Goodbye 2021, and please shut the door behind you.  Janus is now looking ahead, and not at the past.  What an interesting month we have appearing on the horizon.  Saturn’s signature month will be bringing us some positivity very early and later month a swag bag of what could even be happy surprises.  Most welcome might be the first weekend’s Capricorn new moon arranged harmoniously with Uranus to lay out a red carpet for the New Year. Then again, award shows are brief, as we know.  Your star tracker will mention a few high flying’ electric days, some deep soul poetic ones, red flag humdingers and always, those dates more yin than yang.

We’ll take a look at the USA’s Pluto return chart, or more aptly put, its “rebirth “ chart. Then the Mercury retrograde contacts, a striking full moon mid month, a chart or two in the news, and a brief look at what I call the Big Picture going forward. As always, you may check below to see if your specific birthday Sun degrees are activated this month.

January’s curtain will go down as the new moon of February 1st (3:01 am pst) ushers in the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Tiger!


January 2022 arrives just as Mars crosses over war god Antares, marking last month’s eclipse point Thursday, then heading on to New Year’s Day.  We’ll see what that might ignite, fires in Colorado happening now but something more?  The month’s real show time will begin with Monday the 2nd’s new moon in Capricorn.  A hopeful lunation this one, signals a push forward if we can take it.  Due to its closest proximity to earth, this super moon amplifies the effect of its Saturn ruled sign.  Probably the strongest of the four cardinal signs, Capricorn ‘s determination to pursue and accomplish set goals,  can outpace the intentions of goals set and met by the rest of the quaternity, Aries, Cancer and Libra.  Even better, this lunar event lands fortuitously in vedic Purvashadha , a nakshatra placement often given over to persons who are intelligent, kindly, family oriented  and honorable.

Now, not to Polly analyze things too much, just a bit of caution moving over to the 4th of the month, I must mention that right here, some changes are taking place under what was a pleasant umbrella. Some of us and also our own ruler, not Saturn, Mr. Biden, will be dealing with some warring actors arguing among themselves and bashing his natal Pluto and Mars. His talk with Putin?  We have Saturn and the moon in Aquarius at odds with Uranus to blame for this one.

January 6- 12th Some relief finds welcome here with a Pisces moon.  Is she writing a song or is it a script with Neptune and Venus?   Off to the side of the stage, is a lazy factor at play, or did someone just bring CBD gummies to the table?  But it’s a happy time, party on Saturday for sure, play the winning sound track of the year, wine, flowers, romance is in the air.  I wish I could be as optimistic about Tuesday, but the Taurus moon in square to Saturn brings a heaviness to the picture, a sign of walk carefully, rehearse your lines, or better don’t even say them.  An insurrectionist vibe is angrily fuming under the sound stage .

January 13–15th Later day Wednesday’s Taurus moon adds a sliver of rationality  but get ready for later Friday’s humdinger of a day. Mercury has been slowing down and stations retrograde Friday.  Add in the Saturnian police drawing red lines on the boardwalk does not a happy picture make.  The weekend’s Gemini moon arguing with Mars, both squaring Neptune, creates a jumble bumble of confusion, spelled with a capital K, oh I must be confused, I meant C.  Best to avoid signing anything serious or legal.

January 16-18th Not only does Uranus station direct, adding to the Power of that Dog, we’ll have Sunday’s humdinger full moon in Cancer playing directly opposite the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn.  I’d have to say that these set ups have now brought us to the foot of the Washington monument. It does appear to be a an important moment as in very strong and resolute.  Buried under the corner stone of the monument lie copies of the US Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence, all of which brings us to the USA chart and as I see it, the rebirthing of our nation’s self.  Pluto’s approximate 247 year cycle is very close to the USA birth place in July 1776.  Where does the upending god of the underworld land?  In the second house of finance, the economy.  A chart’s second house also describes one’s value system , call it our democracy.  Or is it more like democrazy, up for dissension and division?  Just as in 1776, rebelling against the Crown, and  present day the  protests  and revolts that decry and debase the core of what was written, signed and fought for makes “breaking news” . This scene earns a very low score in rotten tomatoes.

