Astrology October 2019

Hello all and welcome to this a month of ghouls and surprises and even religious celebrations, yes it’s October 2019. Because time is precious and you are flooded with emails, I’ll try to be a little more succinct in explaining the astro terminology. Then in addition to the usual 25 birthdays highlighted down below, we’ll move into early November. I’ll also be adding my thoughts on the chart of our nation’s president further down. Future letters will be looking at the various candidates whose charts I’ve been studying. As has been mentioned previously we are perched at an historic point with major political and institutional changes. There are several parallels to this cosmic lineup beginning now and moving all through 2020. Mid month in particular is rather striking. We’ll examine the larger astral implications on our own home planet, Mother Earth or Gaia.


October 1st -3d I for one would hope that the launch of this month under not one, but two spiritually significant days of ritual and prayer, would lift some the darker elements that fill our news channels constantly. The Jewish new year ‘s

nine high holy days of celebration begins with Rosh Hashanah, Monday, the 30th. Simultaneously, the nine day Hindu festival of Navaratri honors the purity and shakti (power) of the goddess, Durga. I’d like to think of her as the Divine Feminine , since she also includes Lakshmi, goddess of love, and Saraswati, the goddess of music and education. Prayers and blessings will abound. I just hope they will land on our soil.

October 2nd-3d It’s back to earth and here comes the once a year turn around from Pluto, god of shadows. More intense than usual is the effect as he goes into direct motion. What a way to kick off the month, yes kick. We’re moving into some very interesting, if not rather dire, territory. We’re of course still in the season of Libra, but putting aside those more Venusian love goddess descriptions, we have also moved into an early chapter of Scorpio. Lest we not forget , Libra’s archetypal symbol is the Scale of Justice.

October 7-9th Right here, these days look to hold strength, along with the mental acuity to solve some problem or other. Mars’ recent entry into Libra will add to the discussion, maybe not with a final answer but s he’s set on the right path.

I’ve had these 3 days in my head for a while, and I plan to use them as best I can.

October10th Right here we’re given a moment, a day to sit back for a minute, and delight in music or the stillness of nature. Why not just close your eyes and sink into your own personal hermitage, your private island. Listen to that meditation app on your phone you haven’t used? It’s a calming retreat kind of day, if only it would last.

October 12-14th Now the full moon in Aries (Sunday the 13th 2:08 pm pst) captivates our attention due to the oncoming traffic collision involving Saturn and Mars. Those two can really go at it. Added to this is the fact that 90 days ago the July solar and lunar eclipses are about to get triggered and that trigger point lands right on the chart of the USA. What will take place right now behind closed doors? Will that fly on the wall whistle?

We’ve reached a “nodal”, meaning karmic, point in our history. We’re here now. If this were the chart of a person born on July 4th 1776, I would say he/she is getting hit and bruised in some fight or other. So much change and strong governmental action is heading our way in 2020.

October 20 -21st The moon in Cancer, usually a welcome moment, slides into a perfect disharmony with the Sun and Pluto. However, the strong Scorpionic duo of Mercury and Venus to the moon shows me that the contenders will be fairly equal. Ringside seats for all.

October 26-30th Moving into later October, the ”goblins feast “will certainly bring a festive time, even though that new moon opposite Uranus shouts with a strident and dissenting voice. Tuesday , the 29th especially exhibits the most intensity.

October 31st Mercury goes retrograde right here, on All Hallows Eve! It just can’t get leave Scorpio, which by the way, I consider the most misunderstood of all 12 zodiac signs. But we’ll need Merc here to uncover and investigate the influx of the mysterious news, fake or not.

Our western Halloween dress up in scary costume time derived from the early Druid festival of Samhain. Instead of bonfires and sacrifices to usher in the harvest and the dark time of the year we go trick or treating. Go figure.

November 2nd Back in the Druid age and now in present time, this is the moment where the veils between nature and spirit dissolve into a remembrance of All Souls. It makes for an intensely spiritual time of the year. As the month of October began with days of religious significance, so it ends on one as well.

