What does the cosmos have in store for us in this month of strong contrasting energies? Bookended by 2 new moons starting with April first’s fiery ignition starter, the month will take its final bow under a decisively bovine Taurus solar eclipse side by side with Mars out of character in Piscean slippers.  Don’t be deceived, the hammer is still coming out of the tool box.  Oh and Mercury, that quicksilvered cyber agent, will be flying through three signs in 30 days.  It would appear that he has so much news to cover.  Since Ukraine war horrors still remain front and center in bold  faced headlines,  I’ve included my thoughts on the key players.  Our final notes will take us back into history where we might glean some insight into the160 year return of Jupiter and Neptune together in he sign of Pisces.  It’s going to be a month of opposites for sure. 

March 31s t– April 3d The new moon’s early weekend line up takes off with a gang in Aries, call them Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron. That alone is enough to light anyone’s barbecue.  Another team, 4 of them led by Saturn in Aquarius, provides a temporary rational moment, as air and fire are very compatible.  A hike, a swim,  upbeat conversations at convivial dinners, may serve up a homerun of a weekend in good form. Enjoy these days because the week ahead is slightly different. 

April 4- 6th Monday has had my telescope focused on the rather intense grid of the exact Saturn ( discipline, material world success)  Mars( inspiration, aggression) conjunction, somewhat confrontational with a Taurus moon and those destiny defining lunar nodes.  We can’t   underestimate these watch and pray not play, couple of days.  

Historically, this every 2 year meet up of Saturn and Mars has not been that helpful, thinking back to March 30th, 2020 and the DOW going down. This year’s similar pattern lands right on our own USA’s chart house of  finance and values.  It’s a pause and restructure moment on so many levels, including the earth’s core and wider sky, as in weather surprises. Considering what’s going on in the world, Russia and Ukraine of course, we may hear of a certain signal event. 

Curiosity, that Gemini trait, had me pulling up Putin’s chart and lo what did I find?   His chart looks to be severely impacted this month A triple bullet vest might be a good idea, like the one he wore to his recent fan fueled appearance. But don’t tell him I said so. His April star debacle gets slammed significantly again near April 16-17th ‘s full moon. I’m not his psychologist, but it looks as though his self isolation and paranoia are taking him down the path to a desperation trigger of sorts. 

Since were on this subject, the chart for Ukraine the country, August 24, 1991, shows that same early April hit, the full moon slightly better.  The added blessing of unwavering grit and strength from Pluto brings hope that the world will see white flag of truce  flying.  Not just yet.    

What about Zelensky?  Although not entirely perfect, the first half of April’s team of Mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, bring more besides arms and materiel to Volydymr’s front lines.  His mental strength will deliver its own reward eventually. Meanwhile he’s under a year long trauma and stress aspect with some slight upticks come late August which go back and forth into 2023.. The Full moon mid April grants him a few favors too.  Now back to the month at hand.  

April  7– 10th Wednesday’s moon gets back into action facilitating certain hopeful and helpful communication attempts even with some slight enthusiasm.  Thursday through Saturday’s moon in Cancer moves over to enhance the oncoming conjunction of certain historical significance.  In sharp contrast to the vicious war invoking devils, a creative, inspiring and higher vibration may soon begin to spread its wings. 

April 16- 17th Before we get into that story, I have to mention that Saturday’s Full moon in Libra, or Chitra, usually speaks of efforts at harmony and peaceful interactions however this one is a little challenged by Mr. Pluto.  And the Sun in Ashwini, the part of Aries symbolized by the Horse with a female head,  is quite similar to the strong female leader of the Valkyrie warriors. Translated into April 2022 Mr. Zelensky should be leading the charge with Sun and moon nice to his Jupiter ! It’s going to be interesting to see how this one plays out 

Now we’ll get to some better news.  

As the conjoining of Jupiter and Neptune, in the sign of Pisces, has not happened for 160 years the lessons from past history may well serve to bring planet earth, ourselves, into a more hopeful and creative chapter.  Astrological history has also shown Jupiter to excel in prosperity and abundance under this water sign so I’m holding that thought.    

Fascinating though is the actual history of this previous meet-up.  First of all, 1856 was the year when resolute photography made its debut, simultaneously with an upswing in the fields of medicine and spirituality. Florence Nightingale, an English social reformer, pioneered the more professional role of women in nursing as well as medical care itself.. In 1855 when she was asked to tend to the injured soldiers in the Crimea, she wrote a severe note to the English commander concerning the awful conditions in their field hospitals. 

