Hello fellow sky travelers and welcome to three weeks of June and very early July. This month’s letter is a little delayed since earth travel interrupted my concentration, but now that the first week has passed by, let’s get down to what the rest of the month has in store for us. The biggest news of course is the June 10th “Ring of Fire” eclipse and what it will mean for planet earth. I’ll just need to put into one sentence what I see as the real message of this month’s four planets in backward motion. It’s a slowing down time with a few surprises, some not all that nice. It’s time to review, reassess, re-group. Relax might really be the best advice of all. It’s almost like two different years in one month, and not too much drama early month , then after the 13th, the light changes with the eclipse, the Saturn Uranus or Black Swan grid, returns again, but we can still find some positive days in there. Later month after the 26th, the picture will shift into a less than cheerful pattern. Seatbelts, then mouth covers, not for Covid, but for combustible verbiage, are recommended. Caution is advised as we approach July. Further down we’ll look at a few notable charts including that of our current president. If you’re still onboard all of you earth aliens, we will now take off!


June 7-13th Monday jumps into action with a Taurus moon matched with electric Uranus oh and there’s that Saturn guy over there, later on things reverse to a better place into Tuesday, which I’ve noted as one of the best days of this June 2021. The bigger sky picture is closing in on very late night Wednesday onto Thursday morning’s solar eclipse (3:53 a.m. pdt). Now, with Mercury retrograde, plus Venus, Sun and Moon and Rahu all tightly set in this changeable, searching part of Gemini, or fickle-minded Mrigashira as the vedics see it, then squared to Neptune! Oh my, how do you spell confusion? June 10th, and it’s a blowout if you haven’t been paying attention or covering things over that aren’t appealing. Instead of hiding under the car, hold on, Friday may offer a tiny bit of respite with its few changes. The moon entering sensitive Cancer with Venus and Mars about to make his entrance on the Leo stage, there’s a tiny piece of hope. But don’t get too optimistic, Armagedda here wants all to be careful, for looming ahead of us is a crazy day.. With such am exactitude of several characters in Gemini and Pisces, some have called this” Mutable Madness “ a time to rein it in!

June 14- 20st Now they’re back, Uranus clashing in exact degree with Saturn, known as the Black Swan, for the third time this year. Right here is where the alarm sounds a warning against over exuberance of any kind, the financial markets not being the least . Added to this is the Leo Moon with Mars in fiery Leo, which could ignite emotional barbecues of frustration, paranoia, suspicion Then we hold on until Saturday when that grand air trine, of a moon in justice seeking Libra reaches out to Saturn. This configuration, however brief, does suggest an olive branch allowing for a few lighter moments! Heading into later Sunday, Father’s Day, is a slight bump, which we can blame on Venus briefly hitting against the Scorpio moon.

June 21st Better news arrives with Monday’s Summer Solstice! How nice is that higher world communication between the Sun, Venus in the home sign of Cancer. Then Jupiter over in Pisces brings some joy and optimism which is why this is another day I’ve marked for “best use”. A radiant day indeed followed by Tuesday’s Mercury going direct.

June 22nd -30th Friday to Saturday’s Full moon in Capricorn lines up pretty well with Uranus then later with Neptune, which has just started its retrograde motion. Repeating myself on retro planets, I’ll just say that their point of direct or retro motion indicates a more intense several day experience of their energetic input towards us earthlings.

So it will be with Neptune’s still motion on the 26th, sending its mystical waves to harmonize with Pluto. Then the last days of June it links with a Pisces moon and we’ll need any bit of optimism here because these last few days look to be rather difficult and quite emotional with Mars moving into aggressive territory with Uranus and Saturn. To borrow an old phrase, silence will indeed be golden right here.

July 1-7th Turning the page over to July, we’ve now arrived at the beginning of a month whose rather combustible antics of the two days prior will gradually be calming down. Things do begin to shift when the Gemini moon of the 6th and 7th sees his pals, Mars and Venus, over in Leo, and it’s then that the fun can begin!

As promised earlier, I’m including a few persons in the news. Here they are:

Early June lauds our current President with a bit of encouraging news, then later month the picture changes. It appears that some severe pressure may weigh him down, even evoking a rare spurt of anger from a man with such commendable self control . Extra protection might be necessary to ensure his health and safety.

Regarding our former president, the solar event of June 10th, won’t be sending him an early birthday gift. Reinstatement? Instead, the fractious hit to his moon and ketu, all squared to slippery Neptune, would appear to deliver certain confusing undercurrents and disinformation. As with most eclipses, the trigger to this particular solar event, thank you Mars, will hit in very in late August to early September, some 90 days hence. The world will take note because it is of course a global event as well as a personal one.

Our own USA! As I may have mentioned previously, we as a nation are under some very similar aspect s to July 2-4th, 1776. Our first Pluto return speaks to a deep inner transformation which reflects outwardly. This passage has me thinking about our laws , our constitution. Will there be some major rewrites and changes? I’m not alone in this concern.

