Hello August!  And what does the month of the Lion have in store for us?

A second full moon in Aquarius named after a fish?  Mercury, overseer of  communications and media, will be racing through 3 signs??  Then there’ll be a new moon under a widely misunderstood nakshatra, or sign designate, because the sign of Leo, has 3 divisions, like taking us back to India.  Another planet goes retrograde, on the 18th, keeping that number at 5.  Then finally a late month eclipse trigger you say?  Whatever that means.  Whew I’m exhausted already. So glad mid month’s active cosmos will shower us with the year’s most vibrant meteors the Perseids. A nice escape up to the sky and away from those nasty Covid creatures and other lurking variants, not just those spelled  d-e-l-t-a . Lastly, when we calm down heading into Virgo territory, there will be a brief  “people in the news” feature added onto the tail of this 2021 Lionsgate.


August 1- 8th These first five days will see that “Black Swan”, as in Saturn squaring Uranus and the Sun, still beaking at us and causing some traffic pileups, or worse, if you happen to have certain planets in fixed signs like Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio at 4-16 degrees.   Approaching the 7- 8th ‘s New Moon in Leo teaming with Mercury no less, makes for some strong determined team work. The more specific  nakshatra designation in often misunderstood Leo Ashlesha, speaks to a deeper meaning.  The Greek healer, Asclepios, carried a staff with one or 2 snakes entwined around it known as the caduceus.

Throughout ancient times snakes became symbols of rebirth, transformation  healing and immortality.   This ancient mythic medicinal symbol lends a much deeper meaning to the general sun sign flamboyant even dominant description of Leo.  Soul and depth accompany this lunar moment in time and hopefully will indicate a new phase in the research and practicum of this invasive Covid curse.

Throughout ancient times snakes became symbols of rebirth, transformation and healing. This ancient mythic medicinal symbol lends a much deeper meaning to the general sun sign description of a flamboyant even dominant le

August 9- 14th Monday’s aspects of the late Leo Moon opposite Jupiter, along with Venus confused with Neptune, could all just make for a sluggish, lazy kind of day. Then added to the sky scene , Uranus deciding to go retro is not all negative since it lines up perfectly with Mars, so strong is this one.  Retrograde planets add even more intensity to their beams. One more piece of astro info is that we now have five planets in their best home signs. Count them, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and Sun.  Better yet, to alleviate stress and frustration, why not just grab your telescope to see the show, I mean the Perseid Meteor Showers.  And it’s free!

A couple of days later, it all changes with the lunar and Venusian trines to Pluto, looks like we’re moving forward now.   Friday the 13th holds a strong moment mid day when the Moon and Jupiter hold hands while flirting in air!  Now I don’t give in to those negative superstitions like we can’t have 13 stay in the house at one time nor permit 13 at the dinner table (yes Gramma that was you).  My old Egyptian soul thinks differently.  In contrast, the ancient Egyptians considered the number 13 to be very fortunate according to their belief that man experienced twelve phases during his mortal life.  Then the 13th phase was given over to the soul’s ascension up to an eternal after-life which was celebrated as a joyous event, in spite of death opening that  doorway. I’ll spare you some Egyptian rituals around death but their beliefs held a certain profundity which has escaped later civilizations.

Back we go to 2021 and Saturday’ s sneaky Scorpio moon undercutting some happy plans. Just a word of caution, no gambling here, but then again Bitcoin  shares can ‘t be bought till the market opens Monday morning .  Fortunately, a very early Sunday morning lunar trine to Neptune over in Pisces, reinforced by Pluto, sets an uplifting spiritual/magical moment to start the day

August 16–23nd Finally Armagedda sees some more cheerful days for us.

When Tuesday’s moon in Sagittarius slides passes by a slight emotional bump to Mars followed by a jump over to the later Leo degree Sun, then onto Jupiter in Aquarius, we can say that an upswing has arrived. Call the gang, set the table, 13 will be ok.  Wednesday’s more sober Capricorn moon lands with so much earthly sensibility, as in eliminating clutter, taking care of details, setting up appointments. The positive link to that posse, now in Virgo, means go ahead, try it, you can do it.  I’ll take any lighter moments whenever I can find them.

