Hello May! The Beltane fires are being lit right now, May Day poles are being planted, and even the sky gods are offering a palm leaf or olive branch to us earthlings, for a little window of time.  There’s a lot happening this month.  The eclipse cycle returns after a six month hiatus, then we have a rare aspect known as a Yod, or the Finger of God, plus some surprises and secrets that will more than likely be spilled out later month. Then we’ll take a deeper look into our own USA’s chart, followed by an oncoming parallel to something that occurred 59 years ago. As usual we have a few rather calm days, then rambunctious ones, and lastly, another sort of spiritual celebratory day, the Weska festival. It looks like we will be starting off the Month of May with the Celts and ending it with the Tibetans.       

Let’s see if this month of May can live up to all the heraldic moments that past cultures and legends have garlanded it with.



MAY 1-2nd We might well celebrate May day, Saturday, for its beautiful floral, um I mean planetary, arrangement. If you’re inspired to set up a maypole with ribbons twirling down around just go for it. The Capricorn Moon linking arms with Neptune and Pluto, added to a couple of other upbeat aspects, make for some very creative and romantic cosmic bouquets.

May 3-7th I hope you had a wonderful weekend, because now comes an opposite sort of time, as when the Moon heads over into Aquarius. We can expect some roadblocks to past agreements or just call it arguments,  That grid involving Saturn and Uranus will likely be a repeat of the famous “Black Swan”, as in what you think is so, is more likely to become unraveled and its opposite.  Stay calm and hold on for Thursday ‘s harmonious Pisces moon with Venus uplifted with Pluto, and all of which guided my pen to underline this day in my calendar.  A day to plan, make and do it!   The approaching weekend ‘s aspects blooming with a romantic note from Neptune to sensual  Venus and the Sun, serve to creatively crush the early week’s negativity.

May 8-9th As has been said, “gather ye rosebuds while you may”, because we’ve come to a rare karmic moment, right before Mother’s day, known as the Finger of God, or Yod, a term derived from the Hebrew word for finger. Sparing you the geometric explanation, I’ll just say that Yods when activated often describes a lesson to be learned, certain things to be relinquished, such as past behavior or a belief system that no longer serves.  It can be harsh no doubt about it, and some despondency and despair may open the door to profound transformation. Certain persons, born with this rare Yod, come to realize that their life path while on earth carries a specific path which may not be understood by others but when followed produces a great reward.

May 10- 11th heralds the Taurus new moon in vedic Bharani, sitting pretty with and Neptune and Pluto.  Bharani is known to be truthful and resolute and also possesses a very sensual nature, while close to the gifts of the earth.

Keep in mind that the Taurus Bull is one of the earth rulers, as in finance, but he also loves good food, beautiful environments and massages. Now, for new and old moms everywhere, if it is possible to chose a newborn’s birth, the Taurus moon baby will have an exalted lunar position, also called, ready?  The Buddha moon.

May 12-16th Jupiter, Mr. Beneficent, sliding into Pisces wherein resides its watery ruler, Neptune, will more than likely in future months, produce something pretty upbeat in our markets.  When Jupiter swims into water signs, he often creates currency, whether crypto or not.  Thus by 2022 , wading into calmer waters, this pair should bring some relief to the stubborn attitudes dealt us by these fixed signs. For a brief moment we will have four of the five power planets working together, and yes you may collect those rosebuds. 

May 17-22nd Monday’s Cancer moon all cozy with Neptune and Jupiter might tempt us to just sit back and watch Netflix, but changes lie ahead so don’t get too comfortable because power crazed Pluto wants his demands heard and obeyed! The Taurus Sun helps out a little bit here, for now but later week a conflicting Mercury T squaring Neptune sets the table for a classic confusion rabble and the “spill “ is about to reveal itself.   This affects the USA chart which we will now examine.

In examining our USA chart whose natal Yod, (yep we have one too) will be in the spotlight near the 19th of the month.  For over two hundred years July 4th 1776 has been celebrated as the birth of our nation, however, July 2nd was the actual date for the vote on the creation of the Declaration of Independence.  The signings took pace two days later and as mentioned before, I refer to the Kelleher chart of July 4th, 6:30 pm.  Our nation is living its first significant Pluto return, a recurrence happening once in every 230 to 246 years, and we’re right back where we started with so much in our nation’s chart receiving “hits” on raw places.

