The month of September dawned a few days ago and today the 7th! might well be my favorite day for ACTION!  These strong aspects will continue for a few days. Septembrists, heeding the Virgoan call, whether they know it or not, usually set to work cleaning, organizing planning and even Marie-Kondoing their lives as well as their closets when the Sun moves into this position.   It’s when many new chapters begin and they still are!  Speaking of beginnings, September 9th is the most common birth date on the calendar!

I feel I must mention, that while looking over my shoulder, the aspects triggered by Mr. Mars on those last days of August and early September, came not as a surprise to us in the star gazing world.  Why? Because Mars triggered, i.e. set off the June 10th solar eclipse, with a Neptune opposition spiking even more confusion, and now we know why, so there’s no need to digress on this one.   When eclipses are triggered we feel it!  As on 9/11, when I thought that the Mars trigger late on September 10th would do something severe, I went to sleep relieved that it hadn’t. Then the shock of the early phone call  at 6:O0 am PDT  on the 11th from my daughter in college, “Mom turn on the TV!!”

Now here’s another month where we are unknowingly preparing for the Big Change with some unexpected and happy surprises.  But of course we’re still rotating under that Black Swan, which, to use commonspeak, is a Saturn T -squaring Uranus. Most likely we can expect the unexpected under this dark bird.

Astrology for me has always been a useful timing device, highlighting certain dates and times with positive aspects or else, those to just avoid. So that’s just what we’ll do this month!  Water, coffee, pen in hand. Here we go.


Surprise! Labor Day’s September 6- 8th new moon in Virgo  chapter  sets up some happier moments.  Here we have  some uplifting and creative geometry with this moon to rebel Uranus, calmed down a bit in earth minded Taurus.  Along with some lingering beer kegs we have five very upbeat aspects between some outer and inner planets.  Wait, there’s more, we also have Ceres and Eris, those asteroid supplements a as I call them, reinforcing the strength of this Saturn to Mars perfect bonding. Play to your strengths would be the best mantra right here so why not celebrate this Labor Day, or Label Day, as we called it, watching our mom sew name tapes into our school uniforms.  Happy moments, romantic ones as well, have been in short supply these past few months but they’re back for some of you this weekend.  Let’s plan ahead, and meanwhile get that barbecue fired up.

September 8-12th When you  recover, the rest of the week looks to move along in a fairly pleasing fashion with so many nice lunar trines to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Late Friday’s  Scorpio moon falls into a grumpy place with Saturn, then Uranus, then Jupiter.  Then 20 years after 9/11 this  9/11  arrives with a beneficent lunar aspect wanding itself  over to Neptune with some calming, can we say spiritually, uplifting, elements too? Yes.

September 13-19th Early week’s Sagittarius moon is not the right fit for most of those outer sky travelers, except for possibly Mercury.  Later Tuesday and Wednesday’s solid Cap moon marker does helps out.

We do have that really nice Mars to Saturn lineup blending perfectly with north node, Rahu, indicating an agreement or commitment that is in the works. We may well hear about this contract soon.  My best plan is to be watchful because we’re still in a stop and start mode.  I’m sorry to report this, but I think that skunk will probably be effusing the picnic around now with Venus’ slide into Scorpio.   She’ll be joining up to that dreaded tread of the Uranus  Saturn  blockage which has been hamstringing  the world most of this past year.  It’s not quite perfect but I’ll always pick the brighter lights for inspiration like Saturday’s Aquarian moon with Jupiter for a nice escape into fantasy or Netflix!

Sept 19th–23rd Later Monday’s Pisces moon (4:55 pm PDT) with Neptune should provide a bit of optimism and even inspiration.  We ‘re still hopeful with the Mars Saturn Ceres partnership that could switch on that green light saying go while leading us into the following month! Too bad so sad for you, skunk.

Keeping in mind that planet earth is still rotating under a sky with 5 retrograde  planets, all of which  means stay calm,  go inward, review and reassess.  Not to be left out, later month Mercury will reverse direction on the 27th, for the last time in 2021, and even though this emphasizes a strong line to benevolent Jupiter, it will bring the number of retros to 6, which is a very infrequent occurrence.

September 28- 29th Finally, a break through day whose Cancerian moon blended with Venus and Neptune can produce something hopeful and calming.   Even better, we may have some actual depth of spirit here, lined up with a nice communication vibe.  Can we take this one to a higher level? Make something work out for us?  Heart felt dreams and visions, come to light? Your choice.

September 30th – Oct 4th Some difficult planetary grids right here just alerting us about possible over indulgences and  maybe a hasty argument .  My star scope is fixed on the upcoming mid month’s  grand Mars to Jupiter uplift.  October is the month I’ve had my eye on for a while. Then onto the bigger picture, it looks as though our changing cosmic sky patterns will soon be mirroring back to us certain definitive and dogmatic turnabouts which we’ll all be part of.

Now, because I’m asked , we can take a look at a couple of charts for persons in the news. Just so you know, this sky stalker is registered Independent, with no political viewpoint intended.


Persons in the news: 

Gavin Newsom:  October 10, 1967 San Francisco, 5:13 am. The very beginning of this month is rough, almost violent for him, but two weeks later, the 14th and 15th it’s a different story. I think he’ll stay in the governor’s office.

Prince Harry September 15, 1984 London, 4:20 pm . The big sky for Harry appears to be lit up later in 2022 to 2023. The progressed aspects by then show a very uplifting change moment.  It’s that time for him to “step into his shoes”  and his Day will have now have arrived .

Antony Blinken : April 16, 1962 Yonkers, NY.  2:46 am. It’s been really rough for oiur Secretary of State right now, harsh aspects , confusion reigns. Brighter moments appear in mid January 2022.  But it’s still not a joyride for him  .  Saturn will be a troublemaker into 2022 spring but, the really big shift, comes his way into 2023.

