Astrology February 2020

Oh February is here and what a relief it is to shed the Januaries, that month where the Sun is closest to earth, adding itself to that ongoing Capricorn planetary roundup. 2020 certainly arrived with so much global drama and trauma. Australia is still burning. The senate hearings and political street fights had many of just shutting off the news. Then, besides Harry and Megxit, did Brexit wrexit? Added to the list we now have a new misfortune cookie from China, a plague!


Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year, and neither did we. With all of this ubiquitous bickering the dark side will, or I mean, has, come out.  Therapy Nation hello, we will need your services soon. The cosmos is confirming that patient Zero needs to go into rehab … so that the family (us) can calm down and see our way through to a resolution of this tawdry scenario of political and social warfare.


The Pluto and Saturn connection, are linked together like 2 bullies in the exact degree to our Nations’ s birth Pluto. Pluto returns once in approximately 230-245 years. Pluto likes to turn things from the inside out while Saturn just wants stability and discipline! A couple of other planets, Jupiter now, and Mars soon, will be joining the fray. Further down, there’s a serious discussion about one particular time later month that Armagedda has flagged in red. She’s not holding back. Yep it’s big game time for sure now.




February 2-3d Looking up to the sky, in particular for Monday’s Big Game Day in Iowa, the shift of sky gods closest to our Sun, brings about a change in mood.  The Sun in Aquarius clashing with a Taurus moon could be balanced with some of those lunar connections out to those strong Capricorn characters. Whose chart looks to take the prize? There are so many players and part of me thinks there will be a surprise of some kind.


Since you asked I’ll share my take, briefly, on a few of the contenders. Uncle Joe’s progressed chart shows a disappointment in spite of having some very strong aspects, but we do have a few more primaries to go. He is on overdrive with Uranus sitting right on his moon, which can be exhausting. Then there’s

Mr. Sept 8, 1941, Senator from Vermont. And what a chart!! Looking ok now but, whoa, later year a body slam from the collective Capricorn bullies lined up against him. Should he even make it to the summer, which looks, well, perilous. Ok now to the mayor of a small town, January 19, 1982, whose aspects show strength and compromise.  I wouldn’t write him off yet because even though the immediate future looks tough there are some positive aspects for him late year.

As I learned very early on, when analyzing political astrology, the more difficult the chart, the more likely it’s going to be that person. Ok that’s all for now. March looks to be a very decisive month and that will bring a lot of discourse and debate.


February 4th moving on, Tuesday’s Mercurial slide over into the sign of the fish, Pisces, squares straight at the Gemini moon.. This might have our ears and brain buzzing while trying to sort through some confusing news yet again. Now a word about Mercury retrogrades, and unlike any other planet, it happens about 3 to 4 times a year. Mercury is very close to the Sun which is why its movement affects so many of us. A slight pause here, since Mercury retro is so often brought up in conversation.


Here I’m going to share my brief Mercury story:

The day I found my perfect house, and agreed to purchase it within 4 hours, happened during a Mercury retrograde. But I wanted that house! Thinking carefully, I arranged for the inspections to take place shortly thereafter and 2 weeks later, bingo, the day Mercury went direct, I signed the permanent documents.  Don’t panic over Mercury retrogrades, step around them.

And if the angles formed by them are good, move ahead anyway!


As I always say “use astrology and don’t let it use you.” Astrology provides a map, it’s like having Waze on your phone.


February 5- 8th Moving into this early February is a week loaded with emotions and imagination from the least logical of planets, that watery and mystical Piscean bucket of creativity. I mean one could have a truth teller and a liar up on center stage simultaneously. Due to his/her retrograde motion, Mercury will be washing back and forth in this sign until April! Which is way longer than its normal 3 week trek.


February 8-9th Sunday’s bright and glorious (it’s in Leo kids) full moon all matched up with Mars in Sagittarius makes for a pretty exciting moment. Maybe I’d plan something.  It’s a high leadership moment, creative as anything, focus on children’s projects or just on them. Yes! Pencil this one in your organizer. What I like even more about this time is that Jupiter and Neptune sextile! Balance!


While we’re checking out this full moon, labeled in the Hindu world as Ashlesha, I’m thinking, out loud of course, about the August 4th 1981 former Princess, now labeled Megxit, whose Sun lands in this placement. So here’s a little bit of People magazine for you.


Her Sun in Leo carries some of this description, and it’s a hard call, ruled by the coiled snake, which can go either way, up the caduceus of the physician’s staff to heal, or spitting out sudden venom. But remember that every planet can have a mitigating placement or an enhancement aspect. Right now Meghan’s chart shows tremendous stress and strain, Pluto is hammered. She is using all her inner strength and grit right now. But then, heading into May something unexpected confounds her happiness… it’s a struggle between opposites.


