Astrology January 2020

Hello and welcome to the 2020’s! We’ve finally arrived at the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius, even though you may have thought it already happened back in the 60’s. First off this decade begins with a stunning lineup of 6, yes six planets in Capricorn and it’s all yours starting next week! The changes they are a’coming heralded by the January 10th Lunar Eclipse Light Show (11:21 am PST) that will mark the exact moment or sound the gong if you prefer. While we’re on this subject I might add that astrologers have been chewing over this unique cosmic happening for some time. Of course your star sleuth had to dig scrupulously through centuries past to find exactly when and where the exact planetary lineup we are about to enter landed in the sign of the Goat. The research has rendered some startling parallels.
If you’re up for a brief history lesson then settle in, maybe have some tea ?
Or if that’s not your choice, then scroll down to Thoughts on This Cycle or even further along to see if your birthday is among those mentioned. So here we go.


The years 548-549 rocked my keyboard when it revealed the extraordinary era and legacy of the Byzantine Empress, Theodora, wife and Queen to the Roman Christian Emperor Justinian of Constantinople. Not only was this Queen the one of the most powerful Empresses one can recall, she participated in all of Justinian’s legal and spiritual reforms… and! Her substantial care and involvement for women’s rights was quite rare for those times. Then right at this moment in time, the Bubonic plague descended upon humanity. Called Justinian’s Plague by some, it began under this harsh grid of Saturn linked to Pluto here in Cap, while hostile to Mars and Uranus. A very rough astro geometry pattern for sure. This Bubonic plague claimed about 25 million lives and decimated Europe and the Near East for almost two more centuries.

Wait! were still on the 6th century and at this exact 548-59 time period, the Anglo Saxons migrated up from Northern Germany and Denmark successfully driving out and ending the Roman chapter in Britain, after some 400 years. Interestingly, and a little bit of Serendipity for you, 10- 40% of present day British genes contain Anglo Saxon DNA. Another interesting piece of immigration describes the spread of Christianity into the Celtic lands of first Ireland, then later, up into Scotland. Intriguing (to me anyway) are the slight differences here as the Celtics welcomed the Christian message but blended it with their deep respect and worship of Mother Earth nature and Father Sky! They incorporated the Sun, Moon, and Stars along with the solstice events into deep Christian ritual practices.

Next we’ll look ahead to the late 13th Century, the years 1284 -1285 when the German city of Hamburg was completely destroyed by fire. Perhaps that’s where and when the story of The Pied Piper Of Hamlin, either fact or fiction, became such a legend, because something very similar did actually happen. That Saturn Pluto lineup Capricorn clashing with Uranus was exact right then setting off natural disasters as well

Further south however, the burgeoning intensity between France and the Roman Catholic Papacy reached new heights. Backing up, very early in 1200-1220 the Albigensian Crusade against the Gnostic Cathar heresy had over taken the Languedoc region of southern France. Later on in the century Catholic religious orders of the Dominican priests and then nuns were established. It was an era of deep Spirituality and Religious belief — globally as well for Korea who had just welcomed Buddhism into its Kingdom !

Those same years of 1284-85 saw a planetary lineup in Capricorn all opposing Uranus in a “no you can’t do it” climate which marked the approximate beginning of a century’s long friction between France and Rome. This diabolical back and forth regarding the exercise of temporal power within the church versus the government and rules of France, brought Phillip IV face to face with Pope Boniface VIII by the year1296.

The vehement dispute over taxing and disciplining the Catholic clergy in the kingdom of France while ignoring the Pope’s wishes, escalated brutally by the early 1300’s ending with Pope Boniface VIII ‘s arrest by the French King. The Pope died shortly thereafter but not without enduring the humiliation and loss of power dealt him by France.

The struggle for temporal and secular power versus religious rules, between Church and state, presaged the ultimate departure of the Popes from Rome into Avignon, France. Thus groundwork was laid for the radical Schism and the investiture of 3 Popes at one time. All was finally resolved in 1417 with the re-establishment of a single Pope however it did involve 7 different so called “Popes”.

Further up the line of history stands out a single year where Saturn and Pluto resumed their tight reign over set rules and laws, again in regards to religion. Yes, Martin Luther nailed those 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg, in December 1517, which thereby nailed the beginning of the Protestant Reformation into history books.

