Hello and welcome to August, or maybe not. Due to some close examination of the current planetary patterns in relation to cosmic happenings in past history, I find that we have arrived at some rather surprising and yes, virulent times, as you’ve already seen. Call it a Clash of the Gods whose home atop Mt. Olympus cannot be softened from its quaking and rumbling. Whereas the Mayans had foreseen 2012 as the year of the Big Change, they were wrong, it’s right now, 2020. The eclipse path, as shown by Rahu and Ketu, (lunar nodes in English) provides the road markers. So instead the December and June eclipses triggered as we had witnessed in September 2001, the 2020 attack was delivered instead via nasal drips and air breathed then expelled. This month in particular has me boxing up a few fragile items, and I’m watching certain dates in particular which you’ll find down below. I think we’re about to see history being written including a few names that will rise up onto the headlines. Later month if those masks can talk we might very well hear about some secrets spilled out and a few more significant happenings besides. Courage my friends.


The last day of July and first day of August mark the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. It was and still is celebrated by native tribes and various orders as Lammas, the corn festival which honors the beginning of the harvest. I’ve got my corn all ready to cook will write a message on the husk for my little Harvest ritual. I’d sure like to think along this line of thanking Mother Nature but instead, the first week of our August arrives under a conflux of aspects messing up some inflated optimism with a harsh reality delivered along with Monday’s full moon.

August 3d’s rather dramatic full moon in Aquarius (8:59 am PT) puts a little more fuel on the fire, on what is usually a rather social outdoor summer party time. Usually the full moon in vedic Shravana is pretty upbeat, but this year. loud acerbic voices take the stage and the message is quite clear. Stay close to home although, hopefully, the Pisces moon of the 6-7th could calm things down just a little.

August 8-15th Saturday and Sunday’s Aries moon along with Mars and the Sun make for high activity times! Later Sunday into early Monday energies could get out of hand and turn a fun time into some kind of personal barbecue. Mars is getting very feisty, but sadly not like a fiesta time. He’s moving into dangerous territory unchecked and uninsured.

Tuesday August 11th I have marked as a critical day for news, moving onto Thursday, it’s probably a stock market related bump due to some news. Looking for brighter moments Sunday the 15th arrives with sweet but brief a comfy Venus and moon in Cancer along with that Uranus over in the sign of the Bull, not bullsh-t, to cheer things up, but it’s only short term.

August 16-23d Aside from Sunday’s positive Sun Mars trine inspiring positive and upbeat outdoor energy, this is The Week. Now we’ve arrived at a crucial point where Mercury is tight with the Sun and Mars is moving into precarious territory. That risk take all ruler of Aries now points his sword at the fear inducing duo of Saturn and Pluto over in Capricorn, they who upend rules and structures to what end nobody knows until it’s too late. My telescope stopped and shuddered when it came to the bizarre 18-19th days of exact and threatening even, aspects. Why you may ask?

With Saturn Pluto tightening up their exact connection, which happens once every 36 years, add to this warrior Mars confronting them. This is the first of three fear inducing Mars to Pluto squares this year. All of these saber rattling events are happening at a point known as gandanta, or as I like to say, it’s when water meets fire. Ultimately it sends a warning about water damage, floods, high winds, nor does it leave out earth trembles. Or on a personal level call it a swirl of emotions, a hurricane ravaging someone’s force field of existence.

While scrolling backwards through 15 centuries, I finally found the nearly identical geometry matching up to our present sky. Although I may have mentioned this early in the year, it might be worth repeating. The reign of Justinian 535-550 AD saw a violent end to the Roman empire. The later years of his reign saw the devastating effects of the plague including reduced manpower, an economy sliding into a stop position, battles with Italy, clashes with Persia. The Bubonic plague borne by rats and fleas, wasted no time coming up from Africa by 541, and on into Constantinople. The plague returned by 548-549 with a sky overhead similar to ours right now.

Oh wait, we’re back to August 20th, 2020, and here’s a slightly better moment with the Moon now in Virgo moving over to deliver some practical advice to the Kings of transformation and discipline over in Capricorn. Jupiter is there as well so that trine bodes well! Sensible financial dealings, better news? I’m hoping, this could well be the day.

August 22 – 25th The Sun, thankfully, enters into Virgo territory here, a slight respite? But we’re not in the clear just yet. The Big Picture still hangs in the sky, Mars and Saturn are antagonizing each other and will again in September since the fighter goes retrograde then direct until we escape from him in December!

August 28-31st Friday and Saturday, the 28, 29th provide some needed optimism with all of that earth connected to Planet Uranus bringing a ray of hope. Then Saturday especially shines with that Jupiterian partnership. Let’s hope for the brighter and rational minds to make their thoughts known. Early Virgo Suns occupy one of my favorite locations, known as Magha, the King who humbly knows his role is serve the people, not himself .

Lastly I’ll share a few of my thoughts about the days ahead. The USA chart enters a strong, new and practical cycle starting right at the end of October, for almost 3 years. The natal USA chart has been hammered on its strongest and best configurations all of this past year. We are in a major change and shift cycle. I wonder how deep into our constitutional structures this will affect?

Then next Spring, 2021, from later March into April, I‘m seeing not just for us, but a global “up” of some kind, bringing relief in certain areas for sure. By late December we have an unusual conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. It’s very rare since they have combined every 20 years in earth signs for 100s of years except for 198O. A new day a new era ahead and I’m feeling positive about it.