It was Florence then, who set the requirements for sterile environments in hospital and surgical settings.  

Over to the creative and thinking world, along came the 1854 publication of  Henry David Thoreau’s retelling of his 2 solitary and soul nourishing years at Walden Pond,  with “Life in The Woods”. I’d say this would be the approximate time marker for the American Transcendental movement.   Ralph Waldo Emerson’s is really the center point of the dramatic shift from strict rules of traditional religion.  This rupture paralleled the parallel rise of Unitarianism, which sprang up in Boston around the mid 19th century.  This new religious movement, and liberal Christian sect, emphasized reason, intellectualism, and rationality, and was very popular at Harvard.  

Emerson’s best known essay, “Self Reliance”, expressed his sincere belief that “the individual is identical with the world, and that world exists in unity with God”.  This time of spiritual awakening also found another identity in what has come to be known as the American Spiritualist movement.  Intimate settings provided a venue in which to communicate with spirits on “the Other Side, ” through medium-ship, tapping, and other out of body techniques.  Some of these methods were jokingly referred to as “gabbing with ghosts”. But more significantly, a new era had begun.  Doors, windows, hearts and minds were opening. 

April 27-28th Late month the benevolent aspects from Mars and Venus to the two gods in Pisces make for an almost perfect few days with which to set serious and meaningful  intentions while preparing for the week ahead. Not the least of this arrangement will be Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which is a fairly benign sign, lover of earth oh, and money. But back to our bigger story, that we are  about to enter this new wave or chapter which coincides with the end of the Piscean age.  It’s for sure the birth of the true Age of Aquarius.   Do I hear music?  “Hair”? 

It won’t all happen immediately but we’re on the way and  a year from now, the biggest change agent himself, Pluto, will be moving into the sign of technology, outer planetary discoveries, innovation, creativity. ..and where? Aquarius of course! .  Hey you older hippies out there, does this sound familiar?  Handing out yellow sunflowers to those soldiers? Ok, but not into the noses of their guns please. Signing off now. Peace and love! Namaste. 

DAYS OF BEST USE :1,2,9,14,18,21,27, 28 


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 1-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we?
can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet, sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the links to either of the choice provided.?www.Astrodienst.comLunarium.com?is undergoing revisions presently. 

APRIL 1-3d very early month birthdays this month will sparkle with that electric  foursome, Sun, moon, Chiron, Mercury, all close together over the Suns in your charts…That will mark your solar return, aka, birthday, char for the year ahead! Now a lesser part comes with that Mars and Saturn meet up. It may be beneficial to your specific charts and it may not, but pretty strong it is for sure and helpful with all the Aries planets. 

APRIL 16-17th This full moon birthday has its stronger parts and some slight blockage as well.  Now I’m focusing on the beautiful Jupiter Neptune conjoining in a perfect alignment to Pluto. That’s a gift. 

APRIL 30TH – MAY 1ST This is a very big birthday as it arrives under a solar eclipse, a very rare event for one’s birthday, if it ever even happens. Fortunately the nice Mars alignment softens any possible harshness due to the Uranus conjunction part.   And you still have that beautiful Jupiter and Neptune with Venus in Pisces. What a high note is that!  

MAY 11- 17th there’s really no way around this, my best advice would be to try to stay calm the first half of this month, too much obstruction., part of which remains.  Now, as the days move on you get a break, an uplift for which you can thank thank Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus.  

MAY 22-30th Yes very early April is a YES, so go ahead and do it ! There’s a nice fire charge to your Suns, no slacker will you be with that gang in Aries helping you out !  

JUNE 13-18th These June Suns will reap the better part of the Mars and Saturn alignment for most of the month and add strength and positivity to meetings and outcomes, Early month is best. Very late month however, confusion raise its tumbled up head. There are of course other planets in your chart that may actually like that!   

JUNE  20-30th Later Juners will benefit the most after the full moon of the 16th and so powerfully good! Will be that solar eclipse for those birthdays like 28-July 1st..  A rock has been placed under your feet, nit your car. 

JULY 1- 6th Your best days really start around the 18th through the next 12 days. The wild Uranian aspect with Sun in  Scorpio then add Venus turns this into a winner for you! Surprises, inspiration, yep all yours after  the Full moon. 

JULY 11-17th Fascinating how the line up of these Piscean monoliths form a wingline around you and set off some deep soul introspection that rewards you with a gift of inner peace and knowledge.  

