Welcome to November, we’re here now and it’s at 2021’s Turkey month journey under the wing of Scorpio and it looks to be quite serious. Eclipse season has arrived, as it does every six months. In this missive, we’ll be looking at the November 19th lunar eclipse, coinciding with a certain person’s birthday. Best advice would be to tread carefully, trust your intuition and keep your antenna on! As has been often mentioned this past year, that harsh grid between outer planets Uranus (rebel) and Saturn (control) known as the “black swan” is moving closer and will make its last exact contact in December, providing some relief in the new year from certain constrictions, and covid maybe? But we still have to get there along the track and field finality of this Big Game month, which will be played out on so many levels! Mars has just moved into Scorpio on day one. The Mars, Uranus and Saturn game playing looks to be a no holds barred moment in time. Playing might be the wrong word, because it’s more like all for all or all for none. Keep in mind that this is global, and not just hour own home turf USA playing fields. There are a few bright wins, which will be addressed down below. Here we go.


November 1-7th The month’s early days may appear fruitful and promising but watch for any deception, what you see may not be what you get. Why is that? It’s about Mercury all copacetic to Jupiter, and fairly positive for all types of communication, but then Pluto bungles all that up with his protruding square. Thursday’s new moon (2:15 pm pdt) in Scorpio, a super moon due to its closeness (syzgy) to planet earth, moves into those crossed wires of the aforementioned fighters further affecting us earth aliens. I’m hoping that the rather harsh lunar contacts (new moon exact opposite to Uranus over in Taurus) might be slightly lessened by Diwali, the uplifting Hindu Festival of Lights’ celebrations in India and parts of Asia. The victory of enlightenment, prosperity and hope over darkness and ignorance lights up the night sky with fireworks. It’s really their version of our Christmas season. Here’s hoping that illumination will spread its blessed vibes across the globe. Saturday adds a little calmness as the planetary arrangements calm down thanks to Mercury and Venus’ close bond. Put the working files and numbers away, it’s a wind down time, just relax.

November 8 – 14th Monday’s moon in early Capricorn aligned nicely to Venus, Mars and Mercury, marks a day where a possible bridging of opposites may even happen. It’s for sure a “day of best use” as I say. Later day into early Tuesday the Moon in Cap with Pluto provides a continuance to yesterday’s slight beam of hopefulness. The battle lines return by Wednesday when Mars sends an epic crossbow over to Uranus for several days. If you own a life vest made of steel with the front side all mirrored to send that nasty vibe right back at whomever, then you’re probably going to be ok. Intense is too weak a term for this one. Friday offers a brief respite when the Sun and Neptune correlate with a harmonious even mystical trine. Can we go back to Diwali?

November 14-21st Now here we have the week that might make history. Let’s just call it rebellion week. Do you still have that life vest? You may need it. Jupiter squaring the Sun is not very cheerful and with the Mars in Scorpio aiming his sword, verbal and Jupiter and Moon lineup create another day to stand back and not sign anything important. Just for an escape, the Leonid meteor showers, considered the longest and brightest start tonight! Telescope in place ? Very early (12:58 am pdt) Friday’s lunar eclipse sets the stage for yet a new chapter of endings and beginnings as we enter this Scorpio Taurus eclipse dynamic for a year of earth offsetting what is underneath and unseen beneath and needs to be revealed. Coinciding with this eclipse Saturday the 20th, President Joe Biden will celebrate his 79th birthday.

The earlier month’s aspects, a few days earlier, were not very kind to him but this lunar moment falls in a more upbeat exactitude with his Venus and Sun in perfect synastry with his Jupiter. Later into 2022 there’ll be some difficult issues for him, but as we know, being president could be the hardest or, as has been said, the worst job in the world.

November 22 -30th The picture starts looking a little better as the Sun moves into Sagittarius with south node ketu, karmic moment here, a brief continuation of the better parts of the lunar event just passed. My eye has been on these first 3 days, looking over at Venus and Mars aligned nicely with the Cancerian moon, all of which makes for a happier chattier time. Then we come to Thursday, where the energy shifts a little to the other side. If some of you still have that vest, you might need it due to a possible flare-up with a bossy Leo Mom Moon conflicted with or harping at, Dad Saturn. As my grandmother used to say, ‘we don’t talk about religion or politics at the table”. Ok Gramma. Pass the cranberry sauce someone please. Weekend aspects move back into a happier mode once again. Then Monday into Tuesday the 30th that forward thinking trine of Sun, Mercury, Moon in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius add up to a bundle of some high creativity and inspiration which could be the ultimate reward of the month, and hey, maybe your team did win!

DAYS OF BEST USE: 6, 8, 12*, 23, 28, 29


NOVEMBER 1-3rd early month birthday solar returns aka , birthday charts, have the added gift of the communication god in perfect alignment with gift giver Jupiter and the moon in Libra . Not to be left out, Venus is hanging right in there with them! Short trips, friendly weekends away. What a positive posse. All of this will calm down that Saturnian sense of restriction, but heck, we’ve been in covid rule for 20 months now.

NOVEMBER 13-19th Mid Month Birthdays have the positive uplift of a Neptune to Sun support, oh and you can add Pluto as well. The strife part we can blame on the Mars square to Saturn , which, in English means don’t fight about it, let it go until a calmer moment.

