Early September’s night sky will light up under the Full Corn Moon in Pisces, so named by Native Americans to mark the beginning of the fall harvest. The Piscean lunar nature does carry a sensitive even empathic quality, but it’s location right now in Vedic Shatabashik, or “100 Physicians”, also portends healing. Now we might be on to something! Even more hopeful will be the new moon of the 17th and scrolling down further I’ll explain what that one brings to the picture as well as some other main points of this month. Then if you’re up for it, I’ll delve into a completely different subject which has taken up residence in my brain for some time.
You may remember the famous astronomer, Carl Sagan, who often ended his talks with “We’re all made out of Star Stuff ”. Well I have wondered for some time how, in all these 35 plus years that I have been practicing astrology, is it that the descriptions of certain transiting planets and aspects showing up in individuals’ charts, and lives, have proved to be accurate so much of the time? Otherwise I would have left this profession for another way back. So my friends, this has led me to do some serious research into Astrobiology. Because this letter is meant to be a fairly brief and quick overview of the month ahead, I’ll control myself and bore you only slightly.


September 1-2nd ‘s full moon is getting right down to business, linking arms with Uranus, for some creative ideas and sparks of insight. But it’s always practical since the Virgo mind invented such terms as “schedule” “budget”, “organize”, and never mind the slight feeling of maybe I’m not doing enough? Virgoan energy is often taken up with health and nutritional concerns. The 2nd is one of the few” Day to Use” as listed. This beginning week may well benefit from Tuesday’s strong benign link from Mercury to Pluto. Discussions, definitions, and some dynamite are all being signed right here with so much placed in Capricorn. Intensity is its name.

September 3-6th The serious earth bound decisions are emphasized once again and then we have a slight slap in the face Friday. For Venus venturing further out into Cancer only serves to engage in a harsh head butt with Mars, and that old Saturn is lurking close by. Not nice. This will no doubt effect some screaming across the sky and reflect right back onto planet earth. Sunday is calmer.

September 7- 13th Now we have a rare positive uplifting moment which also happens to be Labor Day, synchronicity perhaps? A Virgo Sun and Taurus moon are calmly placed in earth signs, and maybe you’re motivated to take out your shears and do some gardening ? Then adding to a socially distant barbecue, Venus will manage to slide into Leo, where she can shines with all her generosity, and in harmony to Mercury. Oh Fun day! Such a nice birthday weekend if that’s yours!

Lest I forget we will have a Mars retrograde on the 9th, thus for five days we will have a brief rare moment of 6 retrograde planets! ( not Mercury for once) Now this is not always a negative, because when a planet is making a harmonious aspect to something or some one, its backward trend can reinforce a situation positively. Now the best example of this is coming up on Sunday the 13th!

Thursday -Friday 10- 11th Will see the annual Neptune oppose the Sun aspect which historically can weaken the physical energy. However, this year will be different since Jupiter is strengthening all of that over in Capricorn. On a brighter note, we’ll have such a strong positive aspect due to Mars balancing so nicely with a Gemini moon conjoining Rahu, or karmic north node, there as well. It all makes for a great moment and hopefully some healing communication might ensue? I could call this a Day of Destiny but I’m not whistling Dixie just yet.

September 13-14t Now the best example of this is coming up on Sunday when benevolent Jupiter stands still, thereby intensifying his message, by moving into forward motion. Now as I ‘ve mentioned before, no planet really goes backwards, that would be counter to the laws of physics. A planet’s path is viewed in relation to our own planetary rotation.

But Jupiter’s placement and message here is almost a gift to the New Moon of the 17th! Now this Virgo New Moon, and we know that Virgo tends to be a perfectionist, is so promising as I’ve hinted above. The Sun and Moon in 25 Virgo match up perfectly to those planets in outer Capricorn. This would be Pluto, overseer of governmental structures who is all about power, then Saturn, who lays down laws, collects taxes, and wears the blue uniform. YES, Ill admit, Mars is still blowing his horn but he’s receding, and powerful solid earth right here can drown him out. What could be more applicable to our present day’s divisive and disturbing protests, riots, and violent events? Go back to your team, check your notes, redo, edit your thoughts, review and correct those speeches. All of it!

