The Chinese year of the black Water Tiger is here and landed, coincidentally, right at the Imbolic, call it the midpoint, between the winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox of March 21st. It was on this new moon day in particular, that the old Celtic festivals celebrated this as the ”lambing “season, new life seeding, and the incoming of spring. With all the planets now in direct motion for three months, I’d say this Tiger guy, a swimmer no less, will really be pushing us hard for the next three months. As for the month ahead, our February 2022 has a few aspects. We have a couple of noticeable dates, a dramatic full moon, and late month’s line up in Capricorn striking a chord on our USA Pluto return. It’s a strong message. Leaving Phil the groundhog to mull over his shadow, we’re moving on, it’s let’s go Tigers!


February 1- 6th Very early months’ new moon in Aquarius sitting with boss man Saturn, speaks to action. It’s also quite disputational as discussions may turn ugly due to rebel, Uranus, who never likes to follow the rules. I don’t need to explain if you’re still scanning the headlines. But things change as they will. The contrast is that month long welcome stride of Mars and Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter’s sidebar first week adding some creativity and energy by the weekend. With so much in Capricorn along with the Saturn wingman to the Sun, two words coming to mind for February 2022 : DECISIVE AND DEFINITE .

February 7- 15th Some very strong “let’s do it” aspects mark this week as Monday lights up with an electrifying conjunction of Moon and

Uranus in Taurus in syncopation with the Mars Venus team in Capricorn. I‘ll even mention the weekend’s Cancerian moon over to Mercury with Pluto. It’s launch time, swimmers (Tiger man?) take your mark! This is a positive moment for (almost) all of us. Later Friday and Saturday’s lunar set up in Cancer along with that serious decision making vibe, thank you Saturn, makes for decisive and even welcome moments, however short they may be.

February 16th -19th The full Snow Moon, will shine Wednesday, Feb 16th ( 8:59 am pst). More significantly here is where the shift begins. Wow, such a combination of aspects have we here. Saturn to the nodes with that dynamic Full Leo moon is just plain fiery and the Tiger shuns off off his leash . On a side note, I felt impelled to glance over at Russian president, Mr. Putin’s chart. Not Rasputin but close. These dates, right here, 15-20th, do not speak of a great pay day for Vlad as I’m seeing some of his very harsh birth aspects slammed. How will he handle this one? More aggression? NATO saying No More?

But the full moon’s location in vedic Magha brings a slightly optimistic tone to the two weeks ahead. Yes it’s in Leo for Western astrologers, but the vedic definition speaks of the King who knows he’s a ruler, but is dedicated to serve and take care of his people. There’s a certain regality but also humility to this late part of Leo that is one of my favorites of the 27 Nakshatras or sign divisions. We in the West have only 12.

Thursday and Friday’s sensible Virgo moon having a tea and chat in a nice threesome with Jupiter and Uranus, should allow us earthlings to stop and rest for a bit.

February 20-26th The reign of Pisces starts right here bringing a slight even swooning moment twice, first one on Friday. Then even more so on Twos Day, 02/22/22, owing to the intense Scorpio moon giving permission to Mars Venus and Neptune to snuggle up together ! I hope your personal charts will respond well to this one. Thursday and Friday show some confusion and conflict so watch your step right here.

February 27-March 2nd These last few days’ Moon, Mars and Venus conjunction to Pluto may send firecrackers of hope and promise up to the sky.

What must also be mentioned is that the oft mentioned USA chart’s Pluto return begins right here. It’s about our identity, ourselves .

This loaded up Capricorn influence carries an unmistakable governmental and congressional description. A hammer coming down? I’m expecting some very definite or legalistically re-written responses to be announced from the podium. The times they are a’changing. I’m prepared.

March 2nd’s Joyful and creative new moon connected to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces sets the table for a new season, not all Saturnized or sanitized either. Then there’s another piece of cheerful news which I’m saving for next month’s letter. As for now, it’s swim time, calling all you dolphins and tigers.

BETTER DAYS : 2, 3, 7, 17, 22 !!, 26, 27


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not only a large swath of 28-31 dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon, call these the Three Majors. Then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues and the house position gets even more specific. Planet , sign, house, is what how we begin. If you’d like to see your own chart for these details just follow the links to either of the choice provided. www.Astrodienst.comLunarium.co is undergoing revisions presently.

FEBRUARY 15-16th If these birthday folks wonder why there is so much intensity mid month, just look up, the full moon lined up with Saturn, makes a very definite mark. Strong and decisive what a birthday it shall be ! Don’t give any space to the negatrons either.

FEBRUARY 20-23d Early month you’ve been blessed I would say by the Jupiterian wash over your Suns and it continues. Pretty nice! Added to this, the moon in Scorpio on your birthdays brings an added gift. Deep intuition and other soul broadening moments lie ahead for you.