November 4th Now I’m rather concerned about the path of Mars right here in later Libra where he is about to turn the corner into November and crash headlong into Pluto. I’m redlining these more serious days. As for the chart of our country’s Commander in Chief’, in what is sometimes called the house of “hidden enemies” he will feel the full brunt of this slam. What spills out of this, his, our? closet by early November is yet to be revealed. I’ve been cautioning several clients whose charts have these same degrees and planets to be very careful during these very late October and early November days. Then later in December, our man in the White House will have to deal with the loss of Jupiter’s support which has shielded him for some time. After this point a new picture emerges. More to be said.

All of these cosmic events are reflected back onto our own planet. Deep earth changes look to be inevitable. Sensitive to these cosmic pulls, Gaia’s torrent of tears have already been melting glaciers down into the oceans, and raising the sea levels. Walking and talking our way into 2020, with such a planetary imbalance heavily aligned in Capricorn, we will probably experience a definitive response from Mother Earth’s emotional turmoil.

DAYS OF INLUENCE: 1, 3,7,9, 10!, 13, 15!, 20,24, 28


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not on a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst. Or you can even ask me at:

OCTOBER 7-9th The Aquarian intellectual moon likes to communicate and work things out especially when linked to a Libra Sun! This will push aside that barrier presented by grumpy Saturn. A breakthrough day! Lucky for you if you were born right in here! There’s a couple of other positive aspects as well. It’s your Solar return guys ! Happy Birthday !

OCTOBER 13th Approximately…Now how to say this as delicately as I can? This full moon on your birthday, is inviting some confrontation where words can be thrown like knives. Stand back, don’t push the river as they say. And you’ll slide through because you have help from Mercury and Venus, such an intuitive gift thanks to Neptune colluding with them in your solar return chart!

OCTOBER 27-29th These later October birthdays will have an electric current activating themselves, and even better, a powerful combo of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, all copacetic to Pluto. No doubt you’ll be the lawyer of choice for many this year. Happy birthday indeed!

NOVEMBER 4-9th Wow ! Such a helpful lineup of planets to your Scorpio selves most of October! You are so supported by earth and water. If I had to pick my fave days I’d say the 9th and the 20th !

NOVEMBER 18-21st Sorry to say it’s later month, but! Then at the new moon time, all the personal planets , Mercury, Venus, Moon, embrace your Suns! Tuesday the 29th is the power moment,, and maybe more emotional than you’d like, but it’s done nicely, so all’s okay!

DECEMBER 7-13th Dang all those those confusing moments, but I get it now, big fat square from Jupiter and Neptune to your Suns! This is about going forward, living out your goals. But, you might be better served by holding back, just a little. As for the 23-24th of this month? Maybe redo your closet, or else just sit in it until the weekend is over.

DECEMBER 25-27th The most powerful and interesting days for you would be near the 7-11th of his month.. Dynamic in several ways. The early month blend of Scorpio planets to your Suns is encouraging if you need to take up the gavel and condemn those bad energies to Hades. Do it.

JANUARY 1-3d Right here, these birthday Suns have a little bit of a karmic collision problem with Mars and the nodes. In English then, it means that for the first part of the month there a seems to be some matters to be dealt with, heavy as they may be…Maybe best to wait it out, and not sign anything too serious?

JANUARY 7-11 For much of the month, these Capricorn Suns will have the strong arm of Saturn guiding them, bossy thing that he can be. Late month comes the time of rebellion “ stop telling me what to do,!” or something like a 5 car pile up. Lucky for you though, watery mysterious Neptune is stationed right next to you and all in sync with the Scorpio personal planets. So take that, Saturn.

FEBRUARY 7-12th The first part of the month favors my Aquarian friends. It’s a definite “let’s go! “ signal. The 7-8th is especially powerful for you! Deep thinking time highlighted ! Then later month, the energy returns, to push you forward, as if you needed any help!

