Oh it’s that time of year again, Black Friday morphing into giving Tuesday, then the early week’s solar eclipse marking the path, and topping it off, all the planets will now be in forward motion. Might this be a December to remember?

My sense is that we’ll be witnessing some harsh moments that have been brewing for a while now erupting into action. The surprises up and down will add up to cautionary notes for approximately the next six weeks.While I’m not entirely a “raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens’ type of astrologer the very beginning and the last 3 days, call it the head and the tail of the month, do carry some lighter moments.

The full moon announcing the Winter Solstice and the Black Swan making its last stand, would seem to label the month’s pattern as give one and take one away. The cosmic shifts, like Neptune’s uplifting direct motion spreading its aura will of course be mentioned, and yours truly has added a few more birthdays to the list below.


December 1- 3d Very early December skies look to shine favorably on planetEarth. Happier moments with holiday trees and treats on the to do list are emphasized by Mars, Venus and Neptune. Speaking of the under water musician, Neptune stationing direct on December 1st, after so many months of looking backwards, enlightens the inspiration and creativity vibes. With every planet now in forward motion talk should turn into action regardless of which direction it might go.

Friday, December 3d, emotions could erupt into sudden outbursts with that Sun to Uranus aspect. Thankfully the Scorpio Moon, linked so beautifully to Neptune, adds a spiritual, romantic and even esoteric vibe.

A significant event arrives very late Friday (11:43 PST) with a total solar eclipse. The Sun and Moon conjunction in early Sagittarius will sit right with the second brightest fixed star, Antares, known as the god of war. That can be taken in a couple of ways. The fiery forward eclipse momentum could and probably will, bring about a decisive outcome in certain matters. We have the Sagittarian Archer’s brand that seeks justice, truth, deeper soul journeys, along with physical energy and love of animals. Will this raise the bar and make right the outcomes in this time of harsh conflicting voices?

Vedic astrologers know this new moon to be in the nakshatra,Jyestha, the wise elder who rises above and also seeks the power to conquer and overcome. How will this play out? The symbolism therein would be sending a strong message to the world’s leaders. Neither can we overlook this eclipse’s occurring directly over Antarctica and South Africa. Omicron variant, hello, would that be you?

December 6 -12th Monday’s dynamic planetary arrangement all loaded up in Capricorn, the overseer of government, laws and business, should send the week off to a vibrant start. It’s a day to DO IT, no holding back, we’ve had enough of those days. Speaking of which, Tuesday’s confusion aspect might slow things down, so be careful about signing anything. Wednesday has an angry square from Mars to Jupiter igniting things even more, and hitting the recent November lunar eclipse degree. It’s one of my least favorite days. That being said, I’m looking with a shrewd eye at President Biden’s birth Sun that is strongly impacted right here and will be again later month near the 24th. He may have a good reason to be upset, given the headlines. Jill Biden’s chart however, exhibits such strength aside from some slight disruptions, but at least nothing looks terribly serious for her right now. That’s some relief.

It’s a tricky sort of time we have right here. Friday over to Saturday offers a slight break from this poop bag of contention. The intellectual escape provided by Mercury with Jupiter and the Mars to the Moon stability piece will be most welcome. Add that to my swag bag of good intentions for the month.

December 13 –19 Monday’s aspects outshine the rest of the week, then it changes. The impact of Wednesday’s Mars landing on south node Ketu carries a karmic element to it, overshadowing some powerful reactivity around the globe. Russia lining up forces against Ukraine? It’s a watch and beware serious moment. We might wear all black and have arms to the ready in a metaphoric way of speaking. Thursday morning could have some brighter moments, but later day is a trifle difficult and I’m being generous with this one.

The full moon’s arrival in Gemini, Saturday (8:56 pm PST) can light the sparklers for a nigh of fun. The one exception would be the slightly confusing piece for which we can blame Neptune, in his darker side, cooking some drug thingy back stage is he? But on the higher side, we have the Mars and Saturn coast guard Friend Ship guarding the shore.

