Astrology July 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA, or is it going to be a happy birthday?! Upon closer inspection into this year’s Day of Independence, some obstreperous bits and pieces of astrology signal that it’s not likely to be that peaceful on this usually celebratory day. I do want to mention that I use the fabulous and renowned astrologer, James Kelleher’s, corrected birth time for the United States of July 4th at 6:30 p.m. in Philadelphia versus the commonly used Sibley chart of 5:15 pm. His extensive research at the Library of Congress decades ago produced letters from a few of the original signers, including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, whose messages to their spouses stated that they would finish by “suppertime.” And so they did.

Back to 2020, and now some 244 years later, we have an historically horrendous sky map right now that is rife with tensions, anger and violence. Our entire identity—the United States’ actual ‘self-beingness’ as a nation–is being upended by Saturn and pressurized by the eclipsed moon that will force out ‘that which has been hidden’ underneath our system of government. This will provoke danger in specific locations and also sadness (the north node will be in Ardra, whose symbol is the teardrop). Hence, this July 4th holiday will be being less of a celebration and more of an altercation. Let’s just hope that instead of fireworks there won’t be gun works.

It doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that we are in incredibly strange – almost unheard of–times right now. However, astrologically, I can tell you that not only are these historic times but also – our world has not seen 6 retrograde planets which add to global confusion, in over than 400 years! Then the last time the world saw these aspects the Capricorn line up within shooting range to Mars in Aries, for so many moths, was in the early 1500’s which lived through the Protestant Reformatio , along with a severe restructuring of the societal underpinnings and foundations of the time.

Pluto, the ‘life changer’ and renovator of the deepest parts of the soul, is also right back to where he sat in 1776… leaving no doubt about it–we are amidst a life -changing, nation changing moment in time. However, good news is on the horizon. When we arrive at 2021, we will greet a new era, a new world it will the real Age of Aquarius with extraordinary new technology and a more humanitarian mindset.. Who’` s ready?


July 1-6th Briefly later on the 2nd and early morning of the 3d shows some

sparkling happy news allowing for some time to plan and arrange some things.

I don’t want to get too overly optimistic right now, since we’re still in that

muddle of a puddle with that Capricorn goat.

Perhaps the most stunning cosmic event right now would of course

have to be the July 4th-5th Lunar eclipse landing exactly on Americas birthday

chart. ( 9:44 pm PDT, and 00:45 EDT) I’d also like to mention that

the 13 degree angle of the USA ‘s Sun is in exact conjunction to

the fixed star Sirius, which will begin to leads the USA onto a new path…and

out of this mess! Planning significant events close to an eclipse is not really a

wise course of action. For these times it would be best to wait until the

following week to do anything major.

July 7-13th Oh about Mercury retrograde, the oft mentioned item in lite astro chats. Just keep in mind that the stop and start non – movement merely serves to intensify its influence. Paddling in watery cancer, it is also hitting against Mars in arbitrary Aries and we know what an emotional fracas that can cause. This verbal communicative aspect also applies to the current resident of a large imposing white structure on Pennsylvania Ave because it sets off this identical aspect in the President’s natal chart. Mercury begins direct motion on the 12th, things are slowly picking up. Now you can sign that lease after some inspections of course. Then, just a few days later, an incipient lightness begins

to gradually filter down to earth via the inspiring aspect of Sun to Neptune. The undersea god softens the harsher elements where Saturn solidifies. Right here Jupiter might open a few hearts and even a bank account or two ! With Pluto for emphasis!! Make note of July 14 and 15th. Mars is still over there lighting a match to thinking minds.

July 14-20

Sunday and Monday’s new moon in Cancer marks the second new moon in this watery sign in a month. Only here it’s in a 28 degree lunar position which makes for an immutable standoff directly opposite Saturn and the Cap gang.

like helmeted police planets exuding fear and threats. The message seems to be “who’s going first? “ But the brighter side might be the nature of this highly placed moon in vedic astrology’s Pushya, who has been known to exhibit a kinder attitude and might even be able to calm down some of the anger in the present zeitgeist. That nice Mars and Venus blend adds to a slightly brighter picture.

July 21- 27th Having two new moons in Cancer comes as no surprise, as this has been a month of retrogrades, repeats and reviews, and all the ‘re’ words you can think of. The clear message is “go back and see what you can fix and cleanup” Only when planets and life start moving forward will these old skins slide off and a new “self” emerge! And then it will be good -bye to the Rona.

July 28-August 2nd

Late month and into August the Sun moves into his position of lordship, bringing with it a change in attitude and direction. Venus joins Rahu here in a strikingly better location. Enough with this tear drop stuff. Mercury of course will soon depart the murky Cancerian depths and motor on into Leo, bringing with it sharper but not caustic, communication, and hopefully, even lift some travel restrictions? But were not quite there yet and he’s a tricky devil so watch unnecessary expenditures, and don’t take off your masks yet.

Wishing you a calm July and hope we can all seek some serenity.