January 19 –28th   Changes are in the wings and the planetary crew is about to shift the set décor. Here it is! The Sun moves into Aquarius Wednesday just as the lunar north node exits Gemini after 18 months as it slides into Taurus!  Sundays’ Libra moon offers some friendly get together moments, not quite yin but almost.  Mars’ arrival into Capricorn Tuesday sends a slight orange light, or maybe a warning, to buckle down for Wednesday’s yang red Scorpio moon aiming the trigger at Saturn and rebel Uranus.  Did the lights go off?  A brief respite may be seen mid day Thursday but the real fixer is about to come out of the green room.

January 29- February 1st Saturday’s upbeat star, Venus, has come out of the dressing room stationary direct, pairing up with Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and the Moon, all to graciously accept the awards.  The calm centered vibe brought on by these alignments might be the emissary of good news, do I dare say?  I am rather hopeful as the February sky charts hold some really promising aspects but the best news might just be the conjoining of Jupiter and Neptune in later March and early April.  The sky’s changes are reflected back to life on planet earth as we know. And this for me is the really Big Picture.

January will now take his last bow, as the world awaits…. February first’s New Moon and the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Tiger!  Do keep in mind that Tigers are not known to be great swimmers, which helps to defang that ruthless toothy one.   More ground to be covered about the Chinese New Year’ in next month’s letter. A Bonne Annee to all for 2022, which adds up to the number 6 in numerology meaning the embodiment of the heart. If we can.

BETTER DAYS: 2, 3, 13, 21, 29, 30, 31,1  

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE: The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

JANUARY 1-5th These very early month birthdays have the gift of a positive intellectual inspiring aspect from Uranus, where he’s on best behavior! It’s a strong wand to get you working on your deepest plans and ambitions!

JANUARY 18- 20th Frustrating is this mid month time for you guys, but happier moments come your way in later March.  Planets move and change just as  we ourselves do. See?

JANUARY 29-30th Very late month you’ll  have  a lot to celebrate since these dates coincide with your birth!  Overall it’s an up after a long haul around the Sun.

JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 3d  Most of the month will see Saturn continuing his ride with you to harden and guide when not interrupted by that rebel Uranus.

Early month you have the added boost from Mars.  There are some good days!

FEBRUARY 13-15th Mid month might well send you down the Matterhorn at Disneyland, not the one in Switzerland, but a fast ride all the same, mid month especially!

FEBRUARY 19-24th The good news has arrived, thank you Jupiter sending benisons over your natal Suns! It’s uplifting , even healing with the very last few days of this month an added  gift.

MARCH 10-13th Most of the month glides along with you smoothly with one exception.. That full moon of the 14th sends a grumpy T sq over at you saying, slow down, and just don’t answer any annoying calls. The sky clears in a few days and besides you’ve had the great Venus and Pluto side bar, you lucky little fish you. I And, they reappear in early March.

MARCH 17-19th That full moon of the 17th  sure has your name on it! It’s a door of awareness opening to reveal.  Very end of month, just stay home, there’s too much action and not the good kind. But in the Big Picture, the transit of Rahu and Ketu to your Suns is a great helper!

MARCH 26 –31st These few birthdays have an uplift from Saturn, and Mercury, and Rahu, all in the first ten days of January. Just wait till June…..speaking of energy, in spite of the new moon  in Cap.

APRIL 1-4th The Saturn alignment to your Suns is so strong and helpful! Add Mars, earlier month ,to the picture and it’s pretty dynamic. That rebel creature Ur Anus, is not tooo bothersome for you.

APRIL 14-17th Looking up at the full moon might bring some surprises, some ok, some not.  It is an intense time though. Thankfully you’ve got Mars riding his horse right next to you as your security guard and party planner.

APRIL 29 –MAY 3dh  It’s not been an easy ride for you, obstacles of all kinds as you probably know.  Very early month there’s a light in overhead in your sky, and it comes back again the very last days, 29 and 30th to be precise.

