Hello fellow Star gazers, I hope you ‘ve all been managing as best you can in these difficult times. Now we have another very unusual month awaiting us as we gaze up at a sky replete with symbols and meanings, all of which reflect right back down at us earthlings. Contrary to what the Mayans and other indigenous seers believed, 2012 was not the year of planetary and life altering events, it was 2020. That is why I’m going to now call us the “Decembrists”, that label implying drama and melancholy which was given to the disappointed Russian activists of a long ago December uprising in 1825.

The December 14th total solar eclipse prevents the light from reaching us in several ways, a possible metaphor ? Then there’s the very rare planetary conjoining of two power gods, Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius, which hasn’t happened in 700 years. History reminds us that in 1345 the same alignment coincided with the onslaught of the rodent inseminated Bubonic Plague which travelled to Europe from the near and far East via the ancient silk road and other trade routes. Moving into 2021, it looks like we have a vaccine on the way which might be the reason I’ve been rather optimistic about mid March then April 2021!

Now I must mention that the oncoming winter solstice of December 21-22nd may well be
a very critical moment of this year. Why? Eleven years ago a wise Indian Swami, said that now 2020, would be the exact moment in time when dharma would disappear. In Buddhism and Hinduism dharma describes a certain conformity to religious law and custom which include one’s own moral duty. We’re here now and some events of the near future will no doubt fill a page in 21st century history books.

Yes its’ been rough for us Decembrists plagued by Covid’s grisly fallout, and a few other matters have taken the stage for drama which we will examine a little more closely further down. As usual I have listed the weeks and signal points for the month ahead and birthdays that stand out. Plus in a newer format I’ve added some chart details regarding a couple of “persons in the news.”


First off we’ll look at the month in front if us which was launched by a sparkling lunar eclipse in friendly Gemini on the last day of November. Hopes would be high, and later in the first week a cozy Venus Neptune bond might even inspire some affectionate moments. Then to fill out the Sagittarian play list, Mercury and Ketu running together and Mars gunning up the ignition make for some interesting and curious happenings.

December 7-14th Tuesday 8th show a slightly confusing configuration; I’ll blame Neptune against the Sun with Ketu, but it does suggest that we stop and think. Thursday the 10th a nice fiery and inspiring energy arrives to promote any inner thoughts and plans. Then it’s ship ahoy in the distance as the Moon moves toward a total eclipse with the Sun, exact on the 14th (8:17 am PST) so the dates on either side need to be artfully arranged. Beware of signing anything ! Best to wait a few days. Should your birthday fall anywhere close to this solar event, just know that a year of important events and changes are in store for you!

December 15-22nd Planetary shifts find the Sun in Capricorn, Venus into Sagittarius and of course the oft mentioned Saturn Jupiter extremely tight conjunction in airy Aquarius all starting in this week before Christmas and moving towards the first day of winter.
The solstice as you may know, was celebrated eons ago by the Celts and the Druids for its “return of the light” when dawn arrived. The crucial moment in present time, has me a bit nervous as we head into the solstice. To be blunt I’m concerned that the impending aspects could very well describe an increasingly angry undercurrent partnering up with some radical hubs of violence which may expand into later December and January’s cosmic grid of global mayhem and conflagration.

But as I’ve mentioned before, in spite of all these stutter starts, it looks like we have a vaccine on the way which must be the reason I’ve been rather optimistic about mid March then April 2021!

December 23-26th Onto the Christmas season! The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, god of the crops, was celebrated here and thereby provided a perfect cover under which the new Christian sect could hold their religious celebrations.

December 27- 29th: What about the Curse of Tecumseh, the chieftain of the Shawnee defeated by William Henry Harrison in the 1809 Battle of Tippecanoe? HIs anger supposedly unleashed a curse upon the US Presidents elected in the year of a zero. I could go through the list and recite the more recent years of the zero elections. It all started in 1840 with Harrison’s brief presidency. Let’s hope Tecumseh has offered up his revenge pipe to the lords of destiny and karma now that it’s more than two hundred years later.

