Astrology June 2020

Hello all, and welcome to June 2020??! There are so many events on our sky calendar for this month—a couple of interesting birthdays, a legendary series of retrogrades, and on top of that, we are heading into an eclipse season! Buckle your seatbelts for June 2020…

For starters, three eclipses within one month is the astrological definition of a rare moment in time.  And, boy are we heading into it.  For you sky watchers, these include the lunar eclipses of June 5th and July 5th. Then the standout is the June 21st summer solstice solar eclipse.  The significance of these triple lunar patterns will be discussed further down.  

Now let me explain something here about astrological insights.  Planetary configurations don’t cause these earthly tribulations they merely indicate certain historic patterns that will be taking place. With this bizarre new illness, shrinking economies, civil and governmental unrest, it would certainly give one pause, and maybe even a thought that earth and sky are expressing their frustrations.  Are you ready for March and April on steroids?! Great! Let’s just dive right into June why don’t we …



June 1-7th: The month really begins with Venus’ exact contact to the Sun on Wednesday the 3rd as such a once a year occurrence would typically lighten up the day, and for a bit it will do just that.  Then Friday awakens to a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (at 6:57 PT), which could be nice except here comes Mars, the unwelcome obstreperous bully, at the table.

A Sagittarian full moon in Gemini usually speaks to those collecting diplomas and educational tributes before launching on a world travel adventure, perhaps? Not this time since drive-through graduations are doing that part. 

But attendance in the grad school of engineering might help in rectifying broken temperament pipes and civil behavior windows?   A thought. Later in the year, the November 30th lunar eclipse will be in Gemini-Sagittarius as well.  Should your birthday fall here, or the day before, be prepared for a charged-up year ahead. Aspects like these typically mark major beginnings and endings.  Saturday’s exact conflict between Mars and the Sun will require all of our patience and calm. There’s just too much hot headed competitive energy out there. This square could push you to kill a fly with a hammer.   

JUNE 8-14th: Now we’ve arrived at the confusing fog time of the month—our big Neptune problem. Mars has saddled up next to this underwater God in defiance of the Sun thereby making possible all sorts of deceitful and deceptive rumors and untruths blasted at us earthlings by social media and news media all over the planet. The further we motor on into the moth, more of this will become apparent. Neptune claims the prize for scandal. Oh, and freeloaders. Overly idealized moments will find sway in this time. So, the message could not be clearer: Don’t believe all that you hear! Rely on your own inner sagacity and wisdom, and stay safely in doors!

Matters of health, as if we don’t know this, make one overly susceptible at this time when the T square of Mars and Neptune to the Sun blare out the call for more masks and gloves.  June 14th Flag day is upon us, and yes flags have been lowered recently to honor the 100,000 plus epidemic deaths.

Sunday the 14th is also someone’s 74th birthday. Yep you guessed it, President Trump.  In checking out his solar return chart for the year (one’s birthday year chart), I must say it’s pretty upended. In spite of a couple of small helpful aspects, I’m not sure he can avoid a possible health matter later in the late summer to early Fall.

June 15-21st: Monday and Tuesday see a scrappy Aries moon pushing back on those outer big guys in Capricorn. He has the Sun on his side but it might be a game to watch.

Then Wednesday the 17th to Thursday 18th: I might cautiously say that these are the two better days of June. The solid Taurus moon blends as nicely as it can with the strength of the earthy Jupiter Pluto and even Saturn to enable a serious, even calm time for debate between the adults in the room.

June 21st: We have now arrived at the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse, occurring at exactly 2:41 a.m. ET!  The solstice happens to land on the exact location of the super red giant, Betelgeuse, which astronomers have been watching carefully since its bright light has continued to dim over the years. At 700 light years away, will it explode and collapse into a black hole, and scorch our planet?  No, it’s thought maybe in 40,000 years but not any time soon. 

