Astrology August 2019

Hello August, I was so looking forward to all your fiery, planetary zoom earlier Month. Instead you sent the arrows into our collective hearts, with mass shootings. So I’m devoting a part of this letter to an analysis of a specific chart. Yes America, we’re looking at you! Stepping back for a minute into the lunar eclipse of July 17th we can see the tight oppositional lineup of the USA Plutonian power point to Mr. Communication himself, Mercury. Thus we have the loud caw cawing like a murder of crows in our media, and the news. Yes, you might even say Mercury twittered in retrograde revenge and then moved direct, the day of the new moon, the so called “black moon”. Maybe it was? There’s gong to be a second new moon late month which invited that description, but that’s just a calendrical matter.

Scrolling down you’ll see a brief look into August and if you’re up for deeper insight into our nation’s current astro chart, read on. Because our USA’s birth chart, just like that of any human person, is in deep conflict. Shockingly so. Cosmic Prilosec will be distributed at the end if needed for any churning stomachs.

To continue with this thought, the USA chart, present day, shows several startling similarities to its own birth chart, July 4th, 1776, 6:30 pm. Philadelphia. But even more than that, if this were a client’s chart, I would be struck by two major aspects in the progressed chart (present time,) of grief and sadness, that are occurring simultaneously. Then to see not only Pluto returning to its same exact location, 243 years later, and with the exact Saturn to Sun harsh angle, or square, repeated. I might call that a father complex, or rebellion against authority, like we did in 1776, against King George III and the British empire?

Warring with authority figures and the powers that be!
I have settled on one main conclusion: that the revolution has returned only it’s a civil war as well. I could add the description of the USA chart for 1862-63 when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed but I’ll hold off. On a lighter note, the 1787 signing of the US Constitution chart was you might say, the apotheosis of happier days, where the generous and philanthropic Aquarian moon of this nation shone in strong perfect alignments. We can do it again.


First we’ll take a look at the month’s launch, where the first few days saw fiery upbeat planets in Leo, say Mars and Venus, and all landing on the moon! With so much drive and energy they provided the fuel for the next few days.

August 3d Introduces a new vibe, a Virgo moon conflicted with a few characters out there, Jupiter, Saturn, yes, intensity intended.

August 5th oh dear now we have Pluto that destructive god of the underworld slamming against the Libra moon. Confusion reigns. Then by Wednesday the 7th that Scorpionic lunar addition may well prove to be the gong ringer. I’m waiting. Then we have the major change times of the month, like when Jupiter gets its act together and moves direct, but still holding tightly to that mid Sagittarius placement and harmonizing with Venus, so not all bad. These agents for change, Uranus, hello ! we re talking about you! He shifts backwards on the 12th, same time exactly as

Mr.Jupiter, king of the sky, who is moving forward.

August 9-11th brings a shift in mood when Mercury enters Leo after spending
23 days in a watery clam shell and will now be able to better express his/her ideas in a less muddled fashion.

August 12th -14th Then we have the major change times of the month, since

Jupiter gets its act together and moves direct, but still holding tightly to that mid

Sagittarius placement along with Venus and the moon! And then there’s Uranus,

agent for innovation or disruption, your choice, turning backwards in Taurus

right here.

August 15th Now here comes the so called “Sturgeon Full moon”, which ignites a

fire stick of electricity all connected to Mars and Jupiter ! No doubt

nerves will be set aquiver. No holds barred, all is out in the open!

Loud voices are trumpeting. It’s going to be quite a weekend. But it also could

be fun!

Later Month, after the 19th, welcomes slightly calmer days, or at least saner more thoughtful ones. The season of Virgo has arrived, just in case you wonder why you suddenly want to reorganize your closet. Should you be lucky enough to have Sun Moon or significant aspects highlighted by all of these planets in early Virgo, or earth signs, how fortunate for you.

Then by the 30th, the second new moon of the month occurs in Magha, the kindly ruler who serves his people, which will see five planets in Virgo. All of them : Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, set in a positive alignment to creative Uranus. It’s a planting time along with some seeds of inspiration!

Earthly order and structure will determine the pace of the bodies in which we live. To use this wisely we might try to be as calm as one can hopefully be, and breathe in a space to eliminate chaos. With that nice alignment in the sky, there’s even some hope for the reduction of acid reflux afterall.

Finally, I might add, that while I value the timing and depth of Hindu astrology, I am basically a Westerner, a Yankee at heart, not a fatalist. Therefore I like to believe that we can fix things and make them better. So, yes we can!

DAYS OF INFLUENCE: 3,5! ,7, 9, 11,12! 14,21!, 26!, 30!!


The following birthdays are based on the very close degrees of the Sun, not a wide swath of an entire month, for which I could never be specific. This is as close as one can get without a true chart based on an accurate time of birth. Normally having someone’s Moon, rising and Sun are the three great components with which to start reading a horoscope.
However, the Sun is still very significant for it represents your soul, how you manifest yourself and live out your karma in this lifetime. The Sun is also a major health indicator but its house position will tell even more of the story. If you need to see your chart for these details, just follow the links to one or both of the choices provided, Lunarium or Astrodienst.

