We are here and the time is now. Therefore, rather than making this the last word I’m going to let it out it at the beginning. After 800 years, with Jupiter and Saturn making their once every 20 year landing in humanitarian, air ruled techno Aquarius, we are on the cusp of a new era, or maybe aira?   Just last month, when six planets lined up in air ruled Aquarius, was it just coincidence that USA, China and United Arab Emirates all sent satellites to study and collect samples from Mars at the same time?  Not really, because now it’s science, technology ushering in the rustle of space winds and new discoveries!  We’re on the cusp of serious changes, including governmental structures, medicine, education, economics, crypto currencies, and obviously the sky.

Extraterrestrial life?

Scrolling back into history, 1226 shows as the last time Saturn and Jupiter conjoined in air sign Aquarius, not in earth or water signs. Britain’s king John I instituted the Magna Carta after fighting with the barons over unjust taxes. By 1226 the Great Charter was revised and stands even today as the iconic document defending the people’s rights against an oppressive ruler. There was no mistake that the founding of our own constitutional rights of liberty and freedom were greatly influenced by it. With that in mind, what l can say is expect the unexpected, while Black Swans and other matters will be unspooled below. Courage!


Throughout all of 2021 planet earth will be rotating under the crossbow of this Saturn Uranus aspect . In brief, when we can understand their dynamic: Saturn ruling governments, regulations, traditions and Uranus the risk taker, inciting riots, protest against government, while imagining visions for the future. This once every 45 year aspect between these two planetary opposites, is definitely on topic now, this year. Sometimes blamed for perpetrating “black Swan” events, this duo has indeed been known to pull off some tricks that have upset our financial markets plus a few other things.

The Black Swans didn’t disappoint in early1930 with the Great Recession’s 85% market wipeout followed by the dust bowl and then Roosevelt’s New Deal.

The 1975-76 Saturn Uranus repeat marked the end of the Nixon and Watergate chapter, the end of the Viet Nam War and then the controversial election of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, onto high inflation. That was the Saturn part but…..

The rebel Uranus? On a brighter Aquarian tech note in 1975, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the first Apple I computer in their garage, borrowing $1300 to fund their research. And, Rebel guy decided to kick his heels up a bit when the 1930’s brought Swing dancing, Jazz and the Big Band era to the world.

“Happy Days are here Again” was the favorite song of the 1930’s, and it can be once again for us in later 2021.

March 1-7thRovering over the earth, these first two days’ retinue of planets in air, along with a Libra moon might hopefully open a door to certain communications, while providing answers to some unsettled matters. Then along comes Wednesday’s Scorpio moon that drops like a hammer emboldened by those two trouble makers (S and U) indicating a more fractious sort of time. Words wielded like swords can deliver wounding arguments and criticisms. If you’re still watching the news you’ll see what I mean. Later on into Thursday that moon takes on a more supportive stance although I doubt that someone will be named the 19th president.

March 7-13th Late Sunday into Monday morning looks to be a brief pause then late Wednesday and Thursday’s dynamic and decisive Aquarian moon with Jupiter bring us closer to a slight up beat shift in attitude, followed by a few days that would not be good for signing documents or making important decisions.. Call it the Piscean water mind, which can sometimes be a little confused with a reality versus delusion.  Speaking of delusion, as Pisces rules Hollywood, film, the entertainment world, I’m guessing there’s going to be some fascinating new tales and gambits added to our viewing history in the years to come.

March 13th Early Saturday’s (2:21 am PST) new Moon settles into a Pisces confab with Venus, Mercury and Neptune, indicating a creative, spiritual, even poetic time. Paying attention to whatever house Pisces is placed in your own specific chart could be very elucidating. Nevertheless it marks a new beginning for many so take advantage, for astrology as I always say, is a timing marker, like using WAZE on my phone.

March 16-22nd Enjoy, if you can, the Tuesday to Friday ‘s calmer moments, after which Saturday’s Gemini Moon with Mars and Rahu takes center stage.  Yes it’s the Spring equinox, which means that we’re moving into different territory now.  Pisces’ mystical intuitive nature now gives way to Aries’ ‘let’s do it, hit the road’ attitude.

March 21st Here we are on the edge of something rather big happening.  What we think is stable isn’t, suppressed feelings are about to unload. I must mention here some recent insights from the world’s foremost financial astrologer, Ray Merriman, and it’s his take that I’m repeating here with regard to our stock market.  Note to all: be prepared as we head into later March, the 26th, then on into April when the timing is ripe for a setback. Closer to April 13th we should see another dramatic change

March 25-27th!! Electricity! Mars with Rahu does not hold back and he’s in Gemini, the talker, the news media. It’s a once very two year happening, but never quite the same. This month’s meet up will more than likely lead to some combustive circumstances plus secrets revealed.  What’s hidden has to come out, and that will probably happen here. War of words , again?  It’s a time to be careful and watch your surroundings, whether that’s automobile stuff or just personal  relationships.