June 21 also happens to be the birthday of Prince William of Great Britain, second in line to the throne. Having a solar eclipse on one’s birthday might occur once, rarely twice, or never; and what it signifies is a life-changing year ahead for that individual. Should your own birthday land on the 21st or next day, be prepared for a major year ahead.

The other particularly unusual thing about this month is the fact that we have SIX retrograde planets happening between June 16th and 25th! That would be Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto. Can you spell confusion?!

Positive uses of these days are many, if only we can make best use of them.  Yes, I know it’s been said that Venus-retrograde can be used to heal troubled emotional relationships.  Mercury and Saturn are perfect for deep thinking and going deep into your studies or projects. And taxes are due July 15th.  Research anyone?  Then, we do have some slightly helpful aspects with Mercury to Uranus and the Sun.  Words and thoughts are arranged a little better with Venus’ direct motion in sync with Saturn, a strength giver.    

Most importantly, right here, please pay special attention the last few days of June when Mars leaves Pisces and marches into warlord Aries territory, which could very well ignite the eclipse pattern we just saw.  This will raise some fear and anxiety across the globe. It’s happened before.  The slightly better part of this trigger time is that the North node Rahu has moved out of sad, teary Ardra into fun loving Mrigashira, which can be a bit unreliable but it’s slightly better than its prior location all of these long months since December!

June 30th: The month’s final day sees the exact meet up between Pluto and Jupiter. This may not sound that interesting but for sure, it will bring a moment of strong decisions and major achievements. Mark that one down!  

You probably need some tea, wine, or acid reflux meds at this point since this letter might have come off as more of a horrorscope!

Armagedda is signing off!


June 3rd (morning only), 9th, 10th (up to evening), 17th (early day), 27th, 30th that’s all!


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst. My contact is: 

JUNE 5th, 6th:  Having a lunar eclipse on one’s birthday plants a flag alert for “exciting year ahead”.  Now the Saturday part has a Mars to Sun aspect so watch out for difficult people around you avoid them, period.   Venus overhead is usually a benefic angle which does help! 

JUNE 20-22nd: All of these birthdays land under the powerful solar eclipse, depending on the birth times.  Expect a life changing year some positive things, some not so great. But you will remember June 2020 to June 2021 as a year you’ll never forget. Most critical here is how is your sun aspected in your birth chart?

JUNE 30- JULY 1-2nd: fortunate here is that strong aspect of decision and strength coming very late month, then! at the very beginning of June some nice

communication between friends and colleagues.  Not bad for a month that’s not so great.

JULY 15-18th: You’ve been down this road before, you  are already  well aware of the obstacles from outer sources over which you have no control.  Your energy and enthusiasm are being put to the test.  Very early month there’s as light up and a gift. But the chart must have some uplifting parts to it I’m sure.  Your energy and enthusiasm are being put to the test.  Hang on. 

AUGUST 1-2n: August babies have an early month push me pull you vibe.  Uranus is causing trouble blocking and saying  ‘watch out don’t fall!’  Then Venus is trying to dance with you if Mars would just butt out. See what I mean. 

AUGUST 13-17th: : Ok this may sound weird, but you have a very rare aspect called a “Yod “or Finger of God pointing right at you!  It’s really your moment this month, NOW! No matter what else the chart says, its time to DO it !

SEPTEMBER 4-6th : Early June is your time, relax, a very slight hindrance, just Venus, she needs attention maybe?  But don’t sweat it.  Take advantage of the every early good times, the rest depends upon your natal charts.

SEPTEMBER 13-17th: Hark, I know you’re probably sick of hearing the message about the strong angles holding you up and trashing everyone else. You’re one of the luckier ones, even though I don’t know your moons or rising sign. This is strength and it stays like this for many more months. 

SEPTEMBER 26-27th : Very late June how nice for once to have a friend in air signs , Venus and Saturn for once agree! Take any crumbs you can find these days.  Everyone.

