Astrology May 2020

May I just say that we’re standing at an opposite pole right now, far apart from previous jubilant May Day celebrations . Maypoles festooned with ribbons and flowers? Not now.


I know what everyone is thinking. When Will This Be Over? In spite of the grim news this last day of April I truly believe that we will see some brighter moments and even a lifting of restrictions as we move further along into this month which you’ ll see below. Using this time to sequester and reflect has not been a problem but even a gift to allow some thoughts to gather and ponder over, maybe for you as well.

For sure this is going to be a month of landmark events, consequences, and turning points.

What’s going on with North Korea? How does our USA chart look? What’s the possibly most powerful full moon of the year going to deliver? Any medical updates? The financial world ?


On May 1st Ancient Britain and Ireland marked the half way point between the spring equinox and summer solstice with their exuberant Beltane Festivals. At this time, right now, the Celts welcomed summer, extending their blessings to earth and sky with joyous rituals such as planting seeds and feasting!


Blessings to the earth? Hmmm. Part of my head wandered out into a different, even mystical space. I wondered, if in this present time with coyotes roaming in shopping malls, absent cars and humans , are we experiencing something even greater ?

So button up that polyurethane suit, star travelers, get your heads into a bubble helmet, and onto the month we shall go! It’s going to be quite a ride.




May 1-3d Friday through Sunday, wow, such an exact electric lineup in determined Taurus right here indicating a “we will do it” time of action. This rare combination also known as a “cazimi” with Mercury, Uranus and the Sun tightly lined up makes for inspiring innovation and discoveries!   We’ll have a super creative weekend for many, but also a few days of strong words and action.


May 4-10th Monday arrives under a fairly beneficent Mars and Venus and Moon in Libra  triangle, kindly disposed for a couple of days to provide us with a brief moment to use advantageously . Then, on the 7th we head into one of the most of not the most powerful full moon of the year (3:45 am pdt). It’s a high energetic point of the month and yep, it’s in Scorpio, or Vishaka, the Sanskrit term from whence we derive the word “viscous”.

On a slightly cautious note I might remind everyone that Scorpio full moons tend to overdo, with temptations and emotions at their highest. It can be a rather shaky time, and I do mean, winds, even earth tremors besides the collective global trauma right now.

We’re not fooling around here, but to lighten the impact we have Neptune coming to the rescue over in Pisces which might soften things with a bit of genuine kindness and philanthropy. I‘d even say we’re already seeing some of the wings of generosity spreading out over some parts of our world.


One of the best aspects in our USA natal chart is the humanitarian Aquarian moon so perfectly synced to Mars in versatile Gemini , and present time, Mars is right there for emphasis.!

Nevertheless we as a country are also undergoing a tremendous life change. The juggernaut of events that have brought us to this moment are plainly exhibited in our chart and will continue until late 2020.

Now this is a collective governmental as well as Covidal caused situation. I’ll spare you any political diatribes and opinions as of now only to say that his month long derangement of Venus to Neptune has left emotions splattered and confused . As a matter of fact this also speaks to addiction tendencies , which is not surprising given all the lockdowns and hey, the big profits taken in by our wineries right now! Cocktails anyone?



Any good news? Yes ! But we may have to wait, even though there ‘s sure to be a few bright moments along the path to 2021.   As for the big picture I’ve already marked April 2021 as a big awakening moment!! We will have arrived! Yes I’ll even make book on that one ! Just don’t ask me about the election right now, ok? Back to our present month.


On May 9th and 10th the Mercury and Pluto harmony strengthens and expands our capacity for intelligent discussion. Even better is the lineup for Mother’s Day, May 10th, showing a nicely blended a Capricorn moon with Jupiter accompanying the earthy Taurus Sun. It’s close to a perfect day. We haven’t had very many. Cake time!


May 11-17th   We are now at the pivotal week of the month with a lot to process . Get ready. On Monday, Saturn stops, holds his station at one degree Aquarius, and Mercury moves into Gemini, his home place. They are in a strong air, i.e. brainiac, partnership.

I would even expect some news on the healing front, a medical breakthrough perhaps? Mars has just donned his lab coat entering the room of the 1000 physicians, known as Shatabashk or very early Pisces for the West.   Fascinating is a strong planetary placement in this subsection, giving one the ability to delve into the deepest part of a problem, analyze and solve, hence a true healer. Now I think you see where this is going .


Wednesday the 13th presents a rather conflicted moment, with Venus moving retrograde until June 24th, close to a forty day looking back. The word “quarantine” means forty so there we are, this week of three retrograde planets with a strong meaning of stop, stay, review, reflect.   With Venus this speaks to personal relationships which might require some correction of past miscommunication right now. Venus’ path through in Gemini will go on until August 8th! That’s some run and very rare but then we’ve been in Covidmare.


Then wait, now it’s Jupiter’s turn to stand still, as he begins his four month retreat .

These are rather startling retrogrades could very well add up to one momentous

result. Now the Sun’s trinal aspect to power mongers Jupiter and Pluto, creates such a powerful force chosen to bring what is hidden up from the underworld, a breakthrough maybe?