Now, cheerful news, regarding new baby girl Lilli Windsor, June 4th, 11:45 a.m. Santa Barbara! Such positive aspects in this chart! The Sun in early Gemini, vedically Rohini, indicating beauty and creativity, is situated ideally with her Aries Moon, all in a happy formation! Her 29 Leo rising placed in vedic Magha, describes a soul who knows she is the ruler, yet also sees herself as the servant of the people. So humanitarian! Her Venus, aligned with Jupiter in spiritual Pisces, would bestow deep love and compassion. This little girl has such a promising life ahead!

With this I’ll close and invite you to sit in my yellow space capsule as we cruise through land and sky. The not so alien reveal of non carbon based life might even be coming soon! ET are you listening?

BETTER DAYS TO USE: 8, 12,19, 21, 29, 30 JULY 1, 5th

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon known as the three majors, and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

JUNE 4th Such a great day with many happy aspects. Should this be your birthday, lucky you for the great year ahead !

JUNE 10th It’s rare and as such foretells a year ahead of great changes, some ok some not so great. Pay attention to the confusion piece as it warns about some possible mix ups and even deception. Mid July brings the happier times !

JUNE 21st You have an additional birthday gift here with Jupiter supporting and elevating your Suns! Then with Mercury now direct and so helpful with Saturn, is there anything you can’t do? Probably not.

JULY 13-19th Early months aspects hold some strong aspects for you plans, goals and actions, all of which is helped intuitively by Neptune !.

JULY 1-6th Very early into next month, July that is, the harmonious angle from

Between Sun to inventive Uranus is very promising for an upbeat and enlightened year ahead. Sorry it’s a month away.

AUGUST 1-2nd With Mars cruising or is it surfing? Over your Suns, looks to be some high action happening in your world . But please be very careful later June from the 24th to 30th. Too much action or fraction, can lead to unpleasant events.

AUGUST 10-11th Having a positive aspect from a Solar Ecli0se that doesn’t look to nice, is nice, and wow, wait till you see what July is bringing your way.

SEPTEMBER 2-5th The sideline of Uranus to your Suns bringing his clever brilliant charge to your brain, is pretty nice and even Saturn doesn’t bother me too much.

SEPTEMBER 10-11th Um here is a bit of an upset challenge to your Suns, to your health, and self, blame that eclipse , that’s the confusion part of it. You will of course have other planets in your chart so this isn’t the entire story.

OCTOBER 13-15th These particular October birthdays would do best to lay low very early June Then hold on till mid July because some very happy days lie ahead

OCTOBER 19-23d Right here, a few moments in June hold a light for you! Very early month, Venus trines Jupiter and you! Blessed days! Then over to very late month, last 2 days, a duplicate reappears! That should lift any dark clouds.

NOVEMBER 1-3d Very early month is your happy time. Then! The Cancerian moon of the 11-12th with Venus to your Sun, unreal! It’s gorgeous! Then, very late month, 26th on, be wary, too much friction, try not to travel if possible.

NOVEMBER 10-13th The path of Neptune holds steady and uplifts your spirit and inspiration button! Very early month, first week, that Mars aspect is even more helpful. You have the added gift of Pluto supporting you too!

NOVEMBER 30th – DECEMBER 2nd With the south node, Ketu, of karma and fate over your Suns, it marks a major “moment “in your life. And you cab thank Saturn for holding it up in a nice way! When you’re calmer look back and think what happened and what you did in these days of June 2021

DECEMBER 10-11th these are rather unsettling days since your Suns and the eclipse all match up and it’s not very nice. You ‘l have to hang on because mid July comes your reward and happy times! Confusing so just wait it out.

JANUARY 1-3d I’m liking the days 11 and 12 for you. That blend of Uranus, Venus and Moon suit you perfectly. The eclipse? Not so much if your chart is not in close degrees.

JANUARY 17-21st Very early June up to the 9th much strength and support are given to you! The big story is that slow transit of life changing Pluto over your Suns. It could be exactly what you want!

FEBRUARY 1-4th For the first part of June the Gemini gang really likes your Suns! Your selves! And even with Saturn restricting some of your plans, it’s a pretty ok Month. The eclipse nah, you’re ok!

FEBRUARY 19-23d Something very nice and helpful happens when Jupiter slides over your Suns, it’s a lift up and core spiritual expansion. Venus chimes in a few times but the gift is there!

MARCH 9- 12th A slight bump near the 10th of the month, but big improvement arrives around the time of the solstice! Late late month’s calmness supports you too!

MARCH 16-19th Later month things improve ! Mark down the 23 to the 30th, those are your better days!

MARCH 28-31st These are some powerful times with the transiting nodes, call it fate and karma, aligned in a perfect and supportive formation for you!! Mid month on Mars is there to help out even more !

APRIL 15-17th This is a time for caution, but you already knew that.. In spite of some fun alignments with Gemini sky gods, Pluto is there for a while to say slow down. But July has some wonderful moments for you!

APRIL 20-22nd Later month’s aspects are a gift for you, the solstice at 60 degrees from your Sun! All so nice! Then the last two days of June!! Wow!

MAY 1-3d Yep you’re still under the wing of that nasty Swan, so be careful an know that there are other aspects in your chart that could mitigate his black heart.

MAY 14-17th In spite of any difficulties the big picture remains very strong since the earth power from Pluto is the most powerful strength a chart can have!