Prince Harry’s chart September 15, 1984, shows his emotions splattered, he’ s unmistakably very distraught and grieved over this transition. The month of March solidifies things a bit.  Then, in close to four years, a big life change, a promotion of some kind? He has some very solid earth angles which speaks of tradition so we’ll see how this one plays out. In any case it’s something very serious that boosts his image, his life, himself. There! I said it.


February 10- 16th Now back to us. Venus has just entered into Aries, which is radically different from her swim in Pisces. Generally speaking, an Aries placement for Venus can give you an all about me and what I want sort of attitude but it can also be fiery and fun! However, I analyze each chart and see what supports or defies such a description.


Valentine’s day is coming up and happy birthday to Mr. Bloomberg, 1942, born this day. I might add that his chart is looking pretty strong as we move into March.  Near the day of St. Valentine, he who wrote notes from prison with heart scribbles on them so long ago, we have the Mercury retrograde issue. Looking backwards, literally, to find lost items or dredge up something missing is a good way to use this retrograde.

The other major event is the transfer of Mars over into Capricorn, where he shines! He so wanted to join the Cap goat party too ! But a word of caution here as unchecked ambition can rebel against authority under this combo.


February 17-23d  Now the calendar shifts with the Sun moving into Pisces, all lined up with Neptune and Mercury in fishville.  Interesting here is the very dynamic match up between Uranus and Mars in early Capricorn earth. Wow! I hope that will boost a lot of positive ideas and plans! Then we have the new moon in Pisces on Sunday the 23d.  It’s a calming moon replete with the nodes and Uranus, all harmoniously linked. Landing in the vedic segment or nakshatra of Shatabisha, this rather intense lunar description glistens with watery depths of intuition. It’s been known as the ‘100 Physicians’, and yes, there will be a lot of work for you medical savants right now. We need you maybe even more so as we ponder the events just ahead.


February 25th Mardi Gras or fat Tuesday, finds the Sun connected exactly to Mercury! In my world Sun and Mercury, so close in Pisces no less, makes for effulgent and effusive expressions! Oh you get it, party time! Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so you can make up for it.


. February 26-28th These are the days, right here, which I felt compelled in all  good conscience to deliver. Hoping you won’t view it as a “horrorscope”, my practical warning covers the dates from Tuesday possibly, but Wednesday to Friday exactly.


Looking back to the December 26th solar eclipse, may of us in the astro world

saw some striking parallels to the events of 19 years ago.  Mars closing in on the lunar nodes ( fate and karma) does not look good.  Sorry I had to say it. As I’ve mentioned to my friends and clients, please don’t go near any major airports or large public places later month, after the new moon but especially on the 25th 26th and 27th. Now with this new plague contaminating thousands, while lying dormant and undetected for a few days, the stress points are obvious. What I’m saying is that possibly an event may well show its masked but blighted face in some way at this time.


Later February to March 1st If you’re still reading this you should get a reward.

I can even give you my Bed Beth and Beyond coupons.

Finally, it’s a rare extra day for this month, a leap year which has been around for 2,000 years. This Saturday the 29th has been viewed as a “reverse tradition, wherein women can propose to men. We do have some gender issues on the table, because as it so happens, on those last two days some sparks might erupt into fractious moments when Venus confronts Mr. Pluto.

Meanwhile have a safe and happy month.

All yours while

Seeking Serenity



2, 9!, 11, 18, 25, 29 (very late day)


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and now we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided.
Lunarium or Astrodienst. Or you can ask me at:
FEBRUARY 11-13th For one brief shining moment your self expression, how you take on the world, your day! is highlighted by Sun Moon in Libra, Mars in fiery Sagittarius. Do it now! Use all your communication skills!


FEBRUARY 22-24th, Yes there are some dicey aspects right now, but you can handle all of it, since the new moon is your new moon, your new chance! And the excitement and encouragement from clever Uranus is very promising !


MARCH 6-10th wow I’m being generous! The lineup of water and earth, to be

Brief, makes such a perfect alignment to your Suns, to how you manifest yourself in the world, what you’re doing or trying to do! You have wingmen here so the field is open!


MARCH 23-26th Now this might sound drastic, and it might just be a short time period, later Feb., which you’d prefer was on some other planet, but….be careful, don’t agree, don’t sign anything serious, don’t believe any thing you hear that’s questionable, because it is.  This is not a shining moment for you, Maybe your moon will say otherwise?


