Welcome to the peak season of Aries, where these first few days exude an upbeat perkiness not seen for some time.  Then mid month’s Aries new moon carries its own story to be unspooled down below. We also have welcome and unwelcome transformative Pluto standing dead still, before going retro which and with this crawling motion just intensifies what he brings and takes from the table. The future script on April 2021 should describe some very significant events, discoveries, resolutions.  The icing on the cake might pertain to secrets spilled, truths revealed, and its duplicitous players exposed.  Almost like Watergate, but not.

 Finally we’ll examine the triple charts of our own USA, President Biden and Kamala Harris. Sudden shifts of unusual circumstances and events have caught my attention.  A more detailed analysis to follow.  Then just to remind everyone, that the oft mentioned “Black Swan” aspect is still lurking overhead.  It’s that Saturn Uranus standoff thing, meaning that what you think is all set, won’t be, so it’s a good idea not to take anything for granted right now.  Hopefully they will skip past your chart.  Later April’s full moon will probably have of this all on display in vivid primary colors for us on planet earth to see even without a telescope.\


 Early month, Thursday, Friday onto early Saturday the 3d, that moon in cheerful Sagittarius so nicely aligned with Venus and Chiron and the Aries Sun, might land more than one Easter lily on your, doorstep.  After the egg hunt, chocolate eggs and ham are best served after 2 pm on Sunday.

April 5th – 6th Monday’s Aquarian hippie moon coalescing identically with Jupiter should bring some highly charged but positive adventures, with Mars, or just well timed conversations?   Wednesday ‘s void moon means it’s best not to plan anything of importance until early Thursday.

Just a side note, when planning meetings and trips, I avoid anything serious on void moon times.  Travel on a void moon?  Since I use astrology like WAZE on my phone, why would I want to risk losing my luggage?

April 9-10th Now we’ve entered what I think of as  “a moment.”  Why is that? Because a Pisces moon with Neptune together squared off against Mars in his recent and more changeable hangout, Gemini Mrigashira, can bring some brief disruption and confusion .  Here’s where I’m going to suggest caution in your endeavors.  Pay close attention to the markets?  Meetings?  Contract signing?

 Moving along, maybe the most significant point of this month, would be the powerful dynamic between Sun Mars and Jupiter joining up to create a powerful 3 week period where one can realize your self worth, because now’s the time to come out of the shadows and take back your power!  Any planets in air and fire signs will benefit greatly from this one.  Of course we’re talking about a global aspect as well, and while I’m hoping it benefits you, we’ll be waiting to see just where and on whom it lands. 

April 11-12th Although April new moons have traditionally been celebrated

as the actual beginning of springtime, I’m not waxing effusively here about  the ancient and current rituals to the new moon, 11th April, 7:35 pm PDT.  This particular lunar event marks a beginning all right but even with several planets embedded in the charming and fortunate part of Aries, known as Rohini, they are still combative with old Pluto.  I’ll save the flowers and candles for a more poetic time while keeping in mind the uplifting pairing of Mars and Jupiter still in air!  

April 16-17th Now here we come into a highly charged electric sort of weekend!

The wildness only calms down later day  around 8:45 pm pdt.  You may feel like you’re at a road show but yet in the zoo at the same time.  I would totally understand.  Spring break may just break records.  Common sense are you listening?

April 19-21st Now in this moment, mid month to third week of April, with Jupiter activating our country’s humanitarian Aquarius moon to its exact degree, could I dare to hope that just maybe, there would be some helpful decisions made regarding the thousands of children sequestered in convention centers and other holding stations on the southern border?  Our natal moon is beautifully set up so I’m hopeful that some good may come of this.

Then, as if I were inspecting the chart of a person, our USA chart shows US to be in a time of karmic payback.  It’s a make or break kind of aspect.  More worrisome might well be the terrible increase in domestic violence as these past few weeks have already shown. Atlanta, Boulder, Orange, now the capitol police being attacked!   Then possibly even more, what will it be?  Secrets coming out, unflattering tales being told?  None of this would surprise me, in fact I’m rather expecting this to be the case.  All cards are on the table now.

Meanwhile I had to check on our President, Joe Biden’s chart, because many months back I noticed something a little disturbing for him that would occur around this time period.   It’s an unsettling aspect mirrored as well in his wife, Jill’s, chart.  Would it be a health matter or a political fist fight? I don’t think it’s about Major, the German Shepherd, biting a security guard or even leaving a brownie on the carpet.  No this matter looks rather serious, and when I move over to see Kamala Harris’ and oh, there it is, that Black Swan slapping both of them. The late month’s full moon emphasizes the whole dilemma.  It appears to me that Kamala is dealing with something rather intense and even life changing.   

Her rather extraordinary chart is configured with planets in exact 60 degree formations around the whole circle, very rare, with some harder aspects of course.  What I’ve learned after 40 years of astro gazing is that a birth chart with some hard aspects can and will serve to motivate a person to overcome certain life difficulties thereby resulting in a more satisfactory and rewarding life path.

Now comes this bell ringer of a super Pink moon, April 26th( 5:30 pm pdt.  Landing as it does in an early Scorpio placement known as Swati, whose symbol being a sword, might help explain the nature of this moon.  Its arrangement is overseen by a rather self advancing, materialistic and unspiritual sort of temperament. Added to this description, and ranking high on the chart, are relationship matters.  Therefore this moon, is also cautioning us to use our words carefully, kindly, not as swords.  On into very early May the pieces of this puzzle will not have been put back in correct order just yet, although by the new moon of May 10, 11th some justice will be served!  Joe’s chart will find better days especially around the May 26th lunar eclipse.  I’m banking on this last one.  Wishing all of you star gazers a safe and happy April.  Armagedda will sign off now which just might be a relief.  Good night.