Given all the aspects to our birth chart, I’d have to say that the USA is undergoing an identity crisis, or call it an inner soul transformation to be launched within our legal and constitutional rules of governance perhaps?

In earlier times, Athens was the first to establish a democratic city state but it was America who first introduced a true national democracy This matter has captured my thoughts for a while which is why I’m offering it to my fellow star gazers at this time.  Nor is this the only piece of our nation’s astro travels this month to be hindered and stymied before we land at June’s station.  As we’re now in an eclipse season, near the solar eclipse of June10th we will probably witness some sort of denouement, when the pieces come together, for all that’ s been brewing under the chart of the USA. 

May 23-24th Sunday’s annual Saturn retrograde began a few days earlier with some increased intensity typical when planets turn slowly into backward motion.  On a rather serious note, we might be in for a stunning historical repeat, or close to the identical setup of Jupiter and Saturn, as it so happened on the flash crash of May 28, 1962 . This is not based solely on Saturn going retrograde at the same time as in 1962. And Saturn goes retrograde right here  just as it did 59 years ago.   These thoughts are deduced from a few other planetary delineations that look to collude then trigger some very strong alerts, financial and otherwise.  I must clarify that while I’m very interested in financial astrology it’s not my area of expertise. I do follow two very well known financial astrologers who both have recently mentioned this paradigm of caution. 

May 26th–31st The first eclipse of 2021 arrives Wednesday with the moon in Sagittarius (4:44 am PDT) with the Sun in Gemini conflicted to Jupiter.  With these three all in mutable signs meddling in communication matters, hold off on serious conversations and maybe just take a break from social media, which probably won’t be that social anyway. A slight stability check could come from Saturn’s beneficial sextile (60 degrees) to the Moon, but the big picture looks rather confusing and disruptive to me. Then here comes Monday, Memorial Day, that brings a kind of relax sit back aspect with Jupiter and Neptune, and no matter how brief I’ll take it along with that Aquarian moon sidling up to Venus later day.   

Before we leave May let me add one bright note of transcendent optimism,

May 26th Wednesday, has always been celebrated as the birthday of Buddha, which is why it’s also known as the Wesak full moon, albeit a lunar eclipse in 2021.   On this Wesak moon, some 500 million followers or more will honor  Buddhism’s belief and practice in what became a non violent, peace loving religion centuries ago. I’m sure you can derive the meaning and message from all of this. It’s not a coincidence.  With that I’ll sign off.  Namaste!


BETTER DAYS: 1, 2,5, 6!!,11,16,14,15, 17, 30

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

MAY 1st Today’s aspects are very fortunate for whomever will be celebrating a birthday on this the beautiful day of the Beltane festival! `The Taurean planetary lineup linked to Pluto who is behaving for once, makes for an auspicious year ahead. Lucky you!

MAY 10-11th A new moon birthday sets the marker for a “New Year “ ahead. So get ready, life will be different but it’s still pretty auspicious.  Luckily this lineup in earth loving Taurus is exact to Mr. Power himself, Pluto, and when he’s on your side, that bulldozer is yours!

MAY 26- 27th How often does one have a lunar eclipse on their birthday? Maybe twice? Or never?  Thus lunar event of the 26th sets the bar for a very interesting and I shouId add, fun year ahead. Yes the Sun is eclipsed, covered over briefly, not like a solar eclipse though, and Saturn and Chiron are there to lend a steady hand .

JUNE 10th Well what a year ahead is in store for you! But I’m jumping ahead of myself.  When this month‘s  Gemini planets, Mercury and Venus are directly overhead, amp up your party and chat time by a lot! A bit of confusion perhaps, the forest not explaining the trees very well could bring up a moment of someone’s untruth but that’s later month.

JUNE late month, there’s a strong winning aspect first week of May between Mars and Uranus that emphasizes and highlights your Suns!  Grab it! I know you will.  Then morning of the 17th is another golden moment .

JULY 4-9th USA I’m looking at you and a few others. Because, I can only do the Sun sign, all I can say is that mid month Mars with Neptune will hand you such an inspiring gift in spite of whatever other aspects may be lurking. 

