Astrology November 2019

Hello and welcome to the domain of Scorpio, defined as either the eagle or spider and often mysterious. It covers a wide swath that we’ll explore. An idea worth remembering comes with these cosmically sage words: “the stars compel, they do not impel”. Yes, we have our free will, and know that it’s not always a fate determined outcome. .

We’ll discuss the highlights of this dramatic month, especially the dynamic full moon period. Then, because I know it’s on everyone’s mind, I’ll skip over some self imposed détente, and begin an astro examination of one or two of the current players, if you get what I mean. Most significant of course remains the fact that we are repeating a nineteen year cycle, with certain planetary occurrences and eclipses in similar locations that harken back to 2001. What were we doing then? What did we not finish? Can we do that now? More will become clear as the ensuing months progress.

This is the Big Story to be gradually unraveled as we roll into 2020. As has previously been mentioned we are in for some major shifts. Are you ready?


First off, let’s talk about Scorpio! As I always say, it is probably the most misunderstood of the 12 zodiac signs. Scorpio, being the master of mystery and depth, covers the wide band between the highest nobility of the Eagle over and down to the revenge pay back of the Scorpion. Seriously, a Scorpio moon person is fiercely loyal, and should someone betray him/her, well let’s just say he’s dead but he doesn’t know it yet. Intense might be the word to cover this one. The fact that we are currently under the rays of a retrograde Mercury in Scorpio, bothers me not in the least. Mercury is at its deepest most profound self in the sign of the Eagle, and we need him to be there right now aligned with the Sun. The CIA, Deep Sate (?) all must have a few Scorpionic mentally astute players in their underground tunnels, or towers.

November 4-9th Now this many be a “week that was” with some riveting power opposing angles. And yes there a nice little pact between Saturn and Neptune out there, linked to the Scorpio Sun, but the big scene is why I have my page marked. That the truth will come out, is my thought.

November 12th Full moon, (7:48 am PST) will be a game changer! Being one of the four most impactful of the 13 full moons per year, this one right here, holds a tight rope line to some solid wingmen! Not only that but it creates a Yod, a very rare aspect known as the “finger of god “. The perfect Mars Jupiter landing base to this moon ‘s Yod, makes for a perfect “take off” and therefore I’m expecting a very impactful rocket to hit the news air waves. This 2 to 3 day time period will take first place in my calendar of power highlighted days. Just remember, the moon is the heart, and this is a beautiful one! It will show up someplace in each and every chart.

We have to pause for a moment to consider the impact of the oft heard “ it’s Mercury retrograde so I can’t…..” Since this line of thought has made its way into the common speak by now, hear my take my take on the spinning wonder communication planet. It matters where Mercury is located, under what sign, in what house in your personal chart? As mentioned, above, in Scorpio he’s a brilliant CIA foil, has all the codes in his brain, and so what if he slides backwards into his watery den, it just adds to the mystery. Plus! He’s closer to the earth. Then, when Mr. Mercury emerges direct, making a possibly intense or slightly shadow moment, as the vibes switch around for a few days. He then soars into his Eagle format. So brilliant, don’t you wish your natal Mercury was in Scorpio ?

Moving on we might say that November 20th is the day that Change has arrived !Another mark goes into in my calendar for this time period. Here comes a shift in the cosmic waves, no question. Mars enters Scorpio right now, and I don’t have to tell you what that will do. Mercury moves direct, yep, impacting us with those rays as he is still for a short moment Then the Moon in Virgo lines up nicely with all those water and earth planets. I’m liking this one!

November 24-25th Right here that early Sagittarian Sun in fire vibe uplifts and brings promise, to line up with a Moon and Mars and Mercury, all in Scorpio balanced by a Capricorn strong angle. Fine with me. I like interesting conversations. Now heading into the later month times, we have a very dramatic Thanksgiving line up. Let me explain. Here comes the swing into a strong, definite sign- your -name -on -the –bottom- line –and- get -it -notarized type of days. The 29th is so level and balanced and in a perfect practical way! Neptune moves direct, since it’s usually retro for about half the year, a welcome moment.. We need things to move forward. Venus and Uranus are tightly linked like skating teammates, and the moon and Mars with the nodes, Rahu Ketu, sound the drum. This all calls for our attention, reminding us that the times they are a’changing.