Sunday’s full Moon mental vibe is still there but slightly fading along with two cosmic shifts. Chiron going retro at 8 Aries is nicely balanced by the aforementioned Friend Ship. Venus, who wins the prize for having the least retrogrades, is intensifying her tight positive conjunction to Pluto that will last up to March 6th! Now wait, what’s that? Am I hearing drums and singing? . Ok, grab your horns and candles the Druids are gathering. The Solstice celebration is nigh.

December 20-26th Tuesday’s Winter Solstice and shortest day of the year, happens when the earth’s North Pole tilts the furthest away from the Sun.

The winter season begins right now. Always revered as a sacred time of year in several traditions, I harken back to Saturnalia, the Roman’s end of year festivals which provided cover for the early Christians. On a brighter- soon –to- happen note, that warring “black swan” aspect between Saturn and Uranus will make their last stand off on the 24th and 25th, which could ignite some harsh feelings, but nevertheless we’re almost out of jail free with those two!

December 27 to January 2nd Surprisingly, the last few days of the month will see Jupiter’s move into his exalted placement in Pisces, and then Mercury with Pluto and Venus over in Capricorn and right on the USA’s natal Pluto! This close alignment speaks to constitutional, economic and geographical matters. It’s the right time to get out that pencil and mark the calendar for some positive plans. No matter if still in a germinal state, don’t hold back those ideas that may rise up to the light. Set intentions, but wait there’s more. The spiritual waves endowed by these Piscean links can nourish our creative tendencies and might just wend their way into a poem, painting or even a mystical experience out in nature.

In early January, Mars will ride his stallion right over the degree of the prior month’s solar eclipse and Antares. Our own USA chart will be activated right here, just when Congress reassembles and the nation has arrived at its birth “return” chart. Some legal matters will most likely be challenged. I’m still taking into consideration the steady arm of Saturn with Mars to the Moon at the eclipse, and hoping those big changes slated for us down the road won’t be too dire. So let us instead, raise a glass to January 2022. Meanwhile, I have my glass, the telescope kind, on next March for some better days. Bonne Annee to all of you!

BETTER DAYS : 2, 6!!,11,13!,17, 27, 30

BIRTHDAYS OF NOTE: The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

DECEMBER 3-5th These specific birthdays have the extremely rare occurrence of a solar eclipse coinciding with the birthday cakes. Ahem, take note, as this can set the stage for a very major year ahead, on all levels. Be most careful at the very end of December and very early January. It’s just not that safe.

DECEMBER 8-13th The strong aspects here speak to “let’s get stuff finished here” and it’s in your solar return charts. Might be some conflicting events, what else is new? Later January finds some strong uplifting aspects for you!

DECEMBER 19 – 20th A full moon birthday indicates an exciting year ahead. Now, that Venus retro starting here and sitting with Pluto no less, adds a calming feature. For a fractious month, it’s pretty decent birthday indeed.

JANUARY 13-17th Not too bad to have both Venus placating Pluto right over your rooftops with a side wing from Neptune! 27-30th

JANUARY 19-21st Watch closely that mid December time period, it brings a strong, positive and decisive few days to your calendar. Use it well.

JANUARY 27- 29th Saturn has been alternately blocking suppressing you and your plans for a while, but now he goes into a gift giving mode especially later month, thanks to that Martian energy all of which assisted by Chiron!

JANUARY 31 – FEBRUARY 2ND Be very careful earlier in the month, blame that Uranus square to Saturn, then later month on Mars comes to the rescue.

FEBRUARY 12-15th Earlier month, like the 8-14th be careful the planets, Mars especially are in a contentious mood right at the degrees of your Suns. Things change and the full moon days around the 18th are pretty positive !

FEBRUARY16- 21st As the month rolls along, Jupiter comes with it and goes right over your Sun, so that’s pretty expansive for any plans or meetings you may have in mind. One detriment comes with that Mars trigger around the 9th, lay low around that time.

MARCH 3-5th The early month solar event won’t put a nice gift in your stocking, but with Jupiter heading into Pisces, maybe Christmas is just going to be late this year.

MARCH 11-13th Very early and then very later, 28-30th of the month, are ripe for any plans you may have! That Neptune positive side wing is great and by going direct, its aura gifts you even more so for many months to follow.