JULY 16-18th Late late month into June, the hand of fate and Mars, may challenge your carefully set plans. Be careful not to erupt in rage, justified though it may be. Some challenges no doubt are in view.

July 26-28th Believe it or not that lunar event of May 26th does some pretty nice things for you as well!  A positive and happy moment, however brief but still ok!  

AUGUST 7-12h That mid May new moon, plus a few other things create a Yod, on your Suns, a moment of fate, see above, not the best.  Things will change by June however, and with several planets in Gemini  so it’s not all bad.

AUGUST very late month: There is a really nice geometry thanks to Uranus and Mars in early May such a nice surprise and energy infusing as well!  Later month lay low for a while at least until that eclipsed moon calms down.

SEPTEMBER 6-12th Happy Days are when a powerful earth new moon all copacetic to Pluto and Neptune sends strong rays over to your house. Because that’s what’s happening and that aura stays for at least 2 weeks!

SEPTEMBER 24-27th How fun is it that the lunar eclipse shares it’s positive vibe with your Suns!  It’s a later month power moment to be enjoyed.

OCTOBER 2-6th Strange as it sounds Saturn is your gift these days a strong arm of protection that will stay put for many months! The retrograde moiton will be even better for you and! The planets roaming in airy Gemini will enhance the whole picture for a lot of the month.

OCTOBER 27- November 3d That Black Swan thing  has hit your chart precisely and gradually it will move to set a roadblock up for someone else. But remember, you have 10 parts to your chart, this is only one of those.May 15-17th might be your favorite day.

NOVEMBER 17-20th Later month the match up between Pluto and Mars makes a strong supportive angle to your Suns! I’d say it’s a positive aspect thing to use well, especially late month into very early June.

NOVEMBER 25-30th Hey guys, that lunar eclipse is landing right on our Suns and ! that could be very enlightening, as in revealing, as in being given an answer to a question.

DECEMBER 1-4th The Yod or Finger of God aspect is right here May 8-11  and right on your Suns. So do pay attention to any messages, thoughts or feelings. It’s trigger moment so the best advice is to be still. Don’t react.

DECEMBER 9-13th Early month ‘s Jupiter aspect favor you however, mid to late month near the 20th, the twists and turns of Mercury to Neptune makes for some confusion so just watch and be careful and don’t sign anything around that time.

JANUARY 9-11th The New Moon this month sends a strong wave over to the Suns in your charts, it’s pretty helpful! And moving alongside you for many months is Neptune, a spark of inspiration for sure!

JANUARY 18-20th Late month ‘s planetary aspects line up for you, adding strength and verification to your endeavors and accomplishments. The very last 3 days leading into June’s first 3 days are the strongest.

JANUARY 24-27th The lunar eclipse of the 26th is so helpful for you as well and the earlier month ‘s planets in airy Gemini are pretty nice and uplifimg as well!!

FEBRUARY 1-4th That Scorpio moon early then very late month, squared off to Saturn and Uranus, has and will present you with some road blocks. Things calm down later year but this has ben a rather major issue for you.

FEBRUARY 9-12TH That new moon of May11th isn’t doing you any favors.

It’s a brief moment and in a couple of days the airy Gemini planets will hop on your wagon and resurrect your cheerfulness!

FEBRUARY 19-22nd The arrival of Jupiter into early Pisces, is a gift, no doubt about it. Also, very early May holds some strong moments for you as well. That lunar eclipse point not so great but it leaves and Jupiter remains! !

MARCH 9-12th The new moon helps out with settling matters of any import. That’s helpful because closer to the 20th things may turn a little problematic, and what you thought was one way is really something else.  Don’t just take someone’s word for something.

MARCH 17-20th Very late month into very early June there’s a super helpful grid, of Mars and Pluto that is so strong and helpful!  A gift you well deserve.

APRIL 1-4th That Saturn with Rahu aspect continuing all month, is pretty nice for you  then add in some of that Gemini energy earlier to mid month, and you’re on fire!

APRIL 14-16th Life has been sort of difficult these past few months, covid or something else? Luckily we all have ten planets and aspects  which could very well balance out this picture, early month is better for you, not later month.