Late Saturday to early Sunday’s full Sturgeon Moon (PDT) lines up very nicely with Jupiter, bringing us some positive news for a change. Why a fish?

The Algonquin Indians on the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water  endeavored to bring in a few Sturgeon as cooler days loomed ahead.  This long living sea creature measuring up 12 feet in length became a very sacred and wise symbol encouraging self  nurturing and care.  It could feed a tribe or an army.  Later on, the Farmer’s Almanac picked up on these earth and sea based descriptives handed down to us from our native Americans.

Now back to our sky scopes.  This very rare second Aquarian full moon in a month, a “blue moon”, arrives with some very positive planetary alignments..  As we know new and full moons set the table for the next 14 days ahead. We also be closing the gate on our lion’s run as the Sun crosses over into Virgo

August 23- 26th’s  The  steady and strong blend  handed to us by Venus would probably mark the right time for some cohesive communal collaboration, in spite of Venus’ slightly hurt feelings from a Chiron clash before the long weekend.

August 30- 31st  Since I have to be honest, and can’t  pollyanalyze certain transits, right here, as Mars hits the to 20 degrees in Virgo, opposite Neptune, a  a trigger point is created..  A little geometry here if you’re interested, to explain this Mars aspect 90 degree square to that previous 20 degree Gemini solar eclipse of June 10th which was right on our USA ‘s Mercury square to Virgo at 20 Virgo .   To use more succinct language,  this might be a good time to consider buying  soon on a dip, or maybe protecting your home from some nature gods’ resentful swipe at us earthlings for our careless use of  its resources?   No matter, right here caution is the best plan as we slide towards August 30- September 12th .  Creeping around to September, that strong set up on these same late month days of Saturn, and Rahu, in perfect angles to Venus and Mercury, might help assuage any fire-breathing dragon attacks on our global as well as personal, peace of mind.

Now as promised, we can look at a few persons of interest whose names appear in the news. As a side note, I’m a registered Independent so this is not a political intrusion by ArmaG.

Persons in the News:

Kamala Harris:  Such positivity from Jupiter’s aspects to her three majors, Sun 27 Libra, Ascendant 25 Gemini, Moon 27 Aries..But the New Moon of the 7-9th won’t be her favorite days.

Pope Francis: So much debate over a schism? Can that be true? But maybe it might explain later August’s hard hit from Mars on his chart which continues into mid September.

Ron de Santis: No true birth time for Ron as of yet but his best friend will be that golden hall pass from Jupiter to his Mars and Moon lighting up his sky for a while anyway.  The bump in the road could stall things late late month and on into mid September. He should benefit in certain matters under the new moon.

Nancy Pelosi:  Nancy I know you didn’t ask me, but you’ll have to watch out those few days around the new moon of the 8th. Later month you receive some real strength, call it some good news? It’s not all golden but you might be one of the few who can find something, however small, to cheer about.

Donald Trump: The last few days of the month and on into mid September appear a bit dismal and rather fun deprived. His only bright spot this looks to be right on Labor Day weekend.

BETTER DAYS17 late,182022!! 23, 28,


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

AUGUST 1-2nd fortunately that Capricorn moon so helpful in its arrangement to Pluto and Neptune sets a strong base for your any decisions planed for the year ahead!  The tight Venus Uranus aspect helps to offset any undercutting by that black swan creature.

AUGUST 7- 8th Lucky you what a nice new moon to start a new chapter a new beginning something helpful with Mercury by your side as well. And get this, Venus trined with Pluto helps make the day!

SEPTEMBER 4- 6th Lucky are you very early this month with such a great aspect bestowed upon you by Venus all nice with Uranus. It’s almost genius!