MAY 10 –12th Early month the days are yours. With Venus and Neptune and the Sun walking the dog, shoveling snow and cooking, what more could you ask for?  Later month they aren’t exact so gather your snowbirds while you may.

MAY 16- 21st This very rare ongoing conjunction of Venus and Pluto at 24 Capricorn is an incredible boon for you! It’s a life changer and in a good way!

Later March will have some gifts as well. Add the north lunar node going over your Suns for 4 months, wow! A gift.

JUNE 1-5th That December 4th eclipse is sending a trigger across the street to your house, now all depends on how your chart is set up. But the added strength from wingman Saturn, is undeniably helpful and balances your sky out.

JUNE 10-14th Crazy days arrive mid month exactly the same dates as your Suns!

The full moon of the 14th lands directly overhead dropping  some chaos and confusion. Ride it out, all things pass and it’s only a week of irritation to you,

JULY 1- 6th Very early month birthdays should revel in the very early and very last days of January. Crazy Uranus is lining up to guide you through your most inspiring moments and gathers speed on into February! .  Earth meets water and that’s how flowers, I mean you,  grow.

JULY 14-17th Something is so strong in your world these days with that incredible connection between Venus and Pluto opposite your Suns.  Opposition but an awakening at the same time and with the nodes transiting in synchronicity you’re in good hands,. Soon enough, later March I ‘d  say,  you’ll have Jupiter with Neptune trining you to make it all a perfect picture.

JULY 30 – AUGUST 2nd Some wild times this month, obstructions , delays, those boring ting. But earlier month is better and hey, everyone has more planets in a chart than just the Sun. But my word  to you is, stay safe, mask it up.

AUGUST 14-17th the Full moon time is your time as well( Jan 17th).  Now some foggy bottoms might roam around, but the strength of Mars to your Suns is so powerful, mid month till February 1st!

AUGUST 23- 30th The very early and very late days of this month are all ready for you, champagne flowers, all that stuff. It’s special so use it, play it, do it!!

SEPTEMBER 1- 5th The new moon of the 2nd has your name on it, all in harmony to Uranus, you lucky Virgos.  Now, same time, Mars is playing hard, so don’t accept any invitation to play ball. He leaves soon and evaporates, turning nice come early February. All good for you then !!

SEPTEMBER 11-16th These birthday Suns are right in the middle of a     contrasting arrangement. The good part is that security guard and life protector Pluto with Venus to uphold your life! It’s in orb up till March. Then, briefly at the full moon of the 17, 18th,  confusion reigns, so just turn off that phone.

September 27 – OCTOBER 3d. Very early month the sky gods decide to hold you in high esteem, or at least support your plans and goals, in spite of the new moon dealing a different card.

OCTOBER 16-18th The craziness at the full moon won’t harm you as much as the rest of the gang, Gemini and Sagittarius are your friends.  Later into the springtime Saturn will come around and add some fuel to your engines.

OCTOBER 30 – November 2nd Now the fun begins .Ok, the new moon of the 2nd is very helpful for you, but just glide through mid month, near the 14th when that Uranian dervish devil fights with Saturn and dumps coal in your yard.

NOVEMBER  6 –12th Use these first ten days of January for your optimal ideas and plans. You have string support from Sun, Venus and Neptune, and heck that’s inspiring as well.

NOVEMBER 17-20th Coming around the corner, a karmic play out is going to be handed to you, so tread carefully, its not all hell and damnation.  But to make it a thoughtful time to go review life’s choices might be a good idea right now.

NOVEMBER 29- DECEMBER 3d  These  very early days of this month are set in your favor.   Mars is ahem, a little bit of a devil here, but Saturn has him on a leash, so enjoy the first ten days anyway!

DECEMBER 6-10th That full moon mid month muddles things up with a few drams of confusion .. It all moves as we hit February, plus there are other aspects in a chart.

DECEMBER 30 -31st The action of the new moon will be a boon for you even 3 degrees off, no problem. Bu the cool part is the moon with Mars because that spells excitement in your birthday charts! Add Saturn and you’re golden! 2022!