Dear Astro-Enthusiasts,

Haven’t we been ushered into quite the pre-election month! The past few days have really given new meaning to the political term, “October surprise!”

Given the current news, I have been flooded with calls this week asking me, “What is going to happen?” and “WHO is going to win the election?!”

2020 has already been a year for the history books. As I’ve written about in recent newsletters, the global aspects that we’ve been under this entire year (that actually got triggered by the eclipse last year on Dec. 26, 2019, and that I warned about last January as being similar to 9-11 aspects) are the same, horrendous astrological aspects that the world was under during the Bubonic Plague — a time period of unrelenting death and struggle but one that ultimately paved the way for the incredible next chapter, the Renaissance period.

Getting back to 2020, the aspects in almost every month this year have been horrendous. This month and next will unfortunately be no different. The good news starts to happen by mid-November and is finalized by the powerful eclipse on Dec. 14th. Into next Spring is when we will really start to see the global aspects shift and a true sigh of relief begin to happen.

In the meantime, this month is what everyone wants to know about. Election forecasting is tough, as is running for President of the United States – not exactly a stress-free endeavor. Hence it is no surprise that both candidates’ charts have positive and negative moments happening throughout this month and next.

That said, a little astrological secret: To get the most accurate prediction of what will happen to any person, you need to look at the person, or people’s charts closest to them.

As such, this month’s newsletter delves into the charts of all the key players, including: Trump, Biden, Pence, Harris, Jared, Ivanka, as well as the birth chart of the USA.

Let’s get to it…



President Trump

Looking specifically at President Trump’s chart, I see that in very early January 2020, the President entered into a new dasha, which in vedic (hindu) astrology refers to a time period highlighted by a debilitation. The particular dasha that Trump entered into happens to be ruled by the weakest planet in his vedic chart, Saturn, and he’s going to remain in it for the next X years.

In addition to entering one his toughest life dashas, he has a number of unfavorable aspects, to put it mildly, right now. One in particular that I’ve had my eye on and happening right now could be best described as the aspects that trigger a total life collapse; i.e. when your wife or husband leaves you, you lose your job and a parent dies—all at the same time. Those are Trump’s aspects this second.

I have to say, I do not have a very good feeling about Walter Reed Hospital’s newest patient (or soon-to-be-released patient?). Please know that I’m not being political here. His chart has some of the roughest aspects someone can have in a person’s lifetime. And they don’t let up this month or next. In fact, the aspects heat up further and like a pressure cooker, actually peak on election day. You can’t make this up. One of the hard aspects starts to move into his 8th house which rules health, and death. This could indicate a physical death or metaphorical death (of a presidency). It could also imply that someone close to him passes away as it directly impact his chart and would be someone he cared about.


Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner

First, Ivanka and Jared’s natal charts actually mirror each other’s, which is interesting. It means they are very emotionally and otherwise in tune and similar to each other.

Both of them share some similar disturbing aspects with Mercury retrograding into Swati, the anxiety part of Scorpio, on October 13th, but that’s just the precursor to the new moon on the 16th in Libra, which will set off a very conflicted grand square. These are incredibly rough aspects and hit them both hard. Things could get very dicey for family Trump.


Mike Pence

Mike Pence’s chart has a combination of aspects both plus and minus. His natal chart shows him to be blessed with an adept communication ability and ‘people reading’ talents, all of which contribute to his political skillset.

The last day of October which ends with a blue moon might not be so blue for Pence.  Would the 25th amendment have kicked in and given him the temporary mantle of the presidency?

The aforementioned November 15 lunar hit also favors him slightly. However, the December 14 eclipse event affects him more like a gauntlet thrown down to bring on a fight. The seldom used tool in the amended constitution will most likely be put up on the board, debated and disputed.

Constitutionally-speaking, December 14 also happens to be the day by which any electoral college disputes must be resolved.

Later into December Pence’s chart does not look good or happy. Further into January his chart shows a difficult time and XX which can make one feel like they’ve experienced a loss of power of control in their personal lives.


Joe Biden

Now, what about Joe Biden?

Even though he is currently up in the polls, his chart shows that he has been very personally and emotionally impacted in some way recently. With XX planets in water, he is an incredibly feeling person. The emotional impact may be a result of having to talk about his son’s death and other family attacks not to mention the physical rigors of campaigning.

However, with his birthday on November 20, his real birthday gift looks like it may be the new moon on November 15, which brings him very good news and shows that he will be incredibly excited.

More interesting is the fact that come December 14, the oft discussed conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius amongst astrologers, will line up nicely with several of his early air planets.

Biden does have some tough emotional aspects as we move into later January of next year, which the public may not see. I am a little concerned about his health going into next year.


Kamala Harris
I must say that my strongest bet for a Biden-Harris win has to be because of Kamala Harris’ chart.

Yes, the aspects show that she will be rocked and knocked about by her opponents seen and unseen this month and into next. But then comes the December 14 solar eclipse whose stunning cosmic effect lights up her chart like you wouldn’t believe. Her aspects on that eclipse are so stellar that it’s hard to imagine she’d be experiencing anything but a major life high at that time.

It is from that point on that her star continues to rise and quickly. Into 2021 and beyond. She has by far and away the most incredibly aspects of anyone’s chart.



As for our own country’s chart, now some 244 years later, what do we have?  A sky map rife with tensions, anger and violence.  It is not a peaceful layout. Our identity, our very self-beingness as a nation is being disrupted by Saturn. This month’s full moon appears slated to bring out what is hidden.

Delving into our national psyche for a minute … Pluto, the life changer and renovator of the deepest parts of the soul, is also right back to where he sat in 1776.  It’s a repeat. The USA’s chart has a distinct “father complex” which as we know led to a rebellion to shake off the rule of ‘old dad,’ King George III, and led to the formation of our democracy. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out this time.

As part of the historic aspects we’ve had this past year include seven retrograde planets, which we haven’t had in more than 200 years! Thankfully, with Pluto finally turning direct on October 4, we’ll have two retrograde planets left until the 13, after which will be a better time to evaluate things.



As I’ve said before, despite the harsh aspects we’ve had globally this year which on earth gave us a global Pandemic, as well as all of the political mudslinging, I sincerely believe we will be seeing a brighter day soon.

My calculations point to a global sigh of relief and coming out of these aspects for good come mid-March 2021, and definitely by April.



Based on everyone’s charts outlined above, I think we’re likely to see a Biden-Harris win. That said, I don’t think we’re going to know on election day. The first sign of a result will come around Nov. 15 followed by more news around Nov. 30. It should be all but settled by Dec. 14.

That said, there are some interesting and potentially dangerous aspects come January. More to be analyzed there for the next newsletter…