Hello my fellow star travelers, here we are, mid year,  at the same week of our nation’s first revolution some 245 years ago !   We will motor through the early week ‘s conflicting attitude of rebel Uranus towards Mars, Venus and law abiding Saturn that is just mirroring our own earthly upheavals back at us. It sure looks to be a Yankee Doodle Dandy of a week.  Then relief edges in slowly with the second week’s planetary shift that includes the upbeat boost from gift giver Jupiter conjoining our USA natal moon in Aquarius for much of the month.   As always, the lunar new moon of 10th, full moon of the 24th,, hold meanings not to be overlooked, as the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans, Celts, Greeks, Indians, and other watchers of earth and sky  knew so well.

Mid to later month the excitement of Mars and Venus whose twinning in Leo positively re-ignites an eclipse back some eight months ago.   More on that to be addressed further down. Very late month the energy pattern moves into a more practical and less robust pattern of yet another new shift since nothing stays the same up there or down here!

In the bigger picture we’re still slinking along under four retros, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn until October.  Now that looks to be a month whose planetary windshield wiper might very well clear a lot of chaos and debris from our sight. I’ll be waiting with a rag and some Windex.  For now the best plan as mentioned last month, would still be to slow down, relax, rewind and even renovate?  As for me, at home in my tower, I did re-write this missive a few times.


The weekend of America’s 245th birthday through Tuesday, should traditionally be a festive barbecue sort of time.  However caution and safety might be the best attitude to hold, particularly on Sunday’s parade day.  The energy is in collision mode, thank you Saturn, Mars and Uranus with your grand T square.  On a more personal scale, try avoiding squabbles and other personal conflagrations.  Or a better alternative might be, ‘silence is my answer’ .

As for the birth chart of our own USA, some hopeful news shows with Jupiter‘s slow moving course over our humanitarian Aquarius moon so nicely lined up to Mars and Venus.  As previously mentioned, our country’s Pluto return after 245 years indicates a deep inner transformation, call it a rebirth, of what exact details we’ll have to wait and see. Change is upon us, certain events adding up to this conclusion have already arrived.  We’ve all witnessed words being used as swords, swiping at enemies both real and imagined.  Then some attempts to repair what has been broken. What’s next?

July 6-9 th Not wanting to be the skunk at the picnic, I do have some exciting news!  It’s the arrival of Venus and Mars now in Leo and  dancing With The Stars for most of the month!  For some time I have anticipated this duo’s arrival matching that solar event of last December 14th.  Is the party going to be at your house or mine?   Because the aura and energy of that total eclipse is still present and ignited now in such a positive way as to more than likely host some happier days.  Take advantage as I always say.

July 10-13th I’m also relieved to mention that later Friday night’s new moon in generous Punarvasu, meaning “the return of the light” brings    such a timely occurrence.   Punarvasu follows late Gemini’s and early Cancer Ardra,  symbolized by the tear drop, sadness and water, which we’ve just seen in Florida.  It’s a welcome change of direction and action simultaneous with Mercury’s perfect lineup to Jupiter over in Pisces. This combo should harken an upsurge in movement, communication and travel!

July 14-18th Some more subtle and cheerful news is encased in the upper stars’ support for these particular days, in spite of what the news is “breaking” or even screaming, down here on earth.  Call it the confab of Pluto, Neptune, with asteroids Ceres, Juno and Vesta, all in perfect geometry to the Sun in Cancer. as just described.  It’s in orb for most of the month as we swim over to the Full moon ‘s early Leo days.

July 19- 24th I’m so glad we’ve had some celebratory days because later month takes on a slightly different hue.  Along with the Sun’s slow move over into Leo, other sky gods are shifting place too.  I’m encouraged by Mercury in Cancer reaching over to Neptune for inspiration, creativity and a little magic? Neptune exalted in Pisces, his water cave, is the ruler of film and screen. Theaters opening? Or better, some heart felt scripts being written under the moonlight?

Friday’s full moon in Uttarashada, (7:37 pm pdt), Capricorn into Aquarius for us in the West, holds the fair meaning of  “finding truth”,

along with some hope attached to that search under this Native America ‘s label of a Full Buck moon.

In pondering this one, I can see how this lunar event might play out, because right ahead when Venus trades in her party hat for a lab coat. And that current opposition of Mars with Jupiter is a bit restrictive meaning that certain matters will take on a more definitive, if not legal, turn.

July 26 to August 2 nd The Sun newly into Leo and perfectly balanced with the nodes means no fooling around as in “I meant what I said!”  Moving forward we’ll  see what both Mars and Venus working hard in organized Virgo akin to Uranus will do.  It probably be strong and serious but mostly ok.  Here we might reach backwards into history to quote Julius, for whom this month was named,  Veni  Vidi Amavi or  “happiness means  something to do,  someone to love, something to hope for.“ 

Hello August you’re next.