On a slightly different note, if you ‘re as fascinated by the night sky as I am, this night of the 24th will see the 2 brightest planets, Jupiter and Venus, meet up in a conjunction thereby creating a “star” effect.

Later Month, the New Moon of the 26th falls in 4* Sagittarius, and may I say it brings a cheerful uptick linking happily with Chiron over in Aries. The load can be lightened even more with that lunar slide over onto Jupiter the 27-28th.

November 29- 30th Interesting and karmically significant here comes this perfect combo of Venus Ketu and the moon in early Capricorn all poised happily over to creative Uranus and Mars! Or more simply put, attraction meets fire ! I sure hope this will lift spirits and make for happy kitchen talk with the leftovers !

Now lastly as promised, in my rustling through the charts of the various candidates, I remembered with some nostalgia the words of a great astrologer, Marion March (RIP) to whose home several of us astrologers would gather at election time in the 80’s to discuss the upcoming presidential elections. Her unforgettable words have never left me: “Now when you’re looking over the candidates charts, try to see who has the worst aspects because being president is the worst job in the world.” Taking that to heart, I’d have to say that even while looking over the Dems’ charts, and he’s not a “candidate “ present time, our current Vice president ‘s natal and progressed charts tell me he’ll be needing some political paramedics in the next few months. As a registered Independent I’m not advocating or pushing for any one in particular. Lastly I’ll add a note about our congenial former VP, whose birth chart, November 20, 1942, holds some very strong natal Scorpio elements, but moving ahead there will be a few harsh upsets for him. Anger, power struggle, what else? We’ll check out a few others as time moves us into 2020, but for now I’ll sign off, hoping I haven’t exhausted you.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and ahem, I’ve added a couple of more birthdays to the buffet below. Eat up!

DAYS OF POWER AND ACTION: 6!, 8, 11,12!,13, 16,20!, 24!, 28, Dec. 4th


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst. Or you can even ask me at:

November 11-12th Happy Birthday indeed! What a day! It’s over the top in magnetic energy that will color your entire birthday year. No stopping you!

November 19-21st Where to begin with these dynamic birthdays ! Either day the moon aligns to a magnetic pole of outer gods, a gift it is. And the power of a directly moving Mercury in Scorpio, right now! It deepens the intuition. Celebrate!

November 29-30th Lucky you for these sneaky late days on your birthdays have the added gift of a beautiful aspect from Venus and Mars! And you know what that means. She’s the attraction principle, he’s fire, so use it as you will. Saturday’s moon in Cap aligns with Pluto so I pity anyone who might get in your way in 2020 since this describes your solar return, or birthday chart!

December 1-5th You are so lucky much later this month into first of December. Good news has to come your way! I mean with 5!! major aspects connecting to you, good fortune has to show up at your door! Rewards? Say hello for me

December 13-18th I know, it’s a wide swath, but hey you mid December babies have the full benefit of some dynamic Venus and Jupiter hitting you nicely mid to later month! The 27-29th provide strong wonderful moments for you as well. No complaining..

January 1-3d This is a rare, karmic and beautiful moment for sure! Especially later month, I hope you can seize the moment. I’d set the table say the 29th for your celebration day. Champagne?

January 9-14th I ‘ve included 5 days because the degrees travelled by Saturn connected to Pluto are so strong and rare that your life must be changing, or will soon and this month is an up for your self worth, how you appear to the world! Right after the full moon it’s your time! Shine on!

January 20- 23d Mid to later month that annoying pest Mars has been shooting darts with crazy Uranus and right in your family room and kitchen ! Best advice I’ ve ever gotten from a great teacher,, “pause, center, shift”. Things pick up and improve by mid December. That rat spray should work wonders. .

February 11-17th If in the first half of the month you feel energized, it’s that Mars vitamin you ate. Venus sweeps in right behind and touches up your make up! There’s the tail of Jupiter adding a glow, and so nice because Scorpio isn’t very nice to the Sign of Man. But you have other planets in your chart, this Sun degree best describes how you motor in the world.