December 29th-31st. Finally we have the possibly best day, the 29th, with a harmoniously blended full moon in feminine Cancer linked to Uranus. Now my fellow Decembrists, party on right beneath this night sky of the aptly named “Full Cold Moon” and say farewell to 2020, you’ll have a lot of company.


Then other thought that I’ve been mulling over. This tight Jupiter Saturn lineup does not behave nicely for The Crown. Yes I’m talking about the British monarchy.

I suspect there has been some discussion which will soon be made public regarding a big change in the monarchy. Whether it’s a life changing matter due to health or ”self” I do believe that the 94 year old stalwart Queen Elizabeth will be making an announcement soon. Looking over the November 14, 1948 chart of the Charles, Prince of Wales, he appears to be eminently super charged with correct positive action fairly soon. I can see that Prince Philip, is likewise affected by similar aspects. Would it be a possible illness, or just a harsh blow royally delivered? We should know the answer to this Windsor question by later January if not before.
Let’s move over now to the Colonies.

In pondering these aspects to our USA chart, I saw that the oncoming posse of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, would in a few months, land on a very strong point in our nation’s chart. Not only is that a positive marker but also the fact that our Vedic chart shows that Saturn, our strongest planet, will be overseeing it for two and a half years which began on October 31, 2020! When Saturn is your friend there is NOTHING better to hold up your flag and shield. In spite of all the noise and dissension that may mess things up early next year, I’m a little relieved.

Our president’s birthday June 14th 1946, arrived under a lunar eclipse, and his chart does show an afflicted mother complex, also a fear of not being “seen” and therefore a lifelong pursuit of regaining that missed attention. Now this December 14th eclipse will land heavily on that part of his chart skylighting some harsh matters. However, he might well be announcing a new business venture, since he does have a slightly positive aspect. And of course that solar eclipse landing at the base of the home indicates a move.

Moving on to Mr. Biden, the eclipse benefits him very nicely, anchoring the strongest triangle of the chart. Yes you will be number 46! But what does concern me is the two edged orb and scepter facing him directly ahead. The softer rounder part embellishes him while the strident sharp part triggers some deep personal pain which just might remain private. Legal assaults? Egos clashing across the table! Things improve later in the Springtime. Whoever said that being president was easy?

BETTER DAYS : 5th later day, 8th early,12, 24, 29!!

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.
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DECEMBER 13-15th Hello mid month Sag birthdays, what a year a head looks to be slated for you! Wow! A solar return birthday is extremely rare, might happen once in a lifetime. All would depend on your natal chart’s lineup. But I will say that the positive addition of the fiery planets, Mercury and Mars, are very encouraging and speak to a determination and force of will to help you navigate 2021!

DECEMBER 20-21 Well if you’ve ready the description above you’ll see that this birthday’s solar return will be unlike any other. It still connects to you as well! And hey, depending on your birth chart this powerful lineup of Saturn and Jupiter might even throw you a lifeline or something even better!

DECEMEBR 29th This might very well be the best day of the month and it’s Your day! That Sun in Cap and Moon in feminine power sign of Cancer all matched up happily to Uranus speaks to a kinder sweeter birthday year ahead for you lucky Goats!

JANUARY 7-12th Most of December will see that trouble maker Mars in Aries
arguing and punching against you to make his point, whatever that may be.
But it’s early month for the earlier birthdays and later month for the others.
However, in the first half of the month you do have the support of Venus to with Neptune! That’s a great aspect to soften things up a bit.

JANUARY 17-21st Specifically these birthdates will experience a bit of karma, both positive and not so much, depending on one’s natal chart. But I’d say that you’ve been dealing with some hard choices for most of the year so this might be the final yes or no! It’s a life changer and maybe a very good one!

FEBRUARY 9-15th You mid Aquarians might be among the very few who might benefit nicely from this December 14th solar event, with Mars, with Merc and the nodes! How lucky for you!