BETTER DAYS: 6, 8,11,15,19, 21,26!, 29


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst

SEPTEMBER 6 -7th Should you be fortunate enough to have these days as your birthday, don’t hesitate, go out and buy that champagne, it’s a terrific day and therefore a great solar return for you !  Use it well!

SEPTEMBER 10-11th So much discussion this year around these dates, but I have to say they look ok , and even uplifted with the  moon in Scorpio in harmony to Neptune and even to Pluto! It  inspires and uplifts! Happy birthday indeed.

SEPTEMBER 20th A full moon birthday usually indicates a rock  “n roll kind of year ahead, but they didn’t calculate the steadiness of a Pluto in Capricorn trine which is so stabilizing. I’m pretty happy with this one.

SEPTEMBER 28- OCTOBER 2nd For almost this entire month you can thank Saturn, who’s often the troublemaker, for being his best self and supporting you like the king’s guard  on steroids ! Later month, Mars brings his energy into the picture. Nice!

OCTOBER 14-16th Yes you’ve had that obstreperous Pluto barring your pathway, but now, near September’s full moon, Mercury and Jupiter are by-passing that cop to open  creative upbeat doors for you!

OCTOBER Late month… Protect yourself as the days wear on, with Saturn being the opposite of a friend, he’s still keeping a mask on you life. Better days will arrive in November, plus you have other planets that might be self sustaining!

NOVEMBER 17– 20th Your best days this month arrive around the full moon of the 20th with gifts like Venus to Neptune and the Moon, all inspiring and spiritually enhancing, I’m sure you wont waste it either. Full moons can bring insights, don’t we know.

NOVEMBER 29-30th, Finally a day has arrived with your name on it, Later September is it! Mars, the Sun, and even Saturn! Are all lined up to boost you up to a higher sphere. Don’t forget your space helmet.

DECEMBER 13-18TH Early month till after the 14th, you Sag children will have to deal with confusion, deception. Don ‘t believe anyone unless it’s written down and stamped, by a notary not a 50cent stamp.  The good news shows with that Venus and Jupiter side wings to your plane. Some help is there for sure.

DECEMBER 21- 30th After the full moon of the 20th, be careful for your safety, not a terrible threat but caution is advised. The 15-16th might be your better days.

JANUARY 11-19th All right you Capricorn goats, I can feel you smirking or is it bleating right now as you read how good certain parts of this month are for you. The September 6th new moon might seem like party time, but use your typical Capricorn discerning eye to see if the joyful noise is real and true.

JANUARY 21=31st later month, you early Aquarians might feel relieved, really you should,  given that stellar air trine with Saturn your friend! Strength is yours in spite of any other deterrent.

FEBRUARY 3-5th Even though you have an uplift from that Mars and Saturn with Rahu energy boost later month, the aspect on the 17-19th of this month does not favor you. I have to tell it like I see it.

FEBRUARY 12- 18th Wow, in spite of any slight deleterious angles to your specific charts, , the first ten days of this month’s happy grand air trine of Venus and Jupiter over your Sun, is a gift no matter what !

MARCH  5-8th  I know it’s a few weeks out, but happy days for you will arrive after the 20th of this month! The 24th might be my favorite day for you even though the entire month has a wingman at your side named Uranus.

MARCH 15-23th From the 10th of this month onto the last week Mars is facing opposite you which would be a real block in the road but for Pluto nearby.

MARCH 28 -APRIL 2ND  Now these birthday Suns have the added  gift of Saturn behaving for once and giving you his armour and shield You might really like the  13th and the 27th of  this month.

APRIL 1-19TH I don’t usually add in so many dates in a month, but the exception here is because both Mercury and Jupiter are holding tight to your Suns, encouraging  communication and  ideas to express and impress!

APRIL 27-30th This transit of Saturn hindering your Suns is a signal saying watch your health and safety but also know that it’s a transit an di a few months it will be gone!! You ‘ll love early February 2022.

MAY 4-7th May birds how are you handling electric Uranus on top of your Suns, your roof!  The new moon of the 7th is your just dessert! For some pretty exciting, for others kind of annoying. But! The new moon of the 7th is your just dessert. The 14-16th might be your better days. The 23, 24th? maybe just stay home.

MAY 23-29th Luck is on your side after the 19th of this month, maybe earlier too! There is such a positive grid with early air planets all perfect for you!  Rahu over your Sun is life changing!!  What on earth are you up to?

JUNE 14- 19th The first half of the month has a slight barrier to your whims and plans,  but just hold on because Jupiter is on the case later on and he’s bringing Mercury, your fave god,  in to help. All will be well moving forward into October.

JUNE late month. I’d say just hold on a little while because by much later September there could be some sticks and stones flying around you. Mid month around the 17-19th is your best time!  As we know every chart as a lot of aspects that could mitigate or even demote this aspect of Mars the fighter.

JULY 18-21st The full moon of the 20th is perfect for you!  Make use of it, spread out those wings and fly over sea and scape!  Mercury might send some confusing signals but he’s got nothing on you, when magical mystical  Neptune is your friend.

JULY 26- August 1st  From mid month onto the end your Suns are so supported and amplified by the positivity of Mars and Saturn .  I can’t imagine anything better for expanding your plans and visions !

AUGUST 8-18th For most of September you have the added support of Jupiter and Mercury, both of which will aid and support whatever meetings are planned.  In fact, underline the 13-14th, and the 21-22nd for strong results. Last 3 days for 17-18th August birthdays are resonating loudly!

AUGUST 25-26th. Venus sneaking into Scorpio brings a smile to your hearts around the middle of the month, and the weekend of the 19th could be your favorite day of this month.