APRIL 11-13th These have not been the times or weeks very favorable to the Aries’ Sun children. But! There is a very short happy positive moment for you, right here on the 9-13th this month.! You’ve had so many obstacles and blockages these past few weeks. Time to shut the door on them. Soon, it will happen. Here is the beginning.


APRIL 20-22nd Lucky for you early Taureans, this lunar new moon of the 23d is exactly your cup of tea, green dragon or whatever. Here is the uplifting moment you’ve been wishing for. Peace and fulfillment, calmness have arrived. Use it well. I know you will.


MAY 6-10th Right here, these birthdays will have the benefit of three earth and two Pisces helpers so no complaining, it’s a lucky draw that you’ve gotten. The only time I m not crazy about would by the full moon of Feb 9th, watch your energy, don’t give out too much of it. Of course if you have some Gemini in that chart it changes the story.


MAY 13-17th- My My you’re such a fortunate cow, or bull. The strong hand of fate is supporting you all the way in these rocky times. Good for you!


JUNE 4-9th No, I’m sorry, June is not ”busting out all over” you get a slight perk but then, the confusion of what and where you are, comes back and its hard to make concrete decisions right now.


JUNE 17-18th Mid month Mr. Mars strikes up the band for you, how nice, but just get it in writing ok?


JUNE 25-27th later month the lineup near the 2 26th of this month sends a twin aspect over to you. So pay close attention and just remember, it washes out in a few days. Don’t take any chances.


JULY 13-17th Now why are all those Cap goats standing across from you and daring you to jump over the river! I say don’t do it! The eclipse of last July 16th, is being reckoned with here. Stay calm, it’s stressful but you can see over the edge. The Scorpio moon mid month, 15th and 16th, are golden moments for you.


JULY 20-23d July’s early Leos, are feeling the pull from Uranus, annoying creature that one. Let’s just say, the new moon near the 23, 24th aren’t your best moments. Stand back, watch. Your best bet comes on the 8thof this month, when the moon in Leo is on you! and trines with Chiron and Venus! Nice!


AUGUST 8-9th How fun, I hope, for you! That full moon lightens you up! And Mars solidifies the cheerfulness! Sports day maybe? This is a brief up moment since a lot of the month may seem drab to you, so use it happily!


AUGUST 14-18th the First half of this month sees Mars energizing and encouraging you  then it’s a bit of a downslide, but as you know, there are other aspects in a chart, this is only one of them.


SEPTEMBER 4-8th As luck would have it, you are so fortunate to have Jupiter on your side, gifts, up moments are yours! The Neptune part is inspirational too!


SEPTEMBER 15-17th Here come your teammates, solid and strong, this is your moment to hold that flag and bravely step out! Virgo Suns can be a little shy but not you not now!


SEPTEMBER late month, I had to add you because the warning signal affects your chart. so lay low, no risk taking, no travelling ! Because I said so!


OCTOBER 14-18th Ok I’ll be straight with you, the obstacles from outer earth is preventing you from reaching the brass ring. Now, the first half of the month has Mars lighting your way, something helpful is there. And the full moon is a good time as well. As for the rest of the month…well.


OCTOBER 20-23d Now moving ahead, you early Scorpios have a conflict to manage. Uranus opposite your Suns is stressful, yes, but it may also open your eyes to something major! And good!


NOVEMBER 1-8th Ok you are so lucky right now, to have Neptune sliding over and inspiring you, then the strong arm of Jupiter! Ok just watch that crazy fun full moon, don’t go overboard.


NOVEMBER 14-17th You are one of the lucky ones right now, with Saturn and Pluto being so nice to you!! Go ahead step out, you’re protected !


DECEMBER 3-8th The month rang in with a receding Mars square to Neptune for you. A bit delusional or else too much of something! Maybe even coming off of Super Bowl Sunday, yeah, all that partying. Sobering up, the month ahead has a few bright moments for you. The 7-9th can be a great weekend to relax and be inspired, books, movies, sports, music!


DECEMBER 14-18th That Mars aspect right on these same dates in February are a signal to slow down watch your perimeter. Fun as it may be, something may get out of hand.


DECEMBER 26-27TH watch carefully those late month dates, although, planet Uranus is helping out, who knew? It all depends on your birth charts, but of course. But be wise don’t travel if you don’t have to.


JANUARY 1-5th You are so fortunate right now to have two, yes 2! Wingmen and supporters ! Jupiter expanding your life and horizons over your Suns, only happens once every 12 and a half years ~Neptune is hanging int here adding intuition and fun!


JANUARY 12-17th As for you my friend, that Saturn Pluto duo over your head is a model of discipline and structure and change, but you can handle it. You were born with it.