We’ll soon be saying farewell to the rocky month of Janus and moving onto the days of februum, the Roman festival of purification which morphed into our February. We can only hope! Yes the Januaries are nearly gone, but the hangover still remains. Even though the Leo full Wolf moon of the 28-29th will shine with typical creative and magisterial light, it’s still conflicted and stymied by certain harsh aspects. The clashing in the cosmos, intensified by the late December ’20 sky, merely reflects back to us below the fire and furor experienced by us earthlings. Injustices demanding to be righted, freedoms denied, the under current of anger unleashed. All of it. This Wolf’s moon is going to take his bite. Looking ahead to later February 27th’s full Snow Moon in nurse Virgo, will send a relief of sorts, which will be discussed further down. I’ll end with some insights into a couple of prominent charts. Dr.Fauci anyone?


Entering the weekend of the 30-31st January, the exact bond between Venus and Pluto make way for some decisive events for which more detail will be provided further down as to whom and what this might pertain. A day of certain strength with a little added charm I might add.

Moving right along into Tuesday the 2nd, should the ground hog look up, he’ll see Mercury holding still and then edging backwards. Ok I have to weigh in on this one, since Mercury retrograde has become a part of our common speak. I for one do not panic when Mercury stands still in a favorable place as it is right here, and that airy intellect enhancing Aquarius is certainly that place.

Even more fascinating to your star sleuth, is that Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Saturn and Mercury will soon line up under the vedic star Shravana. Shravana’s symbol of the “ear” refers to education and sending us a much needed “Listen and you shall learn” before you react lesson. Overseen by the goddess, of music and higher learning, Saraswati, (my fave) suggests that these early days might give way to some rational debates. But with Mars opposing and refusing to agree, we might just have to wait a little longer.

February 11th’s new moon is supposed to promise a “new day” and with this great confluence of usually positive Aquarian energy one would hope it to be so. Sadly, this new moon phase won’t be your usually idealized tranquil one. Instead it just adds to the underlying buildup of intensity. Armagedda isn’t holding back.

Then, hello!! It’s the Chinese New Year, February 12th, now the Year of the OX.
The OX denotes hard work, positivity and honesty and if those oxen can help things along, all these twelve months ahead , it will be champagne for the entire herd.

Mid Month, February 11-15th are the dates I really have my eye on as these are textbook configured days for anger and even violence. While marking your calendar, do note that the weekend days of the 13th and 14th can bring
some rare moments of chocolate and bouquets, courtesy of the Pisces Moon along with Neptune and Ceres. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may but then here comes the gang, or mob? A slew of power hungry bullies slamming up against the more rational forces, oh yes, and it’s Presidents day no less.
“You say you want a revolution?” And it’s not just the USA, the undercurrent rages across the globe. ”You all know we want to change the world.” (Beatles)

Jumping now into the later month those angry stellar forces still linger as resentments continue to rise up, but new days are ahead!
February 19- 20th Mercury moves ahead right here while still helpful in analytical Aquarius and you can sign those papers now if you like.

February 20, 21st the Sun moves into calmer Pisces under the star named Shatabhishak , the 100 physicians, a health indicator and also a determinant of past life karma. What did earthlings do wrong? Now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe all those wild astro explosions between Saturn Mars and Uranus, this past year, were intended to lead to a breakthrough, a new era? Through crisis awakens? Covid ?

February 24-28th Things are about to change, for the better. A mighty pact between power gods in earthy Taurus and Capricorn happens here now!
President Biden’s chart lights up so decisively right here! Relief is coming down his path by mid to later February . I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be witness to a strong fist pounding something into law on that resolute desk! Looking ahead into early March something big will probably be announced, and it started right here.

I also want to mention that Speaker Pelosi’s chart brims with excitement on these dates as well in spite of her late December aspects which were terrifying. Her watery insightful intuition and stalwart earthy alignments from her March 26, 1940 birthday chart, were gifts of a lifetime still being well lived.

Now as was teased, well check out Dr. Fauci, or St. Anthony as some have
canonized him, December 24th, 1940. It’s a new day for this highly revered doctor whose scientific contributions including groundbreaking treatments for immunosupressive diseases have awarded him the highest honors. Examining his chart might shine a light on the covid path which is why this late month’s extraordinary configuration rewards his research and brings about something he and we have been waiting for. Now he still may clash with the anti- vaxxers
and certain activists revisiting covid restrictions. I’m not polyannalyzing all of this yet, but some tapering off will likely be starting to happen later month into March.

March 7-18th Tony and Joe, strong power days for you guys! I can’t say whether masks go away by then. April looks to be more promising in that regard. How coincidental or maybe not, is it that this threesome, Biden, Pelosi and Fauci all have their moons in the sign of Scorpio! You don’t mess with a Scorpio moon person. When they make a decision it’s done!