As for my thoughts about the election, what I will say right now is that I don’t believe we will know the results exactly on the night of November 3d. We probably won’t hear until around November 15th, which is going to be one heck of a powerful full moon day. It shows Mars stopping in his tracks to station direct, and I may add, a certain JB looks pretty happy right then.

That’s all for now. I’m getting back to my Lammas table, and I thank my friend Barbara Biziou for her beautiful ways of explaining and bringing back some ancient practices in which we can access Mother Nature’s gifts for uplifting our lives and spirits. Here’s a link in case any one is interested in finding out more about these thoughts and methods.

DAYS TO USE WELL: 6, 8, 20, 27, 28, 29,

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst.
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August 8-9th Well the year ahead promised to have lots of action and energy in your life so prepare ! And then there’s a slight uptick and even a promise of something better happening all this in a month that is not very good but this is your solar return or birthday chart so it holds.

August13-17 th The Sun, your Suns, so close to Mercury with fiery Mars tuned in makes for such a huge energetic cocktail. But I’m sure you’ll handle it.. Beware of some obstacles it’s not a smooth ride. In fact plan on this and you can overcome!
But, mid December brings you a big surprise gift so hold on.

September 6-11th in spite of all the ups and downs this month, you have one very strong supportive aspect, called Jupiter. The outer line up isn’t too harsh for you either, one of the lucky few!

September 19-21st Not the easiest time for these late Virgoans, certain karma is blocking you, early month especially. But as the days progress you benefit more than others from the gang in the Cap club!

October 1-4th The full moon of the 3d benefits you in certain ways, and I’d take all the bright ideas, networking opportunities, whatever presents itself right now.

October 16-19th Maybe a nice virtual river rafting trip would help lift your spirits. Only avoid any kind of travel and excitement around the same days as your birthday in August. Not ok. Be safe and dry.

October late month birthdays- November 1st The last few days of August are so nice for you! This is amazing in such an upside time that were in. These dates support any projects you have cooked up so go to it!

November 6-10th This surprising crazy month has some good news for you! And that means your intuitive side is supported with all the deep thoughts you may have. This is only your Sun speaking, you r other planets may tell another story,.

November 18-21st Oh sometimes you get a gift and these Cap characters are lined up exactly to support whatever endeavors you may be thinking of starting! It’s a new day and I’d only say, be very watchful around the new moon of August 18th.

December 1-4th The full moon of the 3d lands exactly on your early month Sag Suns, so it’s non stop energy time, and maybe a little too much stress as well?
Fire feeds fire. You have other planets and aspects in your chart so maybe some water signs will lower the heat. But stay safe and healthy!

December 13-19th wow! this is another month of fire, just like December, and! Mars being in Aries is also fire, so don’t burn up, especially near the New moon of the 18-19th!

December 30-January 2nd Fortunately for you there is a dynamic aspect from that self starter Uranus, so it would be fascinating to see what you’ve got planned. I’m sure it’s brilliant.

January 8-11th You’ve got a plus and minus here but the negative leaves quickly to bother someone else and the strength supports you all month long! Home free after mid month I’d say.

January 16-20th Now this can’t be too much fun, too much stress never is and for heavens sake wear that mask, don’t socialize, play your guitar? The obstruction is most obnoxious around the third week of the month. Stay home!

February 1-4th Early month’s full moon is right on your Suns but T square that devil Uranus. he’s trouble so be careful don’t do anything you might regret!

February 17-22th These dates in particular are singled out for action, maybe not what you had in mind but there it is. In a certain way you re lucky and not many are right now. The nodes and Venus early month are your wing women I’d say.

March 9-13th Once more you luck out, thank Neptune and Jupiter for their loyal support and in a crazy time no less. This supports your Suns, your work, your self out to the world. Your soul is another part but this sure helps!

March 18- 21st In this wacky month you have strong earth guards at your side and with this you are so protected, regardless of what other aspects mayb be lingering overhead.

April 14-20th I know it has not been very much fun for some time, the obstacles and delays are more than anybody needs. Thank heaven your chart has lore going for it than the Sun in these degrees of Aries ! Partly the new moon of the 18th could fire you up and might be a little helpful and Rahu and Ketu you’re your back, that’s a big plus !

April later month, there’s no denying how powerful that Uranian energy is an will be for a few months. Later August after the new moon, you can soar, or roar.

May 9-12th Again you are strongly upheld by Jupiter and Neptune, no matter what other obstacles may be clouding the sky. You in your core are strong and centered and that the most important thing of all.

May 14-21st Fortunately for you the tide is awash with help from the skies, it’s so helpful in spite of what other aspects might not be. Earth supports earth, water too but that’s not here yet. You have a ways to go before the major Jupiter Saturn trine to your Suns! Wow is all I can say to that!

June 14th yes the full moon early month will charge your electrical system as if you needed any more from the lightning gods. Moon in Aquarius likes early Gemini and can be very social .

June 15- 18th Mid month especially the fire aspects of Sun and Mars will boost your spirit and what could that new project be ! Moving ahead you have more support from Rahu and Ketu, this is the beginning ! Start that book !

July 5-6th Last month’s early lunar eclipse is feeling the brunt of the Mars trigger, now that fire devil. Neptune however has come to your aid and is supporting your deepest emotions since moon children (you) invented them anyway.

July 13-19th I wish I wasn’t writing this part because it doesn’t look very nice
then as this August month progresses, especially mid month just take it easy, do nothing and lots of it ! One very positive note is the aspect that oncoming Neptune will bring you. Plus! the November 15 Full moon, just hold on !