FEBRUARY Later month birthdays, after say the 24th, will no doubt feel more relaxed and heck, even lucky at the end of this month 28-30th, with the Sun, moon in Cancer and Uranus sweetly sliding over to you under the mistletoe.

MARCH 6-10th Very early December shows some copacetic and uplifting moments for you, not the entire month unless your chart shows some other

MARCH 12-15th Um This month might not be the best, and you can blame it on that December 14th solar eclipse with a few other characters in Sagittarius stuffing coal into your stocking. On a more cheerful note, you do have some lighter moments very early in the month. Thank you Venus and Neptune. The Sun isn’t your only planet, don’t we know!

APRIL 12-15th Wow, you are possibly among the very few who might find reasons to celebrate mid month if not later. The energy is electric, oh and fiery of course. Since you’ve had a year of strife and denial this is long overdue!

APRIL 19–23d Ahem it’s probably the job of a sky monitor to alert travelers
when there’s a blockage in the road ahead. And since astrology is best when used like WAZE on your phone. I’d lay low later month after the solstice, there could be construction or road repair, something telling you to stop, slow down!

APRIL 28-30TH Oh relief should be your new year’s gift with that cozy full moon of the 29th! For a brief moment in time, relax late month. It’s been a lot! Uranus will inspire you, keep a lid on him, in case you get too revved up, but that moon should calm things nicely.

MAY 8-12th Fortunately for you Neptune has been and will continue to be your wingman guarding you for some more time. Early month, 3, 4th that Cancer moon is a perfect date for you !

MAY 17-22ndh The strong arms of Jupiter and Saturn align beautifully with you almost the entire month, health matters should improve with this! You lucky Bulls and early Gemini’s enjoy the peaceful moments while you can.

JUNE 7-10th Right now you are under a very consequential moment in your
life. What life pursuit or game is calling you? Beware of false friends and stick with your first instincts, you’ll be right. Plus, Mars is right there to help out!

JUNE 27-30th Much later this month comes the right timing for you ! We’re talking about the full moon in Cancer with Uranus to your Suns; it’s a gift!

JULY 6-10th Early in this month you might feel blocked and stymied by some matter, but just know that its short lived and besides, the lovely water angle of Venus and Neptune are the real gift of the season. Your good fortune is the triangle formed by Venus and Neptune, yes, paint that picture, take that hike!

JULY 17-21st Well what to say except that the obstacles facing you dead on are nothing you can easily eliminate. So in this case you just have to be patient and live it out, they’ll be gone in a few weeks.

AUGUST 6-9th Oh you children of the Emperor Augustus, you can sound your
horn early to mid month here, the sky gods salute you ! Mars is hyper activating you too. Follow your dreams right now!

AUGUST 23-29th These later August birthdays ride in Magha, the best of Leo!
Now you can relax and celebrate at the end of the year the dawning of the new era.

SEPTEMBER 5-9th I wouldn’t make too many plans for the holidays there looks to be some annoyances so just let them pass and anyway you have other planets in your chart which could offset this bogart.

SEPTEMBER 17-22nd Surprisingly the aspects this month are very strong for you and yours! Earth likes earth and right now you have Jupiter and Saturn in Cap then into early Aquarius to lighten your load and they don’t do that very often!

OCTOBER 9-15th After a long ride with symbolic masks and antiseptic
hand washes, this month opens the window to new vistas early month looks
pretty good for you and ! You 13th 14th birthdays the eclipse is your xmas gift!

OCTOBER 26-30th Later month take the happy hand of the full moon offered
to you and she’ll balance that Uranian devil and making him a good elf on your

NOVEMBER 6-11th Blessings come to you with Venus and Neptune so nicely
arranged early to mid December to your Scorpio Suns! Helpful, hopeful! Yes!

NOVEMBER 19-23d This oft discussed Saturn Jupiter journey has decided to
hold hands with you as this month evolves. That brings such strength and
support into your life! Yes! do take on that project.