NOVEMBER 20 – 24th Ok the 20, 21st birthday gifts will be that Gemini moon, trine or, better, all hearts to Jupiter! And its your birthday solar return!! Good one! 22 to 24th birthday gifts come with the cancer moon trine, same, hearts again to Neptune this time! That’s a deep spiritual blessing of some kind, music can bring this one up to the surface, but s a soul gift, is the best of all!

DECEMBER 17 – 21st The month’s first week up to Saturday looks pretty favorable for these birthday Suns, if that might be you! And you still have Jupiter by your side throughout December!

DECEMBER 23 – 31st. It’s not like me to include so many dates, but ! your best days are just around the corner, like November 6- 15th! February early month has some nice surprise for you too!

JANUARY 1 – 12th Wow another long swath of birthdates, and why ? Because mid month especially, Venus in Capricorn, and Mars in Scorpio, add Uranus in earthy Taurus, all line up to hold you in great esteem! And that’s in spite of the nasty moments we have not to look forward this month.

JANUARY 15 – 19th Later Capricorns in January, you have the very strong support of both Pluto, and Neptune for over two years and that’s a straight up gift. And! The Nov 19th lunar eclipse is so powerful for you, you lucky goats you!

JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 2ND These birthday Suns have had that devil Saturn crushing their usually optimistic plans for , ok, months! But hang on, because moving forward in to December that picture will change! And your patience will have paid off.

FEBRUARY 13 – 21st I’ m giving this a window, since Jupiter is slowly but surely coming your way and expanding your thoughts and endeavors. Make hay now because moving toward the lunar event and late month into early December will be a bit wild and surprising.

FEBRUARY 3 – 6th I’d have to say that these birthday Suns have the most to deal with right around the middle of this month. Lay low, by pass any confusing or difficult meetings. Silence is your best answer. But! They leave, and! The December 4th Solar eclipse will be so nice for you!

MARCH 7 – 9th Mid month, like the 13-15th, hold some wild and emotional moments for you, too but that might not be all bad! Happier days come your way by early February ! Just hang on!

MARCH 11 – 15th You are being so well looked after by Neptune, spreading inspiration to you , and asteroid Vesta , best of all Mars’ very late month arrival at 20 Scorpio, lands at the perfect time to make your thanksgiving wonderful.

APRIL 14 – 17th Admittedly this Is not the best time for these particular birthday Suns, BUT you do have other planets in your chart! One bit of helpful news is That, wing man Jupiter over in Aquarius, I lining up exactly with you this long drag through November. Otherwise take it easy and go slowly with that Plutonian disrupter blocking your path, challenging you to change something in your life and thoughts. Ultimately it may not be so bad after all!

APRIL 18 – 20th The Lunar eclipse of the 19th isn’t exactly perfect for you, but then, around the corner that Jupiterian uplift comes your way so hold on ! But, one bright light shines on you very early month,. LateR January Has a gift too!

MAY 7 – 11th Just a slight warning signal for the week of November 21st Intensity Takes center stage., later week Venus and Neptune, all month this one, come to the rescue. Yaay for you earth children.

MAY 18 – 21st The lunar eclipse of the 19th is a big “moment “ for you ! It’s intense but it has the support of old Pluto, usual troublemaker but here a big support team that stays in orb for two more years!! A word of caution comes very very late November in to Dec 8th.

JUNE 13 – 18th You June Birds will be strongly supported buy Jupiter moving through copacetic Jupiter in Aquarius and standing right by your side! The Neptune part adds some confusion but later into 2022 Saturn will fix all of that!

JUNE 24 – 30th late late month Mrigashire Gemines, always searching types then into Ardra types, water and deep thinkers, will have some happy moments earlier in November so take advantage!! The sky is yours up till say, November 13th!

JULY 4 – 7th Now here is a crazy bit of news, the mid month geometry of Mars oppose Uranus, does something really great for you sensitive water children! It’s an energy booster as well as sending flashes of inspirations that most would envy, but it’s yours!! What will you do ?

JULY 17 – 21st Again that Lunar event of Nov 19th is a straight up gift for you! It’s expanding and opening hearts and minds. And! Neptune is slowly making his sway to bring treats to the party, by March it’s a done deal!

AUGUST 1 – 4th Early August Leo birthdays have some barriers to face very early in this month . The Sag moon of late 6-th do help a bit, so use that time for some fun! Yes I know you will!

AUGUST 7 – 9th The hardest part of the month lands right around November 14- 16th. It’s a serious moment to use well and address serious life decisions. Do it wisely. Very late December and early week of January favor you,

SEPTEMBER 1 – 6th Now here we have some happy news, seriously, with Mars and Venus and Uranus! All lined up to boost your thoughts, your plans and energy! What can go wrong with all of that?

SEPTEMBER 16 – 19t , Wow, you’re so fortunate to have Pluto as your wingman All this time for the next 2 year! The late month Mars placemen tin Scorpio doesn’t hurt you either! Vesta is there beside you too, we’ll gladly take nay help we can get! It’s boost for sure. My fave dates for you would be the18th, 23 -24th .

OCTOBER 13 – 18th What a gift have you with Jupiter transiting so helpfully alongside your Suns! It’s a boost for sure , in spite of that annoying impediment delivered by Pluto for a while now. Asteroid Juno next door is also a boost and just take any help that’s offered.

OCTOBER 28 – 31 – 1st The stars are lining up right exactly in your favor especially this second week of the month of November. You can thank Mercury, Venus and Mars. All this time the obstruction dealt you by Saturn means whatever slow down barrier facing you, will find relief come week #2.