Astrology April 2020

Welcome to April perhaps, and to all of my friends on lockdown. We’re here now, the planets are not letting up, so get ready for a fairly concise description of the month ahead and my take on the astral influences involved in this COVD killanova. Then we’ll take a look at a couple of positive bright lights showing up in the near future.
 I must admit that I have held myself back these past few months but after delving into past history and lining up the exact degrees of the planets and nodes not just similar but identical to what were experiencing present time, I came upon some surprising information, and since we’re now in the jaws of COVID beast, what’s to lose?
Our present cycle of planetary degrees and placements happen to occur precisely every 18 and a half years. There is no coincidence. The historical repeat is better explained using Vedic astrology with its 27 divisions called Nakshatras over Western with just the 12 signs. Now if the following is too complicated for the non astro student just skip this next part and move down to the History Explained part.
 The oft mentioned lunar nodes (orbs or points not planets) Rahu and
Ketu ‘s path through the sky can bring some startling facts to light.  When they hit the specific parts known as Ardra (north node’s location) and Moola (south node place) in an18 and a half year cycle, their descriptives of “tear drop, or sadness for Ardra, and bringer of destruction for that devil Moola, says it all.
 The Mathematicus (name for ancient early astronomers, now us) can match these opposite lunar nodes to a trigger point from Mars also linked to prior solar eclipses which we do today.  Last December 26th’s Solar Eclipse sounded the gong. It has happened every time. Solar Eclipse, Ardra, Moola, then Mars comes around and wham, no more needs to be said. You didn’t really want a Vedic astrology lesson anyway. Just the facts ma’am! Yes I know.
 Below we have the historical readout. Brace yourself, maybe some hot herb tea?  But no Zantac please.

To make this simple I will merely list the events for you to ruminate upon at your leisure.
1.September 11th, 2001 The Attack on New York city’s World Trade Center.
 death toll close to 3,000. As a personal note, while flying to Taos, New Mexico, June 21st, 2001, I suddenly realized it was a solar eclipse day.
Shorty thereafter I checked the ephemeris to see when and how the eclipse degree might get triggered. Found it, September 10th, 2001 pretty exact!. I went to bed that night relieved that nothing had happened. Then at 8:30 am the next morning the phone began to ring. At 4:30 am California time the first tower was hit.  
2. June 1982 HIV AIDS crisis begins with the identification of a group of cases among gay men in Southern California.
3. November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The world   mourns with us.
 4. August 1945 The atom bomb exploded over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. It ended WWII.
5. April 12, 1927 The Shanghai Massacre wherein once again Wuhan made headlines with death and disaster as China’s Communist regime suffered a brutal roundup and slaughter of 1000’s. Chiang Kai-shek set himself up as the leader of the right wing faction and he demolished the Comintern, China’s Communist party. Additional note: there was as now, a tight connection between Capricorn fueled Jupiter and Pluto, such as we have right this minute, and hitting the Sun in Aries.
6. Also, on that legendary April 12th, a ferocious tornado, a category F5 wind   fury, demolished a third of the population of Rocksprings, Texas
7. 1908 In a remote section of Siberia a meteor crashed out of the sky and leveled 83 acres of forestland.
 Now for an explanation: In all of these major events the lunar nodes have shed the energy of their darkest descriptions. When Rahu and Ketu, north and south nodes of the moon line up in Ardra, meaning sadnesss and whose symbol is a tear drop, opposite the south node in Moola, bringer of destruction, you then have the story. The times they are not changing, because we’re under that same line up right now.


 Early month starting on March 31st, high action Mars moves into Aquarius for six weeks, running exactly side by side with Saturn to make, shall we say, a strong statement, like a boxing gloved fist.  But! Aquarius is also the marker of social justice and humanitarianism when held up nicely as it is with Venus early month. How about the bailout for workers laid off?
 Looking over the next few days’ under such conflicted aspects, there’s no denying the request or maybe a demand to lay low, stay in place.! Uranus is opposing Saturn and Mars, all in the wolf pit and it’s not fun when they start baring their teeth at each other. Not only could that be the news feed, blaring, contradicting. The harsh reality is hitting us dead on.
  Then, a piece of Serendipity here: a wolf tooth amulet is considered to be very lucky, in case you might have one.
 Saturday provides a very slight pause in the intensity, since Venus, flirty creature that she can be, in Gemini, could provide a slightly better moment to the scene. There are some positive elements in here but I’m holding back with the flowers just to be safe.