No doubt there were other global disturbances but somehow they didn’t strike an historian’s heart as strongly and do not come up to the top of the list. In looking backwards it would appear that these various epochs over-lorded by powerful Saturn Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn as we’ve seen, .. and no doubt about it, are closely tied to conflicting “religion” as in “rule” beliefs and differences. In the earlier times there were hardly any divisions between state and church. Such a governmental separation simply didn’t exist. If it did the outcast team was hunted down, captured and violently eradicated. Our own 1776 Revolution fought for just this separation and of course, where was Pluto then? Right where it is now! Some 240-246 later it, he, has returned. What could that mean?

Moving onto the present day we have our own teapot full of similar troubles. Pope Francis announced recently that it would be necessary, not just wise and prudent, to pay attention to the changes in societal thought especially to what’s happening in the West, or else the Church, with its current attitudes, would become increasingly irrelevant.

Then in the past few days the United Methodist Church made a formal announcement regarding a split in their ranks between a more “traditional Methodist” denomination that would continue to ban same sex marriage and lesbian and gay clergy versus a more liberal section which would respect the more progressive views. Will they have to erase the word “United” from their long honored title? This will be voted upon in May.

While we’re on this subject what about the recent crushing wave of anti Semitic attacks both here and abroad? What’s happening you may ask? Not only that, but in India present time, Hindus are increasing their attacks upon Muslim minorities and also certain Christian chapters. I think the answer is up above, planetarily speaking. Then, as Carl Jung might have said: “Crisis awakens”. Because, when the psyche is shattered, out comes the true core nature of Self at war with itself, which has lain hidden.

Even though it’s been several centuries since the great schisms and religious -spiritual splits it looks as though we might be facing situations of a similar design. Something big is in fact happening to our beliefs and traditions. I’m overlooking the political altercations right now because here in lies a much bigger picture. So I will say it,
My hope is this:
That in this time now where we have instant access of news reporting, could we hopefully have entered an era which might score an even deeper correlation between science and spirituality?



First off let me mention that the lineup of Saturn and Pluto to the nodes has already begun. The tragedy of Australia ‘s massive continental incineration began with that very questionable solar eclipse of December 26th. That will be discussed in more detail later on.

JANUARY 2-3d The Aries moon of the 2nd clashed unfavorably with the Capricorn Saturn, Pluto and Sun, and we all know what happened. Yes, temper times they were.

January 4-6th We have arrived at the new decade staring here, thanks to that sober Taurean moon which morphed into Gemini Monday morning. No striking aspects in the daytime but very late night owls might watch their actions and thoughts when Mars and the moon get into a spat. Most of us will be asleep and rested all the better to prepare for the lunar weekend special!

JANUARY 10th -14th Here we have the first eclipse of the decade, and what a day is this! That Lunar eclipse (11:25 am PST) with Jupiter hugging tight to Saturn and Pluto, and the moon across the sky over in beneficent Cancer. Then along comes Mercury, close to the Sun, chat times ahead. Might have to turn down the news. Thank the heavens for sea god Neptune over there in Pisces sending some positive waves to balance the intensity of Pluto and Saturn! Then, next day the 11th, we have Uranus, going direct. Solid as iron, Uranus in Taurus now will be adding his weight to line up perfectly to Jupiter! I‘ll be expecting a positive outcome in certain matters! These few days, 10-14th, are loaded with intensity.

The Vedic meaning of the lunar location in Cancerian Ardra holds the symbol of the teardrop, so not all is shiny and bright right now, oh wait, there is one thing. Ardra also means rudra, or redness. And what are astronomers talking about right now, but the bright red star Betelgeuse. That star, or Sun, has been acting strangely for a couple of years, but recently its odd behavior has sparked increased speculation as to when it will implode and sink into a “black hole”. Could it be soon? Lively are the discussions as to what exactly its effect upon planet earth might be.

January 13th Here we see the Sun in Capricorn line up with the Pluto and Saturn team. That
just shines sunlight on the varied contentiousness that we are now seeing. Pluto wants to disrupt and change things from the inside out, while Saturn, especially now that he’s in his home town of Cap, wants steadiness, rules, calmness, and sanity.