February 19-24th The second part of November has your name all over it. The water and earth excitement is beautifully aligned to your Suns, your Selves! Express your deepest thoughts, reach for the stars.

March 11-13th The Taurus full moon exact on the 12th radiates so powerfully with all the astro wingmen that it is just extraordinary and you benefit. Ignore the slight knock from Jupiter and Venus. It’s probably just some jealous guy so don’t worry too much Mitt.

March 6-7th Things could work out nicely for you very early this month, and then it’s maintained as the days progress. That Mercurial aspect is on your team, deep issues come up to be resolved! December will be much better!

April 8-15th I don’t have to remind you of the life changes that have been creeping up on you. It’s that Pluto creature, BUT, when its over, you will be so much the better for it! That’s how Plutonian transforms. But all is not lost, there is a strong Venusian and Jupiterian aspect to hold your hand all through this month.

April 23-26th Now here’s a new day for you! A new chapter is beginning! That Uranian energy is inspiring and maybe working you over too much, but calm down, help is on the way and especially in the last few days, happiness is your name !

April 29- May 1st The Karma point lines up to you very late month in a beautiful way, Id do something wonderful with these hours myself,

May 9-12th ok you guys are the lucky ones if I’ve ever seen a chart so supported like this! The Full moon is right on your Suns and all lined up so perfectly to the heavy outer guys, meaning it’s anchored to your dock!

May 19-20th Remember that finger of God, or Yod mentioned above? Well, you interesting Taureans on these birthdates have the same aspect right at mid month, 12-20th! November. This is a rare gift and you should feel free in putting yourselves forward right here! Say it, Do it, don’t be shy!

June 14-18th Mid Month you rock! Party time, uplifted! Crystalize those happy moments for hen you need them later. The 13th- 14th could be your most blissful days. Use them well!

June 27-30th Wow very late November holds some powerful aspects for you! There fore I’d prepare ahead and then launch my plans right after the Turkey gets served. And it won’t be a turkey, I promise, more like dessert.

July 5-10th Wow these July birthdays have so much happening and all in a very nice manner, so supported by the outer characters and then best of all! IS the energy gifted to you with this full moon of the 11-12th! Go for it! Don’t be shy!

July 14-17th um I wanna say something really cheerful but that Pluto guy is holding me back, ad Mars too! Soon they will lift off to greener pastures, and your better moments would be near the full moon when Merc and the Sun lien up to your side! You of course have other aspects, naturally. So all is not lost.

July 25-28th You lucky early Leos, the new moon on Turkey Day is such a boon for you, a fire gift to lift your furry wings, stand tall and roar, Simba!

August 6-9th Wow and you too have that Yod configuration, a slight up lift and a boost to your efforts and plans. Best days to stride forward out of the jungle Lions? Is the 18-19th!

August 15-18th You stellar Augustine creatures, mid month is your time! Use that fire energy to your best advantage! Around the full moon of the 12th Id lay low for a bit, unless your chart is brimming with earth and water signs. Many aspects comprise the chart don’t we know.

August 26-31st This is such a beautiful later November aspect for you ! I can only say that its exciting dynamic, and romantic! Have a great time, I don’t need details. The 29th?? Make a reservation now?

September 7-12th These birthdays have some very strong supportive aspects pretty much throughout the entire month! The only time to hold back might be

Near the 14th but it’s minor. The full moon 11-12th is dynamic and rewarding for you!

September 26-28th very late month the new month is a gift, very uplifting and happy, sing, celebrate, dance! The Chiron addition to the new moon adds even more fun!

October 10-13th Um let’s sit back for a minute and make sure we’ve calculated our month’s financial, physical and emotional expenses carefully. In the year to come then into 2021, the Saturn Jupiter dance into Aquarius will raise your horizons and your lives to such a higher elevation! This is short term, and all will smooth out. The New Moon at this month’s end is your clue that December will make up for any mishaps now.

October 20-29th All this powerful Scorpio energy soon to link up with Venus in Cap and Mars in Scorpio late month with nodes indicates a better karmic time heading your way. Going forward you’ll have to watch out for sudden changes all to be blamed on Uranus in the opposite degree. Steady Swati Scorpios always make it through!