead, blame it on the April 30th  eclipse because that wild but genius Uranus character has been and will a little longer, push you to your limits.  June has way better aspects hold on,

FEBRUARY 14-17th  Much as I hate to be the skunk at the picnic, I have to be honest and this mid month ‘s lunar eclipse is not kind to you  not at all. But you do have other aspects, planets in your chart and were only looking at your Sun! And, as the weeks move ahead, remember you will have the strong arm of Saturn, when he’s a good guy, holding you up for almost 9 more months. Hello October!

MARCH 1- 7th  You early Marchers have some very positive aspects this first week of May. Relief spelled Mars and Sun and Moon and Uranus. Imagine, I hope you do!   

MARCH 15-19th You may not believe it but in spite of all the derangement dealt the world by this mid May lunar eclipse, there is a happy piece for you. I mean really how could that be? I’ll spare you the drill.  Meanwhile you can just thank Neptune and Pluto .

APRIL 12-15th My this Saturn guy is doing something nice for you, I mean you have an agent, a valet, a chauffeur, a chef? Or something like that and so deserved after all the turmoil Pluto has dumped on you for over a year or more.

APRIL 29-May 1st Well of course you know that solar eclipse covered your personal skies. However, look how Mars is assisting you with all of this …  Armagedda would of course tell you something awful if she saw it. Very Early June has a nice little Venus type of surprise. July 19-22nd up ahead will be a reminder of this, possibly in a good way.