JANUARY 14TH-18TH That slight “blip” you just felt, is probably Venus sliding into Pisces, but wait until Saturday, when that alignment of Venus to the nodes, Jupiter, Moon in Scorpio makes for a nice moment I’ll take it.

JANUARY 19TH Today’s beautiful Sun In Cap, lines up to the moon in Scorpio exactly matched in degrees, which makes for a perfect kind of day. And Mercury crossing into Aquarius while bargaining with Uranus doesn’t faze me. He’ll soon get a “like” from Mars. Oh, and happy birthday Mayor Pete and some other friends.

JANUARY 20-21st Very early Monday, (6:30 am PST) the Sun crosses over into Aquarius, now won’t this be interesting. Air and fire energies have arisen from the prior month’s heavy earthen sky. Sun and Mercury are so close together they can’t stop talking! Or is that just the News? Then there’s Moon and Mars are jumping rope over in Sagittarius, how fun! Sports day!

JANUARY 25TH Ok I like this day! The Chinese New Year of the Rat, yes I know but the Rat does have some positive qualities for a rodent. Humor, awareness, and vitality being some of them. Plus with this positive Aquarian Moon tied to Mercury, helpful communication and logic are all nicely arranged with Mars.. It’s a go ahead moment. And that Sun to Uranus mix up makes for some great conversations that can resolve nicely!

JANUARY 27-28th A new chapter begins about now. Venus into Pisces soon to meet up with Neptune will enjoy a bit more harmony in a few homes, some fluff as well. The Tuesday aspect becomes a kind of sit back moment when that Mars squares Neptune, I think it’s how the word “confusion” was invented.

FEBRUARY begins with a square between the Aquarian Sun and Taurus moon, eeking a slight pull of emotions but all is over quickly enough when the Gemini moon jumps in !

Final note: It seems pretty obvious that we are heading into a larger scenario which was largely disseminated above if you had the patience to read through it all. The stage is being set for a Moment in history, headlines in capital letters. I would encourage any of my star friends to see just where in their own charts the sign of Capricorn lands? Big shifts in the life in that area are projected for you, but thankfully that Neptune is balancing a few things. There will be a undisputable shifts in governmental circles with rules and laws being questioned and changed. But ..
Roaring or not this decade of the 20’s and even this year will send off enough spark, drama and ingenuity to change history. The Aquarian phase mid decade will see these changes, of that I’m fairly confident. That’s all folks.

DAYS OF POWER AND ACTION: 6,10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 25

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a large swath of dates for which I could never be specific. Normally a true birth time will provide an accurate rising sign and degree of the moon and now we can begin to talk true astrology. The Sun is still very significant for it represents the soul’s manifestation in the outer world, health issues, and the house position gets even more specific. If you need to see your chart for these details just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided.
Lunarium or Astrodienst. Or you can ask me at:

JANUARY 9-11th Lunar Eclipse time! If indeed this is your birthday, 10th or a day on either side, be ready for a very exciting and life changing year. Such an upsweep of different ideas and even a possible home move! Because of this massive conjunction the You is being revamped, rewired, transformed at all levels, and Neptune makes sure it’s fairly ok. That includes you Jared K.

JANUARY 28-29th The airy quality of the Aquarian sky could be lighter except for the Mars, Venus square clashing with Neptune. Just let these days ride by don’t engage with your obstreperous neighbor right here.

FEBRUARY 2-8th Yes it’s a wide swath I know, but I wanted you to realize that mid to later month you have an energy boost from two sky gods Mercury and Mars. Yaay.

FEBRUARY 23-26th Later Feb kids are in a unique pattern with the sky, Jupiter is your wingman! Lucky you, and those rahu ketu nodes are in perfect angles to support your endeavors. The golden moment could well be the 18, 19, 20th.

MARCH 9-13th Right here at these degrees the much discussed Pluto Saturn
duality is lining up perfectly with Neptune on and next to, your own selves! Its rare and perfect! Later Month Venus into Pisces puts the frosting on the cake!