Now I’ll take a minute or two, as I warned you, to detour into something I have pondered for quite some time. Why has it been? I’ve asked myself lo these many years, that when I see a clashing Mars aspect to someone’s Sun or maybe it’s Uranus impinging on one’s personal planet, I feel obligated to give a warning about a health issue or maybe an accident? Or perhaps I will see that Saturn has ridden over someone’s moon or is about to, thereby causing deep sadness, left unmitigated by anything in the chart. And sure enough there will come word of a death or grave disappointment. How about when Pluto decides to upend and change someone’s life while aspecting their Sun, for better or worse as the case may be. It does happen.

Astrology when done correctly, can claim about a 90% accuracy rate. We do of course have free will and the ability to rise above certain predicaments and events. It’s not all just a matter of fate.

Indeed we humans are more closely connected to the universe than we may have realized. Science has discovered that the human adult body has at least 6 of the 7 essential elements of the cosmos which are: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, and sulfur. (CHNOPS). Added to this is the other piece that our bodies are 60% water. We are made up of matter and energy, the latter is described by astrophysics but I’ll leave that one alone for now. In retrospect the ancient biblical logia of “ dust to dust, ashes to ashes thou shalt return” was pretty accurate. The different piece and what makes us humans with a consciousness who think and create, is the spirit and soul part that deals with the planetary influences filtered down onto our physical selves.
Now with these modern scientific discoveries, we can more fully appreciate the famous Hermetic dictum : “As Above So Below”.

Now back to Planet Earth.
September 19-21st Saturday will see a bit of contention when Mercury squares Pluto, can we not come to an agreement on something? But wait! Here comes one more slightly hopeful aspect because Ketu right here slides into more peaceful Jyestha, and is finally out of Moola, that trouble maker, and it happens right at the Fall equinox, the 21st, the day when the Sun moves into Libra ! Briefly then, as we have been dealing with such a massive global viral attack, the shift of these characters makes for more promising days ahead. I’m still wearing a mask, right now, as most of us are. But there’s now a beacon of hope out there .

Later Sunday and early Monday the 21st (PDT) shows some sparkle, But best of all arrives on Tuesday when the Moon enters into Sagittarius blending nicely with Chiron, the Sun, then Venus! A happy moment presents itself to be taken up for best advantage. I’m sure you will !

September 23- 30th Later Thursday’s Cap moon beaming securely over at finance oriented Uranus in Taurus, can lift and mediate minds safely up and till late afternoon.

On the subject of finance I’m looking cautiously to certain aspects lining up overhead in October. More research will happen on this topic. But I’m cautious here due to the oncoming Saturn Mars clash on near the 27th – 30th when Saturn finally decides to wake up from his 4 month retreat and go direct. What this brings to the fore is more of the frustrations, and arguments that have been nagging at some of us for too long. It’s almost what I’d call a make or break time. Get it over and done with!

We’ll end as we began with the full Harvest moon, October 1st whose moniker was taken up by the Farmer’s Almanac from our Indian ancestors. This lunation’s positive part aligns happily with the moon in Aries, along with Mars and Venus harmonizing together for once.. Hopefully this one can open eyes and windows, and lay matters out clearly on the table.

So to all of us intimately connected Children of the Cosmos, I bid you adieu for now, and remember, We’re all made out of Star Stuff.

BEST DAYS OF ACTION: 2, 7,14, 17, 20, 21,

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.
To contact me use:

SEPTEMBER 1- 2nd This Full moon makes quite a statement and illuminates the year ahead for those of you with this birthdate! Excitement, change, some way up, some not so great. It’s a sensitive empathic moon so be on guard not to give more than you get in return.

SEPTEMBER 17th Such a good day … new moon in Virgo balancing all those goats over in CAP, reasonable calm, rare! A new beginning for you if this is your day! Happy!

SEPTEMBER 28-30TH These are not my favorite few days so I feel I need to alert you to the difficulties it may bring. Advice, don’t plan doctor visits or have a serious $$ meeting either. Be safe lay low,

OCTOBER 9-10th the good times for you will be right around the 14-15t, one of the better moments and nice in a rather difficult month..

OCTOBER 15-17th Not your best time but you already have seen that and life is improving in spite of the changes you have weathered.

NOVEMBER 1-2ND The early month full moon is a gift for you! It’s positive, springy and cheerful! Whatever will you do to celebrate?