It’s as they say, A Moment, but not necessarily a negative moment the retrogrades not withstanding aren’t bothering me too much.


Basing this on the exact lineup, I’m watching the 14th to the 17th carefully as they are pretty strong days and for the financial markets as well. As for the money kingdom, these dates right here hold the most promise, but I’m not expecting rainbows. A year from now

will be different and better . New thoughts, new technology! Late Summer 2020 does not forebode well at all. Take note. On the Covid front line something powerful might very well reveal itself.   These are intense days which could well mark important events.


Sunday the 17th appears to be a pretty nice time to relax. You may even be able to walk the beach or enter your favorite restaurant or get a haircut Monday?


So many thoughts, so little time. Now what’s happened to the leader of the Hermit Kingdom?   His chart (I have his true birth time) showed intense disruption right on or near April 17th, from not just one, but three harsh aspects.   Late summer does not favor him at all, that is if he’s still on the planet. You ask me about death aspects. I’ve seen so many charts of those who’ve crossed over and sometimes it’s very surprising. Oftentimes it shows a beautiful Venus aspect, meaning the soul has lifted up into a beautiful place! But that’s not showing in KJU’s chart right now nor did it a few weeks back.


May 18-24th The bright thinking moments that just arrived with Mercury and Saturn, partnering up in early air gives me hope. The old guy’s retro action bothers me not in the least, since he’s in Deep Think now and that’s good news for the planet! I’m actually feeling rather positive. Monday May 20th the Sun enters Gemini. But the most positive star of all has to be the Gemini new moon of the 22nd! It loves Saturn, imagine that! A nice calm zephyr to coast us along for the next two weeks up to the lunar eclipse of June 5th .


May 25th – 31st Memorial day Monday rests under a perfect water blend of moon in Cancer   to Mars in Pisces. This is family time, without a doubt and proffers a helping hand to those in need.

I’m the most encouraged by Mercury in Cancer’s strong nodal support then the link over to Mars and Uranus. Communication will no doubt arise from the heart and not from the head. I’m pretty certain that we will have some fascinating news and discoveries with which to end the month!


This is a different year, our world is changing and what I’m going to be the most fascinated by will be what our new world will look like?

As mentioned in my last January letter, the extremely rare confab of these particular players in Capricorn have historically led to body and soul changing structures in governments, religions, belief systems.


Back to my earlier thoughts, about earth having a sort of vacation spa day. Might this be some sort of karmic repair for the obstreperous terracide inflicted on our planet these past few decades?   What will we have learned from Covid that planetary virus invader? What will we have learned? Something positive is what I think and maybe it’s why I see 2021 as a new era dawning, the real age of Aquarius.


I welcome your thoughts, email me if you like at the address below. I’ll leave you with that as we land back on earth station May. Then you might check one of the 28 birthday clusters below to see if your particular Suns made the news.




DAYS OF ACTION AND HOPE : 1, 4, 10, 15, 22, 25,



The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst. My contact is:


MAY 1-2nd, Somehow this gift of three planets including Mr. Genius himself, Uranus with Mercury, is a real bright light and I don’t mind the vague square from grumpy Saturn, because you determined types will vanquish any slight hindrance to your goals,


MAY 10-11th This might be the premium moment for negotiations with such a string connection between Mercury and Saturn, solid! There is also a solidifying aspect going on to support your endeavors all throughout the year until May 10-11th 2021. Bulls Eye!


MAY 21-23d This might be the best time and it’s your birthday time! The aspects right now are so helpful and uplifting for your Suns, your health, your goals, how you manage your world, plus the solar return, aka birthday chart, is close to perfect.


JUNE 11-14th Very early month is your strongest moment so grab it with both hands. Right after say the 4, 5th, comes a rather confusing disruptive blockage. Blame Neptune. It makes personal relationships at odds and when Venus retros around the13th it’s a good time to repair fences. Hold on because, yes it’s a big deal, and it corrects itself later in the summer.


JUNE 16-19th You are experiencing a very rare, once in 19 year aspect, of the north node crossing your Suns, or I should say, enhancing! A dynamic time especially the first week!

The slightly bothersome obstruction by Neptune can be mitigated by other aspects in your natal charts. About this I don’t doubt.


LATE JUNE 23d -EARLY-JULY 5th Wow! Here we are second half of May, and the stealthy Mars in Pisces has decided to help you over the bridge! Not only him, but Uranus is there too! Some people just get luckier than others, take advantage of the spiritual aspect here, it’s inspiring and slightly magical!


JULY 10-16th birthdays are fortunate to have the Taurus Sun and Pisces Neptune hold up their flags in the face of that Capricorn cabal. It could have been a lot worse but this is actually nice!


JULY 19-26th That Saturnian energy has been pushing you for a while and blocking your safe passage. Plus the Uranian psycho hasn’t been so nice either.   Just watch your steps especially these first couple of May Days. May 12, 13th show the best support for you.


AUGUST 16-18th will benefit the most in the first week of May.. Then the Venus retro action and a sixty degree aspect from rahu, will send you a friendly wingman, or woman, to help you navigate the straights of May!