 April 7th – Most importantly my feeling is that we on planet earth need to move safely through the full moon of the 7-8th. Yes it’s in Libra, but it’s not going to be very charming, with that obstruction to Jupiter and Pluto who have just met on the same block. A brief explanation of the usually benevolent god, Jupiter, with the transformative god of the underworld, Pluto, who else? But when they meet up, in Capricorn, so rarely, it speaks to financial markets, to a deep undoing then an eventual redoing.  It’s going to be a juggernaut of a couple of days. So stay sheltered lest you get pulled down into the underworld yourself!  I’m not holding back as you’ve probably gleaned by now.
April 9-10th Moving along to later week’s Scorpio moon all wise and copacetic to the bullies, while in such harmony to Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, gives me some hope that this could very well be a Good Friday.
Now we come to a crucial point of the month, 14-17th, which can very possibly upend the status quo as if it hasn’t happened already.  Rather than fall into the cauldron, just stay masked and gloved, avoid any power struggles if at all possible.  It’s a hint of arbitrating, a nice way to say arguing, with the Sun squaring off to the power mongering characters, just mentioned. And don’t be fooled by the rumored expulsion of Pluto from the International Astronomical Union. Pluto is a probably the most powerful god of all whose tracks have left indelible marks.
April 18th–19th Here comes a magnetic trio in air which would encourage
brilliance, communication, and even some hope at last! It’s not perfect.  We are seeing the world change and the result of this global introversion and isolation will no doubt produce some fascinating results. These moments, right here this weekend are made for recording dreams, writing, thinking!
 April 20-21th The Sun’s entry into Taurus would be more welcome if Saturn were not sitting right there handing out speeding tickets or something equally irritating. New moons, like this one of April 22nd typically the darkest and calmest place in the month, may very well help with undoing that Saturn annoyance.
April 25th Right here Pluto begins his retrograde motion, indicating a time to sit back and reflect over past actions.  Here the late Taurus moon blends with the guys over in Capricorn to balance the scene a little. I’ve had my eye on this time period for several weeks It’s not that I think this COVD -19 Invader of our planet will subside right away, but I truly think it will in certain ways way be mitigated or even slightly contained.
April 26th The moon Gemini here is even helpful and lifts me a little further
up into the hope category. Then we move ahead a few more weeks into May where there some bright lights show in that calendar as well.
 Armagedda is optimistic even though it may not be until late summer that we’ve vanquished this devil or at least defanged him.
April 28-30th These very last days of the month find planet Uranus sitting exactly on the Sun, a powerful moment here, probably an emphasis of all that has happened. Then along comes the communicator himself, Mercury, to the meeting and with this threesome there just has to be some slightly better news, of a scientific Fauciesque nature ?  Oh and there is also a slightly happier part to that Rahu Ketu story since Rahu has just left Ardra!!! Sadness begone, a lighter part of Gemini is now where that finger of fate resides and slides.
As I always say, utilizing astrological information is like having WAZE on my phone to get directions. It’s just a map folks! That’s all for now, and I’ll be removing the surgical mask and wash my hands after I close down this computer.  Say hello and maybe even leave some water for all the deer, rabbits and coyotes who have come out to reclaim their territory while all of us isolate indoors.
  BETTER DAYS: 4 (slightly), 10, 11, 17, 19, 28
The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and then we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided. Lunarium or Astrodienst. My contact is:
APRIL 3-4th These very early April birthdays are set to share in the obstacle
lineup mentioned above. Not fun but there’s usually a silver lining somewhere in the chart. Maybe it’s your natal Moon, or rising placement? But Venus in late Taurus is for sure supported by the Capricorn goat cluster. Will it help out? It should. And that helps you!
 APRIL 7-8th Full moons in Libra for your birthday this year should provide the balancing act, however the sky is placed a little differently this time. Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, all that gang not fun for you but full moons reveal what might be helpful!
APRIL 21-22nd The helpful part here is the Aries Moon with Chiron angled so perfectly they could be ballet stars with Gemini Venus and Aquarius Mars making the graceful plies. That should offset those Saturn Uranus bogarts.
MAY 10-16th Your best moments? I’d say very early month with a triplicity of
goat gods except for Venus behaving well in Taurus and all lined up as your  footmen! Some nice little magic entrees with the Pisces water fountain crew Neptune and Merc. I mean it all looks ok! You lucky bovines.
MAY 20-22nd NOW this could be a pretty good time for you with Saturn, Venus and Mars conjoining early in the month to uplift yourself and your plans! Lucky you!
JUNE 3-8th As the moon progresses these early June kids will benefit in certain ways by the uplifting bounce from Venus and Mars doing their happy dance right with your chatty Suns! Imagine! And all this in spite of the month being more like dinner for a dragon.
JUNE 20-22nd Now this is interesting with Rahu dragons node of Karma hanging  over your hear but with congenial angles from brainiac Uranus added to the new moon of the 23d. Some people just get lucky.
