Astrology September 2019

We are in for some fascinating times, and September will not disappoint. Beginning month finds our planet in the throes of Virgoan energy; we can hope for the best, even to re-organize, de clutter our homes and heads. The intentions were good but then near the full moon of the 13th, the criss cross pattern of Jupiter and Neptune, upsets the planetary rigging, adding to the sea of confusion . Since they are in mutable, meaning changeable signs, that transitory shifting could release some interesting ideas ! I’m trying to be positive, in spite of the other side to this which has been seen to bring out health issues. So we’ll have allergies, infections, vaping alerts?. Time to start strengthening the immune system. Then, having Mars racing with the Sun in the Daytona 500 for many weeks and a few more ahead, igniting fire energy above and below, has been, well, Amazonian. What we’re really heading into is a greater culmination of events to be seen and explained by October with Saturn and Pluto going direct. There’s no hiding the fact that were moving into a more serious time chapter. Finally, and just a side note, in case you’re looking for rewards! rewards! rewards! You’ve got the wrong email. Sorry about that.


It’s probably a good idea to get right to the point, even though we’re a little late in sending you these wonderful thoughts :)) ) Yes, September commenced with a very strong five planetary line up in sensible Virgo from August 31st to September 2nd. Then it all changed in a flash when the late Libra moon collided with Plutonian elements. Then, by the morning of the 3d a Scorpio moon faced off against earth rattling Uranus. As previously mentioned, the Sun has been traveling alongside Mars, for several weeks now, and that fire energy is not to be extinguished easily.

Hopeful perhaps, is that interesting September 9th lineup with so many tight conjunctions in earthy Virgo with Pluto and Saturn indicating strength and determination’s tool kit at work here! Now, as you may know, Pluto was the god of the underworld, the god of death and destruction. He initiates unsettling changes in many lives and situations, depending of course, on the aspects at hand. In some cases it can become the exact opposite, into some remarkably dynamic and uplifting phase. But we’re here now, and the current month is on the edge of oncoming shifts that will parallel some major previous significant events.

This is where Vedic astrological knowledge, in sync with western, becomes quite valuable. The specific descriptions of the transiting north and south nodes, Rahu and Ketu being so crucial to Vedic thought, shows us the synodic cycles of fate and destiny repeating. But Western astrologers, not so much the Vedics, have long realized that the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are intrinsically relevant, and therein lies a basic difference between us and Joytish star watchers.

Approximately every 18 and a half years the nodal cycles repeat and later this month, by the 26th, we will see the north node, Rahu, slide into a particular segment of Cancer known as Ardra, whose symbol, the teardrop, suggests watery emotionality and sadness. More specifics and historic parallels to be explained later on so as not to upset your morning coffee right now. No whining, even though we might require some of that later in the day.

September 11-14TH This upcoming full Harvest moon in Pisces’ scissor effect, might give new meaning to the vocab word “confusion”. If you’re feeling yourself to be at critical point or crossroad now, you’re certainly not alone. The final obstructing aspect between Neptune and Jupiter, after nine long months is concluding but uh oh, here’s Mars linked to the full moon, and a few other inner sky kids, making a big mess in the celestial sand box. What a dramatic combo is this.

Then to add to the fun, on September 14, an asteroid will pass by the Earth that is larger than some of the tallest buildings! It’s measured between 951-and 2132 feet in diameter, similar to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at 2,717 feet tall! Astronomers don’t believe this asteroid poses any danger but NASA’s Center on Near Earth Object Studies is tracking it.

If there was ever a better time to escape, and not respond to calls, like that unfamiliar accented voice recording: “ your social security number has been compromised and there is a warrant out for your arrest !” Shove that phone in a drawer. Go swim? Play golf? “But wait,” you say, and I’m hearing you, “tell me something good! “

Well there is an uptick of dynamic Mars exactly in sync with Pluto, emitting a powerfully intended don’t- get- in- my- way energetic that can be pretty helpful if it lands in some happy place in one’s chart, maybe yours?

Okay, September 17-18th there we are, my choice of the better times , for which we can thank the Taurus moon who hold the reins steady for a few days along with Saturn as he moves slowly into direct motion, having been retrograde in relation to the earth’s rotation, since April 29th. It’s a slow forward turning motion which will strengthen his sober contribution .

Later on the 19th you may feel an upward surge of mental creative energy. Which brings us into Saturday, and a slightly better moment than has been experienced lately.

September 28th: Approaching the month’s second new moon, this one in Libra,

The table is being set (as we say) for the next 2 weeks. The Vedic moon’s nakshatra in Hasta, describes the “hand” which explains what a person can make of himself through what he or she does with their life. Hasta individuals have been known to become overly emotional and excited at times, but it’s a very practical sort of Moon and Sun. It’s also said to rule chariot drivers, like Uber and Lyft! Negative connotations are being omitted here. Western astrologers would describe this specific moon in a more charming polite ways. I’ll take them both.

Sunday the 29th has some uplifting moments, several in positive Libra signatures, and harmonious to Jupiter, party time anyone?

September 30-October 1st right here there’s looks to be a slight pause moment, call it a thinking space wherein that depthful problem solving Scorpio moon linked over to Neptune can bring about some urgently desired solutions.