August 1-8TH You fortunate Leo lions this month, right here, as the month of the Emperor begins, you are showered with affection and more, your “self hood” is accentuated, what you’d like to accomplish is being adjusted for you, don’t hesitate, even old Jupiter is over there throwing roses at you. What a year you have to look forward to!

August 14-17th Especially those Thursday and Friday birthdays, wow how did you manage to have one of the most powerful full moons of the year shine over
your heads with Venus and Mars both right there to activate the whole scene?
Saturday and Sunday you’ve got very similar dynamic high octane vibes for your year ahead too!

September 1-7th Charging forward, get out of my way! Any obstacle I’ll drive over you, move it! I said. And so you shall, with all that tightly organized Virgoan cleft in your chin, strengthened by Saturn and some nodes as well! Whatever Jupiter throws your way, or Neptune, nah, it won’t matter.

September 12-14th How lucky to be you right now ! With so many earthy friends in the sky! Aim for what you want to achieve times like this don’t come very often. You have several wingmen up in the sky, they are there to serve you! Let them !

October 12-14th You mid October Librans have not had the easiest time of it for a longish while, and this month accents just those altitudes. And attitudes. Thankfully you have other aspects. Plus 11 other planets and nodes to look at so there will inevitably be some mitigating elements to your chart!

October 28, 30th These early Scorpio Sun children have been facing off with Mr. Trouble, Uranus himself, who has been, I might add, trying to improve his reputation now that he’s in Taurus. All the same it’s creating tension for you, which may or may not be the kind you like.

November 4-10th What a crisscross of arrows is this time for you! Certain planets are supporting you with heroic strength, then the closer ones to earth are being bitchy and aggressive. The 7th is NOT your best day, take heed.

November 15-20th Yes all my insightful depthful Scorpions, these mid August full moon etc aspects are not very friendly towards you. So the choice would be a) to fight back, with all your clever word spikes, or b) go flat don’t push the river and wait until the time of Virgo which always favors you! Your call.

December 1-6th You lucky Sag dogs– and Sag loves animals! are fortunate these first days of August, wish I could say the same for a few others on the planet.

December 15-18th The full moon of August 15th has you in their sites.. I know, how odd, but, it’s true, energizing, crazy energy time, just watch it, don’t burn yourselves out! Optimism is high! love it!

January 3-9th The outer planetary gods are in perfect formation to the Suns, or ego expression selfhood etc, for you! Support is there! Making up for lost time! And wait till September, even better!

January 28-31st You very early Aquarians have a lot to contend with, for early month, the cross hairs of Uranus to Mars at the new moon are hectic for you.
However, we know that you have several other planets and aspects in your charts so all is not lost!

February 14-17th That full moon in Aquarius is right over you!! It’s a major moment to open up, and not drive like a maniac. Rest on your brilliance here, since that’s what this beam can bring you!

February 21-16th Late Feb children, you will see the other side of the wheel facing in your direction, energy shifts and all … Lucky, that Uranus is very nicely placed to ensure that it all works out nicely for you!

MARCH 5-11th These are such interesting times for you in this tiny segment of Pisces. The angles are so string and so tight, if you aren’t rising up and cheering, taking your awards so richly deserved, then blame it on something else a bad moon maybe? The new moon of the first was an added bonus !

March late month. Later birthdays March, the fire aspects love your Aries Suns, very early, the first week or so for sure! You have other aspects in your charts but the Lights to your Suns are very specific right now!

APRIL14-17th Wow you will be uplifted’ I mean, like out of your seat, when the mid August full moon shines its stellar light over you! Open the windows, doors, let ideas flow through! That’s what a favorable full moon can do!

APRIL 19-30th later this month, the early days of Taurus will be able to rest for just a while, cradled by that nice cozy Virgo combo and oh, Uranus might shake it up, but in a fun way.

MAY 7-13th You are still riding on a very balanced almost perfect wave, unless there are some hidden daggers in your charts. But the Sun expresses your Self in the world, plus highlights the health and work side. Almost perfect and lucky.

MAY 15-17th May you take care not to overdo as we head into this dynamic full moon of the 15-16th. Watch your words and don’t act. Think, retreat let the winds pass overhead. Strong days are ahead for you in 2020- 21.

JUNE 14-18th Wow that full moon is trigger time for you and in a nice way! You deserve it ! Ideas, thoughts, write them down, return calls in order of who’s most important right now. Creative!!! Yaay!

JUNE 23-30th Hooray those earthly planets later in the month are your friend! So many of them! Supporting your heart’s desire, oh and your plans too

JULY 8-14th Right in here the barriers that have been thwarting you get a slight uplift most of the month from Jupiter, so its not so bad. The moons north node crossing over you is more helpful than you realize. Take charge!

JULY 26-31st Just hang on for a while. That friction you feel is a real thing, called Uranus, he’s a pest, but lighter moments will be yours moving ahead into the Fall.