JULY 4-7th Early month the skies are every helpful and in a rather inspiring way !but don’t get too up yourself because the winds change at the full moon of  the 7-8th. Take advantage of what is offered you in that first week !
 JULY 13-17th These specific July birthday Suns have to be especially careful mid month from say the 8th to the 18th. There are too many hard steel blocks, named Jupiter and Pluto, impairing your daily passage across the bridge of your to do lists. Just wait things out a little longer.
 JULY 20-25th These very early Leo children will experience the nasty slap from Uranus and Saturn off and on, but depending upon each person ‘s individual chart, after the fist several days, things could greatly improve.
AUGUST 7-8th My my that full moon energy, same dates as yours, might be just the window you were trying to open! Ideas! Movements! Sports! Dance! It has some electricity, But then!! Late month you’re on fire!! Sign it go ahead it’s ok.
AUGUST 21-24th there is so much energy bubbling up around your chart, your  Sun, you early Virgo’s in Magha one of my favorites ! Some of it is stressful and limiting, but heck were all staying inside anyway so what’s different? This is the point of the Self and health also, so use all that Virgoan health wisdom and in your generosity to others…take care of you !
Now the new moon of the 23d is a great day in so many ways for you!
SEPTEMBER 14-17th Wow have you got some great back up and strength in your favor ! One of the luckier ones right now that’s for sure. April 1-3d should be quite nice! I hope you read this in time!
SEPTEMBER 19-22nd Well wouldn’t you know it, Saturn has just moved in early Aquarius and Mars right there too! This co –op adds Venus in for fun and all of it is helping you name your dates and times in your day calendar…. If only we could go out !  Or something else positive will come along soon.
 OCTOBER 4-11th Well how nice for you, I mean for a change ! Since you have the happy dancing duo Mars and Venus so perfectly lined dup to your Suns, you  might as well go out there and join them.. For a moment the handcuffs are off!
OCTOBER 15-17th It’s a little bit different for these mid Octoberites. The happy dancing part with Mars and Venus will meet up with you in May! You just need to get thru this obstruction cycle, I mean you already know what that is. So many candidates for the obstruction prize aren’t there.
OCTOBER 22-25th I hate to be the turd in the punchbowl but it’s not very friendly for you right now, I mean that Saturn Mars conflict faces you across the bow and then Uranus too isn’t being helpful…Stay soo safe,I can’t emphasize
this for you enough !
NOVEMBER 1-7th very early month a lovely Piscean angle with Neptune and Mercury joining to bring you a gift ! What could it be? Maybe not a silk scarf, but something hopeful and uplifting. Good news?
NOVEMBER 16-20TH it may sound a little weird but those outer power guys in the sign of the goat, Cap, are stationed in such a way that bring you safety and security you lucky Eagles ! Not in the least is the wing from Mr. Saturn another stalwart security god. Lucky you!
DECEMBER 4-8th You are right fortunately in line with the April Full moon, but luckily the obstruction part won’t really bother you and! Even better is the addition of Mars over in Aquarius wanting to see if you need anything at the market!!
DECEMBER 24-January 1st Later December children have the additional gift of no direct clashing which is bothering most of your friends. Instead the new moon later month with Uranus sparks your genius chord!!! Hit it!
JANUARY 13-15th I’d suggest staying close to home base, wrapped up for these days, especially mid month. There is a slight sparkle in the air an dit lands somewhere in your chart!
JANUARY 19-21stNow here’s the interesting part, the first week or so of this month sees a very powerful “push” to you yourself! Now, if that’s a not feeing great time, it’s not for long. I’ve seen such great things one can accomplish when Saturn lords it over the chart. In a few days there’s an uplift. Lay low near the new moon of the 22nd.  
JANUARY 25- 31ST There’s no mistaking the pressure you’ re under right now.
You are getting hammered by the sky but that’s only the Sun however your body? Then you probably have other places in the chart that will be so thrilled with that Venus Mars party over head .
FEBRUARY 1-10th I don’t usually far this far, ten days I mean, but! Now’s an exception and then interesting aspects of Mars right overhead in Aquarius is energizing! And because of Venus in Gemini perfectly matched this is a good thing!! Ideas, books, conversations !
FEBRUARY 19-23d NOW we’re talking. In spite of the global catastrophe you special early Pisceans have the benefit of the angles which, to the Sun means yourselves.  It’s the new moon plus a couple of other aspects so go ahead and follow your deepest drive.
MARCH 12-16th You have continued to benefit from the powerful back up of Capricorn to your birth Suns. It’s a safety net but even more it supports you and all that you are trying to accomplish!
MARCH 21-25th You might be luckier in certain ways with Chiron and the air planets so perfectly partnered to your Suns! And the Sun is how you express
There will be other parts to the chart but this one is pretty nice!