MARCH 21-25th The mid month aspect of Mars to Ketu trines your Suns!! That’s a really positive, even karmic in a good way. Later month it continues aside, from any possible off putting aspects in your chart, this one is great!

APRIL 3-5th well you are fortunate to have that solar eclipse so perfectly matched to your chart. And! Very late December to early January it’s the electric light party for you! Live it up!

APRIL14- 17th I’m not holding back, this has been a very rough season for you in certain ways. Very early this month may have some happy moments for you. Luckily a chart has like 10 planets and several aspects that might be helpful..

APRIL19-21st Right here your party time is coming at the end of the month into early January. Happy uplifting days are those! That slight obstruction from Pluto will have his tune lessened by Jupiter all month!

APRIL30 – MAY1st, those Dec 22 to 26 aspects aren’t too nice for you, hoping you have other more positive aspects for the holidays. Watch your health and don’t overdo.

MAY 14-17th You lucky bulls, I mean really, with that powerful Xmas gift of Venus and Pluto, later Mercury as well, so supportive of you! Are you running for office maybe? It’s so strong and good!

MAY 19 -30th Wowzer, all later month the days are yours! That nice fire energy of Mars with Chiron, all fired up to take you wherever you’d like to go!

JUNE 3-5th, welcome to the eclipse opposite your Suns. I’m joking, but thank Saturn for his strong arm of support to turn the negative into a positive. We’ll be needing it unless you have other helpful aspects?

JUNE 18-21st The full moon event lands right on top of your charts! Now, thank Jupiter for bringing the egg nog because he is your team mate! Its exciting to have a full moon on your head, so it looks like a party!

JULY 4-6th Fortunately this intense Uranian sextile to your Suns has been activating that deep mental side of your brain and might even come out into the daylight! A barbecue maybe?

JULY 11-15th How nice are the early days of the month for you! And all this time you’ve had the support from dreamy magical Neptune to usher your thoughts onto paper.

JULY 24-29th Very early Leo lions have their paws full, yes the Chiron and Mars trine, especially around mid to later are dynamic and helpful! Good!

AUGUST’13-20th Well the first part of the month has some roadblocks for you, but you strong Lions are not ones to back away from a good fight. Your good days are just ahead, into 2022.

AUGUST 21- 31st I don’t like that Mars obstruction from the 15th on since it makes things a little harder to deal with. Be careful when traveling is what I would say, other wise just be careful and watch your steps. 21 to 24 birthdays are on watch Dec 15- 18th mostly.

SEPTEMBER 3-5th Now keeping in mind that the solar eclipse will; not be doing you any favors, there are some brighter times ahead. Just be very careful end of month into early January. Don’t travel if you can avoid it. Better days are right on the 22-26th!

SEPTEMBER 11-16th The first part of the month is highlighted for you! The strong outweighs the one weak thing and you have Mars, Pluto and Venus to cheer things along!

SEPTEMBER 23- 30TH Later December, Christmas time, that chorus of Mars and Saturn singing to you will be a gift not soon forgotten. Gather those rosebuds where you may! There will be lots of them.

OCTOBER 1-6th very early month receives the best part of the December eclipse, sextiles for you, which have been called “gifts of the universe”.

OCTOBER 14-17th The alignment of Venus to Pluto won’t be much help to you, rather the opposite. Except you also have the positive wand of Jupiter, which is very uplifting. Later 2020 has some good months for you so hang on.

OCTOBER 31- NOVEMBER 2ND You know that Black Swan we’ve been yakkjng about? Well he’s very close to your suns, so in spite of the many positive aspects you may have, go slowly, watch your health and wear that mask!

NOVEMBER 10 –18th Much of the month is very nice for you, but especially the first ten days. Then mid month the picture changes and drops down a bit, however the power gods over in Capricorn still have you on their gift list.

NOVEMBER 19-22nd That mid month karmic bell doesn’t ring very well for you so be careful right there. Since a chart has many aspects there will be some bright lights for you no doubt.

November 29-30th Lucky you around Christmas time! December 24- 31st that Mars and Chiron party will have your name in lights! Saturn has been a very good friend all this time, and he ‘ll continue in that role for a few more weeks!