OCTOBER 13-17th : I know we ‘ve has this conversation before but just yet the meddlers haven’t left your street. 2021 will bring so many much better suprises just have to wait this one out.

OCTOBER 28,30TH : Those very late June aspects favor you in so many ways, encouragement, strength, the 30th has your name on it!

NOVEMBER 11-14th That mid June Mars Neptune Moon thing could be so great for you, however, there is one little fly in the soup.. With your brilliance you can see through any deception and grab the goose by the neck leaving the ducks in the pond.

NOVEMBER 18-20th  :Bizarre as it might seem, these outer characters  causing al of this shift and change is really a godsend for you! Wingmen you couldn’t possibly wish for any other time. It’s like “ask for what you want” from the universe.  See what happens . Virgo moon of the 27th June is the best time ! 

DECEMBER 4-5th : Well you are right in the middle of this lunar eclipse, next few  days and weeks ahead for sure. Maybe more than you wished for? And opening in the sky in your mind happens with this.

DECEMBER 10-14th  :The mid month confusion is on your doorstep as well. Just let those days go by, and use the time for reflection and inner work, you won’t be sorry.   Late years December 14th Solar eclipse tells another story a life changer for sure. But not a negative one at that!

JANUARY  8-11th :  Strange as it may seem, these mid June days find a strong positive aspect to lift you over the bridge of any  seeming defeat. You will no doubt be hearing some positive news, even like some deceitful matter being revealed.  Good for you!

JANUARY 18-21st : As you ‘ve already read no doubt, that these outer characters have lined up over your Sun, yourself,.  Yes Mayor Pete, you as well.  So it’s a very decisive time, and getting more so.  Life changing in a few ways one which is very significant but I’m sure you already know what that might be. Not just yet however.

FEBRUARY 3-6th : That June 5th Lunar eclipse lands right in your aura. And Mars doesn’t hamper you like it does all the others. You might even  have a joyous weekend after all!  Early month were talking.

FEBRUARY 26-29th : These very later days in the Februm month ( that means cleansing) might find some relief in the last week of June, since there aren’t too many perfect days this month.  There ‘s a copacetic matching up to your Suns adding strength for solid communication and decisions.

MARCH 11-14th : That lineup of confusing deceptive Neptune and Mars against   Sun does not make for a pleasant mid June time. Pay attention to all around you, and believe only a slim fraction of what you hear.  You may feel energized and confused at the same time.

MARCH 16-19th : You have no idea how lucky you are right now on this wild windswept planet of chaos and destruction. You! however, have the blessing of three strong wingmen at your side, protecting, and looking after your self, your plans, your home base. You lucky dogs or ponies? 

March 27- April 2nd : With Chiron, that fascinating trouble making healer  crossing over head, for sure you are experiencing some serious life changing moments, not especially a negative thing either. His rotation occurs in a 50 -51 year cycle.  Wherever it was in your chart at birth that’s where the return occurs.  Although, close the 28th you may want to stay underground. In fact it’s a good idea.

APRIL 13-17th : I know we’ve said this before but it I mean, they, are still here, blocking, obstructing, throwing tear gas even. Not your best time so what to do? Wait it out and by next year a new chapter will be in your book of happy days!  You have other aspects in your chart of course. Something must be positive and perking up!

APRIL 27-May 2nd : All month long you have the giant of brilliance Uranus the inventor cruising along side your Suns, that could be a good or not so great thing It all depend son how the Sun in your chart is set. For now it could bring genius thoughts and ideas, don’t think it’ll lbe an earthquake just yet, not enough negatives to cause that one . 

MAY 9-12th : Again you win with the neighboring pals of Neptune and Mars, you can calm those deceitful dogs down and they will listen to you since it brings harmony not distraction for once.

MAY 15-18th : And again a Taurean goes to the moon, oops, I meant the park, it’s earth winning the title again!! Those power- wielding creatures out there in Capricorn are on your team!!  Right now for sure! Real Estate, finance, security most of all!