SEPTEMBER 10-19th This is so fortunate for you with that Venus to Pluto to your Suns! Wow! And this holds up through early next month too!

SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 2nd very late August this line up with Venus over your Libra Suns connected so nicely with Saturn and Rahu, means that you can move forward with any strong career plans and ideas!

OCTOBER 15 – 22nd In spite of that obnoxious limiting square from Pluto that’s ben dragging over head for a while, you have a powerful Mercurian and Jupiterian aspect to uplift your hearts !

OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 4TH Early this month that Saturn obstruction thing is slowing you down, as it has been for some time.

Moving along into the month the sky lifts for you, or rather that team in Virgo supports and saves you from anything less than positive.

NOVEMBER 17-20th Earlier month those dynamic sextiles hold you up in such a positive way that can overcome that slight road block from Jupiter. Your real day is coming, spring 2022!

DECEMBER 6-9th That new moon of this month on the 8th is a gift for you too!  An energy boost that not even the slight square from Venus can winnow away. Later month She decides to come back in your corner!

DECEMBER 13-18th In spite of what that mischievous Mars and Merc might do to you later month, remember that Jupiter is sliding right along side of you to spark some ideas and insights into your brain! And the Sun and Mercury earlier month are your friends!

JANUARY 1- 11th Mid month, say 17-23d, that power grid handed over to you by Mars and Uranus being friends for once, only fills your cup even more!

JANUARY 18-20th My fave days for you would be later month, especially the 29- 30th.  And as we’ve said, that Plutonian slooooww transit over  your head is just a time marker about your huge life’s transformation.

FEBRUARY 1- 5th yes we know that Saturn Uranus conflict or Black Swan has not been very nice, but brighter days for you will come later September to early October! 

FEBRUARY 16-21st For you later Februarians, that passage of Jupiter over your roof should expand and uplift whatever you’re thinking of doing.  Just go right ahead. Not much else is in your way right now at least not for your Sun sign.

MARCH 1-7th Marching right along, into the third week of August you have a strong team called Mars and Uranus helping you! I’ll take the water moon days for you, say the  5, 6, 15,1623 and add the Taurus moon of the 27th!

MARCH 28-31st Luckily, you have some wingmen marching along side with you, named Saturn and Rahu . Then late month even Mercury and Venus, if she can get over a slight hurt from Chiron, will salute you as well!

APRIL 15-22nd Now no matter what other planets might be getting zapped by the Black Swan or something else, the fact that Jupiter is holding up the picture is a straight up gift. And we’ve mentioned that annoying square from  Pluto for some months. But he’s moving slowly, away.

 APRIL 7-9th Lucky you because early this month that new moon of the 8th sends a wonderful portent for you too!  Fire loves fire or rather high positive energy, all yours right here!

MAY 1-6th Yes you as well have had to deal with that irritating blockage caused by Saturn and Uranus towards your Suns. But later mid month the picture turns around  and you receive an uplift from that earth team.

MAY 9-11th Yes that Mars thing later month can present a problem for some, but for you, no it’s just more energizing and uplifting, unless of course you might have a natal planet or two that won’t like it.

JUNE 2-5th I wouldn’t get too carried away near the 16-19th, Mars along with babbling brook Mercury can be sort of annoying. Just say no.

JUNE 14-21st No matter what else is happening to you, be happy that Jupiter wants to line your pockets and happy places in your head and heart

See!  A slight note of caution will emerge right after Labor Day September 6-12th but were not there yet!

JUNE 27- JULY 1st Very early month, I mean first few days, that Mars aspect in early Virgo boosts you up to a higher location. Then very late month, especially the 27-28th with the moon in Taurus and the full moon about to extend its blessings your way I’d say write these times down, it can’t hurt.

JULY 2-8th The August days of the 16-25th spell some uplifting news for you. Mars will be making friends with you then, oh and add that rascal Uranus all on a tight leash to uphold your tent or is it a business outline?