Let’s hope for the best as we move into Venus’ home territory. She rules law and justice, as the scales of Libra are best described! I’m hopeful.

Heading into early October the 7th to the 8th intrigues me, very strong positivity there, in a month where all is not so perky or perfect! More will be examined by this telescope next time, and thanks for making it to the end of this months’ journey! If indeed you did!

DAYS OF INLUENCE: 3, 6,8, 13!! 14,18,20, 23,27, Oct. 1st

The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

September12-14th is such a powerful couple of days! And it’s your solar return charts too! Depending on your own specific planets, moon and rising especially. The strength of six earthy planets serving your Suns! Thank you I’ll take it!

September 26- 29th New Moon birthday time in Libra! But who invited Chiron to your party? Did you need to reevaluate your inner desires and signs of “self”? Oh maybe. Good news, Jupiter is hanging in there to support your goals, never fear. The 29th gets the utmost !

October 7-8th Some hassles are finally leaving your air space, it’s ben enough! The Jupiter train is coming into your station with fresh provisions!

Luckily all of us have other planetary placements so this isn’t everything.!

October 15-16th Right now you must have tried every mindfulness exercise.

Are you still breathing? Right, don’t blame you if what I just heard you say, not to b repeated in public.

November 1-3d Early November Suns have the added benefit, early month anyway, of all that Virgo Line up! So steadying, and we know how earth loves water!

November 14-16th Mid Month now the line up is all in your favor! In spite of the craziness outside, your inner selves are being so wonderfully supported!

November 30- December 3d early September has been a rat hole of issues, in some of which you’d like to drop poison. Who can blame you ?

December 7-12th Normally having Jupiter, the gift giver, cruising over head would be a nice thing, but now, he’s just corked up with foggy Neptune and aggressive Mars adding confusion, that devil. Wait it out! October is so much better!

December 14-19th, mid month can be a little topsy turvy, maybe adding to your creative streak? Then late month the Mars clash to your Suns could

Involve some over excited impulsive moments. I’m sure you’ve never experience that.

January 9-12th The first half of this month has your name in lights, I don’t mean the red flashing kind either. Just lay low during that wild full moon weekend, 15th and 16th aspects are confusing so don’t bite!

January 18-21st My my, two times this month you get a pass, a good one, front row even! Ok, the 11-13th September have your name on it, not in the post office either! Better than that! Then! Later month, you have strong fire support, like the triple Red bull you had in the morning! Energy driver!

February 10-14th The tight sandwich those planets have wrapped you in make you just want to scream! Aquarius is air and needs air not lettuce and mayonnaise! Hold on till next month, the sky will deliver your air.

February 24-28th Now this is a different chapter, and luckily you have the revolutionary genius, Uranus, helping you for months to come, getting you moving, into new places! Yes!

March 11-15th You know that mid month scenario laid out above? Well, your Suns are right in there too! Luckily there are 11 more planets and points to a chart!! Pluto is by your side, as is Neptune, so take it in stride.

March 18-21st That earthy planetary combo near the 9-12th and then again very late month, can both energize, and annoy. Stay near the earth, animals, plants, because earth and water are a united! You can make the nasty get better!

April 1-21st Hello Arians, your ruler, Mars, that devil, is kicking up a storm, and throwing some dirt your way at the same time.

April 9-14th You fire children of fighter god, Mars, are right in the cross hairs of that Plutonian change lord but you’ve already figured this out. The difference here, is that gift giving Jupiter is trying his hardest to lighten the load. Certain times in the month are more favorable than others. The 5th and 6th, with a strong helpful moon, then the 15th, 16th.

May 1-4th Very early month is so nice for you! Solid as a rock. The shift comes at mid month, so gather your rosebuds where you may.

May 9-12th More stability is yours or the taking, don’t worry, you’re one of the few that are helped by these aspects. For many of you it’s a life changing time, and in a good way!

Early month June bugs, I know how od it is that those five Virgo planets al line up exactly to annoy you, but hen we all have other parts to our charts! Like what I you have an earth, say Taurus, moon? This obstruction phase is very brief and you’ll use it to push onward, its in mutable, changeable signs, like you, so it’s not terminal!

June later month 26-29th yaay or you! That Uranian revolutionary change artist is on your team now, in exact degrees! He activates the brain, ideas flow, and the earthy Virgo stuff is pretty helpful too! Chiron square the Sun leads you to deep soul inquiry but it’s all good!

July 5-6th here we have a moment of karma, in a good way! It’s a profound change of life and interest but the fighter inside is not going to let this moment pass! So supported are you in the early month!

July 9-13th especially this segment is uplifted exactly, and supported tremendously by all those planets in Virgo and Pisces. You lucky fish people. The full moon 13, 14th might be a little wild, but flip your fins and

Splash with it!

August 8-14th A big swath of Leos will enjoy the gift that Jupiter is trying to deliver to your house ! Certain days are better than others. Take that string Aries moon o the 15th, 16th, yep, help is here!

August 21-27th How fortunate for you lucky late Leo early Virgos ( Magha is you vedic sign, and its wonderful!!) I’m excited since you have that very rare aspect of Uranus to your Suns, and its creative and brilliant as heck! Inspiring!! Yes!! Don’t hold back! He’s going to be running in your field for quite some time.