MARCH late dates, 22-26th Ok now I’m being serious, there are enough problems so you can back down and not get engaged in anyone else’s dilemma.
Mars and Chiron oare doing an interesting dance for you so energy is high!

APRIL 8-13th These times are still somewhat challenging for you. The obstruction nature of what the sky is handing you can be managed since you have other aspects. Astrology is meant to provide a very personal road map, so check out your moon and rising sign to get a good start on your own chart and see the better parts of these transits.

APRIL 21-26th How fortunate are the aspects to your Suns in these days of tribulation for many. It’s an expansive happy moment for you in this January.

MAY 9-12th Oh my, what decisions are you making? This is a very strong moment for you. Its the big power guys, Jump on it, they all line up in your favor!! It’s rare!!

MAY 25-26th Later May children have the fortunate aspect of the lunar new year, and you might even be a rat! Not such a bad thing either! But you are enhanced buy these aspects so enjoy it while you can.

JUNE 1-4TH Not so great with these early days, some obstructions of course but then you may have some earth planets and other players who will benefit from this earth and sky overload!

JUNE 12-14th These birthday suns are at odds with those Capricorn goats, sorry to mention it. its called obstruction. But it passes and by the new moon of the 25th, you’re out of the dirt and back into the air, Plus you have other planets maybe a Taurus or two? Theres usually a bright light somewhere in a chart.

JUNE 23-27th Later June children, early Cancerians, have had the double edged
Whammy of Rahu over their Suns, now I take this as a career building moment!
And with Uranus crossing the line into earthy Taurus you have a surprising wingman as well! Plus good things later on when Venus swims into Pisces.

JULY 11-14th Why did they name July for Julius Caesar? Maybe we’ll find out when that crucible of Saturn and Pluto try to oppose your plans and goals, so obnoxious! Off with their heads! But, old sea world god, Neptune, is swimming sharkily nearby and adding his fins to your power wheel. All will be well.

JULY 24-26TH These later July children have an odd burst of inspiration later month, with that Aquarian new moon, and Mars playing on your team early month adds the spark you ‘ve been needing. Later the 17th into the 18th is not your best time. Stand back lay low, and just observe quietly.

AUGUST mid month Augustine’s will find those Cap people to be so irritating! But hold on, later month Mars will come running to the rescue to hold you up and support your ideals and selves. Plus, there are 9 other planets involved and some, no doubt, are being good guys.

AUGUST later month early Virgos, 27-31st wow!! I mean that late December eclipse was doing you a few favors. And now, right early month, the angle from Jupiter till mid month is so strong and supportive! Happy New year it shall be!

SEPTEMBER 9-14th Especially right now these strong Capricorn aspects are packing a late holiday gift for you! With a big crimson bow!! (that’s Cap color)
Then this strong alignment goes on throughout the year The the lunar of Jan 10th is another up time for you mid Virgo’s !

SEPTEMBER 27-30th Late month these early Libras are having some challenges, a nice way to say some serious s—t for some of you. Blame it on the late December solar eclipse. It wasn’t nice and will have a lingering effect. Circle late Feb for this.

OCTOBER 14-18th There ‘s no getting around this one, January has a case of devils to flaunt you. Obstacles, pushbacks, you ve probably already experienced some of this, so my advice? Lay low, like snake, or a rug,, don’t fight, wait until your Sun comes up, that would be in a month. Never push the river when it’s this big.

OCTOBER 24-27th You have no idea how remarkable these times can be for you.
The dynamic of the earthquake instigator clamoring on your door, now! Balanced
in a superlative positive manner by Jupiter. If you don’t grab this brass ring I don’t know what to do with you !

OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 1-2nd Early month the planets are in your court, lining up to salute you, or close. It’s kind of a karmic thing to, you know what I mean, fated, powerful. Destined.

NOVEMBER 8-12th How fortunate is this lunar eclipse of January 10th! Ride high, reach out, you are being so incredibly supported!

DECEMBER 7-9th These few birthday Suns may find the late month aspects a bit frustrating a “”push me pull you” energy of yes you can no you can’t. Ride it out. February brings some gifts

DECEMBER 27-31st these very late December birthdays share a unique aspect, a gift really for the first half of this month, a powerful positive aspect from gift giver Jupiter to your sense of self, your plans your goals.