FEBRUARY 27-29th Wow this new moon in Scorpio is such a gift for you! Answers to questions, a driving force in the sky, it’s okay to feel pushed, it will all work out just fine. Slowly but surely the planets are lining up in your favor! Just wait till you see December!

MARCH 8-13 This is a wide swath of birthdays but here we go. Most of October will feel like “yes I will but no I won’t. “ The underlying energy is in your favor, Water and earth love Pisces Suns, so the 19-20th are power days for you, the very end of the month into Nov 1-3 aren’t that friendly however.

MARCH 17-25th there aren’t too many uplifting fire aspects to ignite your Suns in early Aries, except for a high energy time near the 7-8th. But the late Pisceans and early Arians will find something to rejoice over in those final days near Halloween! Dress up as a pirate or a Wall street tycoon. All should be fine. You should experience an “awakening” then!!

APRIL 5- 10th I’d love to be a Pollyanna astrologer and tell you everything you’d like to hear. But, reality crystal here says take some good advice and lay low near that full moon of the 13th then again very late month. You can blame it on that Saturn Mars collision right near your Suns! This is a health suggestion as well. Don’t overtax your strength and energy.

APRIL 22-29th My my isn’t this going to be something with that once in a lifetime event for most of us, when Uranus decides to cross over head ! It’s going to be creative as heck, maybe even too creative? Watch your energy and bingo, you hit the jackpot come December when Jupiter brings you a really fabulous gift !

MAY 6-12TH Well you ‘ve been very fortunate lately to have had the positive side of Pluto holding up your sky!! It’s been pretty good! Now that Saturn dude is moving in as well, to assert some discipline and limit your over exertion. By early 2020, well, happiness abounds.

MAY 21-26th Just a short upswing in October for you, when Mars glides through diplomatic Libra in harmony to your Suns! My fave times for you The 11- 18th , the 17th especially to be underlined!

JUNE 7-15th These aspects between your Suns, and Jupiter and Neptune are so annoying right now. It’s sort of confusing. I’d say take any news with a grain of salt, and wait a while, the crazy full moon of the 13th could bring a revelation.

JUNE 26-29th Yaay, very late October’s new moon brings you an uplift that words might not be able to describe. Prepare for any meeting or conference right then and you’ll be terrific! The Uranian added bonus is wonderful and rarely ever occurs like this! Scorpio new moons are powerful times! You win this one!

JULY 2-6th Wow is all I can say, karma time for you with this clutch of birthdays. Take special care of your energy and selves in the final week or so. But in spite of the whacko Mars aspect, you have Neptune’s watery fins harnessed perfectly to Venus and Mercury and supporting your every move.

JULY 23-29th Here we have a slice of drama to your Suns very late month. But, because it’s only those last couple of days, I know you’ ll ride it out like a tiger, just fine. Going forward, with Uranus aiming a trigger to your Suns or Selves, , means “don’ t panic at the slightest bad news”. YOU have other aspects in the chart that would probably mitigate this ride in any case. Come December, Jupiter is coming to your aid and turning it all around, see?

AUGUST 12-17th You lucky Lions, (leo right?) Jupiter is holding up your flag all the way into November! Do you realize how helpful and encouraging that will be?

All month if Mercury is flapping his wings at your hide, you can just stomp on him, tell him to lose your number. Coming around the bend, negotiating in legal and organized kinds of chatter, Mars will soon lend his hand as well!

AUGUST 27-29th You early Virgo Suns are so lucky right here, that Scorpio new moon is such a gift and especially so because it’s connected to dynamic and inventive change artist Mr. Uranus himself ! All very copacetic to your Suns.

SEPTEMBER 6-10th Wow you have got a serious wingman here, I mean Saturn,

who will support you till the end…. of the month, and even into 2020 ! In English that means you will have help and guidance in whichever endeavor you adopt.

SEPTEMBER 13-16th There’s a bit of a criss -cross of energies here. Jupiter saying “slow down, don’t spend that much!”, then Pluto saying, “I’m the most powerful god of all and she can do what she likes.” The personal planets riding in Scorpio like you a lot right now. I’d go with them. It will be fine.