AUGUST Later month : Well early Virgo’ s luck out again with the electric aspect from Uranus, then Mars! Something tells me you won’t pass up the moment to bond with Mother earth, cooking , gardening, nature and nurture!


AUGUST 30-SEPTEMBER 2nd It’s a short window here, but the aspects very early May are so dynamite for your plans and goals that you have to pick up the threads and weave something beautiful!



SEPTEMBER 7-12th This 5 day pod of Virgo Suns will have to hunker down, masks on especially in the first half of May. But look at the world, so some things are postponed and you have to wait, that’s ok, in view of the global covidmare. Mostly you are fortunate to have the strong background support of the Capricorn goat party.


SEPTEMBER 19-22 There is a solid angle from Saturn to your Suns that’s activated most strongly mid month, and good news, Saturn will be there for almost a year! Such support, what more can you wish for?   Don’t answer.


OCTOBER 11-18th There has been and will continue to be some obstreperous annoying blockages to your plans maybe even health? It wont go away too soon but, slightly good new si that with this Venus retrograde and! It’s located in harmony to your Libra selves, for four months! There’s a godsend or a goddess send. Mars is helping out as well.


OCTOBER 20-26th Later October children will have the perk of Mars mid month and on to

encourage, lift up your spirits and even more besides! In spite of that Saturn hindrance that you ‘ve been going through for a few months. Then there’s a karma play happening as well, we call it rahu. Message is: Pay attentjon to all clues.


NOVEMBER 6-12th The month’s Full moon on the 7th plus the added gift of Neptune sidling up as well, should provide that breakthrough moment that you ‘ve been waiting for. Not everyone will be this fortunate. A Scorpio moon loves a Scorpio sun, see?.


NOVEMBER 16-21st This segment of the scorpion may well become his alter self, the eagle, with the strength given to him by the strong Capricorn cabal and also new into Aquarius but still a wingman, is Saturn. You are pretty lucky with this one.


DECEMBER 20-22nd There is no mistaking the sense of what ‘s going on here especially with these birthday Suns. In fact you may very well be feeling unappreciated for all your hard work and even begin to question yourself. It’s a brief two or three month aspect, karmic in a way, and as such a good time to do some soul searching.


DECEMBER 27- January 1st Please take note of the powerful gift handed over to you very early May. It’s quite extraordinary in fact and as the days move along that one starlight creature will be right there to inspire and electrify you for many months..


JANUARY 13-20th it’s been a log ride for most of you, I m including a wide swath of days because the Cap Cluster has been riding over you for months now ! I think I’ve said this before. What changes here is that Saturn has edged over from very late Capricorn into early Aquarius but he’s going backwards mid month, Just to make sure you heard him!

I’ve seen Saturn over a Sun to bring some positive results not just pressure and health concerns. It’s a driver, not that you needed one, but your inner warrior will relate . This is a heavy load and will no doubt change your life in dramatic ways, some pretty nice at that!


JANUARY 22-23d Fortunately that new moon of the 22nd was meant for you, to reconsider, rest and reboot. It’s pretty mental so you know what to do!   Saturn will be with or rather, on you, most of 2020 but that could be a good thing. Check Jan 13-20 to see.


FEBRUARY 5- 13th In these hard times you luck out by having Venus stay by your side all month long ! And that’s a good thing ! And early week Mars is there too if that energy doesn’t wear you out! The Full moon chapter, say 6-8 id not that good for you so do nothing if you can, stay home, read, Netflix. Midmonth on comes Mercury in Gemini to

Aid in networking, communication. You’re actually pretty lucky except for May 7th.


FEBRUARY 26- 29th These early Pisces have the benefit of ideas, happy emotional days.

Excitement as the month rolls on.   It’s the Sun specifically so your self, your work, your health. Blockages are lifted by mid month!


MARCH 9-12th Fortunately for you that full moon on May 7th ‘s link to Neptune over your suns benefit you really well! Not for too many others. It inspires and encourages whatever work you’ re focused on. Full moon time is best since the obstruction from Venus who’s all confused next to you, is another, or other’s, situation in your life.


MARCH 14- 19th You’re on the long road for many months but that’s ok with the strong support from earth planets helping things along.   Best days? the 12th and 17th.

March 21-23d The 13th might be your best day, go do it ! Early Aries loves fellow mates in air, and Saturn’s long slog through Aquarius will provide just that! A steady hand !Just what you needed.


APRIL 6-12th Now this Venus transit through Gemini is so helpful for you and after such a long slog with obstruction as your middle name!   You’re not quite in the free zone but it’s coming your way in the summer.


APRIL 14-19th You have all my sympathy and I’m probably repeating myself. Because those Cap Covid players or whatever we call Pluto, Jup and Sat all smug up there, who have been putting a brick wall against you. You’ll be in the ring with them later on and show them who’s boss, not right now. Wait til you see the Dec 14th 2020 solar event! Yes! As you know by now, your chart has many players, different planets and aspects so this may be the only skunk at your picnic! Planets move and change and so do we.