MARCH 6-8th A bit layer month, say like the 15-19th, that Venus and Mars team work aligns your Suns in a most hopeful and helpful way, in spite of this dogmatic full moon. Moving ahead into March, wow, Jupiter will continue the gift of light for you as well. He’s in Pisces and very connected to the degrees of your Suns.

MARCH 16-19th The very later month aspects are so helpful and supportive to your dreams and hopes. Whatever decisions you make will be pretty on target right here right now.

APRIL 15-17th The full moon energy will exert such positivity into your lives!! It’s energy, and positivity one can’t pay money for! Don’t hold back, your aims and goals are right on target here

ARIL 23-30th You might be a few of the more fortunate especially in the first part of the month .The line up of Mars, Venus and Jupiter to your Suns provides such strength and support for all that you’re trying to pull off! Go for it!

MAY 1-12th I rarely add so many dates at once, but! This is an exception. The later birthdates listed will be rejoicing later February, and earlier birthdates, first half of the month up to say the full moon. Happy and strong is this one !

MAY 16-19th Very late this month, say like the last 5 days, the cosmic line up to your Suns says right action may be taken now. It’s powerful don’t waste it. This will be helpful since the full moon mid mot will not be your friend.

MAY 28 – JUNE 3d Early Gemini’s may feel a bit blocked but not terribly throughout the month, but! the mid month’s full moon will shift that energy to a more uplifting place.

JUNE 15-18th the Full Moon energy will add a very strong and uplifting piece to your life. Should you hold some earth sign planets this is even better, call it a golden moment.

JUNE 28-30th Early February has some gifts for you, call them Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Support and open doors are yours.

JULY 1-6th For most of the month you have that gift giver himself, Jupiter, gliding in perfect geometry to your Suns, a happy event and later month even better for the last 2 days mentioned. My fave day for is the 22nd. Yes, you can sign that contract now.

JULY 17-19th Specifically these Sun dates match up so perfectly with the lunar nodes, never count them out because they soften the impact of Pluto facing off at you so it should be ok. The 22nd 23d are especially nice.

AUGUST 5-8th You early lions would rather be Black Tigers now since that Saturn boss guy is lecturing you and making you follow rules. Too strict for his own well being.

AUGUST 16-17th The mid month full moon landing right on your own Suns, is a dynamite moment, Maybe even too much excitement? BE a little careful. Not too wild but of course you’re sensible and the earth team of Mars and Venus are calming features.

SEPTEMBER 1-14th Now as I’ve said a few times, I don’t typically add a swath of 15 dates to this column but you! Are so fortunate to have that Venus Mars tight connection in perfect harmony to support you this entire month!

SEPTEMBER 15- 17th Wow! what good fortune is yours right here, with Pluto, Mars and Venus together in Capricorn later month even early month’s Mercury there, is really helpful and hopeful!

OCTOBER 15-18th You mid October children can thank the full moon for this uplift, air loves air, as you know by now. And for sure you ve been needing something helpful. That square from underworld Pluto has been so annoying and worse. But I have a little surprise for you, later March into April it’s going to be your time! Just hang on.

OCTOBER 22-25th The late month aspects are for you! That Scorpio Moon on the 22nd, best day of the month and those are your better days! Then add in Jupiter’s sway through watery Pisces, and early Scorpios will feel the up!

OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 2nd Most of the month hands you that Uranian opposition but, you’ll also have the gift of Jupiter so perfectly alignedTH to your Suns that it all work out in your favor! It’s excitement overcoming any roadblocks.

NOVEMBER 13-17th ok I’m not thrilled about the mid month aspects here. Full moon and all. But later month, wow it’s so positive and supportive with all in Capricorn so perfect to your Suns, to your plans your health and yourself !

NOVEMBER 19 – 30TH The first couple of days and the last ten days of the month are more helpful for you. I’m suggesting that you underline the 20 21st , then again the 24th. As I always say, use astrology not the other way around.

DECEMBER 16-18th Wow! The full moon mid month is brings you an uplift! So exciting too! Use it well.

DECEMBER early days, 2-9th Lucky for you, that Saturn support arm is in play and strong to help you through any mishaps the month might have for you. It’s in play all 28 days too!

DECEMBER 29 – JANUARY 4th How great are the aspects for you early Goats. I mean, that duo, Mars and Venus cruising overhead and assisted by generous Jupiter in Pisces, I mean this is your moment!

JANUARY 11- 17 This is the gift of your lifetime, it won’t come back for 245 years.. Now I’m talking about that Pluto guy hanging out with Mars and Venus, later month especially! You are so lucky with this one! And before I forget, it’s life changing but I guess you already know that. The changes are positive and it’s a new you!