March 28-31st Saturday’s full moon in Libra, which more specifically under the vedic star Hasta, describes the orator, the clever speaker, the sharp lawyer, along with the Sun’s very similar exact vedic description. Will it be earphones  or earplugs? Regardless, these last few days will find us recovering from the Aries packed weekend’s full moon chivari, or just call it March Madness. However you view it, Perseverance will see us through .

BETTER DAYS1, 4, 8,12,16, 22, 28, 29!

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.

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MARCH 11,12th What an unusual calming moment for Pisces birth children here. It’s a stay inside, redo, revisit, all the ‘re ‘ things because this birthday aspect speaks to renewal and rebirth. It’s slated to be a year of new beginnings for you! Inspiring as well!

MARCH 26 -28th Be careful here! These are some crazy possibly risky days, caution and care are your passwords here.   

APRIL 5-7th Early March has your back, support is there and very late month its almost the same, with more fire but it’s good trouble at least.

APRIL13-16th You’ve had enough of this Plutonian power grid barring you from your favorite disco I mean gym, relief is on the way and there’s some slight help from Jupiter which gets even better into April!

MAY 10-13th Now pay attention little Bulls, this new moon in Pisces with a couple of other pals, is soo nicely aligned to your Taurus selves that you must take advantage It’s about secrets being revealed, and then, some guided inspiration to make use of, which I know you will !

MAY 16-18th Fortunately for you later Taureans, that Pluto guy is still holding up your foundation and not charging too much!  The additional support of Piscean water gods and goddesses make it even better. Unlike the rest of the planet, you may very well have a calm month !

JUNE 2-4th Ok I have to be blunt, late March is downright dangerous and I don’t like it !  Vicious words, warlike threats and your own selves being energized to the hilt, in case your knife is tucked in there too. Watch out.

JUNE11-15th Gemini mid month children have to be careful mid month March, at the new moon time of the 12th.  Why? Confusion reigns here, so stand back and wait till April when the sky clears in your favor, because it will.

JULY 10-13th There’ always something copacetic when water signs line up with their own, like Pisces to Cancer, so at this very deep water new moon of the 11th, write down your goals and wishes.  You might see Magic happen.

JULY 26-27th Now you later month Julyers, early Leos, that late month full moon has your name on its rays!  It’s very electric but in a good way!!  Take charge, go for it!

AUGUST 6-8th Now early March may seem like a gift delayed, but there’s communication uplift and highlights too!  April is your better time !

AUGUST 25- 29th All of these months you have one thing that outshines the rest!   Yep it’s that Uranus guy over in earthy Taurus, uplifting you to greater heights, feeding your inspiration, your goals!  Early month Venus in Pisces adds her glow to it as well !

SEPTEMBER 2-7th Now you can call me Armagedda, it’s happened before, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t issue you this warning, ok?  It’s some clashing and crazy energy later month so be careful with words and machinery!

SEPTEMBER Mid monthers 13-17th well, what to say but you, among the few, may well benefit from the strength of power god Pluto, if you haven’t already!   We’ll be talking another track mid to later April but for now, be happy!  The13th’s new moon gives you a calming moment as well!

SEPTEMBER 24-28TH Right at the end of March that full moon enhances your own persona and interests . It’s a light in a dark sky for you right there!

OCTOBER 2-6th The path of north node Rahu along with Gemini fuelled Mars  Marches right in step with your own selves, your Libra Suns!  Take advantage,use the time well.

OCTOBER  9-16th The path of Jupiter in air friendly Aquarius, along with Mercury can only be a gift for you this month, in spit of what that Pluto dog has been blocking you from.

NOVEMBER 1-4th Late late February and early early March look to be exhausting for you!   But, time moves on and the new moon of the 12, 13th will provide that calming energy you have so needed.

NOVEMBER 9-13th A celebration or ritual maybe to benefit the most from this powerful lunar event with 4 planets in Pisces so perfectly aligned to your Sun!  This should take the edge off of that airy Jupiter in Aquarius but Pluto is still right there for a wing man, or wing dog?

DECEMBER 2-6th These later month aspects are not very nice for you, best advice would be to avoid any combative situation, be it a move or some kind of disputed situation.  Early April is your much better time!

DECEMBER 29-31st My that Libra full moon is heavily gauged to add confusion to your weekend. Ignore it, and don’t sign a thing!  Later April is your  better time !  The main piece is that Uranus character supporting your dreams and plans, so don’t give up! He’s there for a while !

JANUARY 10-14th The new moon time on exactly these same dates, is so helpful for lucky you! Strong, inspirational, happy!!  Watery Wingmermen but it’s all the same !  Earth loves water.

JANUARY 25-29th live it up under this late month full moon, it’s exciting and uplifting for you!! Earlier month that Mars in Gemini is opening doors wether in your head or in actuality.

FEBRUARY 6-14th I’m not worried about you at all with planet Jupiter and Mercury, flying ( they’re in air now) right with you.  What expansive ideas or projects are flowering in your heads this month??

FEBRUARY 21-28th I’m liking early March for you with that strong alliance between Venus and Uranus to enhance  your early Pisces Suns in Shatabashak, the 100 physicians.  You posses great depth and knowledge, maybe even a  law or medical career because Shatabashak always gets to the bottom of things.