 DAYS TO USE  : 2, 6, 8, 10,11, 16, 23!,

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. 
Lunarium or Astrodienst.
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APRIL 1-3d Very positive upbeat aspects are shown for your birthday solar return charts.  It’s energizing, athletic maybe? Creative?  Fun? Yes!  

APRIL 11-12th This new moon birthday is one to remember.  With Venus sitting right here plus all the help from Mars and Jupiter, that Pluto obstruction can just go back in his underwater cave.  You have friends!

APRIL 18-20th In spite of one slight dilemma, the stellar support system of Mars and Jupiter holding up your Suns is a terrific aspect for your birthday year chart! And Venus is sitting there with Mercury !! Expect a year of good communication!

MAY 1-4th Early month aspects appear a bit restrictive so just hold on for a little while, the sky changes! And your day will come back soon!

MAY 10-19th A broad sweep here, it’s a Jupiter thing confusing with you a little,, but you still have Mr. Pluto helping, not deterring you! Neptune will continue his/her swimming alongside you in a royal swish, helpful and inspiring so take that Jupiter.

MAY 24-31st  Later month of May birthdays will benefit from those early April positive vibes.  It’s upbeat and nice for early Gemini! April 1-8 are your better days but of course you have a few other planets, your moon most importantly.

JUNE Early June children will find these very early April days to be fairly good and upbeat. There is a moment of karma playing out here, it’s a what have you always thought of doing? Here’s your month.  This aspect has been ongoing for a couple of months and moves on into July. So take note!

JUNE 13-18th Now we have some happy days for mid to later Gemini. These aspects incline towards renewed communication, and  long range deals! Go for it!  Think ahead, write it down.

JUNE 26-30th Late June Suns will likely feel electrified by the late April aspects, and this in a good way too! The angles are strong and serious. Your time is now!

JULY 13-17th The very first couple of days are helpful, getting through Easter at least…I can see that you’ve been experiencing with those blockages with Pluto opposite your Suns. May will bring some improvement. Hang on.

JULY 28-30th Some of you early Leos will  live with a bit of dissension later month, blame it old Saturn doing his black swan dive.   In contrast, early month looks rather cheerful, with respect to aspects on your Leo Suns that is.

AUGUST 8 -12th What’s good for fiery Aries people works well  for Leo and Sagittarius, much of the time.  More specifically, the Jupiter and Mercury aspects here are pretty nice for you, then the beginning of this month to the new moon of the 12th is all powerful ! Strong, decisive!  Just what you need!

AUGUST 18-23d Later April finds Mars and Jupiter moving towards a very nice arrangement with the Suns in your charts.  This brings support and encouragement to your days and plans!   Happy you in a dicey time!

SEPTEMBER 5-11th There looks to be a slight kurfuffle moment with Mars squaring Neptune around the  5th to the 15th of this month. It comes and goes, so just hold on.  Don’t believe what you hear and don’t sign anything important. May will delight,  so just wait!

SEPTEMBER 24-27th For you early Libra Suns, the first few days of April arehighlighted for you.  Fire and air ya know, they get along great! 

 OCTOBER 1-5th Such an interesting ride you’ve been having recently, it’s really a piece of destiny, so pay attention, write down your thoughts and see what plays out.

OCTOBER 11-3th The mid month Aries new moon might drop a momentary cinder block on your doorstep. The good news is that Mars and Jupiter are riding past that one and bringing some welcome light into your world !

OCTOBER 26-NOVEMBER 2nd Be careful very late April as the stressful currents are strong, and annoying !  However one golden light is that Mars, now in Cancer, can be so helpful to your Scorpio selves, coming very soon!

NOVEMBER 9-13th A slight dilemma, but not huge, then the helpful part arrives to support you  all the way along for a few months, you lucky Scorpions, or Eagles?  Neptune in Pisces with Pluto in Cap are your friends!

DECEMBER 1-4th Early April is a good time for early December birthdays. Energy is in your tea and croissants, and exciting as well!  Take a break at the new moon, hang up that ladder and tool box.

DECEMBER 14-19th These birthdays have a gift, call it Jupiter, and that new moon emphasizes all of it!  Upbeat, energizing!  Just ignore the slightly confusing buzz from Merc and Neptune around the 6-7th.

JANUARY 10-13th The April new moon of the 11 – 12th is a little obstructing to you diligent goats.  Keep on climbing that hill, and of course you have all your passwords and codes safely locked up.  May is your way better time!

JANUARY 19th-21st Capricorn in Aquarius here will benefit you strongly from very early month April, 1-3d in particular.  But that the 18-19th of April is flashing a ‘watch and be careful ‘sign at you.  Just slow down a little .

JANUARY 25- FEBRUARY 1-3d looks pretty nice here as this April begins its climb.   Some strong aspects suggest a serious life decision perhaps? In a good way!

FEBRUARY 14-19th This is such a lucky moment for those of you born in this little section, especially around the 3d week of the month, dynamic!!   Air loves air and you ‘ve got a lot of it:  Mercury Gemini, Jupiter in Aquarius, even a fiery Aries Sun is happy too!

FEBRUARY 25-28th Very late Februarians take heart ! The aspects of that full moon are very strong and helpful for you!  How to take advantage would be the next question?  Your intuitive Piscean nature will figure it out I’m sure.

MARCH 17-20th Around the same dates as your birth dates, that Mars aspect is conflicting and not bring very nice.  Be calm for a few days, early month is a very different story, Easter weekend is your friend!!

MARCH 28-31st Late March birthdays have the added benefit of a strong supportive Saturn, when he’s good he’s very very good !  And you know the rest of that commonly used phrase.  April’s first week holds some especially nice moments  since you have some great friends up there in the sky!