DAYS TO USE WELL: 2, 11, 12, 13, 18 late,20 early, 24! Before 4 pm.,28th

BIRTHDAYS That Ring A bell :

BIRTHDAYS THAT RING A BELL: The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst. My contact is:

JULY 4-6th Eclipse children harken, if your birthday is a day before or a day

after an eclipse, best to prepare for a very interesting and even life changing

year ahead. This rare occurrence can surprise and uplift, especially now.

JULY 13 -14th These might be some of the best birthdays of the current month. That moment of light filling the sky, Jupiter looking over at the Sun, with Neptune beaming does you a favor . Carpe Diem!

AUGUST 23-30th Later August lands under my favorite Nakshatra, Magha, the

benign ruler who’s humility sees that his role as king is to be of service to his

people , his family. Early July shows such strong support for these Virgo Suns.

AUGUST 11-20th Fortunately for this swath of Leo birthdays the sky is pretty

much in your favor, depending of course upon how your natal chart is set up.

The strong karmic partnership with the lunar nodes is unmistakable, a gift an

in a time that is kind of on the destructive side. This strength stays on your

side all through August too!

SEPTEMBER 12-19th I’m giving this such a wide window because of the

powerful coalition of sky gods over in Capricorn, who are being supportive

and safe! So unusual for some of them. Late month into early August there is

a minor retraction, not to worry .

SEPTEMBER 23-30th These last few days are a boost to many especially earlier

in the month when Venus enters in direct motion to life your spirits! Then

very late month the moon in Sagittarius and the shiny Leo Sun repeat the

earlier month’s promise.

OCTOBER 20-21 The support system may not be recognized right away, but

it’s Rahu then Venus very late month that come to your house! Say what you


OCTOBER 15-18th Ok we’ve said it before but the birthdates are moving ahead

And the irritation “Don’t Park Here” warnings are going to find new targets

soon enough. Thankfully your birth charts have other planets and aspect so

all is not lost!

NOVEMBER 16-19th You ‘ve been right in the center of the dialogue, whether

You’ve realized it or not. An din certain ways it’s been really helpful! The New

moon of the 20th is such boon for you as well.

NOVEMBER 28- 30th Early Sag children should see a bit of an up very early in

the month and then again in the last few days. Jump on it!

DECEMBER 2- 14th In spite of all this background noise your face should lite

Up from around the 5th of this month to the 26th! It’s not a perfect picture

but as we know, fire likes fair and air, and you get Mars and Venus in Gem and Aries !

DECEMBER 21- 26th That nasty fracas of words spitting out at each other will

involve the Suns in your chart.. So think how to handle the first part of July

at least. Try to do a pre check over any impending issues, business, personal

health! And then take care of it.

DECEMBER 28 -January 3d Fortunately for these Sun sign birthdates, the lunar

eclipse moon shines so brightly for you that I hope you’ll take advantage of

this opening of hearts and minds!

JANUARY 5-11th The lunar eclipse moon in that favorable Poorvashdha part of

Capricorn is blessing and not in disguise either. You can weather all of this

And thank Neptune while you’re at it! The bad actors have almost left the

room and Jupiter is there to lit you up.

JANUARY 18-20th Saturn has reversed direction and wants to come back into

your house to check the refrigerator and tell you to start eating a Keto Diet! Ok

kidding but he’s so annoying, with all his boundaries and restrictions.

VERY LATE JANUARY – FEBRUARY 9th Slightly positive is this deranged

month for you! Thank you Mars and Venus who want to party in your office!

Earlier days, laterJan, first of Feb, will have to deal with a clash of sorts, avoid

difficult people !

FEBRUARY late Days sees a blend of harmonious high thinking aspects to

Lighten your moods and communication efforts! It doesn’t last all through this

month so make hay ya know! While that Sun shines

MARCH 3-7th This lunar eclipse is bending right in your direction and will

provide a boost, an uplift that will be hard to ignore. Some people get lucky!

MARCH 9-14th you lucky mermaids or mermen, mid July is a gift just for you in

an otherwise crazy time.. There’s the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter confab for a

nice barbecue mid month for sure! And it’s inspiring! Don’t waste it!

APRIL 12-28th Ok I’m boring you again but I can’t help but mention the life

changing aspects overhead, some will find the obstructions too much to

handle, others will have more helpful natal chart aspects to lessen the effect.

The nice part is going to be that the transiting nodes, Rahu and Ketu, will stay

in place as your solid wing men for many weeks ahead.

APRIL 27-May 4th This should be a very interesting month with strong mental

and emotional connections., especially early month. Later month not so much.

MAY 10- 20th I’m probably boring you by repeating myself, however when

this much positivity flows your way what else can I do? Your Taurean Sun

selves are on high ground!

MAY 20- 26th Right here earlier in this month the blend of Mars all happy with

Venus, is your fourth of July happy place. Most fascinating will be that very

late July very early next month time of some magical karma on your plate!

Write that one down.

JUNE 5-11th in the second part of July such a fascinating uplifting arrangement

Of planets supporting and shining on you! You wont be bored but rather the

center of it all

JUNE 18-22nd herein you have been and will be, experiencing a major karmic

transformation . It is very powerful and positive and happens, in your

if you’re lucky only once in 19 years. This is your time to stand up and be seen.