Covid, I think we’ve got you cornered. Certain month of March aspects exactly repeat the discovery of penicillin in 1928 and like those Oxen, science is pushing ahead. We’ll close with late February’s full Snow Moon in very early Virgo under the vedic star Purva Phalguni . This designation is very well intended and needed especially now, speaking as it does to attaining restfulness, and the return of the ”fruit” of our good deeds, or just call it payback time.

BETTER DAYS: 2, 6, 7, 13, 14, then! 27, 28,

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.
To contact me use:

FEBRUARY 1-4th Very early, first week, you may be the recipient of some shit doors or loud voices. Stay calm, its short lived and get ready for the very last few days of the month when the happiness factor outdoes itself for you!
February 13-14th the sweetness of the Pisces moon cozy with Neptune and Ceres should create some nearly idyllic moments, which of course will offset that clanging Mars aspect you’ve been dealing with. But he’ll be gone soon.

February 20th In spite of certain unsettled matters looming throughout most of the month, there are some very strong powerful alignments to the Gemini moon, which could bring a real gift to your solar return birthday chart!
And Mercury decides to go direct, just for you!

March 11-16th This is not like my usual try to be specific birthday dates, but ! Later this month the big players are lining up nicely giving you strength and certainty in a very uncertain time.
March 22- 27th Later March birthdays might do well to seize the moment very early February around the 6- 7th specifically. The air and fire energy heightens your own Suns, so use it well!

April 5-11th Mostly the first part of February’s sky gods favor you tremendously. Communication, networking all of the mental efforts are highlighted. Mercury retrograde is your friend here

April 24-27th later month birthdays may be in for some clashing times. But remember that the Sun is just one element of a chart, yes an important one.
But the moon, rising sign and birth aspects need to be taken into account too.

May 10-16th later in this month of February, you lucky bulls will be so happy to receive this solid earth based gift bestowed upon you by Pluto and Mars whose earthy combination here is stalwart and permanent.

May 23-28th later month birthdays shine in very early February. Air likes air! They float together with ingenious thoughts and brilliant discoveries. Fun!

June 2-8thThese early June birthdays have a slightly favorable days these first few days of this month. They’re helpful for reaching out, connecting. Air plus
air equals a phone! There’s some strong support for your Suns, that’s you, this month !

June 27-28th Now the radical shift is in your favor, Earth and water inspire early Cancerians to grow like flowers! Happy New Snow moon to you to!

July 4-7th Earlier month is better for you than later February, just based on the Cancer Sun degrees of course. But having the combined strength of Mars in Taurus with Neptune in Pisces is a gift not to be wasted. I’m sure you won’t.

July 15-17th Late late February can replace any Valentine’s flowers you didn’t receive. The gods are working for you in these last few days. Let them know what you’d like,

August 1-15th Many of you Augustinians will have a lot of snow to plow or else it’s some other road block to be demolished, carefully. Watch your words. Better days are around the corner. Lay low this month. With Mars trying to prevent you from reaching your goals, just side step him,

August later month, the Full Snow Moon of the 27th! Plus that dynamic aspect Uranus to encourage and inspire! Go for it!

September 1-18th I know, this isn’t like me to add 2/3d’s of a month,But, with Mars and Pluto doing their cross planet measurements, repairing bridges, filling pot holes, you are among the more fortunate ones this month.

September 24-30th Early this month of Februum, take some advice and do the cleaning and fixing up that is offered to you now. Later, on into March your days will be uplifted nicely .

October: A lot of Librans have had a rough time with that nasty mob pile-on in Capricorn, but here, now, the mega Aquarian influence is staggeringly positive , even though you may not see it. Look again.

October 15-18th I would caution these birthdates to avoid disreputable persons and their opinions and any other obnoxious interuptions. Jupiter is doing his best to help!

October 25-31st These early Scorpions will benefit from the last days and the Snow Full moon of this month. Early month, right after that Wolf moon, life might have presented some blockages and challenges.

November 9-16th Why not realign your schedule so you don’t have to be around mid February. I would avoid serious disputes, swearing ins or outs,
Anything controversial. The nicest thing for you has been Neptune adding some depth and serenity to your life if you were paying attention.

November 28-30th Later November into Sagittarius, your best days are right at the beginning of this month, use those days well, of course you will!

December 1-9th much of the month finds Jupiter holding your hand or paw, as the case may be, since Sag rules pets! Having Ketu over your Suns has been a retreat kind of moment for some of you. But not if you use it the right way and that includes studying, learning matters of depth and soul. But this air triplicity in Aquarius always favors you!

December 24 –January 2nd A different category for early Caps, and with Uranus’ earthbound hand, at last guarding and inspiring you, what will you do?
The later month’s full moon brings another surprise. You lucky goats !

January 8-11th This small pod of CAP birthdays will have the benefit of a strong Mars and Neptune support team! Don’t mind the idiots. You have double earth, they only have air, and it’s going out of their tires.

January 16-20th Those much later days of February will be such a welcome gift and relief for so many of you! Yes, I’m serious! So plan ahead. Whatever new project or interest you’re considering, go forward right here.