NOVEMBER 6-12th some choice moments are here for you. The Virgoan energy fills your tank. The 12-13th helpful days and that ride of Jupiter all month and Neptune favor you so beautifully,

NOVEMBER 19-21st Right in the third week there are some heavy weight sky helpers to boost you up and help solidify whatever secret plans and deals you may have cooking.

DECEMBER 3-6th There are some brief cheerful positive moments from say the 10th to the 17th, then I hope your chart will hold some other aspects to lift you up further !

DECEMBER 17-20th Now, later September the heavy bar is lifted so you feel a little bit like normal again, even if just slightly. It’s positive, hopeful, happy!

DECEMBER 31-JANUARY 1-3d Early Jan birthdays will shine with this aspect from innovative Uranus and he’s now in earth, like you! So what clever plans are you two discussing?

JANUARY 8-12th You may be some of the few luckier ones this month, I mean to have Jupiter striding over your head is as benevolent as he can be, then Mr. Neptune swimming ethereally at a perfect distance can even inspire !

January 16-20th Now late January children here we have a plus and a minus. Those strong characters like Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn changing your life is not all negative, then for a while, say early month, there’s a conflicting Martian intruder. He’ll be going backwards as the month proceeds and then the new moon near the 18th has a great aspect to move your plans ahead! Yaay for you.

FEBRUARY 1 3-16th Something karmically is happening, a let’s do it time, when Rahu and Mars join up to lift You up, how did you manage that one?

FEBRUARY 7-11th There is that moment around the 18th when the planets do a line dance just for your Aquarian Suns,!! Take advantage because most of the month favors earth children. Later Month is even better. The nodes are supporting you, and Mars is actually being helpful!

MARCH 7-10th Once again the sky gods have come to your aid, you have two big guys holding you up. Best days would be near the7th, weekend of 12, 13th, the 20, 21st! Neptune on your Suns can be a mixed bag, except right now it’s
very positive Magic does happen.

MARCH 11-15th To have Pluto exactly 60 degrees from the Sun is help you can’t pay money for. And Jupiter is not far behind. Such support and strength!

APRIL 16-18th In certain ways you are being helped right here, thanks to Mars and the lunar nodes, which is a boon considering all the blocking you ‘ve had to endure from you know who, we’ve mentioned him (Pluto, Saturn) them, often.
APRIL 6-14th Mid month the picture lifts and with Mercury in Libra, Venus in Leo, your air and fire friends will bring nice energy to the party.. With Jupiter then Pluto obstructing, we can say that social distancing or something else pours water on the fun.

MAY 1-3d Early May will benefit so much from the early full moon in Pisces, it’s a happy moment. Mostly the earth planets aren’t in your way and your best time could well be the weekend of the 6th.

MAY 8-12th Now the aspects of Jupiter and Neptune lighting your path with positivity and strength are such great gifts! You have other aspects that might be working for you, but earth loves earth! Weekend of the 6th sports a harmonious Taurus moon, so Moo to you! ! Live it up!

May 19-21st These late May dates have a mixed blessing of strength and solidity from Saturn, who just woke up and is protecting your neighborhood!

JUNE 2-8th Well a slight perky time would be for you mid month near that fab new moon of the 17th, when Merc and Venus join hands and play in their air castle

JUNE 15-18th As I may have mentioned, the passage of karmic Rahu and harmonious to Mars in Aries, is such a big gift in rather dire times. This helps to offset that 150 degree angle from grouchy Saturn and Mr. I’m going to change your life, Pluto.

JULY 1-5th Early Moon babies have the gift of the full moon in Pisces, that’s fun!
Then adding to this is the link to Uranus who brings excitement and novelty that can translate into cash!

JULY 16-18th Some of you later July children may find yourselves in a sort of crosshair situation, obstructed, delayed, denied, and seriously frustrated!!

AUGUST 15-19th Luckily for some of you late Augustines, this could be a very positive month! Because there is an aspect of positive karma, along with fiery
Innovative Mars in Aries all lined up and engaged in helping you with any plans and ideas! Yes we still have that annoying bunch of goats in Cap but the positive out weighs the negative this time.

AUGUST 1-8th Your brightest moments come early in this month till like the 14th, which happens to be a very good day, maybe the best! Big surprises are coming your way in the Spring, sorry I can’t help myself had to mention it..