BETTER DAYS: 10, 11, 12, 13,


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

July 1-5th For you first week of July birthday charts up to the 6th, be very careful as the energies are rather combustible.  But remember your chart has other aspects and configurations.  On a more helpful note, Uranus is standing by to encourage new thoughts and creativity.

July 10-13th Birthdays right here are being uplifted with a golden new moon linked to Neptune in Pisces so if that doesn’t inspire you to search and open some hidden windows upstairs, you aren’t using your gift!  An enlightened year could be yours.

July 24-26th Be a little cautious with words thrown around like sticks that can hurt someone, or you! Thursday and Friday’s Aries’ moon  will bend over and pickup those sticks!  It gets better.

August 1-20th Most of July has such nice positive and happy aspects with Mars and Venus in Leo together, right over your head and life, to inspire, energize and optimize your goals and plans !

August 21-31st These last 10 days of July are set to let you relax knowing that the Venus Uranus bond, so close to your early Virgo Suns, will bring some lighter and even joyful, moments.   

September 4-6th You all know how copacetic water and earth are, so early July, same dates for you, the Sun in watery Cancer, the Moon in earthy Taurus with Uranus no less, all line up to be perfect wingmen for your Virgo Suns!

September 10-14th The new moon of the 11th extends its positive  aura over to your Virgo Selves and even Pluto is helping ! Strong, Helpful and should carry you through most of July!

October 1-11th especially for these Libra birthdays that triplicity of Mercury, Venus and Mars marching in a beautiful chorus line to your Suns, creates such a happy time marker! And don’t forget that Saturn over in Aquarius has your back for many months ahead.

October 16-21st Now as later July approaches, starting like the 15th, the lineup of Mars facing off to Jupiter will provoke a few but not you! Instead you’ll get an uplift, a well earned handshake even a bonus!

November 6-12th The New moon of the 10th changes the picture fortuitously for you oh and for parts of the globe as well. It’s a perfect time to make that decision, sign that document, or even see your doctor!

November 28- December 3d This is a significant time in your life which could indicate a new chapter or at least a new realization of what you want to be and do!  It’s a karmic time whatever that will bring into your world .

December 13-18th Now we’re talking!  That mid to later month of July fiery aspect of Venus and Mars to energize your Suns is really encouraging and helping you to make reach that goal you’ve been dreaming of!

December 4-12th The second of week of July has your name on it! Don’t waste this positive moment as it’s your time for action and fun too!

January 9-11th The new moon of the 9, 10th of July corresponds and uplifts your Suns thanks to Neptune and a few other characters called asteroids! It’s a strong soul spirit time, hopefully not too esoteric for you!  So then it’s nature, animals, music all helping to deliver the gift.

January 15-21st You have such powerful wingmen in the back of your stall which you may not even realize. Brave horses can get out there and canter with this one.  It’s such a gift and not just a slow moving one at that!

February 3-6th These few birthdays had best hunker down in the first half of the month as too many obstacles and stress agents at your door. Then those early Fall days should make its apologies and bring you a gift.

February 19-22nd Thank heavens or someone that Jupiter has been cruising slowly over your Suns, or selves, boosting optimism at the very least, for most of July.

March 9-12th The new moon of the second week is an added bonus for you, for your ”self”, body and mind, and it’s also greatly supported by that asteroid confab up there!   This is helpful to offset the short term Mercury squaring to Neptune which has dealt you some confusion for  a couple of weeks, but its separating soon.

March  21-29th Wow so many early Aries birthdays catch the flag earlier month for a couple of weeks . You can thank Venus, Mars and Chiron all nicely arranged in Leo and Aries just for you!

April  9-14th deserve better after last year, and  the line up in Leo with those lovers , Romeo and Juliet , or Mars and Venus right now, bring a gift of excitement to your Aries Suns. What more to  say?

April 15-20th Here’s the fun part, that confab of Planets, the slow movers way up there, add some asteroids, provide the perfect stalwart support to back up anything you take on, and it’s not just this month alone. You’re covered for many weeks.

May 7-12th Thank the heavens for the new moon of the 9-10th if you want to ask about cosmic support, its right here!  Water loves earth !

May 18-22nd Just a slight note of caution later this month when that Mars Jupiter opposition aspects directly affects you, as in a frustrating sort of way but the harsher part moves along  and slowing down somewhat won’t hurt. Just relax.

May 24- 31st These later May birthdays will have all the fun that Venus and Mars will bring to the table, I mean sky! Earlier month has your name on it!  No holding back right now.

June 3-11th The first part of July sports a dancing couple , Mars and Venus, showing off in Leo, but they are also dancing with you if you can just follow their steps, side, side, twist, swirl, repeat.  See its all fun and even Mercury is in there to read the directions.

June 14-18th That duo over in Leo, yep Mars and Venus, are beaming at you and bringing some lighter moments into your life, finally! It’s about time.