AUGUST 1-4th Early Leo’s have the early month’s award of the Aries fire gang all setting off  sparkles of ideas and action into your days. Have fun!  

AUGUST 8- 17th We all have other planets in our charts besides the Sun therefore that earlier month’s Mr. No will retrograde back in a few months, but the full moon here might well light your fire. Later year the changes are electric, maybe not a Tesla, but pretty nice !  

AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER  1ST  Again you join the party of the very few whose lives will be affected  positively by the April 30th Solar Eclipse.  Springbreak, Spring cleaning, whatever,  it’s got a long timeline for you. 

SEPTEMBER 2-6th The 12 days onto early May, following the full moon are ripe with fruit ready to fall from your tree into your lap, some great   jam, or is it another creative project maybe? The excitement promised  by the Uranian friendship ring is way too serious to ignore, and it’s wonderful!   

SEPTEMBER 11-17 th In spite of the drama unfolding, you have the unseen support of the moons nodes and Pluto! Yes that Piscean  duo making news is also a friend to you thanks to the aforementioned Pluto node connection. Wew! Lucky you !  

OCTOBER 16-18th Oh The Full moon is right over your roof as well! That’s interesting because of the Pluto contrast as you try to remake yourself or a piece of your life. But don’t be discouraged, because all year long you’ll have Saturn holding you up and carrying your bags. 

OCTOBER  20-29th  Best days come after the full moon of the 16th to the month’s end, all of which you may have Mars to thank over in Pisces for adding his energy, even if a bit mystically . 

OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 2nd  Of course solar eclipses have their up and down moments and late late April has your name on it. Rather than posing a challenge that all gets softened and turned into a favor thank you Mars!   

NOVEMBER 10-13th Early month we have the exact time and I’d add a warning, with that intense astro grid near the 4-6th of the month. Just stay home right here and know that the upbeat party of Jupiter and Neptune will soon be on your doorstep. Invite them in!  

NOVEMBER 15-19th So much to look forward to, and for you especially with the right arm of Pluto supporting you for many months to come along with later month’s absolutely beautiful and exact line up of the Pisces duo. Inspiration! Love ! All yours.  

 NOVEMEBR 29- DECEMBER 4th Very early month, say first week, all that high Aries energy is yours to pick up and run with. So do it! Later month near the 24th or so, Mars throws a block age to some plan or other. But you have other planets it’s not only the Sun in your charts. 

DECEMBER 16-18th  My what that full moon energy vibe will bring to you! Happy times, openings, the sky, new energy!  As we all have several planets in our charts, I’m not in the least concerned about Jupiter and Neptune facing off at your Suns.   

DECEMBER 30 – JANUARY 2nd Well one more little slice of the year gets the reprieve or even a gift? From that April 30th solar eclipse energy, It’s a wake up and move ahead kind of vibe  and its pretty helpful! Early month the crows are cackling, ignore the chaos and hold on, just some minor kerfuffle. 

JANUARY 14-19th You Mid Monthers, wow that full moon of the 16th might be a time to slow down but don’t fret.,. The best part of the month, the duo in Pisces is a straight up gift to you for deep soul inspiration and creativity. I know you won.t waste it. 

January 31-FEBRUARY 2nd Well very early month you might feel electrified and that’s a good thing. End of month it’s a different take, So just slow down there and get excited for later year with Mars in fun chatty Gemini after August 27th  for 7 months. 

FEBRUARY  8-10th Well what to say except be very careful around those April 4-5th days.. Might be a bit unsettling.  Don’t believe, sign or buy anything. Gemini moon after 6th will help clear the skies.  The Sun in Aries is usually a good thing for you and right at these days of your own birthday. Gemini moon after 6th will help clear the skies. 

FEBRUARY 15-18th Wow that full moon mid month might be an all electric day for you my friends! Its excitement beyond.. And!! Let’s not forget that this slow moving transit of serious minded Saturn on your Suns, is doing you a service! Even though you like to break out a bit. He’s the steady discipline guy ya know.  

MARCH 10-13th We can’t overlook the strength given over to you by the lunar nodes.  The Scorpio and Taurus line up to you is  unmistakeably helpful although not seen. And on top of this you are under the magical wave of Jupiter and Neptune ! Write create,sing!!  

MARCH 17-19th Late Late month the sky is yours!  It’s such a great gift to have these 2 after 160 years that is, on your home and head, even your barn!  This is a time of high inspiration in which to plan, dream, write it  all down and sail upwards in your heart!